Wenger: It’s been tough for Santi


The images of Santi Cazorla’s ankle that have emerged over the last couple of days have left nobody in any doubt as to how serious his problems have been.

The Spaniard has lost 8cm from his Achilles tendon and there were genuine fears that he might lose his foot at one stage, so it’s clearly been a horrific ordeal for him.

He’s currently training alone in Salamanca, Spain, working to get back to full fitness and to pull on the red and white jersey again, and Arsene Wenger says that the Spaniard is determined despite how hard it’s been.

“I have been in touch with Santi throughout his rehab, and it has been extremely tough and testing for him,” he told the official website.

“If there is one guy who loves football passionately, loves to be on the pitch, and comes in with a smile every day when he is fit, it’s Santi Cazorla, so you know he suffers a lot not to be out there with the ball at his feet.

“He is extremely strong and brave, and behind his smile is a strength you would not guess.

“He is a very strong character, and everyone at Arsenal wishes him well and we hope to have him back soon.”

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I love Carzola and can’t wait to see him on the field again for Arsenal.

Mein Bergkampf

Thumbs up whore.


Genios footballer and all round likably dude (which you would struggle to say for a lot of professional footballers). Probably the best CM we have had post Invincibles. Please come back and sort out the makeshift CM we have had for ages, please.




Awful awful for Santi….


It would be amazing if the guys going to the game on Sunday sang his name on the 19th minute.


Did anyone ask Wenger how did the club allow it to happen?


How exactly are the club to prevent a player from getting an infection after surgery?

Purr Mertesacker

Well, the obvious answer is : ” Sign a quality defensive midfielder to protect Santi’s leg.” Talk about unfair expectations.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

It is more than the infection. It is flogging him game after game after he had spent a full season recovering from Achilles and knee ligament injuries at 31!

The wise thing to do is use him sparsely. Ease him in gradually. But we didn’t.

So inevitably he broke, and needed another surgery in his Achilles. Then the infection.


this exactly . santi was past 30s and does not have the fitness or the stamina to play like a central midfielder unlike ramey and xhaka and other central midfielders . and wenger played him there every match , even during insignificant matches . wenger literally ran him to ground.


Why would he do that when he didn’t manage him well enough?


Are you an extraordinary idiot or just a normal one?


do you mean that wenger should have kept an eye out for those bacteria to ensure that didn’t infect cazorla’s tendon?


Are you being serious? Did you read the article where he said his wound opened up and they said he was ok? Now when things got really bad doctors told him he could never walk again without pain. I’m not saying Wenger is at fault here but the Arsenal as a football club for allowing this injury to progress to an extent where he could have his foot amputated. It’s not even funny in fact the medical team, doctors how anyone within the club could get this injury get so bad? He lost 8cm of his tendon do you even… Read more »

Van Persies Pixie Ears

If anything that is the fault of the hospital, not the club. The club deals with him to an extent, but they don’t perform operations. The club wouldve diagnosed his initial injury, determined he needed surgery, then passed him onto a hospital.

Shane O\'Neill

Are you sure you’re not a doctor?


he got gangrene post surgery so wasnt to do with playing


About the size of you dick?


do let me know wheb find a formula that stops shit not happening.


I stop shit not happening all time.


My favorite player…but we have to be realistic.

We haven’t entirely replaced him for 3 seasons now.

Granit only replaces his deep passing. Jack to some extent replicates some of the close control and movement from deep.

But nobody replaced his two footed ability and football acumen.

We should have gone into market last summer for an alternate

Pastore could have been interesting re-roles deeper a la Arteta and For that matter Santi plus he could also replace Ozil if push came to shove.

Frankly we are risking on waiting on Santi and using just adequate fill ins meanwhile.


Apt. As much as I love the guy, we can’t realistically expect him to be at his best for Arsenal again. Considering his age, time of recovery and time to get by to full fitness, we are talking sometime next season. And even then he will be close to retirement.

nimble foot

I would rather have Fekir in the team especially since it seems more likely Ozil will leave. Throw in Fekir and AMN, could do a job in DM in those games we need to defend a lot or Elneny or Coq. We may not need to buy so much except for in defence. Fekir and Laca already have a good chemistry and Lucas could return after WC with better focus than he managed.


Thumb me down all you want, but Wenger DID NOT MANAGE SANTI’S INJURY WELL ENOUGH. He should have been rotated alot more. People will say “oh it has to do with an infection” but do tell – what game did Santi aggravate this injury against?? Why didn’t he try and blend Xhaka in earlier enough or even better – bought a midfielder with Santi’s qualities since Jack didn’t want to stay? Wenger at times pushes his players too hard. Remember the season where Cesc had a hamstring injury and wasn’t 100 percent yet Wenger risked him and he got injured… Read more »


What a load of nonsense.


Aye totally. Fellas acting like Wenget made Cazorla reenact the final scene of Saw 1.


Was that you who thumbed down Trez?

Making Arsenal Great Again

Wenger maybe a lot of things but a doctor is not one of them. No football manager or any other sport for that can manage an injury without a medical degree. Your understanding of how football management works would be if it wasn’t so embarrassing


Actually you’re the dumb one I must add. Wenger was aware Santi had achilles problem before the season started. Yet Wenger chose to play him in a game that he didn’t need to when we had Xhaka available and surprise surprise – he gets injured. Of course I’m not blaming Wenger for the infection, I’m saying he didn’t manage Santi well and whether you like it or not…SANTI AGGRAVATED HIS INJURY IN A MEANINGLESS GAME HE SHOULDN’T HAVE PLAYED.


You are pretty desperate to scrape the bottom of the barrel for your daily anti Wenger rant.


Against Norwich in November 2015, wenger admitted he played on one leg! Why let him play on that case? Take him off, surely


To blame Aw or the club for the horrific time that Santi had is beyond stupidity. This has taken toxicity to the lowest level that one can imagine. How on earth could the manager or the medical staff be remotely responsible for what occurred.

nimble foot

Spoken like a true wanker. I would like for you to look at the teams above us, all top teams in Europe really and tell me how much they rotate their best players… I think you would find that a lack of rotation helped Leicester win the league, Chelsea last season too… RM, only slightly adjust the match day squad in the last two seasons and now they’ve had to rotate they’re not the same team that won the UCL twice on the trot. So stop this nonsense of Wenger pushing his players too much

Stringer Bell

Trez, you’re not related to Trump are you. You’re posts are as popular as his tweets.




Achilles tendonitis is a long drawn out condition.

Improves, gets bad, improves, gets worse.
Not get bad suddenly suddenly in one match to need surgery.

Santi may have needed surgery even if he had been hardly played.
Its unlucky for everyone that his wound got infected.

Please don’t blame Mr Wenger for this.
I am certain Santi himself doesn’t.

Bai Blagoi

I can only imagine the roar from the stands when he comes on the field with the Arsenal jersey on


That goal in the FA cup final. All the false dawns, just because Santi wasn’t fit. Sad but true.

Monkey knees

Have a good retirement, Santi. You’ve earned it. There’s no coming back now. Thank you for everything!


Bro just leave


As blogs says today, questions were raised in offering him a new deal at the end of last season but if you see what he’s been through to have let him go at that point in his rehabilitation would have been very harsh. However, on the business end, giving someone 80k a week who you know can’t play for at least seven months isn’t good business sense. I wonder if going forward a new kind of holding contract needs to be devised. Wherein you maintain the players registration but his salary isn’t the usual playing one as both parties know… Read more »


I love Cazorla. I especially love how he finishes the majority of his sentences with, “no?”

Stephen Vallins

Arsenal showed their class in giving Santi a new contract knowing his injury position
It shows the human side it says a lot to the squad and to potential new players

Ayush Jain

Needs to make him play if he his fully fit.


Wound healing is a complex biochemical process and as such is not always entirely predictable and can be susceptible to complications. Santi was unfortunate – its not Wenger’s fault and its not the medical staffs fault neither.


That such a man should have to suffer through this is proof there is no justice in this world.

Ayush Jain

Would absolutely love to see him play atleast in Europa league and hopefully we would win with him and maybe he could make a outside chance to play in the next year world cup. Comeon Santi, 6 months more. Give it all out.