It wasn’t a good day at St Mary’s as Arsenal’s long unbeaten run came to an end with a 3-2 defeat to Southampton.

Here are the on the whistle thoughts from James.

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The gunners took along time to get going with the attack. The attack is slow and
gives defenders time to anticipate and defend.This passing game is reminicent of
Wenger . His all out attack left gaping holes for a swift counter which led to the
gunners always losing to the top teams.
If Emery aint careful and replicates passing game,it would be a case of I told you
so.We need the gunners to run with the ball at the defenders.
Until this changes I cant see Arsenal qualifying for cl let alone challenge for the epl.

89 was fine
89 was fine

Don’t think you can judge us on that one game. with the amount of injuries/changes that took place we would of struggled against any team.we weren’t at our best but still fought until the end, also remember we have taken a few nasty beatings in this fuxture. Im really keeping my fingers crossed that we don’t get any more serious injuries. So many past seasons have come undone due to bloody injuries. We don’t have a top quality deep squad so suffer badly when injuries hit us and missing 4 defenders and another 2 down in that game is just killing us.

Damon sefton
Damon sefton

Lack speed out wide. We don’t the speed in wide areas to hurt the best teams.