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Campbell to return Monday, thinks loan move is ‘impossible’

Joel Campbell has confirmed that his current Arsenal contract ends next summer which means that another loan deal this season is probably impossible.

The Costa Rica international is due to return to London Colney on Monday having been granted an extended break following his time at the World Cup. He’ll then find out whether he’ll be kept for the upcoming campaign or sold.

Having embarked on six loan moves since signing for the Gunners in 2011, Campbell is used to change and told La Nacion that his main aim is to remain injury free; something that wasn’t the case at Real Betis last season.


You’re returning to Arsenal, what will happen next?

I’m fine, happy, excited for the coming season. I hope it’s an important season for me, may God free me from any injury to give my best.

Will you stay at Arsenal?

I have one more year of my contract left with Arsenal. This weekend I travel and they will decide what is next. I know that in soccer I have a lot to prove, so wherever I go I will do things in the best way to enjoy this sport.

What was the main thing you learnt last season, a difficult one due to injury…

I learnt a lot. It was a difficult season because of the injury, in the end I grew more as a person, because I’ve already been through the good and bad of football. Now with this past year I’ve become a better person for the future.

Are you a more mature player?

The truth is that I feel more qualified for each moment, then I know what each thing is for each one. I am very calm with a lot of desire to demonstrate and take advantage of what football gives.

What’s the next step with Arsenal?

I have to report to London and start the pre-season training

Has the time come for you to play a full season with Arsenal?

I had a whole season and I took advantage of it when I played 30 games and it went well. I have to prepare myself for the next challenge, wherever it is, that is the most important thing.

Is it time to leave the Arsenal or do you want to continue there?

That nobody knows, I just prepare as well as possible, if it is in the Arsenal then so be it. I have already been there seven years and I only ask that God helps me make the best decision.

With only one year of contract a loan deal is difficult. How do you see the future?

A loan deal will be impossible, I have only one year of my contract left so they won’t loan me. I now have to see if I stay or if I’m sold. I do not know, I have to sit down with them and see what happens. At the moment I do not know anything, I have to get there and talk to them.

What does it mean to have a broad career under contract with a club like Arsenal?

Yes, well, this will be my eighth contract season. I am really calm, I have enjoyed every step, that gives me peace of mind emotionally, financially and on the sports side. I am calm for what is coming.


Joel’s full interview with La Nacion can be read here.

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Why didn’t we sell him last season

Andy Mack

Did anyone make an offer to buy him?


Really difficult to see him get a place at Arsenal. At 26 he needs regular game time so maybe a place in the championship or to Spain would be the best concerned.

I wonder how Dick Law would be feeling.


Dick Law also bought Ozil and Alexis.


Well if you take Ian Wrights account, Dick Law almost messed it up!


Joel Campbell’s always been a mystery to me, one of those players that when he played he did ok but Wenger never seemed to fancy him, yet held onto him for so long.

Id have to assume his wages were too high to have previously sold


Or more likely his wages are pretty low so they don’t make a big dent in the finances. If high he’d have gone a long time ago.


Wages are low so we should be able to hawk him off.

Its a mystery how we still can’t sell him.

He is an OK player. His touch is a little untidy but he always makes things happen on the field whether by design or not.


Well maybe we didn’t *want* to sell him because his wages are low. Wenger. for some time at least, believed in his potential, and probably thought either he’d come good or he was a competent squad player for cheap.


Did we give him an 8 year contract in one go?

Merlin's Panini

No, he signed a new one a couple of years ago.

Merlin's Panini

It’s been a strange situation with Campbell. He actually looked at his best when playing for us after getting his work permit. He’s a hard worker and showed a good eye for a pass, as well as decent finishing. I wouldn’t mind him staying and fighting for a place but suspect he’ll be sold.


Bring him in to fill in at left back




Why? When so far on his display in an Arsenal jersey has shown him to be better in the final third than many. Clinical, can take on players, have a brilliant eye for a pass and can protect and defend the ball. He came in and showed The Ox how to play on the wing. Showed the team how to take on players create space and give a through ball (which i had not seen for a long time from Arsenal). Same type of mentality as Sanchez… work hard player harder!


You hadn’t seen a good through ball from Arsenal in “a long time”? If only we had signed some of the best passers in world football such as Ozil, Fabregas, Cazorla.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Thumbed you up for thinking out of the box. Society needs guys like you.

Super Joshi

Still remember that pass to Sanchez in the CL. Maybe Emery wants to try him still?


And that pass to Giroud in Greece where we had never won before and needed a 3 goal win to go through and showed all those hyped players we have how to do it.

Winterburn Wanderers

At least there is maximum one more year of this fucker. Two more years of Jenkinson max.

Winterburn Wanderers

Did he not force a loan at the end of the window the same Summer Jack went on his gap year and we ended up dropping out of the top four? He had some nice moments and looked a great worker, deserved better, but in the end he’s just another one stuck on the books with a free meal ticket. He can get to fuck. The club has been a free ride the last few years.

Winterburn Wanderers

Ah would you come on lads he’s shite.


and u seem like you’re now begging for likes, smh, think before you type.


He seemed really good at times. But if at 26 he still hasn’t blossomed into the great player I thought he could become, time to call it quits. Turns out monsieur Wenger knew a thing or two about football talent, who knew?


Sell Lucas and Welbz. If no winger or wide forward comes in, Campbell isn’t a bad option on the right while Nelson gets used to first team football. The least he’ll do is work hard and give Bellerin good defensive support.


Would prefer Lucas over Campbell personally. Can say the same re work rate but from the little we’ve seen I think perez’ finishing is better.


Do not think Perez is more clinical but he does take more shots as he is usually in a more advanced role while Campbell works more on the wing and supporting the striker.


If i could give you 100 thumbs up for that comment, I would.
Alas, I only have one. Perez a good finisher – completely underrated, IMHO.

Sell Campbell, and Welbz. Eddie looks ready for [Europa & League cup] prime time. Auba, Lacaz, Perez, and Eddie … that’s 4 super quality forwards/strikers that can all play across the front if need be (except maybe Eddie). Welbz off the ball work seems top quality, however, and he may well fit into Emery’s plans.


Here is a wide player, not really expecting to be a starter, good enough as a depth option, hard worker when on the pitch, does not cost that much and seems to be a good presence when around the team. I like him as an option to help during the integration of players like Reiss Nelson and bukayo Saka. I say keep him and reward him with a new contract if he earns it. I know Arsene didn’t see him as integral to his sides but that does not make him a bad player, it makes him a bad player… Read more »

Mick Malthouse

Tries hard. Lacks the engine required for Premier League.

Heavenly Chapecoense

He is another Welbeck. We already have one. He should be good for Everton or Burnley but they don’t know much about him.


So far on his display in an Arsenal jersey has shown him to be better in the final third than many. Clinical, can take on players, have a brilliant eye for a pass and can protect and defend the ball. He came in and showed The Ox how to play on the wing. Showed the team how to take on players create space and give a through ball (which i had not seen for a long time from Arsenal). Same type of mentality as Sanchez… work hard player harder!


He’s a bit untidy with the touch is his problem. Its between Perez or him if should Welbeck be sold. Whether of course we should be selling Welbeck is another thing but he will fetch a higher price than Campbell or Perez. Between Perez and Campbell, looks like Perez has slightly better opportunity but Campbell is only just returning from his travails with Costa Rica (He did not feature all that much for Ticos but when he did, I always felt he made some impact instigating if even some of it may not have been entirely by design) I expect… Read more »

Bendtner’s ego

We get it.

You have a Joel Campbell man-crush. The trouble is, he’s just not good enough for this squad. He’s not fast enough and his first touch is rather shit.


So much for new regime in charge of transfers.

Can’t believe we still can’t hawk away our unwanted players.

To sell – Jenkinson, Campbell, Akpom, Asano, possibly Perez or Welbeck.

Surely we can find buyers for these players, Welbz aside, their salary cannot be that much considering current levels.

These players need to get a move on with their careers.

Crash Fistfight

So you think their salaries are based on how good they have been for the past 2/3 years? I think you’ll find it was the fault of the old regime’s policy of egalitarian wages, leaving squad players on ridiculous wages that no team likely to sign them would pay (see: Nicklas Bendtner).


Campbell is almost a poster child for how a promising career can be derailed through no fault of his own – or for that matter of the club’s (though he evidently didn’t find much favor with Wenger).

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