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Report: Edu to turn down Arsenal return

According to reports coming out of Brazil, it’s looking very unlikely that Edu will join Arsenal’s football operations team.

It’s understood that Raul Sanllehi recently approached the 40-year-old about filling a Technical Director position at the Emirates but the ex-Gunner will turn down the offer in favour of seeing out the final three years of his contract as Technical Coordinator of the Brazil national team.

Edu’s loyalty to Tite – the Brazil national team coach – coupled with the fact his current role is held in high esteem are listed by Extra Online as the key factors in his decision.

When you consider he’s been working with Tite for the best part of a decade, starting as a player at Corinthians, and is now his de facto right-hand man at the world’s most decorated national team, it makes sense that he might not find the prospect of a return to England that appealing. Especially right now.

While it’s hard to know for sure, Arsenal’s apparent eagerness to make further structural changes behind the scenes appears to have irked head of recruitment Sven Mislintat.

Previously tipped to take on any Technical Director position himself, it now sounds as though he’ll be leaving the club after less than 18 months. 

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Make Arsenal Great Again

Do we have our arsenal back yet?


Soap Opera is in full swing


Apparently came back the first day Emrey won a official match. They have never seen a midfield of hughes, parlor, morrow merson. (And that was a decent midfield back then), Campbell, Wright up top. Hoof to Campbell, click on to Wright goal, shut up shop. Them were the days.




Is this a good source?


Yes. Goes really well with fries.


I’m an actually happy he turned Arsenal down. I hope Raul has a change of heart and keeps Sven.

Faisal Narrage

This power vacuum Raul has taken is such a problem.
Under the old regime, it’s arguable Sven was more powerful than Raul; he was picked first by Ivan, he was clearly key to Ivan’s vision of analytical recruitment and thus would have a greater say than Raul, who was effectively brought in to close Sven’s findings.

This change has completely flipped the order of things. The truth is, Raul should never have been the one deciding Sven’s fate.

Irrational Gunner

Yes to the last paragraph. Where is KSE in this dust-up? This isn’t a tif between underlings. Even more significant with Edu not in the picture, so it seems.


Another rumour that’s much edu about nothing

Reality check

Edu not think he is coming..


We don’t need no education…


So we move forward without further Edu.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

I can see why Edu is wanted at Arsenal. He can make sure we sign young brazilian talents.

Faisal Narrage

No offence, but the world is a big place.
Raul’s biggest signing for Barca was Neymer, a deal shrouded in corruption and led to his demise. Was also extremely expensive.

Meanwhile, Sven has found the likes of; Auba, Sahin, Gundogan, Kagawa, Mkhi, Hummels, Dembele and Lewandowski, and for us recently Torreira, Mavros and Guendouzi.

Between both resume’s, I know who I trust.


exactly. result is what matters ultimately. as opposed to now where our transsfer targets (suarez and banega) look like the one chosen by either of emery or sanllehi. the players we acquired at the start of the season were of sven misliniyats picks. and most if them were successfull, sokratis shored up the defence and torreira and guendouzi was excellent signings. leno is yet to be convinced and only lichsteiner has proven to be a dud but that was a freaking free transfer

Crash Fistfight

Agreed. I was always sceptical of how good at the job one would need to be as director of football at Barcelona, especially as they have spent a lot of money on some absolute crap over the last 10 years (a few of them from us). Dmytro Chygrynskiy, anyone? Even recently, the fees paid for Dembele and Countinho are terrible value for money (regardless of how good either player is). Granted Raul had nothing to do with these, but just an illustration that they don’t unearth any hidden gems (the only players they get for cheap are ones that come… Read more »


Who would never get work permits.


Is this work permit obstacle still a thing in 2019? Watford signed Richarlison before he had won a cap for Brazil.

Corona X

Richie – there’s a thing called Brexit… So it’s gonna be more relevant than ever!


Safe to dEDUce he is not coming.


Won’t be handing it to you, mate….to the cloakroom!


He’s just been made rEDUndant!


GOOD. Hope they give the role to Sven if that’s what’s driving him out.


My guess is that bridge is burned.


I’m not sure if I should be laughing or crying right now. We are really just fucking ourselves but not to orgasm, we are just taking a stick and poking ourselves in the arse looking to find some kind of joy but all we get is shit pouring out.


This got me rotfl

Ya gooner

And blood…

Fireman Sam

losing our recruitment guy is like putting a stick in our butt?

Teryima Adi

Hahahaha. Bro, take it easy.

ricky rick

You know that meme where a dog is in room on fire saying, ‘this is fine.’ That’s us.

Petit's Handbag

Anyone know what anyone is doing anywhere


I’m staring at a monitor.
Not the reptile kind.


Sven Mislintat is the ANSWER, just work with him Emery. It will take time, but we need a strong foundation.


Emery isn’t the one who Mislintat has the problem with though. That’s Sanllehi according to pretty much everything I’ve read on the situation.


Good on you Edu.

Lonestar Gunner

IF this rumor is true we appear to have lost two Technical Directors for the price of one.

Faisal Narrage

Price of none, if/when Sven leaves.

Arsenala Vista Baby

Without further ado, Edu.


I love the Arsenal, but in the last year have become more dis-associated with the club. To be honest, I’m losing interest in professional football as a whole. I only now watch cup games where some of the kids may feature and even that interest is slowly whittling away. I remember only a few years ago I would religiously watch the U18s, the women, everyone. I’d plan holidays around Arsenal. That’s all changed now. It’s hard to watch ‘big’ away games when you know you are going to get smashed 5-0. It’s hard to get excited about mid-table. It’s hard… Read more »


I’ve wanted to post something similar for quite a while, so thank you for doing this. One thing I’d like to add. One of the main things I liked about Arsenal was the “likeability” of the team, including and especially the manager (Arsene). Now I feel so disassociated with the players, coach and look at other teams (even chelsea, tottenham), that I feel more a connection to their players/behaviour than to ours… It makes it very hard to support them properly.

Faisal Narrage

It’s all about the brand. Even in our worst years, we had a “brand” that was associated with 3 things; 1. Attractive football 2. Giving youth a chance 3. Having a sense of being open, friendly, a family club that treated everyone well. Apparently it was this that kept us going during the lack of winning. Sponsorships who wanted to associate with such a brand made us unique. We’ve lost all of that now, and unlike United, we’ve lost it without a hope of winning the league, so we can’t even depend on that like they do. We’re on the… Read more »


There is a lot of frustration i being an Arsenal supporter now and much of the downside of the modern game has to do with money. Whether that is down to players lacking real motivation, or foreign ownership treating the team as a business, it all adds up. I just look to the times when I was at school supporting the team and it was quite bland at times with few exciting players. You have to remember we have been blessed in the Premiership era compared to most. The ups don’t add up to as much without the suffering. Come… Read more »


Thank you , that is exactly how i feel.


I do feel your pain. I have an 8 year old son (James) who is absolutely crazy about football, and he is the main reason I renew my season tickets every year and try not to miss a home match. He keeps me engaged with the club that I loved as a kid (I’m 43). We watch as many games as we can together on Sky when we are playing away. It royally pisses me off when I compare where we are now, and when we were winning titles at Old Trafford and the Sh!thole – especially when I look… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

Are….you me?


Ever since Wenger left I have felt less and less interested. He was the only manager of arsenal I’d ever known and now with Ramsey leaving its almost a a completely different club to the one I grew up loving. Sad but maybe just my time to move on from football.


I completely agree, we are Arsenal by name only now. How sad a situation this is. Kroenka has killed the soul of this great club, he is the devil and we sold our souls to him. There is absolutely no ambition at this club anymore, even Emery is an average manager at best.

Another Sam

I feel the same and my best friend likewise. Generally as well – about football. I watch but am emotionally disengaged. It’s just another corporate product with fans as consumers. I used to love going to matches. I don’t miss it at all now. Last football I enjoyed was the World Cup.


Is Debbie Downer disappointed with the current Arsenal set up too?

Reality check

Did you copy-paste this post from last year.. can’t fault a single sentence

Fireman Sam

Don’t agree with all this doom and gloom. We have promising youngsters, and finally a new coach. There is risk but opportunity. True, Kroenke is a big f@cking wart on our nose but there’s bugger all we can do about that. In general I feel much better about the club than I did in the later Wenger years. Emery may or may not prove to be just a stop gap manager. If he is, then we can all get excited about another manager when the time comes. If not, great, he’s performing. This is much better for me than the… Read more »


things really about to fall apart before they, might i say get better.
no one said, change would be easy.


Or helpful.

When you are close to the top, there’s a lot more to fall into that climb up to.

But still, we have our Arsenal back now though, right?


Remember when people considered us to be one of the best run football clubs in world football, seems a long time ago now.
What a complete and utter shambles we are now.


THANK GOD !!!!! I Hope they give the role to Mislintat , we can’t afford to lose Mislintat , everyone should show their support for Sven on saturday match and let the club know that we want Sven to stay.


Sometimes I wish arseblog allowed gifs in the comment section because there are no words I can find that fit how laughable we are becoming or how poorly this transition is being managed behind the scenes.


Not emerging. A week old this article


I never thought he would leave the seleção. Quite apart from the administrative disarray, the offer from Arsenal is a considerable step down from his current position.


We are in a total heap. What a fxxxing mess. No leadership from owners and seems like slow, inexorable decline to mediocrity. I used to love Arsenal and football, but as I got older I realised the Club don’t give a shite about its fans, so I really don’t give a shite about the ‘plc’ anymore. Can’t put into words, but somehow this whole Mislintat thing has finally broken the love I had for Arsenal. Anyway, that’s just how I feel. Best of luck with the blog and podcast etc, I just couldn’t be arsed putting any more time or… Read more »


I feel the same way, we are helping fund a business that has no ambition other than to make money. Getting destroyed 5 and 6 nil a few times a season has taken its toll. Sven probably came in and assessed the situation and said no thanks, Edu has it seems, done the same. We have become a poisonous club.


If edu has been approached then goodbye Sven regardless of what edu does. We don’t burn bridges. We torch them and then put the ashes in an urn and burn that as well. Ozil Sven. The Spanish don’t seem to like the Germans. And you would hope that the one German who we would rather let go was mustafi but he seems to be safe. ?


I think it’s time we start a petition to make arsene wenger write a book about his time at arsenal.


So basically, our head of recruitment doesn’t wanna recruit for us anymore because we tried to recruit Edu, who doesn’t wanna be recruited. and now our head of recruitment wants to be recruited by bayern to make their recruitment for them.



Where’s Sir Chips when you need him, down his private members club quaffing?


No Sven. He has been underwhelming thus far. He has brought in by his own agenda plenty of ex Dortmund players at 30yrs on big contracts. NOT many people tend to understand that this will be at detriment to the club’s wage bill and these players will reduce in value. He also brought in an unnecessary band aid in Lichsteiner for 90K per week further saddling the wage bill. Plus instead of getting Mahrez, we lay ourselves open to the dictates of United and raiolla for Mhkitaryan when we already had Ozil and Ramsey. Worse we did not extend on… Read more »

Fiers d'être Bleus

“Sven only signs ex-Dortmund players” ✅ “Band aid-Lichtsteiner” ✅ “Should have gotten Mahrez & extended with Ramsey last January” ✅ “United bend us over a barrel” ✅ Yep, it’s another classic santori-post, everyone! Honestly, what’s your point with these statements? You seem to be constantly fixated on what we should have done a year ago, when that won’t help us at all in the situation we’re in now. And Mahrez isn’t exactly pulling up trees at City, so there’s no guarantee he would have been the magical solution for us. Lichtsteiner came in on a free, has tons of experience… Read more »


And just to say Mslintat is no genius (far from it). Even during Dick Law’s time we were signing Santi Carzola (a coup from Malaga considering the price) and Koscielny. If anything, Wenger was a genius in the market but he conspire to short change himself. We flattered to deceive not because Wenger was poor in the market but because he was one of the best. It covered his tactical flaws in the early years but when the league got more competitive with a flood of oil money, TV money, better foreign managers and more foreign players replacing the early… Read more »

Fireman Sam

Agree with a lot of that Santori although you have posted this quite a few times over the years eh

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