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Club confirm seven departures via released players list

Arsenal have confirmed the departures of seven players on the released players list which was submitted to the Premier League.

None of them are much of a surprise. Petr Cech is retiring; Aaron Ramsey is off to Juventus for free; Danny Welbeck has also left for free at the end of his contract; while the club did not take up the option of another year for Stephan Lichtsteiner.

As well as that Julio Pleguezuelo has joined FC Twente; while Charlie Gilmour and Cohen Bramall are now free agents.

It now appears that we did trigger the option in Nacho Monreal’s contract, which will see him remain at the club until 2020 – unless we sell him this summer as we continue the search for a new left back.

Carl Jenkinson is not on the list either, despite it being widely reported he was out of contract this summer. His deal expires next year, but the full back is a player who will be urged to find pastures new ahead of the new season.

Arsenal Released Players List 2019

  • Petr Cech
  • Aaron Ramsey
  • Danny Welbeck
  • Stephan Lichtsteiner
  • Julio Pleguezuelo
  • Charlie Gilmour
  • Cohen Bramall

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Hopefully mustafi, elneny, Jenkins on to follow


If I could give your comment 1000 thumbs up, I would do so.

Faisal Narrage AKA Mr Project Youth 2.0

Why want them released? Sold would be better.


Add Xhaka, Ozil (no chance) and Mkhitaryan to that list and I’d be a happy man

Gooner Sam

I’d give 100 thumbs up to your comment if I could!

Gooner Sam

That’s to Xaha and Ozil btw


Weve already had a bid of 1000 thumbs up. Makes 100 look a bit shabby.


Why Mkhitaryan?


Cuz he makes a lot and is only occasionally good at the football.

Also, there’s the doll…




I don’t understand why jenkinson is not on the list, was he not in the last year of his contract?

Mesut O’Neill

In 2015 he signed a 5 year deal putting him to 2020 I’m afraid.

That £45,000 a week would be better going to Aubameyang’s new contract.


Didn’t you read the article?

Cultured determination

Xhaka too

Uba Ngenegno

Ozil and Xhaka should be on that list.

Melvin Bryant

How much in wages is saved? £400,000 a week??


I’d say closer to 500,000


Yep 400k at most. Ramsey 110k, Cech 100k, Leitchsteiner 90k, Welbeck 70k, that’s 370k and the other 3 would make up less than 30k between them.



90k a week.

Surely not!


He was free…so is wages would be higher than if we paid a fee!

Jacob Hawley

Good news keeping Nacho. Good influence in the dressing room, good professional and can deputise in many possessions. There’s so much to do this summer, replacing him as a squad option should be very low on the list of priorities, and with the amount of outgoings we can probably expect, it’s helpful to have some continuity, especially from a good professional who definitely doesn’t seem to be part of the toxicity.


Totally agree with you. Nacho is a model professional imho and his extension is deserved. With so many departures, it’s good to see him provide some continuity.

Ko Aunglinn



Why sell Chambers? He was playing well when he was strangely loaned out. Played in midfield at Fulham and was their player of the year.


We need money. That is why you would sell him. They might actually make some money on him, because he doesnt suck and he is british.


He may stay because he is British or Home Grown…we’re losing 2 HG players in Ramsey and Welbz and they need to be replaced.


We also need a cb me forgetful, possibly a cm since he can play there to, oh wait a rb, he can play a bit there as back up as well? Seems a pretty useful player if you ask me.


I don’t think it is strange he plays well when loaned out. When he plays for us he hardly gets any time on the field. Hard to play well when you only play a few times a season.

Conaine Wolfaard

You have to find your moment in the little time you are afforded.


What position is he going to play for us?
Surely not midfield. Also surely not RB. Is he actually ready or will he make the grade at CB?

It would be fabulous of course if he could. But it remains to be seen.

Ko Aunglinn



Please disengage the caps lock key.

Kwame Ampadu Down

You think Nelson would be better after the menopause ?


I’ll get hammered for this but I don’t get all the hate for Jenko. He’s no Cafu by any stretch but he’s never been shite in the way some have. He’s living the dream, let him have the last year

Paul Roberts

We should sell the Corporal to get some return before he goes on a free but if we didn’t I wouldn’t complain. #ArchbishopofBanterbury. 🙂

Donny curacao

It wouldnt be so bad if the club wasnt using our wage budget as an excuse to not spend on quality players while he is on 50k for 8 seasons and cant hold his place at birmingham


He was injured

Hank Scoprio

Agreed. He’s been serviceable at right back and even centrally. We have other priorities and unless there’s youngster ready to step up may as well keep him. How much would we get selling him? 5mil max?

Heavenly Chapecoense

The toughest is Bramall. Does the club try hard to place youngsters in lower leagues before releasing them?

Faisal Narrage AKA Mr Project Youth 2.0

He was at Birmingham

Kwame Ampadu Down

Bramall was always the longest of long shots really so it’s a bit silly to try to lay blame at anyone’s door for it not working out.


A lot of experience and quality there.
But the Club is moving towards a new direction. It hasn’t been as memorable a season as it could’ve been, but any coach coming in after Le Boss needs and deserves to have the benefit of the doubt from the Club and be given atleast a couple of transfer windows to make the tough calls and the freedom build a team of his own accord.
Onwards and upwards.

Hastings Gooner

Please for the love of god sell elneny and Mustafi too.

Heavenly Chapecoense

We should release Praet from our prospects as well. Xhaka was performing in Germany like Praet has been doing with Sampdoria. El Neny was playing at same level with Basel. Better talent than these two to improve the team.


Praet plays an in entirely different position to both of the players you’ve mentioned as a ‘comparison.’


What abt Ozil? offload him too . Get a complete makeover in the squad for next few years to come.

Donny curacao

Gonna have jenkinson for another year. Noones gonna offer him anywhere near as much money so why would he leave, dont know how he got such a long contract. What a waste bramell turned out to be. A typical example of our transfer policy. We would never have did this under david dein


Wtf? The david dein bullshit is still alive? Hahahah what year is this 2006?!?!


Did you know that David Dein’s middle name is Barry?


Can guess that they triggered Monreals extra year probably to get a couple extra million from him, bound to be a small club somewhere that will pick him up for experience. Mustafi and Elneny need to be shown the door. Promote Nelson and Nketiah to the first team squad. Laca and Auba will be great tutors to Nketiah for sure and Nelson has gained invaluable experience in Germany playing in regular first team. Sign Carassco as the extra winger. Buy Manolas (Roma in same boat as us so triggering his release clause well within our budget would be a smart… Read more »

Greg in Seattle

‘Tis the season of rosterbation.


We may need to replace Lichtstiner, particularly with Bellerin coming back from a big injury, as much as I really like Niles, he’s struggled at right back and right wing back at times, but I suppose it is a learning curve and a new position, so I’m not completely against giving him more opportunities there, but it’s a risk. Nelson to replace Welbeck. I’d ideally like us to go into the market for a Rambo replacement, But certainly wouldn’t be against giving Willock or Smith-Rowe a chance in the squad, particularly as we’re back in Europa. And Martinez to replace… Read more »


Ozil, Mustafi,


Cech and Ramsey are giants. They have been great for Arsenal and I wish they all the best. Without his injuries, Welbeck might have become an Arsenal legend too. May you find a good club and flower!


you meant flourish, you bellend?


Ramsey and Welbeck would have brought in a huge amount of money if they had been sold a year or two ago. Now they’re both going for nothing. And we’ve only got £40 million quid to spend this summer. Fantastic financial management, Arsenal.




It’s fans like you that keep us mediocre. Look where we are compared to Liverpool: they sold and reinvested: we didn’t.


It’s the management in the boardroom that keeps us mediocre…don’t blame the fans we don’t make these decisions.

hossein owj

Please add with priority, Ozil, Jenkinson, Xaka, Mustafi, Elneny, and Kolasinac


Arsenal need to work on the defense seriously. Wingers need to come and good defensive too.


How difficult is it to understand that the players on this list are at the end of their contract with Arsenal? It doesn’t mean that other players such as Mustafi, Jenkinson or Elneny etc won’t be sold. I’m tired of people questioning why those players aren’t on a list that they were never going to be on!


I am so glad Welbeck is gone! What a waste! We should have kept Giroud and let Welbeck go. However, it would be a challenge to sell Welbeck when he was injured so much. But we should have kept Giroud!


Sold :
Kos (DC) , mustafi (DC) , nacho (DL), jenkinson (DR), elneny (DMC) , xhaka (DMC) , ozil (AM) , mkhitaryan (AM)
Buy :
Willy boly (DC), german pezzella (DC), aaron martin (DL), aaron wan bissaka (DR), ndidi (DMC), teji (DMC), maddison (AM), ryan fraser (AM)

Said aboud

Why not mustafi xhaka ozil aubameyang mkhtaryan sokratis koscielny monreal

Said aboud

We need new faces remove all arsene wenger regime


You mean Cohen Bramall isn’t going to make the jump to the first team? There’s a shock!


Wait, Aaron Ramsey is off to Juventus for free?


Which is why you have to be careful with getting carried away with imaginary quality. Still remember people going on about Cohen Bramall without much proof he could step up. Anyone was better than say Kolasinac. But really…no. Same with Mustafi. Some people prefer to imagine suddenly that Mavropanos is ready or Bielik can step in or Chambers. Yet reality is even without Mustafi, we leaked 3 goals to Wolves and against Chelsea. Similarly some simplistic types want us to be rid of Granit. Yet Torreira has been culpable for at least 5 goals from misplaced passes in critical area… Read more »

Rachael Ross

Hopefully not Calum chambers

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