Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Arsenal confirm Mesut Ozil’s new contract

Arsenal have confirmed that Mesut Ozil has signed a new contract with the club.

The news ‘unofficially’ leaked via the BBC’s David Ornstein on transfer deadline day, with the German putting pen to paper on a three and a half year deal which has made him the best paid player in the club’s history.

It’s now been made official with an announcement the official site and via his social media channels, the German gave his reaction to the news in typically hashtaggy emoji style.

#YaGunnersYa …. ooh yaaa ?? Proud to announce: I signed dat thing ? 3 more years with @Arsenal! It’s been one of the most important decisions of my footballing career and that’s why I had to think hard and talk with everyone who’s important to me… Good things take time!

In the end I let my heart decide. As I always said, I feel at home here and I’m highly motivated to achieve big things in the next few years. Once a Gunner, always a Gunner! ? #M1Ö #WeAreTheArsenal#London

Great news, and it’s exciting to think of him clicking with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Henrikh Mkhitaryan in a new look Arsenal attack.

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Excellent, look forward to him combining with Auba and Miki.

SB Still

Can’t wait.

Although we have done nothing via the transfer market to stop leaking goals, at least we can look win the matches like used to before 5-3!


5-2 was better, as in 5pur2.


Twice! Fu*king twice!


Fucking love that from Mesut. I know he got a huge payday from Arsenal, but he could’ve got that signing on with another’s club on a free. So fair fucks to him for sticking it out with us, absolutely delighted to have him around.


You probably didn’t read it through. It was after talking to the people close to him.

Thanks Flamini.






And lacazette also. A four-pronged attack

Nikhil Agarwal

I just don’t think you understand! #Mesut


I do. Kinda.

He can see things others cannot.
If only others could. Like that chap who’s not as good as Marcelo Salas or Ivan Zamorano.


We’ve known this for a whole day now and it’s still exciting news!

Hopefully we give him a proper platform to do his thing in the coming windows.


And that means either Wenger drills the midfield hard in what they’ve to do or buy better midfielders. Ramsey is too much of an end product player, he’s good for scoring but not much use in transitions (not at his post when we’re defending, and moves too far up too early when we’re building up an attack, and passes too slowly by taking too many touches). And xhaka is just not suited to play with Ramsey (better when he partners wilshere or elneny or both but still makes the occasional error).

Lack of Perspective

You do realize he made a pretty heroic last ditch challenge against swansea and at his best was running around as artetas pitbull. We just need arteta back.


Wonder if Elneny can learn to be the Artetta. Anyhow if we are trying to squeeze Aubumeyang, Lacazette, Ozil and Mkhitaryan in the same side I’m not sure where Ramsey goes. Wait and see I guess.

Lack of Perspective

I hope so. I really want to see Elneny succeed.


Ramsey can go and waste chances at Chelsea where I’d welcome his general running around like an aimless blue arsed fly hoofing ball after ball wide.

Price tag somewhere in the 50-60 million region. Deduct 18 mil if Giroud is thrown in as trade.


That would be so amazing!


I think his new contract allows him to advertise his M10 brand.


Fantastic stuff.
Hope he keeps the form going. Last couple of months have been a treat. He has been sublime as ever but has worked very hard, and we can visibly see the difference.


Absolutely delighted. The highlights video the club just posted on Twitter “we’ve got Ozil and he’s going nowhere” is start to finish ridiculous.


Legend status guaranteed!! Thank you Özil for reposing your trust in AFC……

Bould\'s Eyeliner

those words sound like a failing Victorian bank happy to see it’s last, loyal customer.

Ayush Jain

Sometimes you have to think with your heart rather than your mind.
#WearetheArsenal Lets hope we finish the season high.


Best news. Now can the legends take his rant about them being more supportive seriously and help elevate the team???


Nice to have it finally confirmed officially. He certainly will have the weapons around him finally to take more advantage of his great abilities and vision.

spanish gooner

We won 0 trophies in 9 years before he arrived and 3 in 4 since he arrived. Does that make him a legend? Thumbs up yes thumbs down no


Spanish, if you saw the legends we already have – Brady, Adams, Seaman, Henry, Bergkamp, Wright, Winterburn, Dixon to name a few, then he has a very long way to go but at least he’s on his way


An ambitious gooner… A rare species now days..glad to see one


There’s more to being a legend than winning trophies


Very true Dave, but as well as winning trophies they all had that extra something too


Best news all transfer window!


Giroud :(((((((((((((((((((((((

A Different George

Best news since the FA Cup final.


Filthy grin on my face reading his social media post


“I signed dat ting”


I was listening to the Arsecast and I agree that he must have some knowledge about something that made him re-sign. It could just be that he’s encouraged by the big signings, but I wonder if they’ve told him anything about the manager situation.


i think he is promised the rebuild will continue in summer with rebulding the defense and getting a dm and a winger also we could see simillar situation like jan selling the players that did not cut in like mustafi and xhaka and buying claas players. I hears rummors that we will going for oblak also that would be insane.


Those were my thoughts as well. That he’s probably gotten some assurances that they’ll strengthen even further this summer and really start to compete in terms of squad quality with the top 4. Would be nice if true!


Maybe, after playing for Real Madrid, he’s just happy where he is. Happy living in London, family happy etc.
Cant just be the money, he could’ve got that and a whole lot more if he ran his contract down to the end


Very possible this is a good part of it. Despite the on field lack of big successes, former players time and time again speak glowingly about what a great working environment the club is to be a part of.

John C

It’s called £350,000 a week


Atleast now you can properly get behind Giroud 😛

Drogheda gunner

Thats 17.5million a year by 3 is much would you pay for a player of ozils standard in this market ?how much did cutinho go for 150 mill plus his wages.we got a bargain mate.

A Different George

It must be Wenger’s fault that he … oh, wait.


Ozil has said several times that he came to Arsenal because of Wenger . Why would he sign if he thinks that Wenger will go 6 months after he signs ?


My money is on Wenger finishing out his contract unless the wheels totally come off. Like finishing outside Europa.

Indian Gooner

Once a Gunner, always a Gunner! Reading it gave me the chills. #YagunnersYa
(Had to use that hash tag. That’s Mesut’s way of doing it.)?


He deserves every penny… in football relativity


Arsene looks too happy, like he’s agreed to extended his own contract for Mesut to stay and sign his – happy.

But, yay! Ozil! I guess I will be adding another one of his tricots to the collection next year after all!

My name is Jeff

The pundits will probably complain about the smoothness of his pen stroke and that he should just get in there and scratch around a lot…

Alexit Micki Aubarsenal

They might also notice that even when Ozil is signing dat ting, he is doing it lazily.


And when he’s not signing it lazily, it’s because he’s just trying to bump up his price.


Also, in the picture he is not even attempting to track back, leaving Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal logo on the wall totally exposed!


Ok mate…you had me lol! Have a thumb up!


Pundits eh? GNev’s about the only one I’m prepared to listen to now. Even when they say something sensible I hate them. Last night Danny Murphy was asked about Arsenal attack and how potent it could be if it clicked. He said “It doesn’t matter they still won’t win ‘cos they cant defend, they’re not coached…”. Now, he might be right but it would’ve been nice to have also said “…but yes, its a fearsome attack if it clicks”.
And even though what he said is initially true my instant reaction was “Who the fuck are you”


I saw him making those comments – he looked like a talking scrotum.


A talking scrotum would be of infinitely more value than Danny who-the-fuck? Murphy.


I’d pay to see that

Drogheda gunner

Who the fck is danny murphy ?i have less respect for him as a footballer than robbie savage and jermaine jenas.whats the story with bt and bbc getti g a lot of these nobodies doing punditry.whos next danny

A Different George

Nicking a contract.


Does anyone else thinks Jamie Carragher talks like a skunk arse whose opinion deserves to be buried in a deep deep hole right down his throat?

Sorry, I was trying to be nice


Now firstly wilshere next then ramsey after that.
I think wilshere will get No.4 and give the ozil no.10 in summer. Jack loves the no.4.

Going in the summer we need to invest at proper wingers as we dont have any at the moment walcott and alexis gone iwobi and welbeck are not wingers.

Malcom would be great and for the future but the boy beiley in leverkusen is on fire and ready to play.

Then we nees 2 established CB and exepcional DM if we get exepecional DM we can let xhaka go.

Drogheda gunner

And a goalkeeper cech was finished wen he joined us.


Goalkeepers who are finished don’t tend to come to an offensively minded side with several defensive issues and win the golden glove, do they?

Crash Fistfight

Joe Hart has won the golden glove 4 times with Man City #justsaying


Going to need a compilation of all the people who said he was only performing well this year to impress potential suitors.


can you throw in bonus content of “The Auba deal is fake, made up by the club to please the deluded fans”?

Drogheda gunner

I actually thought that myself if im honest

granit(e) hard!

And me too, hands up!….but delighted to have been proven stupid


Ian Wright


I can’t wait for Everton game imagine the huge boost around players and the team with Auba and Ozil new deal and the positivebess trough arsenal fans in the stadium i think we will smash everton 4 5 goals and auba will score and start.


Steady on mate. I’d be happy with a 1-0 scuffed in Mustafi goal lol.
Dont think Auba will start, but l think he’ll come on.


CMon a new signing starting??? Have you lost your mind lol Auba needs to be broken in slowly. Get him ready for next season lol Hope fully you are right lol

Buzzy Gurkha

he is the Prince of Arsenal.A legend now .A relief that a true world class player has done this.Sick after RVP Sanchez and other talents moving away.This is a massive turn of tide.Now for other developments .Innit.


Crazy money but tis the way of the football world. I do love watching this dude play football when he’s on song, just hope we sort out our shit poor defending and give him and our other creatives/finishers a platform to perform!


I might be imagining it, but does anyone else think Ozil has seemed a helluva lot happier (on the pitch) since Sanchez f’ed off to Manchester? I know its only been a few games but he seems to have a new lease of life (the cynical might say “you would too if you knew you was about to be getting a mega pay rise”)


i think ozil didnt like alexis dwellinv on the ball and forcing it every time he got the ball when he could make a simple pass he really started to distrupt our flowing passing game.

Man Manny

I have a gut feeling Ozil was waiting for the final outcome of the Alexis situation. Signing a few days after the sulking man united with the moaning one, to me, is more than mere conicidence.


And i think he also waited to see if the aubameyang transfer will be done or if it is a only a talk and an excuse we tried but dortmund didnt sell.


The window was looking decidedly average to poor for me until this piece of news. I didn’t think he’d sign. I don’t think the new signings or the increasing German/Bundesliga contingent are so much of a factor. More likely the options open to him extrapolated into the summer do not look as attractive lets be honest. Of the clubs that can truly compete against us for wages : Barca won’t want him. Madrid have had him so they are probably not going to suffer ego bruise and take him back either. Bayern don’t want him either or need someone like… Read more »


Citeh dont need Mahrez or Sanchez but still tried to get them.
Ozil is unlike any other footballer. He’s a throwback to the 80’s when Italy in particular use to produce incredible number 10’s. – Signori, Baggio etc and later on Zola. It’s why the Italians bought Bergkamp but it didn’t work out.
The only team you’ve mentioned that probably didn’t discuss the possibility of having him is Real as he’d been there before.

On another note Santori – you actually sound very slightly happy today? Amazing

Crash Fistfight

Not to take anything away from your post, but all those Italian #10’s were in the ’90s (ah, those heady days of Football Italia on a Sunday afternoon…).

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Now you see why you have to take a pay cut Jack. But seriously, great news

Jack WilXhaka

LANS! Get the eff IN!

Lonely Loneliness

Ya Gunners Ya


Ooh yaaa!


Best playmaker in the Prem since Bergkamp.


after jack


And some were making a big fuss when we did not sign Fibreglass.

Crash Fistfight

Fabregas could be playing instead of Xhaka at this point. You keep on pointing out how neither Xhaka nor Ramsey can turn; Fabregas (although slow of movement) is so quick in thought that he’s able to turn away from oncoming danger and start attacks – just what we could do with now (without having Santi available).

Jacks Contract

Win the Europa League and League Cup and this could prove to be one of Arsenals most important and pivotal seasons!
As tough as it was to lose Sanchez, of the 2 of them. I am unquestionably happier that we’ve kept the best 10 in the world.
Well done Arsenal!


Unbalanced team though. The purchases are fine and dandy but they do not address issues in midfield and they do not add width. We are now lacking in creative wide players and have lost a lot of pace with Gnabry, Ox, Walcott, Alexis all gone. The result of which is we continue to pinch inwards and teams are more than happy to funnel us into traffic. We have also lost Giroud who could have at least bullied space for us, Playing 4 at the back means we have to be more narrow still and the fullbacks have to make up… Read more »

John C

Fair play to him he’s stayed for the money and the unofficial mid-winter breaks.

A comfort zone player staying at a comfort zone club, the embodiment of Arsenal in the later-day Wenger years.


That’s the spirit

A Different George

If he had left you’d have said he was a world-class player and blamed Wenger.


What does the c stand for John ?




Really important signing for a number of reasons. Hopefully he can keep showing his class. I have been a critic of his in the past but I’m very happy that he’s staying on

German Diesel

Happy, wonder if the number was part of the deal.

Billy Bob

Oi blogs don’t forget lacazette


ya, he signed da thing


Sky sports already has a piece about ”nows the time for Ozil to deliver” when they were saying how incredible he was since it looked like he was leaving. Is there any depths these rats in the media will not go?


Just salty tears. They can keep talking shit and underrate Ozil while he stays with us and wins us trophies.

Declan M

Great to see it confirmed at last. Wonderful news.


I think our very own Alan Smith leaked the news first on Sky!
We’ve got Ozil!!!! But unfortunately, we also have Xhaka, Mustafi and Iwobi.


Mustafi is the best if not second best option after Koscielny… you should be more worried about Holding, Chambers and Mavropanos. Try relying on them… Granit has really gone backwards. He provides offensive power but now with Jack and Mhkitaryan, his flaws defensively are exposing him and the average Elneny is in fact looking a more secure bet now in the deep position. At least he bothers to watch for danger. Iwobi is better than most idiots think. He has a sublime touch, and he engages the opponents. He is one of the few dribblers in the squad that can… Read more »


I think that AW will be going at the end of this season. He will be forced to resign or be sacked. The search for a new manager is probably already underway, (probably Conte) and the Arsenal rebuilding is in full swing. 🙂

Man Manny

To think that one very bitter clown claimed his performances this year were more down to putting himself on the shop window than his desire to play for Arsenal.
Lots of eggs on the fool’s face today, I guess.
Ozil is a class act anyday.


Jack has been the difference for us in midfield. We struggle without him. Just look at the last game. None of Elneny, Granit or Ramsey can turn with the ball. As soon as they receive it and come under pressure, its right back to the defense. We have no outlet for the defenders either since Lacazette can’t hold the ball up and what about this pace I kept hearing of his? So important for us to sign him on. Instead of quibbling over some money and his fitness, maybe just sign a 3 year contract plus option to extend but… Read more »


I know it’s all PR bollox but how good does that feel reading them words ??


I know some of it’s PR but I’m going to happily tell myself Mesut means it, truly cares, and is showing how much he is a true Gunner.

Those with differing opinions are welcome to place them under someone else’s comment, cuz I ain’t havin it.


Best bit of business from the club since we signed Mesut Özil! Bloody brilliant news.


Now for Jack to sign dat ting! And if it’s no biggie for our Jack, please give Mesut his beloved #10 and take Per’s #4 next season. You were always ear marked to be Cesc’s replacement.

Not Joe King

So do we read into the M10 thing?

Tony Hall

Well I hope he earns his salary increase 😉
£350,000.00 a week before tax is eye watering. That’s what i earn in 17 years 🙁


I think that’s the clincher. Barca have no interest in him with Coutinho. Madrid won’t admit stupidity enough to take him back Juve probably can’t offer what we can. Bayern have no need for him plus added pressure in germany PSG have too many players and Pastore still there. That leaves domestic market of which : chelsea we know needed Giroud united he knows is run by an odious non person…good luck Alexis. city have no need for him. liverpool is run by a clown on the sidelines who spent a lot of money on a dutch defender already plus… Read more »


I feel that Mesut will become a legend with us. The growing German contingent certainly helps. COYG


How about Max Meyer?

Rumours rumours.

Great name for a shirt though and apparently he plays deep midfield!


BFG certainly had a hand in this. You just know it. Top man.


I hear you. Helps that they were team mates playing for Germany.

The Squillaci Code

It looks like Arsene signed Bruno Mars. Hope he can play DM


Does anyone else think this was due to Sanchez leaving? Maybe Ozil didn’t like him and was waiting for him to leave before signing?

Seems like a lot of the squad didn’t like Sanchez actually.

In Arse We Trust

“I listened to my heart”… glad he didn’t listen to the little boy inside: this one is as cunt as a Sanchez.

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