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Confirmed: Jack Wilshere signs for West Ham

After 17 years with Arsenal, Jack Wilshere’s contract expired on June 30th, making him a free agent.

The midfielder announced his intention to leave the club last month following unsatisfactory talks with new boss Unai Emery about his role in the team next season.

He said, “Following my meeting with the new manager I was made aware that, although the reduced contract offer remained, it was made clear to me that my playing time would be significantly reduced should I decide to stay.

“I am sure everyone can understand that at this point in my life and career I need to be playing regular first team football and following my meeting with Mr Emery I came away feeling that it would be very difficult for me to do so at Arsenal.”

Today it was announced that he has signed for fellow Londoners, West Ham, on a three-year contract.

There had been interest from clubs at home and abroad, but a move to the London Stadium looks, on paper at least, to be a decent fit for a player eager for regular football. He even grew up in a West Ham supporting family.

Speaking about his move, Wilshere told West Ham’s website: “I think it was a number of things, the manager [Manuel Pellegrini] being one and the way he wants to play and where he sees me playing.

“The fans, of course – everyone knows how big West Ham’s fanbase is – and especially in this new Stadium. Not many clubs could fill it week in, week out, and West Ham do.

“I want to be playing here in front of the Hammers, and my bond I’ve had with the Club over my childhood will make it even more special.”

I’m sure everyone would wish him well there, except for when we play them.

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Not a surprise, it’s about his current level and fits his history well.

Hope he stays fit and does well, except against us.


The Norwich goal was his peak imo. Great skill.


And the ‘what do you think of T*ttenham?’ his best off-pitch moment.


Fondly remembered.


no, not fondly remembered, a LEGEND


He’ll still be singing it….

Super Joshi

And the hate Tottenham as much as us.


just a normal game for jack


Guess it makes sense logistically to be in London and continue his job. Still think he should have gone to a proper club in Europe for the sake of his career. Hammers move feels like a wind down in terms on ambition. Best of luck Jack for all the memories.


Jack never struck me as the kind of player who had winning trophies and making tonnes of cash as his top priority. It was always about playing football. Ambition is different for everyone. Some people would sacrifice their entire career to win one trophy only to fade away *cough* RvP *cough* – Others are happy just playing the game week in week out.


He will still be making tonnes of cash its not like he’s on the dole lol!
But yes keeping life easier for his family and daughter might be ultimately more important than chasing a trophy.. And Manuel Pellegrini is no mug its an exciting project to be honest


things change fast in football, 2 seasons ago we had just won an fa cup and hadn’t missed cl in 2 decades, 2 seasons ago you would laugh if someone told you liverpool would be unlucky in the cl final.
2 years ago youd of laughed if i said england would be odds on for the WC final.

so by the time he gets into his final year WHUFC could be pushing for top 4 or something.


I still think a Spanish club would’ve suited him much more. He is technically gifted enough to play there and it’s much less physical in comparison to the EPL.


Football’s a fickle b***h. Who would would have imagined this on that Wednesday night in February 2011 when Jack was making the great Xavi and Iniesta look ordinary.
Goodluck Jack

Wim Jansen

7 years ago. Definitely a past glory.


Technically a better player than A Ramsey but no where near as effective on the pitch imo. Staying fit for a few hrs helps but he didnt bring his youth team form to the 1st team other than a couple of flashes here and there.

Jimbo Jones

Can you be specific? Define technically better. What does Jack technically do better than Ramsey, Xhaka etc


He’s better at falling over?? Coat and helmet on….:-)


Better dribble, better in tight areas, better touch (slightly) and better at playing central midfield positional. Ramsey better at attacking midfield and scoring goals, better at tackling, intercepting and is much fitter. Also mentally stronger imo.

Heavenly Chapecoense

I haven’t seen anything that Torreira did in WC that Jack didn’t do before. Emery’s decision is all about fear of injuries and not being on the way of Torreira’s development.

Dave M

There are these things called defending and positional awareness, Jack should try them once in a while instead of laying on the pitch complaining every time someone tackles him be it fair or not…


Of course Emery knows who he wants in his team, but I actually think the decision on Jack was made long before Emery came.


He was offered a contract. At one point it looked like he was likely to sign it. Spoke with the new boss, didn’t like what he heard and opted for the door. I thank him for what he has done while in an arsenal shirt, but much like the Bournemouth loan this was always about Jack being assured playing time. He wasn’t our best midfielder, not for a long time. And was regarded as a bit of a luxury. I don’t blame Emery for not making Jack central to his plans. He hasn’t been central to anyone’s plans for quite… Read more »


Good luck to him, except when he plays against us.

Charile Georgious

Best of luck Jack!!!


Hope he recaptures his glory days. There will always be a plenty of good players. But very few are a joy to watch.

Jack was one of them.


Didn’t see that one coming…


and another Turkish rumor fails to pan out….shocking! There’s still hope for Ospina and Campbell.


Ospina is linked with Boca Juniors now…


Oh, what could’ve been. Good luck Jack.


Good for him! i remember an interview 3-4 yrs ago where he said he couldn’t imagine playing for another club in england accept maybe whu because kinda all of his family members are hammers fans. i know this seems very unlikely but maybe, just maybe, he reachs his peak there and coming back. dare to dream!


At least he can keep putting his venerable hatred of Spuds to good use. Sad to see him go.


Ha, ha, ha, nice.


Would really have liked to see him make the brave choice to go abroad as it would have had so much more potential imo for him as he’s a much better fit for the Italian league.


You can take the lad out of Arsenal but you can’t take London out of the lad … or the lad out of London … or something…


Most WHU fans really want him at West Ham and that’s what he needs. It must have been a kick in the teeth to find out he was surplus to requirements at Arsenal. I really hope he can find some kind of form at WHU.


remember years ago just after he broke into the 1st team and looked like he was going to be a special player for us, he had the smoking incident. a mate of mine was like “he probably end up at west ham” – i thought he was mas at the time.


Wonder how this meeting was: Emery: I cant promise you anything, you have to fight for your place. Jack: Goodbye then. I´m off to WestHam. (Bournemouth before that). Complacency ruined Wengers team´s.


Maybe, maybe not. Probably not.


Likely yes.


tbh i would think it was a bit more expanded from emery. UE:”look Jack, we have a number of central midfielders at the club, yourself included. Next season we will have 3 midfield positions available and to fill those roles we currently have: yourself, Xhaka, Ramsey, Ozil, El Neny, Iwobi, Mkhitarian and also AMN, I am also planning on bringing in at least 1 more player for this role. Currently you do not feature in my plans, however you are welcome to accept the contract on offer and fight to change my mind.” JW:”so i have to take a pay… Read more »


Was that the theme tune to Eastenders at the end?

Northern Gooner

I suspect he already had West Ham’s offer on the table and he was just looking for confirmation of what he thought would be Arsenal’s position. Although I still don’t believe that meeting developed that way.

No player could seriously demand playing time from a manager who had barely been 2 days on the job, much less one who isn’t established on the starting XI.

The lad had oodles of potential but got too comfy too soon. Going to WH confirms to me that he just wants an easy life.

Jimbo Jones

Jack asked for something no manager could guarentee… it was just time for him to go


West Ham was an obvious choice for Jack. I don’t blame him for not going abroad and chasing a dream that looks like it’s never going to happen. I’d have done the same if I was him. Thanks Jack for the memories but the hope killed me and you I expect! 🙂


Gotta say, those umbro kits look quite alright.

Pat Rice and Beans

Good luck in the relegation battles 🙂


I think this is a great club for him. It’s london. They’re fighters. He’ll fit in well and bring their level up. Glad for him that he found a way to play.


He will be back one day.

Jimbo Jones

No he won’t will he?

David Hillier's luggage

25th August, he’ll be back for Arsenal vs West Ham


I’m sad because I believed that Jack could be arsenal captain this season. But I’m glad he didn’t gamble by leaving Arsenal and going to a shit club in a shit league. He has gone to West Ham which in fairness would make him stand out in turns of talent if he really performs and would still be able to demonstrate his talent more than when he was at Bournemouth.


He can play the Lanzini role?

Yellow Ribbon

Hurts my eye! ?
Good luck Jack. Once a Gooner..Always a Gooner!


Not sure for Robin Van Persie though


Good luck to him. I think he might do well at West Ham and manage to get back in the England squad.


If England win the WC, Jack won’t ever get back in the squad as Gareth will have proved he can play without a creative midfielder…personally, I think we need a creative midfielder to win the WC!


arsenals loss, is west hams gain, good luck jack, show them what you are made of


I was gutted to see him leave, but only time will tell if his past injuries will prevent him ever fulfilling his potential. He was regularly England’s Man if the Match before his last long lay-off and the thought of him leaving on ‘a free’ then was unthinkable. We all have special memories of Jack and we all wish him well. #OnceAGunner #GunnerForLife


Are we sure his injuries are what prevented him from fulfilling his potential tho?


YES, we are, and he did fulfil his potential, and if you don’t know that, then you cant be an arsenal fan

Frank Bascombe

If he’d fulfilled his potential he’d be playing for Real Madrid. Suppose that discounts me from being an Arsenal fan too. Wish it were that easy…

Merlin's Panini


Frank Bascombe

He’s West Ham all over.

Clive St Helmet

Best of luck to him. I hope he has an injury-free career from this point onward and goes on to demonstrate some of the promise that made him such an exciting prospect. Except against Arsenal of course, I hope he plays like pap against us 🙂


I actually hope he plays a blinder against us but they ultimately lose the game to us


Good luck Jacky boy. With a young family I knew he wouldn’t have gone far. Don’t score against us!


Good ridance.


^ ^ ^ that’s a poll right there! 🙂


I’m a younger fan so whilst I have memories of the great Thierry Henry and Co (who got me into this team in the first place) I feel like I grew up with Jack Wilshire, and all his highs and lows happened at an age I can remember. He still is my 2nd favorite modern Arsenal player, and under different circumstances, could have been our captain today. I’m absolutely gutted that he left but I’m happy he’s found a decent team to play for, and hope he will become at least close to the player I believe he can be.… Read more »


Good luck Jack. Was it injury that stopped him reaching his potential or was he not as good as we thought a few years ago?

Kareem Mohamed

definitely injury.


Was it “celebrity” that ruined his chances??


As Blogs likes to say ” a little bit from column A and a little bit from column B”
Whatever it was I hope he does well at West Ham.

Merlin's Panini

This kind of makes me feel a bit sick but I have no hard feelings for him and hope he does well. I’m glad he got to go to a club he likes and hope they do shit against us.
Also given he’ll be playing for Pellegrini, if he puts a blindfold on and touches his head he might think it’s Wenger (anyone remember that arsecast extra?)


Disappointing he never came close to his level but it’s best for all that he can move on now


He should have gone to Germany/France. 🙁


Good luck, Jack Wilshere. Thank you foe the memories.

I hope you find you form on a steady basis and become the player we hoped you would.
Just not against Arsenal!


Good luck to him, very sad to him go. Just hope he can get back to level he’s shown and realise his potential. Also think some of the comments on here are totally disgraceful, embarrassing to see it from Arsenal fans.


North london remembers


Found his level and an ambitious club with history, a new stadium and a possibility of breaking into the top 4/6 is no shame. Wish him all the Best for his future.


He could of carried on like a pork chop, but he accepted his fate and has left the club without burning his bridges. And that is something a lot of modern day footballers fail to achieve. Respect.
His time at Arsenal wasnt brilliant, but he had some brilliant moments in that time that will live long on all our memories.
Good luck JW.


WHU will be my second favorite team, I will want them to win when jack playing, unless when they play us


Juat emphasises you can have all the technical ability but you sill have to have the natural phyisicality too. Without that vulnerability, having watched him as a 13 year old, he really could have been one of England’s all-time great players. That, alas, is gone but I for one really hope he can still have a good EPL carreer

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