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Emery: Suarez not yet ready for 90 minutes

Unai Emery says that Denis Suarez is not yet ready to play 90 minutes of Premier League football, but insists the January loan signing can still make an impact.

The Barcelona man joined last month until the end of the season, but had played very little for the Spanish champions, and thus lacked genuine match fitness.

However, the Arsenal boss says that Suarez could still start games as he builds that up, or be introduced later as a substitute.

“I think Denis Suarez is improving first with the adaptation every day and then his quality can give us a lot,” he said ahead of tomorrow night’s game against Bournemouth.

“I think it’s not okay today to play 90 minutes, because he needs rhythm, but one possibility is to start tomorrow knowing that.

“Or, stay on the bench and after he can help us. He is working every day, improving and knowing us.

“My philosophy is that adaptation needs time and after, little-by-little he will grow confidence and know his teammates in training and after playing matches.

“For him, all the minutes he can get to help us are very important. On Sunday for example my idea was to give him some minutes, but after recent injuries, I cannot give him these minutes.

“But tomorrow is another opportunity.”

As for whether he’s thinking about making the deal permanent in the summer, Emery was not to be drawn, preferring to concentrate on the task of finishing in the top four and going far in the Europa League.

“For me, it’s so far away,” he continued. “The football, each match, each week, can change a lot.

“My test as a coach is tomorrow and the players are the same. Our demands are very big demands.

“To work hard, to be with focus for each match to show us and show you, the players, the coaches, that we can improve and we can be better every day.

“For me the summer is so far away.”

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Donald's Trump

Why would you loan someone for half a season that can’t play 90mins even at the end of February.


Bob's Mexican Cousin

Can we call him Kim?


because relatively the players whom are available in january are either not good enough or not playing enough.
suarez MIGHT be both, but giving him the benefit of doubt, he hasnt played much all season.

side note. lichtsteiner has (not) been playing in the slower Italian league for 5(?) years now, he has had half a seasons involvement in the prem and has finally put in a good display, perhaps he was just getting used to the new league and we may see improved performances from him in the future?

SF Gooner

Nah Lichto is past it. He played well against a struggling side and looked just a bit better than average outside of that super ball.

Naked cygan

He won’t start against spurs and man it’s either, so maybe start him against Newcastle or 1st leg on Europa.

Naked cygan

Man utd*


Are we just getting him match fit for Barcelona now?


What was the point of signing someone like this. Has made and likely to make little to zero impact this season


Err…for next season maybe, if he proves his quality. Why are some people so f*ckin impatient and quick to judge? Give him time to adapt!


For comparison, Torreira’s proper introduction took about 2 months. And look at our little bunny now!!


Very true but unfortunately we’ve only got Suarez for about 2 months :\


So we signed a player in January in order for him to impact our team next Season? You believe us to be impatient questioning this?!



all were bought, loaned back and come into the first team fold the following season. with the latter 3 being successful.
pulisic to chelsea w/ their embargo will be interesting.


As usual a lot of words and very little content.


Are we judging his English or coaching ability?

Jb can't write

Pitchfork refunds ahoy!


I thought he’d play, particularly as Emery was crying out for wingers, and apparently this guy is a winger?
I suppose the competition for places can only be a good thing though… Iwobi has been good recently, and Mkhitaryan is decent enough


I think the problem is he’s not really a Right Winger. He’s central to left biased from what I’ve seen/ read.


Kim Kallstrom mk 2


At least he’s not injured


Kallstrom at least contributed tangible stuff


If all he does is score a penalty in a shootout on the way to a cup win (Europa), then I say that will be good enough for me!

Crash Fistfight

At least we’re not obligated to buy if he turns out to not be very good.

I hope his minutes to this point are not a true indicator of his talent, as otherwise I wouldn’t be too keen on the move being made permanent. Hopefully he’ll get better soon, though.


why the fuck did we get him again


Will be ready for a full match by the time he returns to Barcelona. Are we paying his wages as well as the €2m loan fee? Seems like a waste of funds.


He’ll be match fit and ready for a summer transfer to Everton in no time.


I would have happily promoted one of Ameachi or Saka from the U23s and saved the money. Its seems particularly odd knowing Mhki was on his way back from his injury.


If we’re as cash-strapped as KSE would have us believe, you’d have thought this was something we would have researched before taking the player on loan and agreeing to pay his wages.
However, it seems more likely that Emery wanted this transfer, and pushed for it, simply because he is familiar with the player. Best. January. Ever.


Nice hair tho

Gooners & Roses

These adaptations are not what you usually associate with january loan signing. Rather, we should aim for player who can help the team almost immediately. Regardless how he turn out in the future, for me this is a very poor signing strategically. I bet ESR could help the team better than Suarez until end of season rather than loaning him out.


I agree 100%


I dont understand this negativity. There can only be 11 starters. So if Emery can use all those players in the squad with rotation and time on as substitutes or start the game and sub off later on, who gives a rats?
As long as he can perform when he is on the field, if its for 20 minutes to change a game late on, or for the first 60 to help the team, does it matter if he cant do 90mins every game at this stage?
Its called a squad for a reason.


He’s auditioning for a job replacing Ramsey.

Will take time to get him use to PL pace.

You can see he is a little tentative in expression prob (correctly) fearful not to make a poor impression with an early gaff…particularly as Arsenal fans are so impressionable.

Looks like he is best suited as an attacking mid but may be used on ocassion to add numbers in deeper misf I eld covering and control unfortunately tempo of the game.

Next to Granit, Torreira and Guendouzi, options fall off in quality with Elneny.

Mesut O'Neill

It was a signing that was done just to appease the Arsenal fans who wanted a signing.

Would rather have given ESR & Willock more time in the first team than allowing this guy to have an extended vacation.

From what little I have seen of him, he seems like a very basic player, an Elneny if you must.


Strategery(!) HaHaaa!

If we loan him and resuscitate his play, maybe Barca wants to keep him or wants more. (Anybody know if the option to buy price is fixed?)

So maybe we’re being extra secret clever and hiding his true quality until we get the lower priced deal and THEN unleash the next maestro!

Merlin’s Panini

Funny Suarez has his whole name on the back of his shirt. Like those kids who don’t understand it’s supposed to be just the surname but they get their first name printed on the back of their replica shirt. Still, i don’t really care if he has “I’m A Balloon Animal’s Anus” on the back of his shirt as long as he plays well.


Its done so that we don’t confuse him with the other Suarez that’s definitely in our team.

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