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Official: Arsenal sign Denis Suarez on loan from Barcelona

Arsenal have completed the loan signing of Denis Suarez from Barcelona until the end of the season.

After protracted negotiations, the 25 year old will line out for the Gunners who will have an option to make the deal permanent in the summer, but there is no obligation.

The move came after the former Man City and Villarreal man signed a contract extension at the Camp Nou, which would allow Barcelona to cash in if and when they decide to sell. His previous deal would have run out at the end of next season.

Suarez could be in the squad to face his old club on Sunday when Arsenal travel to the Etihad Stadium.

Unai Emery has been keen to boost his squad this month despite being told he could only loan players before real funds become available this summer.

The midfielder is a player he knows well from his time as Sevilla manager, taking him on loan during their Europa League winning campaign in 2015-16.

Let’s hope that he can hit the ground running. There’s still plenty of football left for us this season, but Suarez has played so little for Barcelona that you have to wonder how sharp he’ll be.

On the other hand, he certainly won’t be fatigued, so perhaps the fresh legs will be of great use to us between now and May.

Welcome on board.


Barcelona have since deleted the announcement from their website, citing a ‘technical error’ according to Football London.

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Finally a Suarez!

Joe Shmo

3m + 1€ loan fee reported.


LANS – like a new suarez

SB Still

It would be good business if he is LANS – Like A New Sanchez (Arsenal not ManU version).


We don’t talk about him any more


I think they’re saying that at United too.


Just asking questions here, but if Ramsey qualifies for Arsenal legend status for scoring in two victorious Cup Finals, does Alexis for doing the same thing?

Or is an Arsenal legend just “any player I like”?

I don’t know the answer to that, but too many people want to erase Alexis from the history books. The Alexis Sanchez from his first two seasons was a monster in big games and always scored against City. Suarez will do well if he can match half of Alexis’ impact.

Tasmanian Jesus

I think you should do as the previous poster said, and not say that S-word anymore.


It’s okay to have your own point of view. We’re Gooners here, not a herd of sheep.


Any word on if this facilitate a departure?


Not sure why asking a question gets thumbed down…
Teams often link outgoings to whether they can bring a replacement in. We already have a lot of midfielders. We have one that already has his foot out the door and another that seems to be getting pushed out. Seemed a reasonable inquiry to me.


Relax. Most of those thumbdowns would be by people answering your question in the negative rather than actually disliking your query.


I’m not stressing over it. It started with 0 up and 8 down. I was just confused by that.


It’s not over til the ref blows the whistle.

Congrats on your comeback victory, and also your comment was extremely insightful considering we didn’t know Nketiah and Smith Rowe were heading to Germany when this article went up.


Let’s him on the grass before judging

Happy Days

Yeah man… But won’t he get a ban for that?


Awesome !! cracking player when on form let’s hope he adapts well. great deal


I really don’t get why so many are complaining about this. The club clearly has to go in a direction of signing relatively younger players and then getting the most out of them. While that often will mean Torreiras or Guendouzies- there also is place for a Suarez type player that maybe isn’t up to the top level but could possibly do a real job for us where we’re at right now. Great business IMO as it’s a loan with an option to buy rather than having to commit money that could be better used in the summer if he… Read more »

Esh Fek

Suarez could be a sleeping giant………. (takes out the whisky)


Some are just so miserable complaining is all they know.

Decent business in my view! 🙂

Don Cazorleone

We live in a world where the default reaction to anything is to criticise.

Positivity comes at a premium round ‘ere.


Hope it works out. A player with a point to prove, someone Emery knows well, could help in UEL especially.


Reminds me of Isco, if the YouTube vids are anything to go by


No good news then…


Hahahaha. Take that liverp.. Wait.


Hopefully his time at Arsenal won’t be as woeful as he looks in that inset.


He looks like a sad Aaron Ramsey


Could you pick a less sad picture of Denis next time. Maybe one where his dog dies?


Wait… is that why they call it a “hangdog” facial expression?

Tasmanian Jesus

Thats if someone hung your dog. Its in the word guy.


Could you have found a shittier picture of the guy?


Well – that’s one more than I thought we would get !


I think he’ll play regularly, Emery is publicly screaming for wingers, Emery says Suarez played for him at Sevilla as a winger.
I’m no mathematician… but I think my maths could be right on this one.

Billy Bob

Ok if we got one more player on loan, from the ones we have been linked with, who would you go for? Carrasco, Nkunku or Perisic?


Dont know enough about Nkunku to answer for him. But if between Carrasco and Perisic, I’d choose Carrasco if we ended up buying in the summer and Perisic if it’s just a straight spring time loan.

I rate Perisic better now, but Carrasco is solid and has potential to be more than solid at only 25 years of age. Not to mention the purchase fee being reported for Perisic is a bit high for a 30 (or 29 or maybe even going on 31 soon) year old for my taste.


Will be good to have a secret weapon on the bench on Sunday at the Etihad. Is he eligible for Europa League? He has made 2 sub appearances for Barca this season….


He can suit up in the Europa. They finally changed the rules back in March where up to three players signed in January can play in the knockout stages for Champions or Europa Leagues for any given squad.


I think it’s a great deal, he already has experience of premiership football and Emery will know his qualities well.

He’ll have a point to prove PLUS he’ll be playing his socks off to make the deal permanent or to put himself in the shop window for the summer.

Welcome to Arsenal Denis Suarez !

Brian adams

Now perhaps we can get rid of ozil or at least stop playing him cos he’s shit how did he ever get the captains arm band for the cardiff game should’nt b any where near the captains arms band he still does’nt do what he’s told and track back like every body else does he thinks cos he’s on 350 thou a week he can do what he wants at the moment he does cos the manager can’t stop him well that has to stop needs to sit on the bench or go play with the little boys in the… Read more »

Paul Roberts



Now we’ll only lose 6-1 on Sunday…phew!
I’m sure we’ll nick a goal now.

Paul Roberts

Barcelona announced the news in a statement, but it was later removed by the La Liga club.

The statement revealed that Suarez, who has one cap for Spain, has also agreed a new contract with Barcelona in order to protect his market value should a permanent move to the Emirates not work out, with his new deal expiring in June 2021. Ornstein says not official yet but close.


Good news that we signed him. Defense is not just about Cbacks. As example it is a fallacy that we are poor because Mustafi makes mistakes. Did he make mistakes against Cardiff. Didn’t catch the game saving block he made which had he been Sokratis many will be wanking over? Mustafi was not present for the games we slipped up on against BHA, Soton, West Ham. Still people seem to have their heads up their arse. Sokratis for all his vaunted ‘organisational skills’ did not help us in those games with clean sheets. The defensive issues are much deeper. As… Read more »

Paul Roberts

Santori, your posts have always been far too long for me to actually read and that coupled by the red thumbs you get has meant that the above post is the first one I have ever read of yours. I liked it me…:-)

Jack but

Atleast we signed someone


If Barca is able to do this seemingly easily to preserve value, how is it we spectacularly failed to do so with Ramsey…


At last the extra £1 to clinch a Suarez deal ? good edition and knows the league well

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