Sunday, November 28, 2021

Morocco want Guendouzi to switch international allegiance

According to French publication Le Site Info, Morocco coach Hervé Renard flew to England on Sunday to try and persuade Matteo Guendouzi to switch international allegiance from France to Morocco.

An attempt to get the midfielder to play for their under-17s failed a few years ago and Renard, along with the technical director of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation, Nasser Larguet, were left frustrated when he turned down a call up to the senior set-up after his breakthrough at Lorient.

That looked to be the end of the pursuit, but the 19-year-old’s eye-catching start to life at the Emirates has persuaded them to have another go.

The Atlas Lions have benefitted hugely in recent years from approaching kids in the diaspora (their appearance at the World Cup this summer was their first in 20 years), so you can’t blame them for trying.

“We always fix a rendezvous with the player and his family,” Larguet explained of his work in July’s FourFourTwo.

“I’ve conducted dozens of these interviews over the last few years. We discuss our philosophy, and how we believe we can help the player fulfil his potential.”

To date, Guendouzi has represented France up to under-20 level and spoke last week of his desire to one day wear the shirt of Les Bleus.

“Inevitably, it [playing for France] is a dream for me,” he told Ouest France. “I will do everything to get there someday. If I succeed, it would be extraordinary.”

The ball is very much in Guendouzi’s court, he’d have to submit a letter of intent to FIFA should he wish to play for Morocco.

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Play for the World Champions or never done much Morocco?

Hmmm, tricky choice.


Especially tricky considering who he has to displace to get into that ridiculous French side…


He’s already shown enough maturity and skill to realise that his chance will come in the future. He is only 19 and has a great future ahead of him


He looks like he has the ability to do it though


france has a dozen midfielders with same ability. guendouzi really has some task on his hands


But will they be there in 5 to 10 years time when he is at his peak?


I’d much prefer him to aim high. Both for his drive, and to ensure that he doesn’t get yanked for these interlulls at least for a few more years.

Faisal Narrage

He’ll be competing directly with Adli Yacine (our first choice over him, if you recall?) Rabiot who can’t even get into the French team now, Pogba will still be around and also be aware he hasn’t got into the title-winning u21 squads either, who have a host of players that were chosen over him and likely to transition into first team.

Not to say he’s not good enough, but we have to remember even Arteta couldn’t get into the Spanish team when they had a glut of WC-winning midfielders.

And France arguably have more.

Owl faced Deeney's cojones

Laca and Martial will only get into the team if France has as many injuries as Arsenal used to have. Bellerin can’t get into the Spanish team. Matteo has a lot of work in front of him plus luck to play for the senior team.

Naija Gunner

That’s another important question for him to think about, because other African countries won’t go to sleep for them to develop and not do the same


He’s only 19 and he doesn’t expect a breakthrough yet but if he wants to make it on the world stage than it is better that he plays for one of the best footballing countries in the world

Faisal Narrage

That’s one way of looking at it.
Another way is that he could get into the Morrocco team, actually get to play in a world cup, and even compete (and good chance of winning) an African Nations Cup (some may look down on this, but consider how so few in the world ever get to experience winning a major international trophy?)

Or France can play him once just to keep him, then never use him again, as countless other top players have ended up in, and just sits at home during internationals and summer.


Choosing a national team is different to choosing which club to play for. Its not all about prestige, its also about the player’s heritage and national affiliation.
But it seems he has personally chosen to play for France so chances are this meeting/interview/whatever it is will prove futile for the Morocco representatives.


Not to mention African cup of nations every odd year means we would lose him for extended periods


He should play for a country that makes him feel important…it is not all about playing for a country that would bring you to the world stage…..he can achieve fame with Arsenal…..take for example Giggs for wales/manchester united

Tasmanian Jesus

The chance of winning the world cup is something I think trumps everything else for most footballers.

David Hillier's luggage

Chance of shagging his brother’s missus probably trumps that of winning the World Cup in Giggs’ mind.


I don’t think Giggs had much choice!

I’m surprised Morocco didn’t try for him though.

A Different George

I don’t think there’s any question Giggs could have played for England. But then he might have had to play in friendlies.


Then giggs England thing is a common mistake. He played for youth levels due to a difference in eligibilities but he wasn’t actually eligible to play for England


Schoolboys sorry, not even youth level


He lived in England from the age of 6. If John Barnes and Raheem Sterling were able to play for England, I’m pretty sure he could.


Oh, and all the Brazilians playing for every country around the world.





Though I’m sure it must mean something…


Ian [Wright] (9) great hat-trick?

Or does someone have better?

King 14enry

Maybe a subtle way to say he doesn’t care?

I 9 (nein in German is no) Give (a) Heck..

I no give a heck…

I don’t give a heck

…it’s a slow news inter-lull


Time to change that password!


From an Arsenal being selfish perspective, France would be better. No African Cup of Nations messing with a January every few years.

Lord Bendnter

That African Cup of Nations Schedule has always pissed me off. Don’t know why FIFA doesn’t change it to the summer


It is, starting summer 2019. No more Jan AFCON


Well, starting next year’s edition, the Africa Cup of Nation will take place in summer, so that’s not relevant anymore.


It really should be every 4, not 2, years though.


That Moroccan Manager sounds like a right fox


He’s good enough to be in contention for France even if they do have a talented midfield with Kante, Pogba, Rabiot for the next 4 to 5 years at least.

Make Arsenal Great Again

This is a very hard choice. On one hand he has the abilities to play for France but it will be difficult to get into that team. They have have enough talent for 3 top national teams at the moment. But if he gets in, there is a chance of winning the World Cup

On the other hand, he’ll get into the Moroccan team but he may not win the African Nations’ cup let alone the World Cup

Getso gunner

Go to Morocco boy

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