Players past and present celebrate derby day success


Not a bad afternoon at the Emirates. Reason enough to indulge in a bit of basking. And that’s exactly what players past and present have been doing.

Here’s a roundup of our favourite tweets and Instagram posts in the aftermath of Arsenal’s fantastic 4-2 win over Sp*rs.

Oh…and there’s also a great video of Matteo Guendouzi going mental from the window of his car on the way home. Superb.

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Yessss!!!!! Come on!!!!

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Nothing more to say night night!

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Take a bow @arsenal ??? Great performance! ?

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North London is…

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Naked cygan

Sol Love it!!! Ian Wright legend 🙂
Now let’s beat United on Wednesday!


Love Papa’s post lol. And topless Torreira needs to be a statue soon


Sokratis 😀


No caption needed #COYG

Giuseppe Hovno

It doesn’t get much better than today! Lookin forward to settling into motd shortly!

SB Still

Is it Shearer and Wright on the MOTD panel today? I got a 5 hr round trip to make tomorrow, so MOTD on record, should be fun.

Evang. Simon

Who let d dog out??????



President Eckener

Sokratis is such a troll, I love it.


All brilliant but Socrates standing over Kane encapsulates the day perfectly.

Lord Bendnter

Initially, I couldn’t decide which pic/video is the best! Oh man what an amazing feeling! But then I saw the Sokratis pic Reminds me of one of the last moments of the game the TV camera zoomed in and you could see Sokratis zipping past Harry Kane in the 90th minute or so And when (I think Lucas Mora) slid in on Holding towards the end, Holding sat down and gave this brilliant expression as if to say to the world, look at the lowly, revolting dirty tactics this *****y team is resorting to ? Someone should make a meme… Read more »


Yeah, think it was Aurier that made the tackle though. Horrible challenge.

Thierry bergkamp

I remember that. It was some cunt.

Reality check

Absolutely loved that moment. Such maturity and authority on his face. This boy went toe to toe with king of cu**s Costa and came out with not so different an expression then the one in question here.. In a cup final too.


Yeah the expression of disgust was just perfect. He’s like: “oh come ON, this is why you are synonymous with shit.”


Szcezny’s post is a Million words in a picture. We out played them and won them. But I think that most of this commentators are anti Arsenal. Why wouldn’t they just accept the fact that Son dived, that Dier was offside and that Unai is a better coach than Mauricio


No need to state the obvious.


Son’s dive was so bad. He was never touched. That should be post game reviewed, and he should get a red card and 3 game suspension. The splash from his dive soaked me here in New York.

Billy Bob

Sol’s one is absolutely hilarious, sokratis chose a iconic picture and Matteo hanging out the window giving it some was brilliant – really enjoyed this article ?




Sokratis is quickly becoming a legend. Posting that photo above Kane and also ripping into Son at full time for diving…fucking legend!


I was impressed by his pace in the 92nd minute when he beat Kane to the ball.

Reality check

I though he was fat and slow

Irrational Gunner

That picture looks like the big brother has kicked the crap out of the little brother and the mother finally intervened. Caption should be, ” What? Just putting him back in his place, mum.”


More like ‘THIS IS SPARTAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’


Emery was the man of the match…we finally got ourselves a tactical smart coach…now kroenke needs to support Emery financially….Emery knows the kind of team he wants to build… We badly need a winger(pepe or monito Vargas)….and a centre back….Please Kroenke i beg you to support Kroenke financially…he has great plans for us.. Please keep him motivated… Only pep guardiola can compete with Emery tactically and i truly mean that… Arsenal is truly lucky to have him!!


Guys let’s all take a moment and appreciate Hector Bellerin – he’s been phenomenal this season.


He was brilliant today. Got a bit uppitty in their faces too, I loved his passion. Today was a different Arsenal. To the man, you could see what this game meant to the squad. Surely, they have proven they can compete with the so called ‘big boys’ now.

Nikhil Agarwal

Absolutely agree. I remember in the first half, when we were one goal up, Bellerin – under pressure from some cunt – calmly nutmegged him. The German commentators on DAZN were like – Oh my!
Big shout out to Szczesny as well – a true Gunner/Gooner


poldi too


True. People keep talking about Auba’s second goal but how about that pass from Bellerin to locate Ramsey? #Precision

DB10s Air Miles

That Guendouzi vid reminded me of a time when me and my mate Stu harassed Reyes in a similar fashion. We were absolutely hammered and didn’t even get it together to get him to sign our programs. To be honest old Reyes didn’t seem as pleased with the attention as Matty did….Reyes looked a bit scared. ?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So it wasn’t the weather that made him leave London then!!!!!! You drunken b********s. 🙂

Cliff Bastin

I thought for sure Sokratis would eventually get a yellow for all the sneaky cynical fouls but hahahahahaha love him

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Ref was scoring Sokratis’ fouls on style as well as technical ability. He obviously enjoyed the artistry behind them and wanted to see more.


Ahhh the ‘t7’ who posted a pic of Torreira is none other than Tomas Rosicky himself!

This kind of post (for special games like today’s) is a great idea Blogs.


Please please please can we get the same post for Wednesday too?


Breaks my heart when I see WS’s posts – COME HOME WOYZECK


Omg sorry, Wojciech (bloody spellcheck)

Reality check

Kola is an absolute beast, you just can’t push him about.. Davis and Sissoko just kept backing off loll.. the likes of Xhaka, Mustafi, kola bear, Torriera Holding -, they come after you, again and again, No fear in these boys.. We got our Arsenal back or not, we have certainly got our respect and character back for sure..

Irrational Gunner

Kola “the Enforcer”! Great dressing room picture.

Thierry bergkamp

I can imagine the shit’s secretary being ordered to print all of these and stick them on the dressing room wall for the return fixture. The team talk being one word…..”look”.

These are absolutely brilliant?


Lord Bendtner is celebrating in his Instagram story too

Gudang Bedil

Come here for a possibility of Wrighty being mental. Not disappointed.


woj was nice – he was a gooner first.
sol was poetic.
sokratis just summed it all up perfectly.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

….and Winty saw the Arsenal he used to play for. Passion, pride, and a healthy dose of aggression too.


Epic trolling from Holding


I should send him a bill for my keyboard after the literal spit take he made me do.

Such a joyous day. Now let’s keep it going!




Pity Stewart Robson and some of the mugs that work as cheap pundits did not give us a chance in hell.


Can’t beat a big team they said. Well they’re right Spurts are rubbish.

They bottled it yet again.

BUT the big test as Emery said is this Weds against United.

We need to seal the hard work with the 3 points at Old Trashford.



We’ve done it before several 5-2 wins under Wenger over the Great Pretenders. This is an emphatic win today and it feels different in that we seem to be replicating a system now under Unai. The defense today was more collected with players tracking runners. And we were good as well several weeks ago against Liverpuddle, should have won that as well as we dominated them even if again. We need to follow this up but the confidence this will breed will be capitalised by the gaffer and he will ensure they have their feet on the ground. Absolutely loving… Read more »


Nice article gathering all this. Honestly, thanks. I missed some of them otherwise.

Micky Tayrian

Fuckin magic


You missed Rambo’s!


Torreira’s celebration is imprinted in my mind forever


Auba to Lloris….. “even you can’t be caught unawares!”… Scar’s voice