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Arsenal racking up the pre-season air miles

Arsenal’s pre-season fixtures are almost set in stone. Yesterday, it was announced we’d be playing Angers on July 31st, and there are whispers that we might be playing Barcelona the week before the new season begins.

There’s a lot of travel involved, so we thought we’d do a quick look at how many miles we’ll have to travel as we prepare for the new campaign.

These are flight miles only, not including any ground based transport, and based on the assumptions we’re making re: the club’s travel plans this summer.

How far are Arsenal flying this pre-season?

London to Los Angeles: 5,437 miles

Los Angeles to Denver: 1098 x 2 (return) = 2,196 miles

Los Angeles to Charlotte, NC: 2,411 miles

Charlotte to Washington DC: 400 miles

Washington DC to London: 3,662 miles

London to Nantes (Angers): 480 miles x 2 (return) = 960 miles

London to Barcelona: 925 miles x 2 (return) = 1850

Total: 16,916 miles :: 27,223km :: 10.64 metric tons of CO2e per passenger (via Carbon Footprint)

Full List of Arsenal pre-season friendlies 2019

July 6th – Borehamwood v Arsenal

July 15th – Colorado Rapids v Arsenal

July 17thArsenal v Bayern Munich

July 20th – Fiorentina v Arsenal

July 23rdArsenal v Real Madrid

July 28thArsenal v Lyon (Emirates Cup)

July 31st – Angers v Arsenal

August 4th – Barcelona v Arsenal

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I am not against this – per se. But what I would like to see, is that we try to get our main transfer deals – Outs as well as Ins – over the line, so that the new players can integrate into the squad at a time when the result doesn’t matter.

However, knowing us and the dead hand of Stan, its will all be last minute dot com – with predictable consequences.

Far East Stand

I see plenty of opportunity to “accidentally” lose Mustafi at an airport suitably far away from London.

my name is bob

He might make another mistake and step onto the wrong plane!


*slide in two-footed on another plane 😉


Then raise his arms in the air while doing that stupefied ‘WTF’ look and trying to blame the pilot.


On his arse, up and away.


I picture him standing in the terminal with his face pressed to the glass as he watches the team plane fly away and a single tear rolls down his cheek


He’d be looking for someone to blame

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

I am ready to walk to work for six months to contribute to carbon footprint compensation for pre-season games.


With this being such a big topic at the moment I’d be interested to see what the club will be doing to offset the pollution of the travel


Wow – I realised we had a busy pre season schedule, but when you see it in black and white like this it looks crazy. I really hope the Commercial guys are cashing in, as the players will be shattered by the time Newcastle away rolls around.

Richard Krivonozka

I don’t think the miles are anywhere near as important as the change in time zone.




Having suffered a DVT i have to disagree

Ko Aunglinn

I hope all pre-season match to loose ???


I hope they’re all tight.

Ko Aunglinn

What we do with MUSTAFI, ELNENY,CHAMBER for coming season ???


Every year we get the same ole shite
Desperately waiting for a game changing signing
Last day of the transfer window???
Same ol same ol
OY VEH,!! What ya gunna do
Get the prayer mats out
We’re gunna need em


Arsenal words and approach mis-match?
Environmental Policy
“At Arsenal FC we recognise that our operations have an impact on the local, national and global environment. As a consequence of this the Club is committed to taking steps where practicable to minimise any adverse impact that we may have on the environment.“


Yeah… Clearly a strong and effective environmental policy.

Fair play to arseblog for pointing that out.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

we will see The Jeff again at Angers. He didn’t have good statistics but I once read a pretty good review about him.


Ok. Hype in the chat who thinks Arsenal wil be too 4 this season.


Sorry i ment top

Petit's Handbag

I miss the old days. Barnet away and a weekend of Emirates Cup. Now Arsenal travel miles to make money which the fans won’t really see a cent of spent on players. Ah well, another year of being pushed close to the brink of falling out of love with the game will help

Ya gooner

Every pre season I see the stupid transfer amounts and think ‘what a dumb sport I’m finished with this corrupt game and the dick swinging club owners’ and I think around november I get sucked in again…

Canuck Gunner

Anyone here planning to go to Los Angeles to see the game against Bayern? I’m looking at traveling down from Canada, but am a bit nervous about the ticket sales. Both and the stadiums websites link to to puchase the tickets. I had never heard of this website so decided to look into it before committing. The site has absolutely terrible reviews and about 250 formal complaints submitted to the better business review in the past 2 years. Living in Canada, I have supported Arsenal since the 1990’s but have never seen them play live, so really want… Read more »


I used AXS for the Chivas game a few years ago and everything was fine. Not sure if they still have a hard ticket option but I went that route. They should be fine.

Canuck Gunner

Thanks. I expect everything should be fine, since I’m sure most people who have no problems don’t post reviews, so the actual chance of problem should be low. But the many bad reviews had me concerned.


Not forgetting that flying Business/First class increases carbon footprint exponentially.


I believe it’s the same plane either way…

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