Having come back from 2-0 down to make it 2-2, losing to a late Marcos Alonso goal was disappointing to say the least.

Read the report and see the goals here.

Chelsea were good, but we shot ourselves in the foot with some missed chances and poor defensive work.

Here’s how the players rated.


This is the first outing for our new ratings system, not everything is complete, we have to add the pitch view and a couple of other tweaks. Just to remind people, Arseblog ratings are not visible until you’ve rated (or you wait an hour).

Please leave any feedback/comments/suggestions in the comments, they’ll be very helpful!

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This is weird Blogs


I see a lot of random ratings given just to see the arseblog rating/comment. I couldn’t watch te game today and still don’t see the ratings unless i give a random score to reveal it. Not a good system.


thought it was suppose to be hidden for like an hour after the game so folks could get their votes in.. several hours later its still hidden


Doesn’t seem to work properly on mobile android. Most of my ratings are lost by the time I finish. And no submit button…


Revealed them after refresh… Guess it takes the input dynamically, but fails to reveal the content straight away for some reason…


Nowt showing on my mobile

my name is bob

At least we gave the game a good go…


No working on a Mac


Selecting value very clumsy on iPad. Can’t correct for fat fingered first attempt. Me no likey so far.

Wu Tan Aubamayang Clan

I can’t see anything Blogs? Just me?


I think we need to temper our expectations of Torreira as our ‘defensive saviour’. Not tracking Alonso’s run, and just how much he was pushing up (at 2-2) reminds me of Alex Song aka our ‘most defensive midfielder’ rather than an actual wrecking, disciplined DMF.

Faisal Narrage

“I think we need to temper our expectations…”

Is almost always said by those who had ridiculous expectations of someone being our messiah. You probably had ridiculously high expectations that he would fix everything judging by our rash assessment based on a 20mins cameo, where in fact looked like our most defensive-reading player.

Maybe you were expecting Flamini incarnated, going around crunching into tackles.


“those who had ridiculous expectations’ – really? You haven’t gotten the sense that the whole fanbase is really excited about this signing as long overdue? As someone who would sit right there, right in that space in front of the defense, that space that we have always invited opposition 10’s to stroll through and instead our new man would break up opposition play a la Casemiro/Makelele/Kante/Wanyama etc like a machine. No? In your measured assessment, I’m sure you watched Uruguay at the WC as well (unlike only the 20 mins I watched last week), what did you expect? And no,… Read more »


Agree 100%. Also he seemed slow to the point I thought he was hurt the last 10-15mins of the game.


Not a fan of this. Doesn’t load properly and I don’t like rating. I just like to see your ratings to see what you thought of the players!

jack jack jack

Agreed! I come on here for your ratings/comments Blogs not to project my own poorly formed ones.


Down with this sort of thing!


Careful now


I kinda disagree with the above. I like the idea of everyone forming their own opinions immediately following the match, because that’s reflecting the reality of different sets of eyes.

Like the directions say, if you don’t like to form your own opinions you can just wait a bit to see what blogs thinks.


Hi Blogs, using an android phone, and the ratings part isn’t loading. Refreshed three times, just get this loading circle thingie, and nothing else happens.

Really disappointed with Hector’s defensive contribution. Most of their meaningful attacks came on our right flank. Think Lichtsteiner should get a couple of games, Hector needs to improve, and fast. Great to see Mr. Consistent, Monreal back.


Ok, it loaded as I posted this. Nice caricatures (?)


They all rightfully look like clowns to me


I think blogs has been a little generous with a few of these, we were poor all over


Useless cunts on the whole.


Don’t think we’re supposed to be rating Chelski.


They were just cunts


So, I come to arseblog news to check out how the players fared after a game. Then, I’m asked to rate the players before I can see blog’s ratings.

What happens if I missed the game, wait for an hour?

Wenger didn’t die for this.


Eeeeyyy ?


Blogs OUT!

Kevin N

Trying to see ’em in Chrome on Windows; spinning constantly.


What if I didn’t see the match and just wanted to see ratings?


Not trying to be too negative or anything, but just so we understand… why the 1 hour embargo? So as not to influence peoples ratings? It’s just for fun though right?


Ah sorry Ignore that, I see you have commented below.

Kevin N

Ok, working now


I like the new system except for my fat fingers and small font made a few mistakes. Maybe an are you sure option would help before each vote. Thanks.


New system looks great when it has loaded, but it took ages on Safari. Also could see no vote button, it’s hard to tell if votes have been recognised.

Kevin N

Really super-sensitive to mouse movement. Very hard to get the rating you want, hard to be sure it will stay there when you click. Also, would be nice to pop up the number.

Clock End 20

I like it – worked fine for me using Firefox on a mac.


Working fine for me, I quite like it, allows for more objectivity in ratings when we don’t get to see yours first.

And I think the player names need to be more prominent (Maybe in Bold??), I love the work of Poorly Drawn Arsenal though


It took time but finally worked. It cuts a few letters on the right side of a 6 inch android though.


Really like the new system. Both here as well as the pitch. Implementation will take time to adapt. Both here as well as on the pitch. Great art btw!


Works like a charm. Nice work on the graphic design too


I like the new system – much better to have a ‘public’ vote that’s not coloured by Blogs’ opinion. If its possible to iron out the glitches so it works smoother it’ll be great.


Not working on iPhone – appears as if I’ve already voted – also a weird ddos message from cloud flare almost as if you’d been hacked

A Different George

I got that message too, using Firefox on an IMac, but it was apparently legit.

A Different George

I am just curious: why did someone vote down Kevsear’s and my post? Both were obviously attempts to give Blogs some information that may or may not be helpful.


Worked for me blogs – as ever great work – though fat fingers I gave Mustafi an 8 ?. We still look like a team of misfits, half pressing, half falling back. Xhaka was poor out of possession, but we lost a bit second half in possession, or did Chelsea organise better? Exactly as predicted, two teams in transition. Chelsea could have been out of sight first half but we should have gone in ahead, go figure. Second half we didn’t show much to warrant more than a draw.

jack jack jack

‘Display now’ option would be great Blogger. I usually come here when I haven’t seen the match, so having to wait an hour would be a bit of a shame.


Blogs, I know it is a player rating but I think a lot of us would like to be able to rate the manager aswell. I am not saying this just so we can berate him or anything but it would add something extra based on impactful substitutions and tactics.


Love the new player “portraits”!!

Jimbo jones

I like it, though the last words on each line of the comments are getting cut off on android.


Really like the pictures from Poorly Drawn Arsenal (though Ramsey looks a bit like a sexy Bond henchman) but the whole right hand side, including the end of some words/sentences, is cut off when viewing on my android phone (Galaxy S8, browser = Google Chrome). I concur with others who say they just want to see the ratings rather than submit their own. But then I usually read this article the morning after, so no drama for me.

Arsenala Vista Baby

What if we already read other articles with player ratings & might have been influenced by the ratings already?


Why would you do that? Stop slumming and learn to think for yourself!


Keep at it Blogs, your site’s awesome and is always my go-to for Arsenal related stuff.


I’m excited by the prospect of Torreira & more than happy to give him this season to acclimatise with Prem League however the way he allowed Alonso to drift past him, showing no real desire to beat him to the ball, has me worried. Below from Arseblog earlier is describes exactly what I hoped he would be… today therefore has me a little worried. “There’s been a collective desire for a truly defensive-minded midfield player for so long now, and this guy was identified as the man to add the qualities we’ve been missing.” Onwards & upwards let’s smash West… Read more »

Jimmy Rimmer

Like this.Metaphor for Arsenal right now, worth sticking with new system! And worked perfectly on my cheap android tablet.

George the Gooner

Working for me fine. iOS. Laca and inefficiency cost us the game. Why the hell did we shut up shop with that shaky defence? Still a few positives to take. We didn’t lose 0-6. We showed some fight to get back in the game. Must hammer the Hammers or the pressure will start to mount on Emery. I like this new approach, and disagree with that moron and absolute asshole Glen Hoddle, that this team hasn’t changed from last season. We move on in hope that Emery can unite this team, get the right balance and get us winning again.… Read more »


Making me rate doesn’t make sense. I didn’t see the game so I wanted to see how they played. I had to make up ratings so I could view them.


Booo. Down with cheater buttons!

Yankee Gooner

If you used low numbers, you weren’t wrong.


Although he has his mobility problems, Xhaka can control the game. That is exactly what we lost when we subbed him off.


I don’t think we were terrible. We had some really good moments amd we seemed to be soaking up the pressure. I did not like how often chelsea employed width in their attack amd we were unable to deal with it. I thought we looked a bit organised defending as a unit although the back four is still kinda very bad. The passing from the back was hard to watch. Even with 3 minutes left we were still trying to play from the back. which was kinda weird. And it is this insistense on moving the ball back in our… Read more »

Greg in Seattle

I *really* think we need to see Lichtsteiner for a couple of games. Not only to send a message to Bellerin, but to be out there so he can chew out his teammates. Also, we can’t afford an offense-first RB next to Mustafi.

Matt P

I agree. I don’t think we were bad at all, and we had some very good moments. plenty to work on gor sure, but I see promising signs.

Thierry bergkamp

“Xhaka was careless in posession”, but in your next sentence, you feel we may have missed his passing ability.


Yeah, he excels at passing but can’t hold on to the ball in tight spaces or dribble out of a press.


I feel Xhaka is best suited against teams on the bottom half. He has great range with his passing, which is useful to get teams that are sitting back out of their defensive position.

In high tempo games though, he’s just way too slow on the ball (too many touches). It cost us points last year, and it’s gonna keep costing us.


The issue with us apart from defence in big games is that our star players don’t perform. And this has been an issue since a long time. Ozil, Lacazette and even Aubemayaung haven’t pulled their weight in the big games.

Contrast this to someone like a Hazard who immediately put us on the back foot by coming on and it’s the same with our competitors, their big players perform in the big games be it De bruyne, Salah, Kane, Aguero, Eriksen. Emery should demand more from these players in these sort of games.


As a fanbase we spend too long not being damning enough on our big players and way tooo harsh on people like Iwobi..Theres an argument that the three you mentioned have been are worse performers barring Laca’s 2nd half vs City

Thierry bergkamp

Excluding Tottenham, have we been “a big game” to the teams above us for a few years now, though?


I mean we were Chelsea’s bogey team under Conte.


It’s pretty hard to get the ratings done on a mobile. Or maybe it’s just my fat fingers. But on iOS the stars are just getting highlighted and I cannot rate. And if I rate, I cannot alter when it misjudged my rating attempt…

Si in Cali

Works ok but stars too small on mobile and half stars mean you’re trying to hit a single pixel. Maybe do twenty big half stars. Or ditch the halves, the precision is a mirage anyhow.


I love it Blogs! Worked for me on Android.


For the love of god drop xhaka, özil and bellarin for the next match. I would love to see torreira, ramsey and lichsteiner as their replacements.

I’ve found the rating a bit messy, i want bigger stars since its hard to rate a 6 can easily become a 5,5,6,5, using a pc.


I would definitely drop Bellerin and Xhaka. Hector is a hot mess right now and I just don’t where he goes from here. Xhaka is still on holiday(?). Ozil I wouldn’t drop, but could see him being rotated. I’d rather Danny “Shoulders ‘n’ Shins” Welbeck than Iwobi though. I know he got a goal, but for every good thing he does he does 2-3 poor things, very poor. An honest show of hands: when Iwobi gets the ball in traffic who expects him to lose it? When Iwobi gets into or around the box who expects him to pass it… Read more »

Greg in Seattle

Iwobi needs to start. He’s the only wide player able to keep the ball on a string and attack a defender. Love Danny but he’s another pass and move guy.

Matt P

Yeah I don’t know how Iwobi got rated so high. As you say he will do something really good then the next minute something bad. Erratic.


Bellarin = Ramsay.
Be consistent please.


Pics are weird. Especially the players that were poor. Makes me hate them more.


Would prefer if we could just type in a number for the rating, TBH. Love the pictures though…


Not sure if it’s just because it’s brand new, but this new system seems very buggy (on a phone at least). Maybe a happy medium could be found? Top work as always though lads


Yes, rating system is a bit strange, miss the old one.

Tough to lose by one with three glorious chances missed, but we also gave up way, way too many clear chances to Chelsea. To me it seems we are looking to play the ball back too much and getting ourselves in trouble. I know we want to keep possession and I am for that, but we’ve got to start moving the possession forward more quickly.

Lord Bendnter

Kind of difficult on mobile phones to rate. U need very skinny fingers to hit the right star, and then it’s always a 50:50 for it to land on a .0 or .5 digit


Özil out, please.

Voting is sketchy on an iPad


Don’t mind the new format, but where is the BONUS rating (my favourite part)


Oh yeah. Forgot about that!

I’m sure it’ll be back. It’s too funny not to.

Matty McCabe

On the Arseblog app on android. The text from your ratings are cut off so they can’t be read and I found it hard to rate the players. I kept getting .5 when I didn’t want it.


blogs love on ramsey continues! I like him a lot too but did nothing when he came to warrant a 6 and he just can’t play as a 10 when can’t keep the ball for long and can’t play with his back to goal. Ozil was poor too but losing both Xhaka and Ozil resulted in no possession at all for us. Ramsey was a poor sub at that time.

Faisal Narrage

The new rating system was interesting because I certainly wasn’t influenced by anyone when I rated Ramsey a 4.5, but was surprised (yet unsurprised) to see blog’s very odd somewhat glowing report of Ramsey, as per usual. Simple pointing to 2 good moments is a stretch. What’s clear is Ramsey, good as he may be, is simply not as good as he’s made out to be. In particular, he’s great off-the-ball, but really average n the ball, and surely that can’t be the case for someone that’s clearly pushing for Ozil wages (not that Ozil deserves his either). Let’s jus… Read more »

Nathan Barnwell

I like this concept, however…

Issues I faced, due to my inaccurate thumbs I couldn’t be certain what I was rating, more a guess at an area (around mid way etc.) Maybe include some numbers in the stars?

I also selected an unusual amount of .5 ratings once I had selected I couldn’t change.

Finally, if I didn’t see the match (so can’t rate) how can I see your player ratings, which I really enjoy?

A few tweaks but it’ll get there.


Will take some time getting used to it but it is definitely an upgrade on the old system.
The text, on my 5.5 inch android, is cut of on the right side.
It takes some time to load so I was not sure it is working. Would have like the option of an empty star equaling to 0 since that is what I would have given to Özil, Mustafi and Bellerin.

Billy Enfield

Agree with you about Ozil and Bellerin, but disagree about Mustafi.
Mustafi lacked the support (on both games, today and against Man City) from his CB partner and Bellerin. For all 3 goals we conceded, Sokratis seems to be looking like walking-pace. Not at all up to speed required in PL. Another thing I’ve noticed about him… Our players don’t pass the ball to him cuz he’s not comfortable with it


works fine here and like it. Guendouzi’s stats are really promising! This kid is the real deal!


I am not able to select acurate rate. On Android.

Jimmy James

Really hard to use on mobile. Maybe a sliding scale or a number selector like a calendar?


I don’t like this voting system – -the old one was better. The pics are also a bit silly (not funny or interesting if that’s what they were meant to be)