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Report: Sporting 0-1 Arsenal (inc goal)

Result: Sporting 0-1 Arsenal
Competition: Europa League
Date: 25th October 2018
Venue: Estádio José Alvalade

Arsenal: Leno, Lichtsteiner, Holding, Sokratis, Xhaka, Elneny, Guendouzi, Ramsey, Welbeck, Mkhitaryan, Aubameyang

Subs: Martinez, Mustafi, Jenkinson, Torreira, Iwobi, Ozil, Lacazette

Arsenal achieved their 11th successive win, and their first ever on Portuguese soil, with a 1-0 victory over Sporting this evening.

Unai Emery rotated his side, recalling Sokratis after injury, bringing in Aaron Ramsey to captain the side with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang up front, and Granit Xhaka deployed as a makeshift left-back.

The game began in somewhat scrappy fashion with the two sides feeling each other out a bit, and it was the 16th minute before we had the first shot, Fernandes firing over from distance.

Arsenal’s right hand side, with Lichtsteiner and Mkhitaryanm, struggled defensively, making basic mistakes which could have been more severely punished, but the Armenian had the Gunners first effort from a free kick which the keeper saved easily enough.

Gudel and Fernandes fired shots over, Nani curled an effort just over the bar after a mistake, and Sokratis got lucky when he misjudged the flight of the ball and clearly pulled the shirt of Montero as he headed towards goal but the referee waved play on and the Greek defender’s blushes were spared – along with a potential red card.

Aubameyang had a wildly optimistic attempt from a free kick over 40 yards out which not unexpectedly didn’t trouble the keeper, Acuna picked up the game’s first yellow card for a foul on Lichtsteiner, and a fairly dull first period concluded with a tame effort from the Gabon striker.

The second period began with an early booking for Rob Holding and a header from Montero which went well wide, then Mkhitaryan fed Aubameyang whose shot was saved by the keeper for a corner which we wasted through a badly executed short routine. The Arsenal striker had another sight of goal after a pass from Ramsey, going through with just the keeper to beat but he found Ribeiro equal to the task.

Lucas Torreira replaced Elneny in the 58th minute, Guendouzi had a shot which trickled through to the keeper, and Danny Welbeck had the ball in the back of the net with a good header but the referee disallowed the goal for a push when it looked more as if the defender slipped.

Torreira forced the keeper into a save from a free kick from just outside the D, and in the 77th minute Emery’s side went ahead. Torreira fed Aubameyang with a pacy pass, he flicked it on, Coates ought to have done better and saw the ball roll behind him into the path of Welbeck who took a touch and rifled the ball between the keeper’s legs from inside the box. 0-1.

It was essentially the England man’s last involvement as he was replaced two minutes later by Alexandre Lacazette, before Iwobi replaced Aubameyang. The Gunners were content to see the game out as we headed into five minutes of injury time but Holding had to be alert to head away a dangerous free kick from a corner.

A flurry of yellow cards for the home side showed their frustration as they headed for their first defeat at home since last year, and the Gunners now top the group with 9 points.

Next up Crystal Palace.

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11 wins in a row. COYG!


Holdings tackle inside the area costs in the current market 60 mil. #justsaying


Anyone know the last time we won 11 in row?

Sean Twomey

2011 I think ?


11 years ago actually. We won 12 games in a row between 25th August 2007 and 28th October 2007, when we drew 1-1 with Liverpool.

Sir Henry Norris' Brown Envelope

Last minute equaliser by Liverpool at Anfield, a training ground header. I was sick as a dog when our poor defence let that in.
It’s not every day one gets to win at Anfield and we came so close that day

John Smith

No you are thinking of the 2011 game. The 1-1 in 2007 at Anfield was Fabregas scoring a richly deserved equaliser. That was a special side and broke up too soon.


I watched the game. Cant recall the name, CB, Slavic?, no one put a body on him.

Sean Twomey

Thanks. I remember the commentator mentioning 11, took it as the year and not how many years ago ☹️


2007, when we won 12 straight.


Arsenal recorded their 11th successive win in all competitions; their best run of wins since October 2007 (when they won 12 in a row)


And we could’ve and should’ve won the league that season, Eduardo’s leg break ruined our psychology.

Billy Bob

MeSoHornsey you are spot on, that season was gutting ?


That and the Gallas meltdown


Keep going boys. The run continues. Torreira, what a steal for us. There is a certain degree of optimism and strength about this team that we always end up snatching a win. The best part is no player power or any egos holding back the manager or the club. On to south London to destroy Crystal Palace

Arsenala Vista Baby

Basically, only Zaha will turn up. So yeah, destroy.


Don’t jinx it man!


Overall it was a very mature performance. Danny should’ve had two. Unlucky.


His finishing has improved all out of recognition. He always seems to hit the target. So happy for him.


Danny’s Welback

Irrational Gunner

Scoring Machine!

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

He’s got some great influences in training with Lacazette and Aubameyang, they really know how to wallop the target. And Welbeck, rather than getting miffed we have a couple of top drawer strikers, is raising his game/learning from them, which is really going to help us across the season. Must admit, whilst I don’t ‘want rid of him’ he is one of a small number of players that each window I think we can upgrade on, so I’m very glad he’s reminding us all of his importance! We’d really struggle to replace a player like him given the two ahead… Read more »


Agreed. Though Sporting were flopping all over the place for most of the match and the disallowed goal was no exception – the defender just went to ground when he realised he wasn’t getting the ball and unfortunately the referee fell for it.


Bit disappointed we didn’t tear them a new one but I’ll take it


I expect that in the second half of every game now


Sadly I don’t think we’ll see much more of Elneny. It’s obvious that Emery doesn’t rate him and when Torreira replaces him we were 10x better to be fair


He was completely anonymous today. I agree with your assessment and his days look numbered. Shame, he’s handy to have around.

Arsenala Vista Baby

He plays a role in completing our rotation roster without being unhappy. A lot of things he can learn now we have quality CM in our current cro in Toreira & Guendozi. His time will come one he brings his performance to another level. I believe Emery can develop him to up his game.


Top comment.
Agree completely.

Parisian Weetabix

He’s just a bit of a nothing player. Decent at everything, but not excellent at anything. Useful squad player perhaps, but most top class midfielders are specialists – you can look at Torreira, Xhaka and even Guendouzi and know exactly what they’ll bring to the team. Elneny’ll do a job, and in a pinch that’s handy, but he’s just not got the specialist skillset to have the sort of guaranteed impact that a top midfield needs to be producing every week.


But you just described exactly what he’s there for – squad rotation/backup player who can put in a shift when needed. He doesn’t need to be producing every week, we have our first team specialists for that.


Yes you’re right accept he played that role more effectively last year I think. Today, I have Guendouzi was given the role that Elneny would have played last year. Elneny I clearly way down the list and we are he comes in and plays like he did today, it’s hard to see a future for him under Emery


He was offered an exit last year, and declined it.
I think he’ll be allowed to leave if he wishes to , but how many squads have a player of his calibrate at 6th or 7th place in their midfield? I don’t think Emery will push him out the door

Finnish Gooner

You just said a lot without really saying anything

Rocastle Rock

I like Elneny’s application to the task, and his willingness to take responsibility, but I think the level Arsenal are playing at currently has left him behind somewhat.


With our CB situation, considering ME has played there for Wenger (albeit with 3 at the back), he could be an emergency option there. If Monreal is healthy, he’s needed at left back. I hope he sticks around and gets some meaningful minutes.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

By no means a permanent fixture but he could sit next to Sokratis very well I reckon. I think they’d compliment each other. Start him with Mustafi however and I may worry a fair bit!


It’s all that much more difficult for Elneny if he can never get any minutes. Not that he’s earned them, because his performances haven’t, but it’s all rust and dust from him right now.

I know he just extended, but I’d be surprised if he stays beyond another summer window. Sad, because I like his character, but that’s football. He should play somewhere suited to him. He’s got too much engine and enthusiasm to rot away.

Sir Henry Norris' Brown Envelope

I didn’t see the game, but if you read this report the narrative changes as soon as Torreira is introduced.
Star player


Could just be coincidence. It was in the second half! And Everyone Loves The Torriera. As I do.

Hamburg Gooner

It´s obvious that Torreira is the much better player who can give the team so much more. But over a season you need guys like Elneny, who can cover up for the better guys with a solid job – no more, no less. Bit like Cygan back in the day – quite unpopular player as he was obviously not on the level like the big guns, but a very reliable one nonetheless who could always be put in the team.

On the other hand Maitland-Niles is hopefully going to get into Elneny´s position soon …


Or Grimandi


Nani is a bonafide cunt


I remember him at ManU and his various skills, one of which was diving.

Unpopular Dave

Ramsey needs to move the ball quicker in counter attack transitions.

A Fleeting Glimpse

He can’t. Doesn’t have it in his locker

Christopher Wreh

Fantastic European away performance. Guendouzi was brilliant, Sokratis is so solid and Danny Welbeck ran his socks off and took his goal ever so well.

Feels good to be an Arsenal fan right now

Alex james legend

Holding was brilliant too when defending crosses well done lads!


Too right! He’s our tallest player

Rocastle Rock

Holding as well. That flicked clearance from the late free – kick that Petrović stage dived for was very handy indeed.


Looks like the bugs well fixed, Blogs… And you’re still lightning fast with these. Good times… 11 Straight Wins! COYG


Continue the run…………………


That kid Guendouzi…. Dictating play in the midfield, to think he was playing French league 2 football some months ago is crazy, and he’s only 19!

Guns Up

As much as Sven has been knocked for going to the BVB well and making “lazy” signings, l’d like to see more credit given for the Guendouzi and Torreira deals. For my part, I also think Aubameyang and Sokratis were great signings as well. Couldn’t be much more pleased with the mix of youthful potential and proven talent that’s come in. Credit also to Emery for throwing Guendouz out there and for improving several players in this squad so quickly.


Short corners were abysmal

Rex Baron

Caught the last 30 mins and grasped, from the commentary, that we did not cover ourselves in glory in the previous 60. I can only comment on what I saw but is Guendozi a petite Viera?


Sporting had the upper hand for the second half even though they didn’t work Leno. But, we were completely and utterly dominant in the second half.


upper hand in the first* half

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

‘petite Viera?’ was that an intentional reference to two of our ex-midfield masters? If so, hats off to you good sir! If not, hats off anyway as a win always makes me cheery!


Says the man who borrowed my hat. Well, I support the good cause too

SB Still

Hope Monreal and Kolasinac regain fitness soon.

It’s a hectic schedule + we have a huge match on Nov 3.


First team to win there since Barca apparently. I’ll take that!

Rocastle Rock

Random thoughts…. Very pleased for Welbeck. He’s had all those jibes thrown his way in the past, “Bit Part Welbz” etc. , but he’s shown that with the right guidance he’ll contribute in spades. With all the turmoil and whatnot that’s been going on the past couple of seasons, Welbeck has continued to be the quietly determined, unassuming chap that he is. Good on him. Now, this bit I never thought I’d be discussing….Stewart Robson was positive and enthusiastic in commentary. I know, right? Stewart. Robson. Never thought I’d say that. He still threw out a few barbs re: previous… Read more »


Yeah Stewart Robson was actually bearable. Btw that is a top, top quality username (the tv show’s pretty good too).


I couldn’t watch the match where I’m at so I stayed glued to the Internet through out the match waiting for updates. I was restless when Arsenal hadn’t scored at 77th minutes as if though we were playing a final match until the 78th minute when Welbeck bagged it in then I was finally happy ?. Emery has made me so used to winning to the extent that I expect nothing from my Arsenal other than a win. Long may it continue.


Rubbish game and a mediocre Arsenal performance against a bang average Sporting team. At least we defended much better than we have in recent games, but our forward play was dreadful. I was expecting Ozil to come on at half time; creatively we were desperate for some of his magic. Very happy for Danny: he took his goal well. We’re nearly there in this group. Who would have thought that we were capable of winning 11 games in a row? We are in a fantastic run of form. The amazing thing is that we’ve managed to do it without Arsene… Read more »

Rocastle Rock

*Contains 50% Irony (I hope)


Bad day at the office Fats?


It’s always a bad day at the office for him.


Dreadful indeed.
It just shows you our squad “depth” isn’t at all dependable.
The club needs to help Emery by bringing some quality in asap.


Bad day on the sofa Fats?

Arnold Rothstein

Another FIFA genius.


Seb Fatter


Gianni Infatsino


Michel Fatini

Rocastle Rock

Fatih Terim


No mention of the headbutt in amongst that flurry of yellow cards? Expect a ban will come for Coates after that.

Rocastle Rock

I expect it won’t. This is UEFA’s own wacky method of officiating, after all.


Xhaka at left-back. Proper sh*thousing from Lichtsteiner, Sokratis, and Torreira. And Danny Welbeck scoring goals without falling over when he strikes the ball. Tears in my eyes

Naked Cygan

Great away win, against a solid opponent. They lost 1 on of their last 36 games against Barcelona. We looked more organized and solid today. Elneny and Mkhitaryan had a poor game IMO. Delighted for Welbeck, but we need him to get more involved offensively in games. Lets beat Crystal Palace 🙂

Mesut O'Neill

Wow, pretty impressive to not lose to Barcelona 35 times!! ?


Can only beat what is in front of you. Without the overlapping fullbacks (Lich improved 2nd half and did put in a couple of decent crosses but he’s no hector in the attacking sense), no creative midfield passer and no lacazette to hold up/bring others in we were pretty poor in attack. Looked solid enough at the back but sporting, especially given that they were at home, were truly dire. Great that we find a way to win when not playing well but hardly a defining game.


Lichstenier, Ramsey, elneny and mkhitaryan all had poor games.. Especially mikhitaryan… I couldn’t understand why Emery didn’t substitute mkhitaryan.. I must say this is the first time Emery has failed me in terms of making changes…but well Emery isn’t perfect and he has shown it.. But thankfully it didn’t cost us.. I pray Emery’s imperfections will never cost us this season……….man of the match for me is GUENDOUZI… we really have a gem in our hands for 7m ?????

Naked Cygan

He cost us 11 wins in a row and the 7m gem. Maybe he should go?


If mourinho loses his job please just take over.


Ramsey was Mr. Square Peg today.

Mesut O'Neill

Yep. He absolutely proved why Emery is not willing to play ball. No need to be held to ransom by bang average players.

Wonder if Chelsea would do a swap with RLC?


Nabil Fekir anyone?

Tony Adams Nose

Have to agree with Fat’s. Shit game but love the win. Agree about Rambo, Elneny and Mikka all poor and never going to make it in this team. Just can’t understand what happen to Ramsey. Our crossing was poor and our corners were a shambles. Our defense on the other hand were very good and Holding was my MOTM. It’s a good time when we can moan about a game we won.
Nani and Coates are grade A cnuts.


Square peg once again squarely in the way of Welbeck’s run toward goal. I can’t even count how many times he’s just plain gotten in the way of other players. In this match alone two glaring – the one where he runs right in front of Welbeck pushing toward goal on a 4v3 Arsenal attack, successfully pulling defenders onto Welbeck and killing the drive, and then when he runs right into Mkhi on the ball, causing a turnover. He either thinks he’s the only player on the pitch, or he’s got no field smarts left at all. MAKE SOME FUCKING… Read more »


Rambo and Elneny. Bad games? All relative isn’t it. They played averagely for them. Ramsey only lost possession in his usual fashion 2 or 3 times leading to dangerous counters. That’s his average game sadly. Mo is backward looking, an late era Arsene player, don’t dare lose possession. We’re now being spoilt by the other riches in the squad, either brought in, or stepping up.
Always looking forward to the next game these days


Eleven wins on the bounce is brilliant; however, Ramsey getting the armband beggars belief. The fact that he played 90+ minutes, and didn’t even get a mention in the report (not even the usual nonsense about how much he runs and that he never hides) says it all. Out with the old and in with the new.


Like Ozil getting the armband against Leicester, right? It beggars belief.. I dunno what Unai is thinking /s


Your comparing apples with potatoes.non?


90+ last night, coz he might not even make the bench for Sunday?
Certainly , I think neither he nor Micky will start Sunday. Iwobi has nailed it down ,and Ozil will be given his chance to shine away from home.


11 wins in a row , a place Arsenal had never won, a left back who isn’t. this doesn’t happen in recent years. Absolutely amazing.


Mr Xhaka deserves some credit. Clean sheet. We struggled on the right side. Emery’s a damn fine mgr. COYG


A frustrating game at times, but full marks for Welbeck. When the Ref robbed him of his first goal, he simply put in a second. MOTM.


Another Arsenal game to enjoy for me and my baby daughter Jenny. She came into my life in the early hours of September 7. As soon as she opend her beautiful baby eyes and started to scream Arsenal, i could tell she would be the love of my life. Now she is over 6 weeks old, we have watched all the Arsenal games together since that wonderful September day. Tonight i had to explain to her that although we have won all games so far in her life, we wont win all the games all the time. She got this… Read more »


Liking this whole resilience thing. Looks pretty much over for Ramsey and Elneny. Welbeck however is determined to prove his worth and i couldnt be happier for him. 22 and 19. Torreira and Guendouzi are the future of or midfield..Infact they are literally the now


Xhaka is not old either. And these type of players play til 34…
And then we have Hector and Alex and Rob and Calum and Reiss and Eddie and AMN….

Danny Diggler

Qne …!
To !
The !
Ar !
Se !
Nal !

washington Ariza

Arsenal all day mate.


Ramsey was quite poor in my opinion. I understand Arsenal’s stance on his contract, as I did a quick bit of math – 350 K a week (if what is reported is true) equals 18.2 mill a year. Assume he has 5 great years in him, the new contract would be around 91 mill in total. A better prospect who can fit in well with Emery’s system, and potentially a bit younger may be in the 50 mill range. Assuming that wages won’t be as high (say in the 150 K a week range), the net outlay in 5 years… Read more »

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