Thursday, December 1, 2022

Emery: Ramsey’s future is down to the club

Unai Emery spoke to the press ahead of Saturday’s first pre-season fixture against Boreham Wood FC, and insisted that while Aaron Ramsey is an important part of his plans, it’s up to the club to secure his future.

The Welsh international is into the final 12 months of his deal – and we all know the rigmarole that surrounds that kind of situation – but the Spaniard is going to leave negotiations in the hands of Ivan Gazidis, Raul Sanllehi and Seven Mislintat.

“I’m very happy with him,” Emery said of the 27 year old. “For me, every day, every training session, he has the ambition I want. He’s working with a quality, the type of ability that I want.

“I want to work with him.”

And asked about his contract, he continued, “It’s a question for the player and for the club. In my opinion, I’ve said to Ivan, Raul and Sven that I think he’s an important player for me.”

Ramsey has been made significant offers already, and Arseblog News understands that improved terms will be presented to Ramsey and his agent in an attempt to secure his signature.

Quite what will happen if those aren’t deemed acceptable remains to be seen, but then that’s a problem for Ivan, Raul and Sven to sort out.

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Crazy we are in this situation. Should have been sorted out ages ago.

I’m sure his agent is pushing up the numbers all the time.


I’d imagine it’s hard to sort out when the player doesn’t know who the manager will be or what that manager has planned for him. But i’d wager your second point is right on as the offers roll in.

Cliff Bastin

Unai kind of let the cat out of the bag there. Should have said something nonchalant like “meh he’s half decent whatevs.”

Bould's Eyeliner

Not possible when the player has the negotiating advantage, and has good options to go elsewhere


I’d love Aaron to stay and commit. However if we can’t secure him long-term do we have an adequate replacement in line if we choose to sell him this summer?

There’s only a few weeks left before the deadline so fingers crossed that either way it’s sorted sooner rather than later. Perhaps the final test in an otherwise very solid transfer window.


In this case much better to re-sign the player than go looking for a new one. Costs you far less for a new contract than to buy a replacement and pay the replacement’s wage too.


TRue, he’s been around long enough to probably be due a loyalty bonus too, that seems to be an odd element in many contracts

Bai Blagoi

I remember how much the fans were hoping for Özil’s extension and how happy and relieved everybody were after he signed. Now I read some opinions that 350k is so much that we shouldn’t have done it..

And here we are again with Rambo, but I am not afraid to say it one more time: “Sign da thing!”


Ozil was a play by the club to ease the negativity of losing Sanchez, Ramsey’s I believe is going to be far more important to the club going forward so his contract is more important

Bould's Eyeliner

Ramsey is a midfielder who needs ozil more than Sanchez. While keeping ozil was definitely a part of letting Sanchez go, it would also only have been that case if ozil is worth keeping. You don’t throw away the pillar a team was built around.


I was happy to see Sanchez go in the end. Even more so considering what we traded him for. Ozil was a different matter and I’m glad we got to keep him.


I’d love both Rambo and Welbeck to sign new deals, but if they’re heads and hearts aren’t in it? Then we need to be decisive and move on quickly.

Wim Jansen

Welbeck? You’re having a laugh.

Spanish Gooner

Why? He can play all 3 positions, works hard, fills a Homegrown spot and is probably fine with being a 3rd choice

Faisal Narrage

Sounds crazy, but here me out… Rather than keeping a 27 year old who’s probably at his peak (which isn’t very high in truth) as 3rd choice striker, maybe we give that opportunity to a young potential like Eddie instead? And maybe rather than keeping a 27 year old who’s a hard worker but never ever been clinical and using him on the wings where he can put a shift but doesn’t actually provide the skillsets out wide we need, why not give that back up space to a Nelson, who has greater potential and provides those skillsets? Crazy, I… Read more »


Welbeck is made for a team that presses, same with Rambo.
We’d likely get £20mill for Welbeck with 12months on his deal, I’m not convinced we’ll get a better replacement with that type of cash


How about Perez? Wouldn’t he be a better third striker than Welbeck? So we pocket 20 mil for Welbeck and keep Perez who is more reliable as a striker and already bought and paid for.


We won’t have long to find a replacement if he does leave.

I’d like him to stay, but his injury record is pretty scary, especially if we’re offering top money.


I’d wonder if we’re offering an incentive based contract, similar to Wilshire but with a higher baseline


Ruh Roes. “It’s up to the club” has an ominous ring to it. Gut tells me bad things. I hope it’s wrong.

It is however good to hear straight from Emery where he stands and who it’s down to.

The fact is, unless he runs into successive bad injury years, he’s just as important as some of the recent arrivals that are surely on a bigger wage and he could just as surely get more elsewhere. There are golf courses and zoos most anywhere he’d go.


Agree re ominous ring… has the sense of “if he’s let go it wasn’t because of me”

Bould's Eyeliner

Agreed but this is the kind of transparency and directness fans have been calling for. I wouldn’t read too much into it. It’s clear the club are adjusting their philosophies in a PR sense, if not in the backend, and it’s clearly getting people excited!


If Ramsey doesn’t want to sign he should be let go and replaced, by someone less injury prone and with better discipline. I’m not his biggest fan, but I’d be very interested to see how he does with the new manager, I think that it would probably improve him, but if he’s not wanting to sign then he needs to be replaced quickly. We really don’t need another transfer saga, and he’s not that brilliant to warrant one.


Entirely right 90k + 60k for a win and a further 15k per goal .If injured that drops to a flat rate of 45k pw
Very fair I’d say


Not in the real world mate. He could earn more than that at Wolves.


Ramsey spends half the match ahead of the striker already, pay him by the goal and he’d spend the whole match there. You can’t do that, either you think he’s worth a salary or you don’t. I personally think that if he doesn’t sign in the next few days he should go, he’s always wanted to go to Spain and is probably angling for a move. Whether there are any takers who think he’s as good as he thinks he is, who knows.


We could try to part exchange for Dembele……….


I’m glad he’s in Emerys plans. But don’t know how smart this was from him, should we sell Aaron.


Btw, what’s Wenger up to?


Pundit on BeIN Sports at present.


Sounds to me like Emery publicly pressuring the businessmen to get the deal done.


It would be very difficult to see Aaron go. He’s come so far at this club. I remember years ago when he used to get ridiculed because he couldn’t finish and he gave the ball up too much. Everybody was questioning why Arsene kept him on the team. Honestly, myself included at times. How far he has come with his finishing and control.

If he wants to go, he wants to go. We can’t control that. But it’s our duty to try to keep him.


He still can’t (finish) and does (give the ball away)

Let him go


The longest serving first team players are Ramsey, Monreal and Ozil. Wow. So much has changed at this club.


Koscielny and Welbz?
Also Tbf ozil has been and will be with us for a number of years now.


Remove Welbz and I agree


Make him a captain maybe?


I would say get rid immediately. See if Barca can raise the purported 50m.Not worthy the numbers he has been demanding for a player so injury prone and so inconsistent. His position is the easiest to upgrade imho.


I’m sure he will sign on again. He doesn’t seem like a player that is angling to leave and there’s certainly no issue like Jack where he isn’t guaranteed playing time.

Give the guy the money he wants and get it out of the way before the season starts. We’ve got 2 massive games to kick off the campaign and we don’t need shit like this in the back ground.

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