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Report: Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal (inc. goals)

Result: Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal
Competition: Europa League final
Date: 29 May 2019
Venue: Turf Moor

Arsenal: Cech, Sokratis, Koscielny, Monreal, Maitland-Niles, Xhaka, Torreira, Kolasinac, Ozil, Aubameyang, Lacazette

Subs: Leno, Lichtsteiner, Mustafi, Jenkinson, Elneny, Guendouzi, Willock, Saka, Amaechi, Iwobi, Nketiah, Welbeck

Arsenal’s hopes of a first European trophy since 1994 were destroyed in brutal fashion by Chelsea who scored four goals in a devastating second-half blitz.

Olivier Giroud broke the deadlock with a header four minutes after the break and inside 23 minutes, Pedro and a brace from Eden Hazard, one from the spot, condemned us to another year in Europe’s second-tier competition.

Substitute Alex Iwobi briefly gave the Gunners hope of a miracle with the best goal of the game, a fine volley from the edge of the area, but it was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment of brightness on a nightmare evening in Baku.


Having had two weeks to chew over his team selection, the boss decided to go with a 3-4-1-2 formation. Petr Cech started in goal – his final game of a prestigious playing career – with Sokratis, Monreal and Koscielny making up the backline, flanked by Kolasinac and Maitland-Niles. Xhaka and Torreira were charged with anchoring midfield while Ozil, in the absence of Mkhitaryan and Ramsey, got the nod in the number 10 role behind Aubameyang and Lacazette.

Uefa’s rules for the final stipulated that we could pick 12 substitutes so amongst the usual back-up, youngsters Saka, Amaechi, Nketiah and Willock all took a place on the bench. Welbeck’s presence after six months out injured was also noteworthy.

First half

Warm conditions, an very late kick-off, a subdued atmosphere, a lengthy two-week gap since a competitive game, nerves, a combination of them all? Whatever it was, both sides looked sluggish in the opening stages. Passes were misplaced. Players slipped over. Fouls were made. The cut and thrust you might expect from a London derby was nowhere to be seen.

Hazard looked dangerous making his usual darting runs. Maitland-Niles and Torreira dealt with him in physical fashion. In reply, Luiz took out Lacazette. Bit by bit, we started to take control of things. Aubameyang snatched at a shot from the edge of the box after a nervy punch clear by Kepa and Kolasinac found good space behind Azpilicueta but the couldn’t squeeze a cross into the box.

Moments later, Lacazette pounced on a loose ball in the Chelsea box, got his foot to the ball before Kepa and was clipped by the keeper. The Italian officials deferred the decision to VAR – operational for the first time in this season’s Europa League – and it was ruled no penalty. It was debatable given the obvious contact. 

The tempo increased. A break from Kante down the right and a quick first-time ball to Giroud raised pulses in the Gunners defence, but our former striker bundled the ball out of play.

Aubameyang taunted David Luiz and hung up a dinked cross that Azpilicueta had to clear. Then Xhaka clipped the bar after letting rip with his right foot from 30-yards. 

On several occasions, Kolasinac served as a great outlet on the left, but time and again his end product was lacking. A pile-driver deflected wide and a speculative overhit cross was punched clear. Had he looked up there were men waiting on both occasions.

At the other end, Hazard inspired one-touch triangular football on the edge of our box required serious concentration to thwart. Sokratis did well to block efforts from Emerson and Azpilicueta and Cech beat away another shot from the Brazilian taken on the diagonal.

Chelsea, who’d been relatively conservative, definitely ended the half stronger and were it not for a huge save by Cech they might have had the lead. After quick interplay, the ball was fed to Giroud who, with his left foot, cut a shot across the keeper. The veteran who’d initially moved right, got down low to his left to parry clear. It was a big moment.

Second half

Chelsea carried their momentum into the second half and killed the game inside 20 minutes. We were lucky when Giroud failed with a left foot effort within a couple of minutes of the restart and that the referee ignored a Monreal foul on Hazard in the build-up.

Giroud was not so profligate on 49 minutes. There didn’t seem to be much danger when Emerson aimed a cross into the middle of the box, but as we know from his time at the Emirates, the Frenchman is great in the air. He beat Koscielny, arching down low to arrow a diving header beyond Cech. He fell to his knees and pointed to the sky in celebration. Seemingly trying to control his emotions. (1-0)

Time for the Gunners to step it up. Time to show some urgency. The 4,000 travelling Gooners knew as much and did their best to fill the cavernous Olympic Stadium with their noise. The best we could muster was a shot by Torreira which was blocked at close quarters by Kante.

On 59 minutes, the Blues dealt us a body blow. Hazard’s cutback was met by Pedro who swept home first time. Another clinical finish to double the lead. (2-0)

We were left with no choice to push men forward and hope that we could deal with Chelsea’s pace on the break. It didn’t make for pretty watching. In fact, it got worse.

With Pedro dancing around the edge of the box and nobody wanting to tackle him, the Spaniard had time to find Giroud who was bundled over from behind by Maitland-Niles. The referee pointed to the spot. Hazard stepped up and put the ball straight down the middle. (3-0)

Unai Emery reacted by taking off Nacho Monreal and a tearful Lucas Torreira. We switched to a back four, Xhaka slipping into left-back, and Guendouzi and Iwobi taking up positions in midfield. The Nigerian made an instant impact smashing home a volley from the edge of the area after a half-cleared corner fell to him. (3-1)

Hopes of a comeback were immediately extinguished. Hazard won the ball high up the park, gave it to Giroud, who clipped a cross to the back post for the onrushing Belgian to beat Cech. The Frenchman’s pass was near identical to that which Ramsey converted in the FA Cup final two years ago, that time for us. Being subjected to the replay was cruel. (4-1)

The final stages passed in a bit of a blur as if we’d collectively suffered a concussion. Joe Willock came on for the ineffective Mesut Ozil, Cech denied substitute Willian and Kepa denied Lacazette when the striker had a chance to reduce the deficit again. Willock really should have had a goal but having been put through on goal by Lacazette he opened his body too much and curled wide.

The end of the game came as something of a relief. What can you say when you concede four goals in the second half of a major European final? We arrived in Azerbaijan with more than hope and we left with our tails between our legs, losing a game, as we have several times this season, after a total meltdown. This isn’t anything new. We’ve been here before. It just hurts more because this really mattered.

This was a huge game. An opportunity to consolidate improvements. A chance to get back in the big time. To prove to our rivals both here and abroad that we’re back. We squandered it. We really messed up.

How damaging this proves to be, only time will tell. In the short-term, we’re left to lick our wounds. We’ll go again in August.

I don’t know about you, but next season already feels tiring.

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my name is bob

One word for the performance:


That were crap


How can anyone down vote this?
Are you people fucking retarded?

Belfast Gooner

Must u use the word retarded? Just as bad as abusing people for their race or sexuality!

Teryima Adi


Bob's Mexican Cousin

They should make them walk back to London.


That would be the pre-season when they’d arrive… 🙂

Joy Boral

Now I want complete devastation. I want Tottenham to win.
We need to lose it all to get back up without comparing ourselves to other teams.


Think about what you’re saying, man


I just cant support Spuds. soz.



Runcorn Gooner

Whatever it takes get rid of Ozil. Big game player, my arse.
Aubameyang not great tonight but Ozil is now a luxury we cannot afford any longer. Dreadful night.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Thought he did a good job shadowing Georgeinho in the first half. That salary though…

Faisal Narrage

I respect Ozil morally.
The fact he took a stand with Mikhi to boycott this game and not show up takes some guts.


Haha! Kudos to you sir.


In what way is Özil even a luxury?

David C

Did you see Ozil just walking off when subbed and we are losing? I was losing my mind watching that waste of space just taking a little stroll…

Cech was our best player. What a bunch of chokers




Could be panto land. We’re such a Cinderella team that we turn into pumpkins at midnight?


Oya, all the #Emeryout gang, in useful short or long detail, discuss how by his own actions he could have escaped your judgement tonight

Dr Oo no

Is that where the final us next year?


You’re not a Gunner if you’re laughing tonight.

You’re a cunt, Hamilton.


Grifffbox, he’s a gunner, I’m a gunner. It’s not always laughter when you type hahaaha


Not exactly sure what else you want my reaction to be? Anger? Over that steaming pile? No thank you.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

How about nothing? Same goes for the tosser who wants sp*rs to win on saturday.


My choice of words isn’t helpful maybe, and I’ve quite possibly miss-read the sentiment of your post. Sorry if I did.

But if I did, and you’re not being a cunt, just joking in place of any other emotion, to me that is a lot of wrong right now. We should be angry. We shouldn’t laughingly dismiss it, we have to demand more from our club. I want to be proud of my football team, not laugh at it.

My apologies again if I’ve misunderstood. But if I haven’t I stand by what I say.


Reading back I’ve been way too diplomatic in my response. Who the fuck write ‘hahaha……’ when their team has just been properly done over by a rival. Fucking sort it out. I’d never laugh at my team, make light of it and I’m turn wilfully accept it.

Demand better.


My friend full respect to you and your comments. There was a time that a loss like this would have me angry and demanding more. But at this point, I don’t trust or have hope that it will happen. I have been supporting Arsenal for the better part of two decades and over the last 5 – 8 years there has been a lot of talk and no action. You know who talks a lot and never delivers fuck all? Politicians and bull shit artists. Since we aren’t a government, we have a lot bull shit artists in this club… Read more »

Teryima Adi

You need to laugh sometimes to keep from crying@ Hamiltongunner.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Heads need to roll for this. Make this the summer of long knives.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Play the B team in the league, put all your eggs in an away game. Disastrous judgement. #EmeryOut

Pat Rice and Beans

I should make this summer a guillotine!


Heads need to roll and that’s the bottom line. Everything else is an illusion!


Talk is cheap. Anyone can run their mouth. Watch what they do instead of what they say.


5th in the league, failed in Europa, no cash to spend, owner doesn’t give a shit. Back to square one.


Ahhhhhhh sheeit….here we go again.

Man Manny

Özil just has to leave…NOW.


At least we get another shot at it next season …



Reality check

This team needed someone with character and fight, we bottled it when we replaced a bottler with another bottler. Although not so efficient but at least with Wenger we had an identity. With Emery, I struggle to see what his attacking game is beyond pullbacks from the fullbacks.. defending wise, he’s even worse..


Primadonas with no urge to fight


That was embarrassing. This team has no character and that’s based on the last two months not just this game. People will point to the manager but I doubt any manager can cure that root problem.


Arsenal doing what Arsenal do best – shitting the bed.




I’ve got enough fingers to point to both. He should go, as should most of that team. They were not prepared, he was slow to act again. He’s as much a choke artist as them.


I don’t know how people didn’t see this in Emery after the first two months of the season.

Not the coach we need.


Who is ? You’re just going to throw your toys out kiddo ?


Like against Brighton, brings on Guendouzi to change the game! Beginning to wonder about a guy who won’t pass forward and can’t track back.


Really? you doubt any manager can cure our problems. One things for certain he can’t. Just look at our away record, bloody woeful and he really didn’t seem to know what to do. PSG finished Emery and it showed this season.

Look to our youth next season and get the right manager to bring them through.


Mr Deano, I think anybody that wants Emery out doesn’t have patience for a process in their daily lives. You can be against this dude that has done so much with so many obstacles ?? Very much The spirit of Andrew. I guess it comes down to how much of a process you can see and how much you only think about the win (Please state the obvious )


I think the reason why people want Emery to leave, myself included, is that we don’t see much of a process. I honestly don’t know what sort of team we’re supposed to be. I don’t think the players know and in the end we just sort of run around while Emery yells stuff from the sidelines.


I don’t believe Emery is confused. He prefers fluidity, malleability, spotting the opponents weakness and killing it off, a characteristic everyone probably agree comes with intelligence. He’s got so many odds stacked against him so can’t even bother start listing them. It was a final and take a look at our squad/tools he has to work with . I mean he kept Ozil out so long, who would believe he wouldn’t perform on this stage! What other motivation does he need? When Emery buys even 18year old inanimate carbonrods which his already stated ‘intelligence’ guided him as being capable of… Read more »


Look, all these people talking about “but I don’t see a process” are just being wilfully blind. We didn’t get to the Final by playing crap football – so they’ve seen what a good version of Emery’s team looks like. They just choose to ignore it whenever we lose a game. Guys like Sokratis and Laca come out to tell us how they’ve learnt and improved under Emery, what do these same fans do? Ignore that because it doesn’t back up their foolish narrative. I know everyone’s in pain, but if people think “process” is something instantly visible that happens… Read more »


I see Sokratis and Laca sucking up when they talk like that. Painful but true.

Reality check

Some ‘processes’, if you let them run their course, can destory the very fabric of your ecistance. I can make a list of examples but lets just consider the most relevant. The stadium con job and project youth was let to run its course. Left us so far behind the top that we get bullied around by mid table clubs. Top players don’t even look in our direction anymore.

Reality check

Exactly, Emery lost every game that really meant something.. his style is crap, defense even worse.. how we bottled our CL place in the last 8 games was criminal. Don’t know why people thought we’ll suddenly turn it all around for the final..


Can’t reply in detail when you use such hasty generalization as he lost every game that meant sth


I am sick of Ozil.


he is a waste of space, i really pray he leaves this summer.


He really has to be free transferred out.


Danger is that, without CL, we lose players we want to keep and keep those we don’t


At the pub I was in everyone was booing him when he was subbed off. Never seen that before.


I hope it made them feel better…


Bloody hell Alex,do you support Arsenal or Ozil? He’s meant to be our best player but he was putrid as were others but he has never performed for Arsenal consistently. Does he even care?


How many good games has he had this season? 3 or 4? The Leicester game and then I really struggle to think of a standout game. It’s not good enough and that new contract we gave him is looking more and more like an albatross


The Leicester game is all.


He’s been given a lot of leeway but now he seriously needs to fuck off. Yet another absolutely spineless performance. Willock did more in 2 minutes than Ozil did in the previous 80.


You mean, he _almost_ did more. Ozil played his role better than most and he wasn’t the reason the team shipped four. He wasn’t giving the ball away. The execs pay him 350 per and then sign a 19 year old welp to shore up the midfield, while all season Ozil is scapegoated and Guenduzi is treated like the coach’s son. Behind the front three, Arsenal in midfield is one-paced and slow to shift the ball and the defense is held together by cortisone shots and hope. The squad in Baku just isn’t good enough. Would fans of this team… Read more »

Pat Rice and Beans

He shouldn’t wear Arsenal’s shirt ever again.

I don’t know…buy his contract out, let him train with with the U-20, let him stay in home managing his e-sports team, whatever.

Eri Blair

He should be ashamed, and shouldn’t be anywhere near an Arsenal shirt next season. A terrible symbol of all that was wrong with the previous administration, he really couldn’t give a fuck anymore.

Could also be the end of Emery, but who would replace him with such (relatively) high demands and a (relatively) shoe-string budget?



This system is no for him, simple. Put Auba/Laca/a winger and him as a 10.


It’s not the system that’s the problem. He hasn’t consistently produced since he signed the contract and even before then was very patchy. He’s a big name on a huge salary but a clearly declining player. The exact opposite of what we need right now


I hope he goes to another club having a suitable system for him then.

Toure Motors

I think put Joe willock in for him and put ozil as a number 12. That’s where he can be most effective

Frank from Vienna

Yeah, Willock or Smith Rowe would have shown far more than him. Prefer them next season an Özil off to China


Put him on a plane


Yes of course its mezut fault. Its 100% unai fault. He should have make change at 2-0. It was obvious we needed change. Awful change by the way, guendouzi not tracking for the 4th goal. Ozil was doing fine ( even make some trackles ), driving the game well before those fantastic 10min. Of course not what you expect from is salary but you have to ask unai tactics. Going wide is cool, but you need guys who can put à good crosse. We can talk about aubameyang and lacazette too who were not at the level expected. The last… Read more »


You want to see what a real top player looks like? Simply look at hazard. Ozil isn’t remotely close to world class these days despite being the 2nd highest paid player in the league


Özil was shit, but you’re right – he shouldn’t be scapegoated for this game, as he is almost always equally anonymous and maybe wasn’t the worst player tonight. I think what you are seeing in the comments here is the backlash against him and his ridiculous contract now that another unsuccessful season is over, rather than a singling out of Özil for this game alone. When you put all your season’s eggs in one Europa League basket, you are on rocky ground. When you then ask Özil to carry that basket, you are walking across that rocky ground blindfolded and… Read more »

Sir John King

Everyone and everything can fuck right off. Especially all things Arsenal. What a bunch of absolute cunts. Down the drain.

Glenn Helder's Perm

What a load of old toot.

Clear out the squad and bring in some of the kids, start afresh.

Thanks Petr and Aaron, sorry the season couldn’t have ended on a better note.


Absolute cuntbags hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah


I laugh with whoever is laughing

Wilsheres Middle Finger

To be fair it’s either that or cry, and I’m way too pumped up on toxic masculinity right now to cry……

*leaves room*



We didn’t even play that badly.


Should have gone to Specsavers


Didn’t play that well either


We were bloody dreadful.


Did you watch the same game as the rest of us?

Petit's Handbag

What the fuck were you watching?


Ngl I feel like killing myself. This was fucking horrendous, feel so sorry for those fans who travelled all the way to Baku


Do not harm yourself over a game of football.


Not sure if you are serious or not but dont. One day we’ll be back where we belong. It Was a long wait between 05 cup final and 2014. But 2014 was my happiest day as an arsenal fan and made all the pain worth it!


Don’t do it. Sometimes you win and we have people we know we don’t want on board. Hard but keep chin up


Could be a joke but guys have gone ahead and killed themselves around here in the past. on the plus side, we are two months away from a new season. We’ll be among the favorites unlike the CL which is way beyond our level


Only our defending is suicidal, you’re Arsenal and need to suffer longer term.


Bye, bye Mesut!


Was he even there, or just an imagining?


Didn’t even bother leaving dugout at the end – very poor sportsmanship.

Matt P

Spoilt little brat. Wenger indulged him too much. Emery, rightly, won’t. Then gets all sulky.


Looks like we’re shopping at Aldi then

Running Ray Running down the wing running Raaaaay!

I don’t think we have the two quid for the trolley do we, mate?


On the plus side, Aldi does some quality pale ales for £1.19. Install me as Chief Scout and I’ll find some similar gems in the aisles of Ligue 2. Bob’s your uncle.


What a shit show.

Goonerooni 48

Absolute rubbish from Unai Emery and the team.


Wolves, Brighton, Leicester, Palace and now Baku – worst end to a season since I can’t remember when.


Inevitable. Sad for the fans who made the effort to get all the way over there for that! We should never have been in the position where this final was the make or break of the season. Should have done it in the league, but we messed that up vs opposition we really should be beating. All sounds a bit familiar……….


A disgraceful performance by a disgraceful group of players led by the most average manager around. I’ve been saying for months that Emery is the epitome of average, yet people on this think we should waste money and time on him? “Give him some windows” no, we need a manager who is capable of improving players that we have already, that’s what a coach does, especially when we can’t spend like City or United do. He’s weak, he’s an utterly weak manager, and of course he played Cech. Certain fans on this thought that we can get away with playing… Read more »

Tony Hall

Yes you have been saying it for months … like a repeating record that you can’t turn off so give it a rest


He’s better than Santori


The jury’s out on that point!


You must enjoy Arsenal being defensively worse (despite having an actual defensive midfielder in Torreira), and worse in attack despite having £110m worth of strikers eh? Who could do better eh?

He’s fucking average. Everyone knew that last May when he was announced. Pathetic


Fans like you deserve the Europa League.

For what it’s worth I agree with you on Cech, I said on here playing him would be a mistake.

But we’ve never hired superstar coaches at this club. Wenger had won nothing when he came to Arsenal. You want to follow a hire and fire club, you might need to start shopping around for a different team my friend


Emery was never a superstar, he has had issues wherever he has been. He’s not got any style of play, and he’s a defensive disaster and has been everywhere he’s been. If you don’t believe me, go and look.


Jay, who hasn’t ?


He is right.
Tonight proved it so.
Time you realised it..
Emery is fucking garbage..


no one has been paying attn to ur posts apart from tony hall i guess


Chech was our best player !

Faisal Narrage

Imagine, our best player was the Chelsea Sporting Director.


Well it certainly looked like it tonight.


I partly agree but on a serious note Leno would’ve saved that first header by Giroud. Also, torreira shouldn’t have been taken off, he was still fighting and Iwobi Welbeck should’ve been brought on. Our club rn is an utter meme


Join the line pal.
Being saying this for weeks now. Look at Emery’s track record. He is just a survivor for an average club. He isn’t going to win us anything. He loves the average Europa and will do anything to stay in it.


Cech was not the issue.


The mere fact one of Chelsea’s biggest ever legends and new director of football started this game makes him an issue. That’s kind of what conflict of interest means, and why in other sports it wouldn’t be allowed (or any other profession, really)


Scream your lungs out. It’s therapy. Glad they don’t listen to you though


Enjoy this


How was Cech bad?


Jurgen Kloop finished 7th in his first season and he lost europa league final against a side managed by emery. it took him 3 years to build a competative team. it doesnt matter which coach arsenal hire, it will take time, give emery some time. dont get angry over a game. relax


Its the performances that point to the future. The performances give hope. Klopp’s team played well and continued to improve, even though he was brought in during the season. Klopp improved players, improved liverpool’s performances and always took positives to the following season.

Klopp also had a far weaker team than this Arsenal side.


“Klopp’s team played well”

No. No they didn’t. In his first season at L’pool, they were a shit show. He had to change nearly 15 players before they started playing decent football the following season.

Spanish Gooner

Jürgen Klopp arrived with a reputation from dortmund that justified giving him more time. Emery has never done anything to deserve time or money, and as a club we don’t have enough of either


It’s funny because I agree that Arsenal should’ve hired a better coach than Emery in the first place. But this thing we do where we denigrate every achievement in his career is pretty fucking lame.

He’s won a league title, domestic cup competitions, and European trophies during a period when we weren’t winning anything. Saying he’s done nothing makes us sound a bit arrogant, and a bit daft.

Frank from Vienna

Sounds right but i fear Emery is no Klopp. And we haven’t got Liverpools money…


Stop this. Klopp won the Bundesliga twice over Bayern with minimal investment. There is no comparison between Klopp and Emery at all.


Cech was our best player ffs


Ozil needs to go. His attitude is unacceptable and he’s invisible during big matches. His salary is a joke.

Goooooooner for life

We dont deserve champions league. Simple as that

Toure Motors

Hanging around Armenia and Belarus on Thursday nights is more our level.


Does the TV money or ticket revenue or competition prize money even outweigh, say, the expense of booking a private jet to the Caucasus every Thursday?

Can we just drop out of the Europa League? Surely UEFA’s financial penalty for dropping out would be less of a negative than continuing this punishment of being sent to a Gulag every Thursday year after fucking year.

Thierry Bergkamp

If they did they’d be in it. This is now a europa league club


I’m going on an Arsenal sabbatical
next season. I cannot stand Thurs/Sun football and having to travel to Timbuktu for shits


We need to throw this competition next season and concentrate on top four. There is no prestige in winning the Europa League per se, just like there never was for the UEFA Cup beforehand. What does it mean? That you are the best of the European also rans? The only benefit of winning it is to avoid playing in it again, so if you have to play an additional 16 games just to lose it, then don’t bother. Just keep your players fresh for the league games.


We now have a £40m MAX budget for missing out on Champs League! Unless we sell a load of players (*ahem* Ozil *ahem*). And we don’t have Sven Mislintat or a Sporting Director to find some cheap/unknown gems. We’re pretty fucked



Never getting my hopes up for this football mess again.

Aussie gooner

Anyone wanna defend ozil for his brilliance at finding space?

Another Paul

He wasn’t any worse than anyone else out there. Don’t know anyone who stood up except Cech and in the first half Zhaka. Give it a rest with the Ozil hate please

Brazilian gooner

How about Auba?


He found Chelsea a lot of space.


There was that one moment, when, surrounded by 3 opponents, he slowed, turned and dinked a lovely 3 foot pass to someone on the left. All happened on the halfway line though…


Doesn’t anyone wanna discuss that “Arsenal” only plays with 3 attackers and expects to win games?

Olivije Žirod

Finally someone saying it. There were plenty of times when Ozil passed to Auba and then the only solution he had was Lacazette in the box surrounded by Chelsea players. You won’t win games like that and that was true for most of the season.


As dreadful as Ozil was (zero chances created, zero shots!) this is also true. There’s something seriously wrong with our style when we essentially play with 3 attackers and 7 defenders, and still concede 4!


He found a seat on the bench, though it took him time to find it. Slowest walk ever.


Dreadful performance matching another dreadful season.

Can’t forgive the manager for all the points dropped at the end of the season. Never sorted our defensive issues out and an awful away record to boot. Not much out there, not much already here either.

Hard to see us progressing next season!


Just don’t watch next season ….
Come back when Silent shit Stan resigns


As soon as it went to 1-0 I knew it was over. We just don’t have the mentality. Shame


We are just not a team that is set up to do anything on the front foot. We wouldn’t know what to do with the ball if the opposition let us have it.




Cannot keep the manager after that. He’s completely failed here, can’t trust him with a tight rebuild.


Hommie anybody you bring will need a bag. Have you got a bag for whenever you’re bringing ?


I am glad you can write about this result. I am frozen with sadness.


Now if this doesn’t get the manager fired we may be in deeper trouble than we think.


Cut our losses now. What on earth has Emery achieved to warrant another season? WE DON’T EVEN PLAY GOOD FOOTBALL!

SACK HIM before we end up falling behind Wolves and Everton next season


Ironically falling behind Wolves and Everton may be our way out. No more Thursday and Monday night schedules. Hope we pull a fucking Leicester 15-16.


Worse in attack, worse in defence, worse in playing style and no champions league. What do we have to gain from this season? Hard running? More aggression? Competitiveness? All useless words for people who don’t want to admit how poor a performance is. This was no different to the league game at the Emirates its just that they took their chances and we didn’t get any favours from the opposition in attack. This team has gone backwards. And those who like this season for being different, it was always going to be different with anyone else in charge. Can we… Read more »


Apparently not, we must give a manager time even when it is clear that he’s a dud. This isn’t Klopp, and we aren’t Liverpool. Emery is Emery and Klopp is Klopp. You cannot compare the two. Smart clubs would change Emery right now, but we’re the opposite of smart. Hence why we let players go for free rather than selling early- we’ll keep Emery until we finish 8th next season


And Newcastle by the looks of it


Fuck Arsenal! And fuck Giroud for life!

I’m done wit football. Arsenal have ruined it for me


Over-acting a bit, dude…


Arsenal sold Giroud, it wasn’t Giroud’s fault we never played him and thought he wasn’t good enough. He proved our coaching staff wrong and he was really respectful considering it’s one of the biggest nights of his career.