Auba returns, Ozil not in squad: Leicester v Arsenal team news

Arsenal team news

Arsenal need three points away from home today, a tall order given recent events. Still, you never know!

Here are today’s official line-ups.

Leicester: To follow


Arsenal: Leno, Maitland-Niles, Mustafi, Sokratis, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Torreira, Mkhitaryan, Iwobi, Aubameyang, Lacazette

Subs: Cech, Koscielny, Mavropanos, Elneny, Guendouzi, Willock, Nketiah

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Looks like an actual 4-4-2, don’t think we’ve seen that this season?


Maybe once?

Runcorn Gooner

Ozil apparently has a foot problem as in “Oh yeah like my foot it is”


Exactly bro, 442, unfamiliar for this gunners. Let’s just hope that this formation give an element of surprise for Lestah. Fingers crossed

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

I think it’s a 4-4-2 that can easily switch to (and back) a 4-2-3-1 with Auba and Iwobi on the wings and Mkhi in an advanced midfield role. I like the attacking versatility, I just hope we’re not forced into an early substitution as our bench really shows how stretched we’ve become. If we can get an away win (???) today, and if Chelsea fail to beat United, alongside Spurs shock loss yesterday, we could be in a surprisingly positive position going into the last two games. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a top 4 race with so many dropped… Read more »


Oh no, Iwobi squandered a golden opportunity as always, and AMN slipped and fot the second yellow. A perfect storm!


Need Mkhi to bring his true game today


Mustafi needs to bring somebody else’s


Haha spot on

Runcorn Gooner

Not another Ozil cough,cold or whatever. Unlikely to be an injury caused in Wolves defeat.

Home Leicester game was his best performance this season but like a lot of the squad he can’t do it away from home.


We really need Mkhitaryan and Iwobi to show up today


Desperate for the win here, and a draw later, need Mkhitaryan to do something today

Kwame Ampadu Down

Assuming we win, a Man Utd win would be the best result for us actually. We would have a 2 pt lead over the team in 5th. A draw & we would have a 1 pt lead.



I can’t believe we put ourselves in this situation 🙁

Jean Ralphio

I like the look of this (that’s what I said last week), would like to see Nketiah and Willock on if we have nothing to lose.


The teams chasing 3rd and 4th have been utter rubbish in recent weeks – cant see no change to that. Kos the Boss at his age has been playing week in week out and is finally given a rest. Due to our game on thursday I suspect. Mustafi with no confidence and Miki as an RM. A recipe for disaster – but pleas prove me wrong guys


I think I’m going to watch the ladies to be honest.

Peter Story Teller

So will I. They are playing to win the league today not perhaps come 3rd, 4th or 5th 20 points behind the winners in a couple of weeks!


Where, when and how?

Peter Story Teller

Go to the Brighton Amex Stadium or it is live on BT Sport in about 20 minutes!

Peter Story Teller

The right choice. Half time and cruising! 2-0 to the Gunners unlike the Premier League team!


Arsenal needs to wear their home jersey today.superstitiously, we don’t do well away this season when we put on d yellow or blue coloured jersey.


Any news on Ozil? Our bench looks a bit lacking


The only thing lacking was his commitment to that 50/50 last match.


He’s got a paper cut on his left pinky, out for the rest of the season…… Ozil is in retirement mode, hoping to extract as much money out of the game as possible before retirement, he hasn’t looked interested since the ink dried on his new deal, I said before the World Cup he’d retire from international football after it, and got nothing but stick for the Ozil fan boys. Ozil is the definition of a player who’s just cruising, he’s lost his hunger and desire, and is simply going through the motions to ensure his pay cheque is signed… Read more »

Gudang Pelor

Wow Rich, you really know ozil and his plans, and hate his guts so much.


When i read “Rich”, i move on. So biased, boring, predictable, nothing serious.




Who else would you play? Kos is exhausted and mav has shown he’s not ready


Looks like a team with Thursday on its mind.

Keith Maddick

The game today has more need for a win, than any other game in our history. Thats if we are wanting superior status over spurs


Can’t help but look at that side and see the holes Vardy is going to target. But then maybe today is the day it all clicks for us, law of averages or something of the like…


There’s also a 21 year old making his prem debut which means automatically he’s going to have an absolute blinder, as always seems to be the case against us.


Probably our strongest line up, given injuries and fatigue. I’m interested to see how the 4-4-2 pans out. It could work well with very attacking fullbacks like Kola and AMN, allowing Mkhi and Iwobi to drift infield more and we hopefully don’t get overloaded in midfield. But the players are less familiar with it.

Xhaka is now one yellow away from missing the rest of the season, after his silly booking for dissent at Wolves. The midfield would be looking pretty threadbare if he’s out too. Please behave!


Where is Lichtsteiner? Sold already?


Come on Mustafi. Proove is all wrong


Important match today but not the most important, so…
Come on Ladies!

Glen Helders left foot

10 minutes in, think we will lose this, we’re really not a good team… hope I’m wrong


Torreira and xhaka need to do something about that attacking midfielder


As a contest it’s game over. Time to do what other teams to do us, park the bus and try and sneak a goal on the counter

Glen Helders left foot

1 minute perfectly summed up this horrible team, weak feeble effort from iwobi ,ball cleared amn sent off after a terrible touch, there’s so little to like about this team


I’ve just switched this off after 35 minutes at 0-0. Maitland Niles has just been sent off and we have been woeful so far yet again nd our wingers are stinking the place out. No doubt in my mind we are losing this, probably heavily. I watched intently for the first half an hour to see if I could identify why we were so poor. It became painfully obvious…we don’t work hard enough. When we get the ball, we amble with it. Leicester charge forward with purpose. When we make mistakes, our players look around for someone else to blame.… Read more »

The only sp*rs i like is san antonio

I switched the tv off too. Now I am pretty sure we wont get top 4 because we are gonna either loose or draw this. Just hope we win the Europa now


I’ve almost gone past the point of giving a shit.


Iwobi and mkhi running into tackles. Kola and sok arguing about stuff. Looks like Laca’s injured. Maitland Nile’s a little unlucky with the second yellow but now we’re really up against it and have absolutely nothing of value on the bench to change the game


We needed someone to sort the cream from the crud and unfortunately when it was realised that it was all crud it soon became apparent that this is a task way beyond the limited management skills of Unai Emery.
This is simply the worst Arsenal side in decades.
Fifth is a position that will be seen as an achievement in the months to come.


Same here. Switched off too


Can someone explain to me exactly how we have improved under Emery? is 25 points behind the leaders seen as an improvement? Emery has brought nothing to Arsenal. Arsenal are a joke from the board down to the players. As long as the mug supporters turn up and pay their money, as long as the TV and sponsorship deals pay out they are content to simply turn up and take the money. There is something seriously wrong with this club – a malignancy that is draining the whole point of being a football club away from Arsenal. Arsenal do not… Read more »

SB Still

Our top 4 chances maybe gone but finally a bit of a fight.

SB Still

That’s that now. The usual Vardy goal!

Europa League it is now.


What fight?

Merlin’s Panini

Fuck me we are shit. We’ve been awful since we lost Ramsey. Fed up of this now. We keep on being goven chances to sneak into the top four but we’re just not good enough. Embarrassing.


The problem was that Emery was appointed because he had just been fired from PSG and was the cheapest option.
It just goes to show that the cheap shit option is never the right choice. The appointment should have been for the right manager for the post who could make the necessary changes.
Arsenal have not improved.
And now its 2-0
This is what happens when you take the cheap fucking shit option – you get a brainless numpty like Unai “Dick” Emery.
Sooner that cunt is gone the better…


And now our goal difference matches Chelsea…. If we finish 6th, pre season will have to start earlier because we’ll need to play Europa League qualification matches. The fans who wanted Wenger gone? Got what you deserved. A new manager that drove 2 of our best 4 players Ramsey and Ozil out of the club and we’re going backwards. Get rid of Emery and get in Rafael Benítez.


I am fully confident that I could do a better job than Unai Emery.
He came into a post where he could only make improvements yet has succeeded in making a poor situation even worse.
Emery is incompetent.
The third game against a team with absolutely nothing to play for and the third game in which Arsenal have conceded three goals.
I’m sorry but Emery is useless.
I hope Valencia kick us out.
I cannot bear another year of suffering that greasy idiot..


This manager better put his stupid personal pride aside and select team that brings results.