Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Emery: We can only make loan signings

Unai Emery has revealed that Arsenal are not planning to make any permanent signings during the January transfer window and will instead focus all their attention on sealing loan deals.

The Gunners have been linked with the likes of Denis Suarez, Yannick Carrasco and Ever Banega in the last week, but it looks as though the club hierarchy, despite previously admitting the need to strengthen, have made it very clear to the Spaniard that cash is limited and only short-term fixes will be sanctioned.

Given our defensive record this season, we could certainly do with a centre-back, while the boss has also touched on the possibility of recruiting a winger. In light of this latest development, it’s going to be interesting to see how we *looks in Sven Mislintat’s direction* pull this off.

“We cannot sign permanently,” Emery told his pre-West Ham press conference. “We can only loan players. Only loan players.”

“I don’t know his situation now,” replied the Spaniard when asked about Barcelona’s Suarez, who has been valued at around £20 million.

He reiterated: “We can only sign players later on. I know the club is working on possibilities of which players can help us with big performances like we need now.”

Earlier today, Estadio Deportivo reported that the Gunners had offered Ever Banega, Seville’s Argentine midfielder, a lucrative permanent contract.

“I know this player and he’s a very good player,” said Emery when asked about his former charge. “I cannot tell you more.”

It’s fair to say, that if we’re only making loan deals, the story was probably poppycock.

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Only loan signings… that’s a joke…?

Harish P

I’m okay with it. This season was never gonna be notable, if it means we think through our squad overhaul I can wait.

But damnit do I want it now.


if we get some things right, i can live with finishing fifth or even sixth, although the latter would be a disappointment. anyway next season will be emery’s second, proper transger window and, last not least, back to adidas

Emery in Aubalaca wonderland

Adidas alone will not compensate for CL money. I want Spurs to lose form so much they slip to 7th. Even in such dream scenario we still have to do better than on of Manure and Chelsea.


What makes you think we can do a squad overhaul in the summer if we can’t afford a single transfer now?


And that’s exactly the point and the most worrying thing.
We dont have the money now so cant see our finances improving hugely in the summer. Adidas money I would imagine will be spread over a number of years.
Worrying times. Miles away from liverpool and city and those around us will no doubt strengthen.
Huge sympathy for Emery. I’m sure he could transform this club given the right backing but I fear we will miss the opportunity and remain in the wilderness for years to come.


We are a joke of a club. We are valued at £2.6 billion. We’re the 6th richest club in world football according to Delioutte. They take £100 million or over through the gate at Arsenal each season. That’s literally money from the fans pockets. And they’re saying we can only loan players – an absolute farce. Please don’t anybody come at me with FFP regulations. Because literally they don’t matter anymore. And we are the only club in the top flight who take notice of operating within our profits and losses YET we still shipped off so many players for… Read more »


You are absofuckinglutely right


Dein never sold any shares to Kroenke


Mate Dein is the only reason Kroenke got involved at Arsenal.. he introduced him to the club after working on the Granada Tv deal.


Agree, bar Chamberlain, we got 40 mill that’s definitely not 70-80% less than his market value was!


You are absolutely right, but with perhaps a couple of outstanding questions:
1)Is this statement a ploy by Emery to force Barca to loan Suarez and to back down on demands that the player be sold outright? (In other words, is it possible that Emery is being tactical about transfers?)
2)What would the situation be if Ozil and Mkhi weren’t on outlandish contracts? Both are massively overpaid.

But these questions barely cover the fact that Kroenke doesn’t give a flying fuck as long as he’s rolling in the cash

Bob's Mexican Cousin

I’ll say it again. I’m hoping Kroenke goes from is to was as soon as possible.


Two FA Cups.


You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

High gooner

It really is a disgrace that we dont “have” money to buy players.. Im really mad at this.. I dont buy aaaany excuses in this discussion. We are one of the worlds biggest clubs (even if we play in the EL, dont buy their story that that is a reason for us not having cash), it just is plain STOOOOPID.


Anyone wanna buy 2 STs next season?


I like how all the weeks rumours only last till Emery’s next press conference. Lol.


Got to love the transparency though


I laughed when I read the press conference. This club is not serious at all.
Hence they should declare their true intentions of top 6 or 7 spot, bring ticket prices down, and just stop all the fuss.
Embrace the mediocrity.


We are the old Everton 🙁


I’m more worried we’ll be the old Leeds

Mesut O'Neill

They actually spent money which led to their downfall.

Not something Kroenke can be accused of ?


Good point!




Bring ticket prices down? That’s not what Stan is all about. He’s here to leech as much money out of the club as possible for the next 5 years before he sells. Why would he bring ticket prices down. Tourists are flooooding in. If anything he’ll bump ticket prices and open up the purse for loaning 50k pweek players. Unless we sell sell sell!!!


He has to sell in five years?? ?


Ridiculous. Owner worth billions puts nothing into the club, while competitors invest billions. This is NOT the Arsenal we want. Kroenke out!


This #kroenke is not serious at all


It’s not that easy to put hundreds of millions into a club any more. You can argue about how well they’re enforced, but there are rules against those kinds of investments now.

The fact is we need to manage our existing funds and salaries better.


Latest financial report (February 2018), stated that the club has 180m of cash reserves. Aside from other sources of revenue or any profit or loss, this sum of money should be intact or close. even if we drew the entire summer budget from it (62m on net) there should still be a hefty sum enough for a good signing or two.
This club is rich and overcharging the fanbase crazy prices but not interest in meeting their lowest expectations.

Gus Caesar

The AST has done some wonderful work on this, it’s worth reading their site on it. Basically there’s next to nothing available now or there’s about £40m available in the summer. We’re reliant on player sales if we really want major additions, which probably explains why the club was quite happy to feed stories about Ozil being available. If Man City come calling for Torreira in the summer then don’t be surprised to see us sell.


I just read it. That’s a scary number. But why are the reserves not included as a source of possible transfers?

Gus Caesar

The reserves are there to cover everything involved in running the club including covering committed spending. For example, it’s unlikely that we’ve paid off Mustafi’s transfer fee to Valencia in full yet – that will come out of the reserves. I’m far from an expert on accounting, but the people at the AST who do this are.


@Gus Caesar
What you speak of is “amortization”, which is ‘cost of buying players spread over length of their contract’ it has it’s own entry in the account, and paid from total revenue not reserves.
My question remains unanswered.

Gus Caesar

You might well be right – like I say, i’m no expert on this. I’m sure there’s an answer to your question but i can’t give it i’m afraid! All I know is that the AST know their stuff and have rarely ever been wrong on available revenue, i’m happy to rely on what they’ve said and it explains why we’re scraping the barrel for signings.

Brendan from NY

Agreed…. anyone with sellable value should be on transfer block until we are ready to make a true title challenge and then when we are within arms length, we will be able to buy THE player we need for the final push. Basically anyone who is under 27 and has more than a year on their contract should be considered for sale if the price is right. I would sell Nelson today, as his stock is unlikely to get much higher. Liverpool shows us this can be done… if they hadnt sold Suarez, Sterling, Coutinho, they wouldnt have been able… Read more »

Gus Caesar

Everyone has their place in the food chain. Liverpool and Sp*rs have moved up the chain simply by accepting their place and making the most of it. Sadly, we haven’t made the most of it, hence our players leave for a fraction of their true value or for nothing, we have less money to spend to improve and we fall down the chain.


Liverpool hardly splashed on Salah, I’d say he was a bargain in the current market.


Either way, Kroenke still out!

Gus Caesar

It’s not that easy but it’s far from impossible. See Everton for example. Where there’s a will and in Kroenke’s case there is no will.


I don’t think there are rules preventing any investments though. Other owners find a way.


Infrastructure is not part of financial fair play, so the recent £34 million we’ve spent on training facilities, or the £22million we spend each year on the Emirates, could be taken care of by Kroenke, which would free up more cash for on field investment.
This is one way I’m certain we could get around it, but there must be plenty of others? If not? How do you explain Man City or PSG?

Gus Caesar

You’re absolutely correct. If Kroenke wanted to invest his personal money into the club to improve it then he could, there are ways and means of doing so. But he doesn’t and has never, at any stage, suggested that he has the slightest intention of doing so. On the other hand, neither did any other director that I can remember in the history of the club. And it wouldn’t be such an issue now if we haven’t been so poorly run in recent years.

Red Arrow

Well for starters he could get his wife who owns Walmart-Asda to sponsor a few billion in return for some advertising.


They skirt the rules via massively inflated sponsorship deals for their clubs, or just go ahead and pay the fines when they break the rules a bit.


Regarding your last sentence, check football leaks. Infantino and the corrupt guys from UEFA that’s how!


Because the owners cousins/aunts/uncles/cat has a company somewhere in the middle east that sponsors the team for £80192 million, thus bypassing the system entirely.

David C

I feel really sorry for the season ticket holders who have to pay for the most expensive seats in the EPL every year….

Such a sad state of affairs, but hopefully it’s a bluff and we’re really signing players….

Gus Caesar

Not true actually. Our average ticket price per game is lower than the Middlesex Nomads charge. And nobody forces anyone to pay, we all make our decisions on whether the spend what’s being asked. What’s sad is that the average fan is being priced out of the game to fund the inflated salaries of greedy people employed at the top of the game. And the only way to stop that is to stop paying.

High gooner



An owner is well within his rights to not put any money in. That’s how businesses work, that’s how a football club should as well. I would rather have a sustainable arsenal than one which could come down anyday on the whims of an owner.

Prakhar Tripathi

I really hope this is a negotiation tactic to appear not desperate in the market. Because it seems awfully forward for a manager to just come out and say we are not signing anyone.

Red Fred

Proving he can do the job with no signings.
Maybe he’s after the sp*rs job 🙂

Brendan from NY

Could be. In theory, Emery is a Coach only. In theory, he shouldnt be the subject matter expert on our transfer funds.


Not even the customary “If a player of absolute top quality becomes available…”

Not that any of us would believe that any more. He did say that before the window opened if my memory serves me right. I has a chuckle about how some things just don’t change.


I was reading similar claims in the Spanish press. They are saying it’s because of FFP that we can make any signings, only loans. Anyone have any existence to support or refute these claims?


Well if you can only spend what you earn and you rarely sell any players because you let their contracts run down…
Still tough to comprehend when you think of the ticket prices etc.
Emery will have to pull off a miracle to get into the top 4!


Or the fact that the owner is getting fleeced with his NFL stadium due to high California prices and doesn’t have the ability to invest anywhere else currently.


The idea that we could be in some way limited by FFP, when sugar daddy clubs continue to spend big, means either that FFP is an absolute load of crap, or our financial management in recent times has been terrible. My money is on…… both.


Its not FFP that’s stopping us spending, its premier league wage rules. Our wage bill can only increase by a set percentage each season, we were already pushing it before last January’s business, which is why players who could have been useful in the Europa league were shipped out (Walcott and more importantly Giroud) to fund the others.
July sees the figures roll over and increase so we can make signings within the extensions

Nic Bell

This makes much more sense than us not having money for signings.


But we do have the money for loans where we would need to pay the wages as well?


The Premier League wage rule is fucking stupid. No company in the UK or Europe having the resources to hire employees of higher calibre would be prevented to do so. This rule is therefore unlawful and can be challenged in a court of law nationally or Europeanly (until Brexshit is effective)


Definitely both. FFP is certainly a load of crap with loopholes allowing clubs like PSG and City to juice it by overinflating sponsorship deals (injecting owner money). Also, we seem to be one of the few suffering by maintaining integrity by following the rules. Either that or we’re just cheap and don’t want to pay the fines.

The new kit deal, clearing out a few players will free up resources in the summer. Ramsey going now could’ve freed up wages, but not so sure that would be worth it- i’m sure everybody’s got an asshole -er- opinion on that one.


According to financial fair play our payroll can only increase up to 2% in a calendar year due to the bringing in of Auba Mickey and laca at high wages in the last couple of windows we have to sell in order to be able to add any more wages luckily even without moving ozil on we could possibly free up about 750 k a week in the summer.


Ivan jumped ship and left the club to clean up his mess.


We can pin the blame on one man but Arsenal isn’t some little family-run business. There’s plenty of blame to share around, from our useless billionaire majority shareholder(s) who didn’t spend beyond what it took to acquire their shareholding, to the long-term club directors who sold those shares to them, and to our former manager.

None of them should get a pass.

Gus Caesar

Just playing devil’s advocate here (trust me, i’m in no way a fan of Kroenke!), but why should Kroenke pump his own money into transfers etc when no previous shareholders ever have? If the club managed to compete in the past, win league titles, without the Hill-Woods, Fiszman, Dein etc personally bankrolling it then why can’t it do so again? Yes, it’s harder now because more of our rivals are bankrolled and yes it would be enormously helpful if he did help us out, but I think our current problems were created much closer to home than in a ranch… Read more »


“but why should Kroenke pump his own money into transfers etc when no previous shareholders ever have?”
Because the rewards for success are much higher now.
because it’s worth it to fund your club and set it in a path of football glory.
Tv deals, sponsorship deals, fame and commercials, and above all, THE BRAND, will all flourish.
And he only needs to do moderately. nothing insane. just kick-start the club to get it into a comfortable situation to implement a self-sustaining model.

Gus Caesar

Or it’ll all get spunked on one player who gets injured and then the fans demand the next pay-out and the one after that. As i said above, i’m no fan of his & it would be great if he put money in, but i can see why he doesn’t. Too much money drains out of the game to agents etc, it’s a wildly risky investment. There are no guarentees that a cheque for 20, 30, 40 million would make us any more successful.


Danny Fitzman did invest his own personal wealth. It enabled the early Wenger yrs.

Gus Caesar

Myth. Didn’t put a penny into the club.


I am far from an expert of any kind, so this is just me thinking out loud, and letting my brain run amok a bit… Why would the club make that public, that they can’t buy players? Isn’t that like shooting yourself in the foot, if true? It makes the supporters upset (something I am sure they are aware of), it informs other clubs (and players) that Arsenal can’t compete financially, etc. Unless… (and remember, this is just wild speculation on my part) it’s a smokescreen of sorts? To help us go under the radar a bit, to perhaps help… Read more »


I’m upvoting that for the effort involved and the optimism that anyone will read that many words. Good work mate.


I’d also heard that we can’t/won’t pay Fulham the loan fee back to get Chambers back. As much as we all want Kroenke out, or to put money in, the hierachy in recent times, Wenger included, have pissed money up the wall on over inflated transfer fees and wages for bang average players. Like Woodward/Utd did with Mourinho, the easiest way is to make the club self substantial which is what we are, and always have been. Supporting the new manager might have helped things, and so far he’s done a pretty reasonable job with a squad which is about… Read more »


We’re skint. Horrendous wage bill on average players and good players on superstar wages. Hats off to Ivan for doing a runner once his failed policies really came to light. Heres hoping our acedemy players make massive leaps over the next 18 months as we’re in real trouble.


If west ham, wolves, crystal palace, Burnley, fucking Tottenham can sign players then why can’t we? We’re arsenal for fuck sake. A massive premier league club with an international fan base, a 60,000 (very expensive) seat stadium and a billionaire owner. What is this bollocks?


The problem is compare the wage bill on the pitch at any given time between us and any of them. They’ve scouted and bought wiser, and are maximizing their human resources.

I won’t praise that club, but Pochettino has the sum playing 3x the value of its parts. And they sell players for a decent return. Wheeling and dealing.

We’re just getting started with a new recruitment crew, and they’re certainly looking at better ways to leverage purchases vs sales, if they’re any good at all. There’s a reason we brought in Sven from Dortmund.

Ross Leach

I struggle to see how Kroenke thinks investing a bit of money isn’t a good idea. If he gave the club say a 70mil loan, assuming that’s how it works, so we can get two or three players we need. That might just be the clincher in getting 4th or winning Europa. Champs league return would pay it back in gate receipts, tv rights etc. We’re literally teetering on being the next Liverpool. No title in 20 odd years. It’s seems only yesterday we were bracing ourselves for the 10year no title talk, 20 years will come fast if he… Read more »


That doesn’t rule out loan deals with option to make permanent, which is what I heard Arsenal were trying to do on the Suarez deal

Rostock Gooner

And this is also what people on this site thought to be much more intelligent rather than paying tons of millions for a player without any match sharpness…

Micky Tayrian

If you are on here moaning about Kroenke but will still buy your season ticket and subscribe to Sky next year, please delete your comment


Arsenal fans do not have the gut or gumption to put the money where their mouths are.



For them to say we are skint and can only do loan deals, brings me to the conclusion that we are really fucking skint or we are saving the cash for big and better buys in summer where the talent is much more available….. praying to God that is the latter.

Otherwise back in the Europa League again.


We should be used to this by now…. different coach but same owner with zero ambition, but now he’s got an additional debt of £550,000,000 to service. We’ve not got many sellable assets, and we’re paying average players far too much for us to move them on easily. Top 4 was always unlikely, and if our reported summer budget is really between £40-£70million? Then I don’t see top 4 being any more likely next season. Emery clearly isn’t going to be backed, which means he’ll need more time and patience to work, but with our fan base already booing substitutions,… Read more »


This is the problem I have with some people who imagine Mslintat and the buying team are doing a sterling job. They are not. The owner can take the blame for a lack of ambition but the buying team has also made very poor decisions. And now there is a danger of a disconnect between what the gaffer actually needs and what the transfer team deem expedient. We have already seen it last January with the Mhkitaryan hostage buy. and then in the summer the failure to reinforce properly in defense beyond adding an old stop gap asset in Sokratis… Read more »


8th richest club on the planet.

5th highest revenue.

Multi billionaire owner.

But pleading poverty.

This feels actually worse than being broke.

How can you use not being in the CL as the reason for not investing yet not investing to get us back in the CL?

It makes my head hurt.


The only solution to these problems seems legal and political. The laws incentivize greed and money addiction, and addiction usually leads to at least some very destructive choices. The point of law should be to protect people from their worst impulses for the good of society as a whole. The insane law allowing 90% shareholders the “right” to buy out everyone else should never exist. It incentivizes greed and damages club communities.

dr Strange

Of course we have money but the problem is that what we spend now will be less to spend in the summer.

I think it’s a good move to loan players in january and maybe put a clause to buy in the summer if it all works out.

For once a sensible decision.


or… buy decent players who will improve you chance of CL qualification, get more money by achieving said qualification and add the new cash to the summer budget, along with the ability to attract top talent because of, again… said qualification.


The Arsenal do indeed have money.

The point is that, with new management and coaching teams in place, we are simply choosing to use our resources in a different way than we did before.

Let’s see how things turn out.


This is a bit of a catch 22 argument.

We don’t spend now and if we should be (very possibly) out of CL again, we won’t be in the level to attract those ‘bigger’ players.

Plus some of these players with circumstance to move now may not be so low in valuation in the summer as money is freed up with other clubs to spend.

We don’t get the players we need to push now, we may regret it.

Better players that have function now than wait for the perfect player that may not be available to us later.


So, hypothetically, if we were offered Kylian Mbappe for £35m, we’d have to turn it down? I smell horseshit!

SB Still

We are the 6 richest club in the world, if we account for the financial doping (oil money), we would still only slip 5-6 places. However our financial muscle and negotiation (buying and selling) strenth seems to be worse than Tottenham’s. The kind of players that we are being linked with are the kind that we used to see the mid table pretenders sign. Wenger used to take the bullets for this kind of situations before, once that shield was removed, the CEO ran away! If we are so skint why can’t we move on Mkhi and use that kinda… Read more »


I concur. Ramsey was asking 170K a week or in excess. The purported Juve deal is only 140K (but for 5 years) Surely the club has wiggle room to offer him something to retain his service. We should sell Mhkitaryan imo. He is perhaps the weakest of the 3 playmaker types- Ozil, Ramsey Gazidis ducked out with Wenger gone. We are left with a transfer team largely without sufficient check and balance doing their own thing for their own expediency and in detriment to what the gaffer actually needs to balance the squad out. The sort of money we may… Read more »


Good luck selling an injured, incobsistent, nearly 30-year old on high wages…in JANUARY!
Don’t think it’s that easy mate.
Everyone says sell Mkhi, sell Özil, sell Mustafi but how? Who would be stupid enough to take them?
Also, why would those players give up their nice contracts at a club they are happy at?
It’s just not realistic. At least in this transfer window…


Totally agree, Unai inherited a f…..ed up situation. We should have moved heaven & earth to offload Ozil, Ramsey, Mkhi in the summer it’s to bloody late now. They can just pick up their massive wages till their contracts are up. Sad to say ‘Spurs’ are running a better club now.


Ah let’s just sign Suarez and Churrasco on loan and play them both at centre-back, can’t be any worse than Mustafi and Leitchsteiner.


Mustafi wasn’t around when we lost to Soton and BHA and Liverpool.

Just saying.

The sort of lazy red herrings distracts from the actual issues facing us in the squad.




Dear Arsenal I can only watch you on a free streaming app now. The budget Paris-London Eurostar, and emirates tickets package will now be saved for my daughter. Me as a supporter will play the skint game just like you.FFS!
Up to you Unai to make a miracle and get us champions league football with free agent players, loan ones , the best playmaker in the game who need a psychotherapist, and one of the club best midfield players packing his bags to join Cristiano Ronaldo and Massimiliano Allegri who will surely iron out his tactical deficiencies.


We should be able to do better with the resources we have, although I accept that is not going to be top 2. It means getting quality out of well-paid players not contributing to their full potential and organising the defence into something more reliable though.

In the light of the finances, I don’t understand hanging on to Ramsey for bit parts either, unless he prefers to wait.

Brendan from NY

getting quality on “well-paid players.” This is a shot at Mkhi and Ozil. Not unreasonable, and not undeserved. But, with Ozil, we really need to stop singling him out on this. His salary is not based on his performances or skill. His salary is based on the brand building value he brings to the club, which adds value off the pitch. He has the 82nd most followed twitter account in the world… only behind 3-4 other footballers. In this time of mediocracy, Ozil’s star value is the difference between us and Everton. How many other EPL teams have someone in… Read more »


I don’t buy that about his salary. Any paid the best in their profession is expected to be most accountable and perform.


He prefers to wait.

Frankly transfer team should eat humble pie and go in with another offer (sell Mhkitaryan if need be)

Purportedly he wanted in excess of 170k with us but Juve is offering 140k and 5 years.

Surely some room for negotiation on our part still for a player younger than both Ozil and Mhki.

Makes no sense.


Jesus fucking wept.


Nah…he is at City.

A Different George

Can’t even get a start there.

Thierry Walcott

That’s why he wept?


Fo those tempted to accuse Özil’s wages, a bit maths: let’s say he should earn Lacazette’s wages: £250 000 per week, so £100 000 less. For one year, it’s £ 5,2 M save. You don’t buy a player at that price. So let Özil out of it (for those tempted…).


I’d just be happy if he contributed as much a Lacazette. To be fair, the wage is Gazidis’s fault though.


Its not Gazidis’s fault. You end up paying those wages to keep up with the joneses. You would not be able to retain Ozil otherwise. Lets remember last January, we lost Alexis one of our star performers (for nothing really) …had we lost Ozil as well then, it would have signalled the end of us as a serious club and many players would think twice about joining the followings summer particularly with us out of CL two seasons running. What we should have done was NOT buy Mhkitaryan or laid ourselves hostage to the dictates of the remaining bidder for… Read more »


And there you have it folks, one of the world’s most valuable football clubs scratching around for loan deals….




Yossi Benayoun.


Do people read? He is saying we can only loan players in January and sign players on a permanent basis from the Summer. That makes sense. You free up the wage bill and have a better chance of signing BIGGER players. If you sign average players to plug holes in January and end up with wages for players who don’t work out, you’re screwed. Signing players on loan for now and then freeing up the wage bill when we ditch players in the summer to entice bigger players with better wages if we don’t make the Champions League makes sense.


We have heard all these fairy tales for a long time, starting with “there are no exceptional players on the market” and “our staff is complete,” now we have to find a new excuse ourselves ??


Arsenal has been rejuvenated since the summer. Backroom recruitment has vastly improved since the departure of Arsene Wenger and on pitch recruitment in the previous window with the likes of Torreira and Guendouzi has worked so far. If players like Danny Welbeck, Aaron Ramsey and other deadwood are let go in the summer, the wage bill is bolstered extensively. That means that we are more open to permanent deals in the Summer. Why? Because if we sign, for example, Denis Suarez on a permanent deal in the January window we are stuck with him if he fails to make an… Read more »


“If players like Danny Welbeck, Aaron Ramsey and other deadwood are let go in the summer, the wage bill is bolstered extensively. ” Let go? You do realise this is atrocious business, if Rambo was a Liverpool or Sp*ds player they’d be getting 50m for him minimum! Additionally we have Ozil and Mkhi on 350k and 200k respectively, if we want to reduce our wage bill, that’s where we should be looking. “I prefer us getting players on loan in this window and going for permanent transfers in the summer when we have a freed up wage bill. Makes more… Read more »


“Why? Because if we sign, for example, Denis Suarez on a permanent deal in the January window we are stuck with him if he fails to make an impact at the Emirates. If we sign him on loan and it doesn’t work out, we can go look for better quality players on a full time basis in the summer.”

You think that signing players in the summer window guarantees they will work out? You would remain stuck with that player regardless.


Look at it this way; currently we pay wages for both Aaron Ramsey and Danny Welbeck. If we had to sign a player NOW, we would have to take into consideration the wages of the aforementioned players. If we free up the wage bill and have more money to spend in the Summer, that will allow us to attract bigger and better players.


The risk is we don’t get into the champions league.

The problem is we cannot get rid of dead wood like Jenkinson and Elneny and they won’t bring in any money bc they are cack.

But we won’t be enticing any ‘bigger’ players in January if we are not in CL.

Plus come the summer some of these ‘mediocre’ players you may mention may have different circumstance and their price will go up.

Ray Dennis

Is Kronke for real he is slowly ruining our great club. We need players in critical areas to get back to where we should be. If he is only interested in building his asset without thought for the clubs history or the fans. This great club belongs to the fans not this money grabbing foreigner ??


We aren’t talking huge amounts either this January. Not sure about Carrasco because he has to make a big climb down on his wages but Dennis Suarez is negotiable. They are asking for 20m, we could perhaps put a down payment for a lesser amount with option to buy. Also Cback (unlikely since we have players returning) like Calero rumoured to cost 10m which is chum change these days. Its no different from wenger paying a quid more. We are pretty much still mired in old practises with poor buys (Mhkitaryan and Lichsteiner) but this time the manager is also… Read more »


F the F’ing F!


As I have repeatedly mentioned, nothing has changed since the Ancien Regime. We are not signing any better under Mslintat if anything it has been worse bc it is without consideration to what the squad actually needs. 1) Mhkitaryan. We needed a wide player last season instead in January we sell Alexis to United who were left as the only bidder therefore Raiolla hawked off Mhkitaryan to us (whom we did not need). We should have instead extended on Ramsey then. 2) Lichsteiner. Again another unnecessary band aid solution. Arguably Sokratis who has been thus far decent is also a… Read more »


Sadly our “billionaire” owner took funds out of our club instead of plowing money into it… We can only watch as other clubs improve while we stagnate or worsen.


This is an older article but explains the financial restrictions we’re under. Especially as we’ve upped our wage bill significantly since then


FFP rules instead off moaning learn the rules this was always going to happen you can only raise you wage bill by a certain amount over 3 years giving ozil and Henrik massive contracts killed us.when Adidas contract kicks in at end of season we will be fine its not rocket science yet most of you plastic fans just like to whine

Walmart Heiress

‘it’s not rocket science yet most of you plastic fans just like to whine… try not to be a cunty Keith.

Billy Bob

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but we really should have sold Sanchez for £50 to man city – ok we would not have Miki but he isn’t the best (or the worst) and we could have done better!!! In the summer just gone we should have also sold Ramsey and Welbeck, whilst not offering Ozil such stupidly high wages!!! I think there was a summer we could have got shot of mustafi too!!! Adding it all up would have given us £100+ million to play with – I would wager we could have got two or three top quality players!!!… Read more »


It’s not up to just the club where a player goes. He has to agree personal terms. Sanchez wanted to go to United for a higher salary so we can’t force him to move elsewhere.

david sharpe

is this because of ffp? and can kronke just bankroll us even if he wanted too?

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag

Down with the Kronk


Off topic but how come Ramsey has managed to get a salary of only 140k? That’s some real poor negotiation skills at work!


I believe that is tax free that would equate to almost double in the UK


Italian outlet Mediaset report that Ramsey has signed a five-year pre-contract with the Old Lady and will join the Turin outfit in the summer.

They also state he will earn 6.5million euros after tax with further appearance-related bonuses added on top.

It would make him the second-highest earner at the club, behind Cristiano Ronaldo.


Our ambition has been dwindling since we spent nearly 100 million in 2016 and realised that we recruited average players. I name these players as Xhaka, Mustafi and Lucas Perez. We got next to nothing for Perez so this was a terrible investment of 18 million. Mustafi has been more of a liability than a benefit and Xhaka for all his passing ability is too slow and lacks consistent positional discipline for the Premier League. We’ve spent unwisely, we’ve got nowhere near the market value of selling players and we’ve allowed players run down their contracts and made no money.… Read more »


How engraged must we wait to get beforecwe start #kroenkeout. Out of respect for arsene atleast the way he got it, it should begin by now. This man will sink the club.


I also want to highlight Gazidis role in all of this, when you hear how much Kroenke is worth it’s easy to wonder why at no point in his tenure has he decided to dip his hand in his pocket! However I think Gazidis is perhaps most culpable for our demise financially. 1) our highest transfer fee received (I may be wrong) was for Fabregas in 2011, although Chamberlain may be more with addons. However that is a joke when you take into account how the market has changed and the players that have left since then…Sanchez, Van Persie, Nasri,… Read more »


You can’t blame all the commercial revenues woe on Gazidis. We stopped winning things, which means the brand takes a hit in terms of exposure and credibility. Which means we get paid less. This may not have happened if they sacked Wenger when they should have (Gazidis most probably did but his hands were tied by Kroenke).

If the club had not sunk as far as we did perhaps our commercial bargaining power would have been greater.


At least it’s one less transfer window until kroenke dies!!


I’m happy if we can get a loan or 2 Till the summer then maybe Emery can stamp his signings
on the squad i can see a few being move on as well it’s going to take a few seasons unless the young guns kick on we have a good standard of English players in the club here’s hoping #top4


Well Sven must be happy to be benched


I don’t know why anybody is surprised at this news. Hasn’t it been obvious for years that Stan is only in it for the money? Don’t believe any of the BS you might hear about Financial Fair Play: if Stan wanted to he could pour some really serious cash into Arsenal Football Club – but he won’t. Ever since he bought into the club a decade ago, Stan’s business model has always been based around spending as little as possible to finish fourth. That’s why he loved Wenger so much: Arsene could always manage CL qualification, even on a limited… Read more »


I have been saying it for years. He is the fucking one we need to force out. Empty seats and Kronke out banners at every game will do the trick.
Fucking leech needs to leave if we are ever to be a top club again.


The problem is too much income comes from the EPL rights and overseas revenues. Boycotting the games sends a statement but financially doesn’t really impact the club in any meaningful way that’s going g to grab his attention. If everybody stopped renewing their season tickets then maybe, but the majority of fans with seasons tickets aren’t going to risk going to the back of the line to buy them again once/if things take a turn for the better. I think Arsenal would have to fall a long, long way for Kroenke to even consider selling and moving on. It’s just… Read more »


Because of Kronke I’ve stopped buying Arsenal stuff, just buy shirts second hand now.

Stop buying merch, get banners out for the man who actually deserves them.


Fuck Stan “my wife’s a Wal Mart billionaire” Kroenke, Ivan Cue Ball Gazidis (apologies to the Bald Community) and while we’re at it, Owen Oyston.

I’m not exactly a socialist, but capitalism and soccer can make ugly, ugly babies sometimes. Kroenke is a sociopathic money-addict, as Scrooge as you like. He didn’t HAVE to buy out those Arsenal shareholders the way he did, or those poor sods renting land living on his Texas.


It’s maddening these days how much “Fake News” there is around transfers and anyone with a website or social media account posts something stupid and it’s picked up and run all over the place. I learned long ago not to get any hopes up in the transfer market with Arsenal and to wait until the club announces signings.

I would assume if he is saying we can’t sign anyone that means nobody is being sold either.


Loan deals are fine. Sick of the club wasting money in permanent stop gap solutions when we should be thinking more long-term. If we make the top four with the squad we have great, but let’s not bust a nut signing some average player for an exorbitant January fee when they are most probably not going to be any better than the players we have*

* Excludes Mustafi. But this goes without saying.

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