Emery to face second former club in pre-season


Unai Emery will conclude Arsenal’s pre-season preparations with a friendly against his former club Sevilla in Stockholm on 4 August.

The Gunners were originally due to face Chelsea in the Swedish capital but have since moved that showdown to Dublin on 1 August so that it doesn’t clash with the Blues’ Community Shield clash with Manchester City.

Emery already has a reunion with Paris Saint Germain in his diary. The Gunners travel to Singapore to face Atletico Madrid on 26 July before taking on the Parisians two days later.

The new head coach says he’s looking forward to taking on Sevilla at the 50,000 capacity Friends Arena.

“It will be great to meet up with my good friends from Sevilla in our last pre-season game before the Premier League starts,” he told Arsenal.com.

“It will be a competitive game against strong opposition and we look forward to giving our many Swedish fans an exciting day.”

The Gunners have a tough start to their Premier League campaign, welcoming Manchester City to the Emirates on the opening day before travelling to Chelsea on matchday 2.

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Kareem Mohamed

Playing against his old club at the Friends Arena…

Awesome lol

Damo Dinkum

Followed by the clash vs PSG at Souless Ruthless Cashed Up Stadium?


Singapore National Stadium isn’t that bad, man

Damo Dinkum

Ah right, I completely misinterpreted the comment haha… carry on, nothing to see here…


S11E01: The one where everyone meets again.


S11 E02 The one where both parties agree they were on a (halftime) break


They should re-do the S06E17: “The one with Una(g)i” now as well?

Too far? I´ll walk myself out.


Sorry, couldn´t help myself.

Boom Xhaka Laca

The Friends Arena? Could there BE a better stadium sponsor?




To make it less funny;

The sponsor, ‘Friends’, is swedish anti bullying-organisation.


Mr Buzzkillington has returned. However a great sponsor for a public platform


It’s Sir BuzzKillington, if I may.


I can’t see too many easy going kickabouts among that lot.
First game is Borehamwood, but not sure how many 1st teasers will be involved in that?


First PL is City and then it´s Chelsea, so we don´t really have much time to f around.


Who cares which first teamers will play, I want to see how our midfield changes, how we set up. How we stop opportunities and choke attacking life out of opposition while ours blossoms. It could be ospina, cech and leno in the midfield and if it works in pre-season, I’m ecstatic




Does anyone really give a fuck about who we play in the pre-season matches? I stopped watching them years ago. They inform us of absolutely fuck all other than how their fitness is going.


Just a tiny fuck about us winning, but a big bulbous bumbling fuck about watching Arsenal after a hiatus and some new players in our shirts