Video: Everton 1-0 Arsenal ‘On the whistle’


It’s not really on the whistle at this point, but here are James’ thoughts on the 1-0 defeat to Everton and another away day in which we failed to do ourselves justice.

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What happened to our high press?

What is the point of these stupid short corners?

When will we stop passing the ball backwards?


We were awful yesterday but let’s not panic yet. First league in 7 matches.

We are not out of it yet

We are not out of it yet

Please all read Adams9802 comments on the players ratings after Everton game and read my comments. Lets hit the nail in the head to any type of abuse


I always enjoy the videos James produces. A solid and balanced view of a horrible away performance. I had hoped that our infamous “away day hoodoo” was just a myth, but sadly it’s a myth that has become a reality these past couple of seasons.