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Danny Welbeck’s Arsenal departure confirmed

It was confirmed today that Danny Welbeck will leave Arsenal at the end of this season for free.

The England international joined the Gunners in 2014 for £16m from Manchester United, but due to abject contract management by the club we won’t receive any fee for him when he departs at the end of June when his deal expires, which will make replacing him more difficult.

Welbeck was given a round of applause, a farewell carriage clock and a 40% off discount voucher on all Puma merchandise after the 1-1 draw with Brighton at the Emirates today.

He hasn’t played since November when he suffered a broken ankle in a Europa League tie with Sporting, and sadly hasn’t recovered in time to make a farewell appearance.

He might not have been the most brilliant player ever, but he was honest, worked hard and we’ve missed him this season – particularly in the second half of the campaign when we lacked attacking options.

Wherever he goes, we wish him plenty of luck and no injuries, he deserves it.

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Good luck Danny.

Crazy that we didn’t get transfer fees for Aaron and you.

Hope all goes well apart from if you are playing us.


Thank you Danny for giving us so many memorable moments over the years… 1. The incredible last minute winner at home against Leicester in 2015-16, the closest we ever got to challenging for the title in the last decade. 2. Scoring and celebrating against Manu at Old Trafford. 3. FA cup final performance against Chelsea. 4. Those many wonderful Bambi on ice finishes ! 5. The salt bae celebration. It’s a shame we could not see the best of you due to the frequent injuries, but your heart and desire was never in doubt. If only the present lot had… Read more »


When the annouced that Danny was leaving, everyone looked around at each other like ‘What? He is going as well?’ I know he has been out injured for a long time, and there has been a few rumours to suggest that he wasn’t going to get a new deal from Arsenal. I thought it was fairly shocking stuff from the club to put nothing out in the press through official channels notifying the fans that Danny was leaving the club. Considering how much effort he has put in to being an Arsenal player — I thought they owed him that.… Read more »


Love dat guy. Wish he could’ve stayed healthy. He would be a real star.


Ah real star? Please! Love the guys honesty and hard work there’s absolutely not a chance in the world of him becoming a star, injuries or not. He has limited talent, but the heart of a lion


If we had just one player out there yesterday with the heart of a lion instead of 11 with the hearts of sheep we might, just might have had a result!
Massive clear out needed or we will just turn into a mid table team.


We are a mid-table team!


There are just some players that are unlucky … All the best to him.


He would have been better than most of the cunts that played the last 6 games.

Thierry Bergkamp

Welbeck has always been a mid table club player at best, just like the “cunts” that we have now. Don’t make him out to be something that he’s not, just because he was willing to run around a lot. We need to stop praising mediocrity and then we might get players of the level that we want to see.

Owl faced Deeney's cojones

Mourinho said he wouldn’t have sold Welbeck like the manager before him did.


It’s been a shitty day for all of us, mate. But I think you may be overreacting just a bit. Welbeck may not have become the star many hoped but he is far from mediocre. He’s made the crucial difference in more than a few games (see Gunner Ron, above). We certainly shouldn’t be letting him go for free!

Thierry bergkamp

Even Mustafi and Sanogo have made the crucial difference for us, like many crap players before them have done for 00’s of teams. That doesn’t take away from their mediocrity.


Mustafi and Sanogo are not remotely on the same level as Welbeck!


I feel like Emery has zero tolerance on injury prone footballers…


I’m assuming you are thinking of Ramsey. Well as Emery said he wanted to build the team around Ramsey it is obvious it wasn’t his decision to let him go.


Still think Ramsey if he had played this last 2-3 games he would have pushed arsenal to top 4. Ramsey also didn’t do himself any good with reluctance to sign contract presented to him for months from the time of Wenger


That’s the problem. “If”.
There’s no point having a player who can potentially make that difference if he’s likely to be on the physio bench when it’s important.


Good luck Welbz. That header against United.


Thank you Danny and all the best!


And the late one at Leicester!

A Different George

When he scored that, I thought we would win the league.


Wasn’t it at home?

A Different George

It was; we had won at Leicester 2-5 early in the season (the only team to do the double on them that year). Vardy got two, and Alexis got three.

Make Arsenal Great Again

There will be a significant clear out this summer. We would probably have 8-10 players leave.

Cech, elneny, welbz, Ramsey, litchstiner, Montreal, chambers, ospina, and 1 or 2 more we’re not expecting


ADD Xhaka Mhikitarian and headless chicken Iwobi to that list


Headless chicken??? That’s not too good


This club better have something special planned this summer.

We are shit to begin with, even before we lose Ramsey, Welb and Cech.

The midfield looks fucking abject, we have no dribblers, no goals outside of the front two, and a defence that’s so porous and crippled it just invites any shit team to have a go.

We have fuck all cash to fix it all with, a wanker for an owner and a manager who’s looking more clueless with every game.

What a fucking shambles they’ve made of our magnificent club!


Spot on mate. The clubs a shambles, we are now a mediocre mid table team and have no chance to challenge for the championship let alone top 4. How can we possibly challenge when we dont want to compete financially? It just goes to show what an amazing job ” the great man” Arsene Wenger had been doing. The team have gone backwards under the new manager and all he ever says is ” we are working hard ” thats the least can can do considering what they are paid, what makes it even worse is when you take into… Read more »


Sorry to see him go, although I hope this is a sign the club is looking to move onwards an upwards. He’s a likeable guy, but short of the quality we want to see if we’re honest…

Xhaka Demus, no Pliers

It’s definitely not a sign the club are looking to move onwards and upwards. It’s a sign of the kind of stupidity that has left us saddled with Ozil and Mkhi on over 500k a week (combined) and letting go of Welbeck and (much more importantly) Ramsey.


Letting go of Welbeck is a sign of the stupidity of letting go of Welbeck? I don’t think there’s much of a link between Ozil and Mikhi’s contracts and letting Welbeck go. As much as their contracts are ridiculous, Welbeck is a player with a poor injury record and limited talent, albeit great endeavour. In the past there would have been every likelihood he’d have gotten a new contract and the club would have been equally criticised for it. There is definitely a point to be made about letting players run down contracts rather than getting a transfer fee. My… Read more »


Good job that move to the new stadium has us up there with the elite clubs of European football.

Xhaka Demus, no Pliers

Best of luck Danny. He may not have been clinical but he put a shift in which is more than I can say for 4 or 5 of the first team regulars. When the more talented of the young players look at the last 4 league games they must be thinking that they’d have gotten more than 1 draw from them. How much patience can we expect them to have when the first team is so underwhelming?


Its the manager/ coach Emery hes failed so get rid of him.
Marco Silva ?


1 down about 10 to go!


Good luck to him. He was and is a decent guy and had wretched luck with injuries.

We really have to do something about our contract management or the lack thereof. Frankly it is amateurish ; in fact it’s a disgrace. Throw in Ramsey, Sanchez and Ozil – throw in being saddled with Miktaryan, who is an out and out lightweight and we’re blowing a ton of money away by failing to manage things at a basic level.

You’d think the Kronke’s might be concerned as it involves money. But then again they don’t give a stuff ?


The transfers in this club have been handled sp badly that even an undercover Spurs agent would dare to do it like we have in fear of being immediate exposed. Truly a horror show of incompetence and laziness.


Welbeck and Ramsey are the types of players we need in this club, neither is the most talented, but both always gave their best and played with heart every match. With them gone not sure I can say that about anyone other than maybe Koscielny.


I suspect Monreal may also be leaving. His contract is finished next month and if we wanted him to stay we surely would have offered him a new deal by now.


No idea why the other two got a silver cannon and he got a plate.

Real shame he wasn’t kept on


You’d have killed to have him off the bench today, right?


Absolute shit show.

I don’t know if this is Emery, the Board, the Owner, but something very strange is going on.

We seem hell bent on dismantling any remnance of Wenger’s final team. While I expect there would have been changes over time, the departures since the Ox have all been high profile, and allowed to happen.

I understand that overall cost of wages has been a concern, but surely looking £60m + in talent for free doesn’t offset that?


We *will* miss him. He never quite pushed on as we might have hoped but he was an honest and talented squad player who gave his best every time he played.

The contract management at this club seems to be nothing short of abysmal! Surely, a two-year extension would have given us his services next season and allowed us to recoup some money by selling him with a year left on his contract. For a club that is so concerned with overhead, Arsenal seem to defy logic at times.

Big Dave

Good luck at West Ham or Everton next season and thanks for everything. #DatGuyWelbz


We all seem to assume that he would have accepted the new contract. Running down a contract can be very lucrative!!!!


Knowing his luck he would have picked up an injury the first week after he signed a new contract and all the people now saying he should have been offered a new contract would be whining why we gave a new contract to an injury prone player.




I think some people need a dose of reality. We are NOT going to make wholesale changes. We will buy but maybe 3 max 4 players. How good in quality and experience is another issue. Considering – 1) The number of positions that have outstanding requirement 2) The number of players leaving squad 3) This is the Arsenal, no CL income will mean we will cut our clothes to the cloth. We will be LUCKY if we add 4 quality players. GK – Leno. Cech leaving, Ospina likely will try and leave. Martinez maybe but do we need better? Maybe… Read more »


I really hoped that Emery will have the courage to promote some young players, like Pochettino did at Spurs. If it’s not the case and with our incompetent management I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, this is a squad lacking quality, drive, hunger…Im afraid that we will see the same scenario during the following 3-4 years: Europa League + outside of the Top 4. No chance for the Premier League title. I remember a time 8-9 years ago when our midfield consisted in: Fabregas, Nasri, Arshavin, Rosicky, Diaby, Ramsey. All young players, who knew how… Read more »


The fact that everyone rightly says what a nice guy he is speaks volumes about his ability. Just 16 league goals in 5 years as a striker and an unfortunately injury record has not helped us a lot. A real later day Wenger signing.

Craig Jacobs

This shows how tough Emery’s job is no Danny and Ramsey gone without anything back, Gunners transfer policy a joke. Dealing with Xhaka, Ozil I wouldnt want to coach Arsenal…
Squad needs a overall, creative midfielder Donny van de Beek, James Maddison, Hazards brother, Marco Reus???? and world class defender, Umtiti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good hard working squad player. Now the fools have to replace him.


He celebrated against Man Utd. Not out of disrespect for them in my opinion but because he knew how big that game was and how big that goal was for his team. He’ll always be a united fan at heart but he gave us his all, which might not have been enough but he was good and I like him. Definitely a mid table striker though and I bet he’ll find great success at one of those clubs.

Monkey knees

Limited player, but good enough for a squad role. Always gives his all. We have a huge summer window coming up. With players like Welbz and Ramsey leaving (for free!) We need quality replacements. Likely that Kos, Mustafi, Elneny, Jenko, Nacho etc will be going… Money needs to be spent.

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