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Emery: I want Aubameyang to keep improving

With 22 goals and 6 assists in 32 games for Arsenal since joining from Borussia Dortmund in January, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has unquestionably demonstrated his goalscoring qualities.

This season he’s the leading scorer in the Premier League with 10 goals, and the Gunners boss Unai Emery is hoping to get even more from the 29 year old between now and May.

Auba struck twice against Sp*rs on Sunday to help us to a 4-2 North London derby win, and the Spaniard is clearly pushing the striker to benefit both the team and his chances of winning the Golden Boot.

“I want him to continue improving,” said Emery. “I want the challenge for him to be the possibility to be the best scorer in the Premier League.

“We want to help him to achieve this. But it’s because if he is scoring, he’s helping us.”

Emery’s use of the the club’s record signing has been interesting at times this season, playing him on the left or bringing him on later in games to take advantage of tired legs.

“Sometimes his best performance is starting the match on the bench and then playing 20 or 25 minutes,” he explained.

“In the last two matches he has had a very big performance, working and scoring. I want to say to him and also to everyone: ‘Don’t stop, continue with this commitment every match.”

Hopefully he can do the business against Manchester United at Old Trafford tonight, because as well as getting us three valuable points, it might make Mourinho’s head explode.

And who doesn’t want that?

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We’ve got one heck of a Striker that’s all I know!

Caught in two minds

And we got a heck of a manager, also!


Two strikers


yes, and auba aint half bad either


So do we senor.

Evang. Simon

Golden boot winner in the making….

Thank u Unai because you did not turn this team into a comic like united


In my opinion the difference between Arsenal and them lot is that Wenger has actually left a brilliant squad of high quality young players. Whereas Ferguson left an absolute husk of a team with the likes of evra, ferdinand, vidic, scholes and giggs yet move on and Tom Cleverly as their brightest prospect. That red-nosed tit was a selfish as they come and it’s no surprise they weren’t able to transition afterwards.

Caught in two minds

Let Pogba go for free and then bought him back for 100m….lol…not even talking about the ridiculous agent fees

Bergkamp 3:16

Let’s not be too partisan and acknowledge the fact that if the ‘red nose tit’ you refer to left a ‘husk’ of a team (a team that won the league) isn’t that an indictment of his managerial prowess? I doubt Wenger had much say in the succession plan. If anything the Aubameyang signing probably indicated that there had been a shift in power in the Arsenal hierarchy. Let’s call a spade a spade; Wenger struggled to motivate the ‘talents’ to a standard we as fans could justify him staying at the helm of affairs. I for one hope we smash… Read more »


I don’t think he was egoistic. The current guy is the king of egoism and shorttermism. Sir Alex as much as I hated him during the AW era was one hell of a manager .. I personally think he won the league 1-3 times ahead of us using an inferior team quality-wise. I also believe that manure got a real rub from referees costing us the league an equal amount of time. I don’t think he was egoistic I think he loves that club but that squad he left was shit for everyone else who didn’t have his tactical (red)… Read more »


Fergie made mediocre players into world class teams, Man United managers since have made world class players into mediocre teams

A Different George

I think he won with very good players who, for the most part, were about on the same level as the teams they consistently beat for the title. A very good manager.

Caught in two minds

Fergie always had the upper hand in transfer. If you want to call spade a spade…then look before 2005, when Arsenal were the best team in England. Then Chelsea changed the transfer landscspe and it was Man u and Chelsea were the transfer superpower. It’s well documented that Arsenal went with a youth policy after the stadium move and were not competing against the likes of Chelsea or Man U. Fergie almost retired after 2005 or 06 when Chelsea won the the title. His stroke of luck was that Ronaldo started becoming the player that he was right at the… Read more »


And know they have even managed to get a bigger wanker in charge. That is some feat


Just to add this to the ‘Wenger vs Emery’ debate, sums up my feelings fairly well (i.e. both have been great for us and compliment each other rather well):

Ace Boogie

The squad gives me confidence so I look forward to this contest. COYG

SB Still

Not only is he a lethal striker, he is also a cool dude!

It will be nice if he can win the golden boot

SB Still

Blogs, maybe a little robot with AI could address this mundane work for you – my innocuous comment has/had been stuck in the filter!


I was a bit worried, not about his abilties but about his time to settle and adapt to the pl. i watch the bundesliga regularly and since 5 years i think the gap, espcially between the midtable teams, have faded a bit(despite salary cap), but still i think its an massive achievement how quickly he started to get things going here. saying that i could also mention guendouzi and torreira. this is very vague but i think this has a lot to do that we’ve become a “feelgood” club now. I don’t fall so much for this set up arsenal… Read more »


My favourite part of his performance was that pass for Torreira’s goal.* Because there’s been a bit of a narrative building that we paid a bunch for a souped-up Walcott. That should be put to bed.

This guy is clearly not the all action forward that Lacazette is, but he plays with his head as much as his body. Which is why when we finally got him at the ripe old age of 29, I genuinely thought we’d invested in 4 years of a top-quality forward rather than a quick fix.

* I’ll admit that’s pretentious. That goal… no words.


Walcott?! :/


Speed merchant, one-dimensional etc.


hahaha. that’s a good one. Think the biggest difference between the two is that Aubamayeng actually knows how to play football. Walcott is the definition of ”ran araaaand a bit”


Theos doing well at Everton. For me Arsenes 3 at the back attempt for a season killed his chances of regaining form.

Teryima Adi

Keep aubanging in the goals.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Can’t love this comment enough!


I want him maintaining form, which is great. Improvement is fine but not at the expense of injuries etc.


Absolutely amazing player. It feels like he is not playing that well most of the time, but the goal tally just keeps going up! How many years were we looking for a striker that was in the right places.

Make Arsenal Great Again

Aubame Who?
Aubame What?
Aubame Who?
Aubame “bludclot” yang


Literally the worst fucking nickname I’ve ever heard. I’m not sure if that twat of an arsenal fan on AFTV even knows what hes on about and his supposed jamaican roots. Last time I checked, bludclot is pretty much calling someone a used tampon.

Make Arsenal Great Again

I know what bludclut means. But someone put some beats to him saying it on a loop and I can’t get it out of my head


Wow…the above exchange is horrible. Definitely not a nickname, not what “bludclot” means, and the “some beats” you refer to is a classic piece of east coast rap history.

Let’s leave the ‘wonderful’ analysis for the culture lads.


Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has scored with his last 10 shots on target in the Premier League – no goalkeeper has saved against him since West Ham’s Lukasz Fabianski in August.

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