AC Milan: Gazidis talks ongoing


It has been confirmed that Ivan Gazidis is in talks with AC Milan about becoming the Italian club’s new CEO.

The Italian club, now owned by US hedge fund Elliott Management, have hinted at ongoing negotiations for some time, however, the decision by president Paolo Scaroni to publicly namecheck the Gunners executive hints at a newfound optimism that the hire will take place.

Speaking to Corriere della Serra, Scaroni revealed: “Negotiations with Gazidis are ongoing. The process of selecting a CEO must be done well and calmly.

“Whenever there’s any slowdown, I can reassure everyone by saying that in the meantime I’m here.

“I spend half of my time here, I put everything into this role. The CEO must have a profile that is in line with our objectives.

“The first is to increase revenue. It’s the starting point: if we raised €800m, we could afford Ronaldo.”

Gazidis, who moved to the Emirates in January 2009, has so far refused to speak about the rumours linking.

The Arsenal board have not had anything to say on the matter since a confusingly ambiguous statement at the end of July; now might be the time to put that right.

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Shut the door on your way out.


Seriously, can this prick fuck off already


Sounds serious if Milan are talking about it.

Great, let’s get someone better in.

Man Manny

We need to sell him lest he goes on a free at the end of the season. I was reliably told his contract expires this summer. We need that money to sign another top class defender to replace him.
It’s a defender we are talking; right?


I don’t think him leaving will really impact much. He has done well recently to force change, but his overall vision to challenge the big boys has failed. This is the bottom line for me. He might not have had the right resources to challenge, but then he should have managed people’s expectations better. The Milan job sounds perfect for his ‘fixer upper’ profile. So, in short, if your gonna go, bugger off and make it happen already. I’m immensely bored of this story.


To be honest, it’s not that he hasn’t had the resources, that’s an excuse you can give the manager. The CEO should be the one generating those resources!! And he hasn’t, our commercial growth has been behind our rivals, as has been our asset management. So in my eyes, he has failed to perform well in the time he’s been here. Let’s take the chance to get someone better at their job 🙂

A Different George

In the last decade, Man City’s owner is reported to have put £1.4 billion into the club, above what he paid to buy it. A better deal with Puma would not have made much difference in that context.


A Different George, you are spot on. This is what ambition is now. Pumping crazy money into a club. This is how you compete. Very few of us realize I believe.


Don’t think this story is worth mulling over, if he goes- that’s absolutely fine. He’s got no place as an Arsenal legend or great.


I’d like to see us draw a line under this circus. If he’s negotiating with Milan for months now, he’s obviously not committed to his duties at Arsenal and that’s something we can’t afford at this point. We need to sort out the Ramsey situation, the Monreal situation, the Welbz situation and a lot of planning regarding the next transfer window. A CEO who seems to be more interested in getting himself a great contract at another club isn’t very helpful in that regard. Get rid of him, bring someone new in and keep on moving forward. He hasn’t been… Read more »

Owl faced Deeney's cojones

We complain about players if their contract negociations drag on. Now we have the CEO doing exact same elsewhere for more money.


I will look forward to buying milans better players on the cheap whilst selling some of our not so good ones for inflated prices back to them.

Ex-Priest Tobin

Wenger and Gazidis out in quick succession, things are looking up.


Guess not. You are still hanging around.

No Longer Laughing Stock

Off you fuck

No Longer Laughing Stock

I think Josh Kroenke will be the new CEO. Could be a bad thing and I get why many would think that. But with my optimistic hat getting a rare outing, maybe he will inject some much needed youth and energy into the boardroom. And then moving forward the club starts to get a bit of success. Wins the Europa league. Aubameyang wins the golden boot. Suddenly this guy who lives in the boring shadow of his dad is in the papers. Bit of public profile, bit of fame. He gets a big fat hard on. Maybe then we get… Read more »


It’s pretty simple now, Milan spoke out publicly and its for Gazidis to declare whether he’s interested or not. No board worth their salt will just look on until the CEO decides when it will be convenient to jump.


Welcome back Arsene.


Mobility of labour. I will move myself if it suits me. Though personal experience has taught me the grass is not always greener next door.
Wish him well. If it happens, it happens

dr Strange

Well fuck him off then. He’s a coward who’s been hiding behind Wenger and as soon as he knew that the blame would be laid squarely on him if Arsenal fail to deliver he jumps ship.

Said years ago that he’s a slimy bastard and nothing he’s done since then has changed my mind.

I’m truly happy he’s going.


Give the job to Wenger. He be sure to bring more glory to Arsenal off the pitch …


He’ll go down in history for pretty much fuck all. See ya

Naija Gunner

I think we should be doing some serious shopping for a new CEO!