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Emery: The objective is for Nelson to return but probably not in January

Unai Emery says that Reiss Nelson’s loan move was designed to give the player competitive football so he can develop as a player before returning to Arsenal to stake a claim to place in our first team.

The young Englishman has started his spell with Hoffenheim in excellent style, scoring five goals already – leading some to speculate he could be called up to the England senior squad in the near future.

His form was something the Arsenal boss was asked about in the build-up to tonight’s Europa League clash with Sporting, and he said he and his staff are keeping a close eye on his progress.

“He can take responsibility, minutes and confidence in a team where he can play more,” he said.

“Then the objective with him is to come back with us and grow with this experience. My experience in Spain and France is that with this loan the player can take this.

“With Reiss, we are very happy with him at the moment. We follow him every match.

“We are thinking how he can help us in the future.”

As for a January return, Emery appeared to more or less rule that out saying, “At the moment we don’t speak about that.”

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Unlikely, better for him to get a full season under his belt.


No point in coming back in Jan.

It’s a nice change that it seems players on load are actually being watched. Some time ago it appeared that when they move to another club they were next to nonexistent.

Faisal Narrage

I think it was Jack and another (Afobe maybe) who stated that they heard nothing from Arsenal whilst they were on loan.

I think there were reports about Gnabry wanting to return, but it fell on deaf ears, which played a part in his decision to leave us.


Wenger did everything in his power to implore Gnabry to stay so that comment is not true


I am all for the praise Unai is getting but let’s be reasonable. Arsene successfully sent players on loan and they came back to make strong contributions to our first team. I think in his later years he was more let down by the calibre of players he sent out on loan than the loan moves themselves or the (percieved) lack of monitoring of the loan moves. I am not here for the erasure of the man or his tenure at Arsenal…as problematic as it may have been at times. He lay the foundation with which Unai is succeeding with.


But do we even have the option of bringing him back in January? Usually you can’t when it is a season long lone, unless it is specified that it is possible. I was dead certain we couldn’t until Nelson’s own vague comment that he would maybe return.


The rules preventing early returns were for clubs in the same league. We got le coq back from his early for example because he was in the championship.


Ah ok, thanks. Then we probably have inserted a clause that we can bring him back in January given the comments from Nelson. If we sell Welbeck, I might be inclined to bring Nelson back, even though Nketiah is a more direct replacement for Danny. He could probably get a lot of game time in the EL, CC and FA-cup as well as the occasional PL-match. On the other side I’m reluctant to bring him back if he continues to develop in Hoffenheim. This loan looks to be the best possible level for him. Competitive league and good team-mates, but… Read more »


He’s pulling up trees in Germany. Let him have a full season and bring him back as the Bundesliga player of the year.


He will also have Champions League experience with Hoff in the meantime…


genius move loaning him out…while crying out for a winger in the team. very smart!


we don’t play with wingers


We are well stocked in attack, probably better to let him stay put and get more game time

That said he is doing so well it is tempting to bring him back

Kwame Ampadu Down

He is obviously doing very well…..but people have to realise he’s not starting every game – the goals (number & quality of them) are making people think he is. He’s started only 4 out of their 10 league games & none of their 4 CL games.
That’s not a criticism in any way; he’s only 1, let’s not forget that. He is in & out of Hoffenheim’s team which means he probably wouldn’t have played much for us at all. (given we have better players)
Let’s just leave him there until the summer & hope he keeps progressing.

Kwame Ampadu Down

18, not 1 – that would make him pretty bloody special.


When he left there was a lot of disappointment that it left us without a winger but he wouldn’t have played anyway.
So far this loan is working out fine

Faisal Narrage

He would’ve played on the right.
The issue wasn’t really about us not playing with wingers (he’s also technically not an out and out winger, but a forward who can play wide, in the middle or even as a striker) but was about game time. Mainly that he wouldn’t be getting much game time here (which was the right choice).


Anyone else read “At the moment we don’t speak about that” as a maybe though? Not sure if he should in any case. Might be better for his development to do a full season over there.


I’d guess it’s not been discussed as they’re happy but he cant rule it out if we had a sudden injury crisis or something

A Different George

I read it as “I am not fully able to communicate nuance in English.” It may mean “maybe,” it may mean “that’s not up for discussion at all,” it may mean, “unless something changes, like injuries, we won’t consider it.” The Zen of English as a second (third? fourth?–does he speak Basque) language.


Players I think we’ll look to shift in January. Rambo Welbeck Elneny Koscielny I also think it’s likely we’ll look to shift Aubameyang in the summer, and Ozil + Mkhitaryan if we could get anyone mad enough to make them off our wage bill. Aubameyang isn’t a wide forward, he’s a 40 goal a season No9, getting £50mill back for a player who’ll be 30, and we’re not getting the best out of because he’s being played out of position makes sense. He won’t be worth anywhere near what we paid for him if we leave it another 12 months,… Read more »

Billy Bob

Drug taking is not good for ones mental capacity!!!


Go away

Thierry Walcott

This ain’t FIFA. Grow up


Elneny’s future clearly isn’t with us, and if we get a bid? I think it’s a reasonable assumption to think we’ll sell him, we’ve got Willock who can take his place, and he’s already got Guendouzi+Niles ahead of him who are backup to Xhaka+Torreira. I’d like us to give Welbeck a new deal, but if we get a £12-£15mill bid for a player who we’ve made no attempts to keep? I again think it’s a reasonable assumption that we’ll sell. I’d like us to keep Rambo, but it’s clear he’s off, so if we get a bid topping £20mill? Which… Read more »

A Different George

I don’t think you would have gotten many downvotes if you confined your point to Elneny, or even Welbeck. It’s the rest that sounds like fantasy football.

Dave Cee

I totally agree. Auba is great but if we can.t play him where he needs to be pkayed then yes get the money back


I don’t think we will sell Auba. He is scoring goals from his position.

That said, Elneny, Welbeck will be on sales list (albeit Welbeck has something to give in terms of strength and power so not likely till summer IMO)

Jenkinson is another we need to get rid of but no one wants him.

Koscielny will retire gracefully and move on in the summer. He deserves a good send off and he may yet have a role to play for us much like Metersecker FA cup final if you remember.


He’s our leading striker with the best strike rate of any other player in the Premiership so we must sell him?


Rich you surpass your stupidity each time you make any comment. So we will should sell our leading striker? ???


I’m stupid because I see things differently to you? I love Aubameyang, but if our budget really is £40mill? Then I’d sell a 30yr old with 2yrs on his deal for £50mill. Particularly if we’re not getting the best out of him by playing him out of position. He’s scoring goals, but he’s a striker not a wide forward, and we looking dysfunctional with him on the left, he’s not looked happy sitting on the bench or being hooked at 70mins. Keeping Lacazette+Aubameyang both in their peak might prove to be difficult, I think we’ve looked better as a team… Read more »


Lyon with 11 players, Hoffenheim with 10, score 2-0. Reiss enters. Final result 2-2.

Andy Mack

I hope this loan makes other decent Bundesliga clubs think about loans for some of our other talented youngsters.
Eddie, Willock, ESR and JOT could all benefit from a loan with a decent club in a decent league.


We could well do with another option to Iwobi that can engage and take on players.

As mentioned before, this loan is better for Nelson than for the team.

That said, if intention is to add in wide position in January, then we are OK.

But that may be touch and go depending on who is available and Ramsey issue.

Pat Rice and Beans

Click bait. Shame on you blogs haha

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