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Arsenal announce ticket price freeze for next season

In a statement via the official website, Arsenal have announced a freeze on ticket prices for the 2019-20 season.

It’s the fifth successive year in which there have been no increases in general admission, and the club’s Managing Director Vinai Venkatesham said, “We have fantastic support from our fans at Emirates Stadium, and are pleased to confirm that ticket prices will be held flat again for next season.”

The fees also apply to memberships, with the club continuing to provide discounted tickets for the Carabao Cup.

They do make the point that Champions League qualification would have an impact, saying, “All prices on GA and Club Level were discounted this season as a result of our participation in the Europa League. UEFA Champions League qualification would mean this discount would no longer apply.”

At a time when things are a little bit hairy, and people are worried, this is still good news for match-going fans.

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Goooooooner for life

They make it seem like this is a favor to loyal fans, while this is only because the club is not performing to fan expectation, and increasing the price only means more empty seats.

SB Still

If anything they should be reducing the price rather priding themselves of freezing the price. I think most would trade the Emirates facilities for the more on field success in the Wenger years at Highbury. We got the finances of an elite club (6th richest), charge ticket prices like an elite club (costliest in the country). However our on field results for the past few years are anything but elite!


Perhaps it would be nice to spend some of our hard earned cash on some transfers!!

Lord Bendnter

The empty seats are becoming the norm since last year. It’s become a so sad and a joke.

Petit's Handbag

If the fans want to hit Kroenke where it hurts, not renewing season tickets is where it starts. Saying #kroenkeout is all well and good but does nothing. The guy will bring us down and down, especially if other clubs keep investing at the same pace which we are not. We need a presence (such as Arseblog) to lead the way with this protest and not other money making internet trolls (I’m not going to name them, we know them). He sees the fans as disposable investment, let’s dispose of this cretin who doesn’t invest for success but for his… Read more »

Petit's Handbag

PS: I can help if needed Mr Arseblog?


Boycott Arsenal products – principally the expensive Arsenal shirts. Lets see Kroenke explain his way out of that with Adidas…


That’s…not how it works at all.

Kronke wouldn’t explain anything to Adidas at all. One of the board guys, Vinai or Raul (or whoever comes in!) would try to sort it, fail, then get forced out. Kronke is untouchable from things like that. Even if you weaken his investment, it still has value, and he can suck every penny of that value out until we are in the conference, if he so wishes. This is the true danger of 100% ownership.

imaobong emmanuel

But we have to stick together to get him out I don’t think with empty stadium ?this man will want to continue he will give up


For anyone who doesn’t renew, there’ll be 10 waiting to take their place


Though once those ten people have bought their season tickets there’ll be a lot of spaces.


I would boycott and not buy my ticket if it was a collective approach. The problem is there is such a long waiting list, someone else will just assume the seat and that’s it gone. The love for the club is too great. However the club has now become a tourist attraction, there are unprecedented numbers just selling on their tickets. Something has to happen but boycotting season tickets will not work. Our identity dilutes as each season passes. I miss atmospheres like that of the 4-2.


There’s a 7 year waiting list for season tickets!

Lord Bendnter

Money wise, yes, we probably can’t touch Kroenke. But, I think consistently empty seats hurts Arsenal’s overall value. When people turn on their TV screens to watch a premier league game and the empty seats are so apparently, that doesn’t look good, and I would think that brand value decreases at least in its reputation. Probably doesn’t make much of a difference for the small games, but a half empty stadium against a big team such as Man City would catch loads of people’s attention. The sad part is that all such things could just hurt us more than Kroenke.… Read more »


Are we still the most expensive club in Europe does anybody know? Still a bit of a farce even with this ticket ‘freeze’.

Ian oduor

What is happening with kreoke


I think he’s here for the foreseeable long-term as Arsenal as a business will always make money. Huge sponsorship and TV deals every year, probably another Europa League season next year to generate money as one of Man City, Spurs, or Chelsea going on to win the league cup this season, that opens up 6th place in the league to qualify for the Europa League, so doesn’t even make any difference if Man United leapfrog us. What will that be, 25 consecutive years of European football? So we’re a huge brand, and I think the only way Kronke will sell… Read more »


This is a question we have been asking in Denver for years- KSE (Josh, in particular) dismantles sides that win by selling or trading players for a profit, fires coaches and executives who question this policy, all in the name of… mediocrity apparently.


Badaab- any advice on where the rest of kroenkes sports teams in the states finished up or are coming at the moment? Because i just looked up Colorado last season which i assume is his only other “soccer” team who finished 2nd last in their conference. Denver nuggets I assumed were always doing quite well.

Crash Fistfight

Well the Rams aren’t doing too badly – they’re one game away from the Superbowl.

Jay The Gunner

£10 for each Carabao Cup home game, and subsidise away ticket prices by £4. Membership fees also remain unchanged


This is not good news. Good news would be a ticket price decrease in line with the decline in the product being provided at the Emirates over the last 10 years. From title contention to Thursday night football. Yet ticket prices continue to be among the highest in the world.

Kroenke out.

David C

Great point Tim!

TFC – Toronto FC (my local club) once dropped season tickets 40% after years of playing like crap.


They will probably just point to inflation being the cause if you use that argument. Not that any low income workers get wage raises to reflect that inflation, but you know, capitalist logics.


It’s hard enough to pay to watch Arsenal going to live games sky and bt subscriptions etc. But they think they are doing us a favour i wouldn’t mind an increase if I thought our money was put to good use. The simple fact is how can one of the wealthiest clubs in the world who charges their fans some of the highest prices to watch them live be in a position we can’t afford to buy a player of any kind in this transfer window.
Same as always with the club bread tomorrow


Not sure, Arsenal have bought two of Europe’s best strikers in the past year. That £100m+ is a high quality investment and a serious amount of cash in anyone’s book. A quarter of the whole Emirates stadium debt spent in 6 months. The lack of top player contract renewal is more to blame imo as we could have recuperated some of it back to fund purchases within this self-sustaining model.

Anne Noyd

Duude don’t blame the club blame the model.


We had a 9m net spend for 10 years. And you talk about the recent acquisition of 2 world class attackers that have been long overdue? you sound like you’re actually defending the management. So tell me mate, which club has won the league or champions league with a self-sustaining model? Or better, do you really think we can even get top 4 with that idiocracy of a business plan? Self-sustaining model is just another term for “the owners aren’t spending sh*t, so we gotta get money through sponsorships, merchandise and ticket sales, and spend as little of it as… Read more »


Bayern have done it. Just to point out.
But they have done a great job on and of the pitch for like 30 years straight.
Also their sponsorship deals maybe a bit questionable but due to the 50+1 rule in Germany, they are basically self-sustaining.

Faisal Narrage

Dortmund & Atletico have both done it too. Dortmund almost did it with the CL.

Monaco, though many years ago spent stupid money, have been self-sustaining for many years now. They won the league under it.

Staying with France, Montpillier is another that have done it.


We spent 50 million on those strikers to appease the fans. Don’t be fooled by random spurts of money thrown by the club since jew cretin Kroenke came along to keep season tickets up. Anyone with a brain bigger than pea-size would see that our squad has no balance or depth. That’s not really a smart way to go about it. Also if I remember we had 200 million pounds reserve just sitting there and the fans made an outcry with all the banners etc. to make us act out and get Auba


Arseblog could you please warn Poldimacht that racism and anti semitism is not welcome in any comments. However much you loathe Kroenke as most of us do there is absolutely no need to be anti Semitic. As it happens Kroenke is not Jewish but that is not the point

Philos Sophos

We can’t abide by this in the slightest. My mother is Jewish and I’m frankly shocked that somebody would use that as an insult.

Note to match-attending fans: if you open your stupid mouth to chant ‘y*ddos’ you create the problem. You encourage people like Poldimacht and you tell him that his words are valid.

David Hillier's luggage

Pretty sure the club sold over £100m of talent last season too (Ox, Theo, Giroud, Coq, Szez, Gabriel & Gibbs total about the same in fees as Auba, Laca & Mav – our three players brought in for a fee last season). Those strikers were more of a trade in than investment.


We only got about £3.40 for those players though

Crash Fistfight

Oxlade-Chamberlain – £40m
Walcott – £20m
Giroud – £18m
Szczesny – £10m
Gibbs – £7m
Coquelin – £11m
Gabriel – £12m

Total – £118m

Not sure all of those are 100% correct, but it’s not a drop in the ocean, in any case.


If this is a PR exercise then I don’t think it’ll work…

Is it normal to announce ticket prices for the following season in January or not?

Matty Cakes

Kroenke is just the same type of owner as Mike Ashley. Look at the type of business Newcastle are after over 10 years of his ownership. Supporter protests need to start in earnest. Sack off Emirates Cup, Don’t buy, merch, don’t buy food and refreshments. Don’t watch AFTV*

*Nothing to do with Stan, just solid advice.


If you have the kind of money that Stan has, its 100% that you’re a horrible person.


Say what you will about AFTV, but boycotting Robbie would only hurt one person…Robbie. He’s a good guy and as laughable as the over the top emotion can be on AFTV, they are passionate fans and he also gives a voice to every walk of life which I think is just great. So in short, no, don’t boycott AFTV. It would achieve nothing


“UEFA Champions League qualification would mean this discount would no longer apply.”
Man that Vinai, what a sense of humour.


Well you wouldn’t expect to pay the same price to see Quarbag and Vorskla as you would pay to see Barcelona and Inter Milan.


And some fell on stony ground…..


On that basis, why didn’t ST prices fall further when there was no CL this year?

At least they’re not trying to rip us off by declaring Manure Cup tie as Cat A as feared. Prices are still too high for normal games but sell outs for Cat A games gives a false sense of wellbeing.

They clearly feel a cancellation movement building up but I’m not sure this is going to be successful in preventing it.


Very difficult to justify a price hike for such a piss poor product. Such a shame because Arsenal are a wonderful club but they are becoming more like Newcastle United every day. People like Kroenke have no business at Arsenal. I urge Arsenal fans to boycott the games and NOT to buy the new Adidas strip next season. Let’s see Kroenke explain to Adidas why no one is buying the shirts. The key is making Arsenal a financial liability – Emery and Kroenke are doing their best to give people reason not to bother with the lack of investment and… Read more »


That’s the bottom line.

Our brand has suffered for quite a while now.

If we continue to flatter to deceive in league it s a vicious spiral.

Unless there is ambition to ‘buy’ us a bit of quality, we won’t be breaking the glass ceiling.

Its a shame considering what Wenger had built up for us over the decades.


Lowering expectations to meet the new reality of 100% KSE control.


If you really love this club and want to see it back to where it was then don’t see this as a positive. Don’t buy a season ticket next year. Let the cretin Kroenke feel the need to act to save his investment. I’m sure plenty of suitors would want to buy Arsenal.


What about announcing a decrease if we don’t make Europe which on current form we may not


The club should actually LOWER ticket prices. As it’s now patently obvious that Arsenal Football Club has absolutely no ambition other than to finish fourth, how can they still justify charging the highest ticket prices in Europe?

You don’t serve up sardines and then charge caviar prices.

Crash Fistfight

I prefer sardines to caviar, myself. Not that that’s at all relevant.


Prob anticipating we won’t be making Champions League. that once derided 4th place pot now celebrated by the press…the one Wenger was faulted for holding as a minimum standard for 19 seasons straight. That feature in the top European competition which helped attract some of the best players (never mind if we actually pulled the trigger and did ourselves justice buying enough quality) So another THIRD season in the europa playing unknown teams. NO guarantee of winning it either. Its like those people who wanted us to win the league cup never mind it would not bring us any respect… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

You do realise that it’s possible that both Arsene Wenger AND Unai Emery aren’t good enough to get us top 4, don’t you?


Its an admission from the club that without CL football, they cant justify any increase. which is a great thing for the club to acknowledge and for the fans.
Something we should be positive about regards the club realising they cant fleece the fans for ever on 2nd tier european football.

Mick Malthouse

After West Ham, they should be paying us to attend.

imaobong emmanuel

Stop buying any arsenal product including tickets boycott matches stop going to stadium ? spread the news ?everywhere #stankroenkeout he has to go for arsenal to succeed please let do this once again, we force Wenger out even when he wasn’t a problem we can do it again kroenke must go!!!

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