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New leaked pics: Arsenal Adidas home, away & third shirts for 19/20

New pictures have surfaced of all three Arsenal Adidas kits for next season. ?

We’d already seen Alex Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang modelling the home and away shirts and now, thanks to @AFCStuff, we’ve not got a confirmed glimpse of the blue third shirt.

We think you’ll agree, they all look pretty snazzy. The official launch of our partnership with Adidas won’t take place until next month.

Arsenal Adidas Kits 2019-20
Leaked pic from last month

Home kit

Red shirt, white sleeves, white Adidas stripes, classy old school 80s-esque collar. Top notch. White shorts with red stripes. White socks. Well done.

Away kit

Yellow shirt with a subtle blue diagonal zigzag pattern, reminiscent of the bruised banana away kit of the early 90s. Blue shorts with yellow stripes. Yellow socks. Very nice.

Third kit

Blue shirt with yellow / gold trim and badge. Blue/Black shorts (tough to tell) and blue shorts.

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Like I order my patties on my burgers….ALL 3 PLEASE!


I am definitely going to die of a heart attack.


It’s good to have a plan!


Honestly, the best thing about the home kit is the white starting from the shoulder and not the neck – that’s how it should be!


5 years and Puma couldn’t get this right.


Bloody good start, Adidas.

Olivije Žirod

We will at least be pretty.


Even the shirts are nicer, now that Venga is gone.


They’ll be even better without Özil in them!


Arsenal in nice shirts and without Venga and Özil – now that’s what I call getting our Arsenal back !


Now if only we could further reduce our capacity to attack while getting better in defence …. but you can’t have everything in life I suppose.

I am pascal cygan

We played some of the best football under him. I dont know what you’re talking about.

Frank Bascombe

Nor does he.

Ashburton Red

Love it. Back at the top table in terms of kit partners.


Loving it!!! Must order mine from fat bastards r us!

tony adams nose

Yellow and blue away strip, at last!


That home shirt collar is weird why the red line inside it?


Looks to be a nod to the 88-89 collars.


With the 86/87 and 87/88 sleeves


That ‘weird red line’ literally makes the kit for me.

Thierry Bergkamp

Best part of the kit imo. Takes us back to the George Graham days


As a design element, it’s a throw-back as others said, and it matches the element on the end of the sleeves.

Get the shirt and wear it. You will look sharp.


Take My Money!!!

Sean Twomey

Extra points for a woven crest and Adidas logo ?

Scott P

Yeah, the white coloring that spelled “Arsenal” on the badge of one of my Puma kits is coming off. WTF. The plastic/rubbery badges they stuck on the kits looked alright, but like most of the Puma stuff, weren’t exactly designed for the long term. A woven one will be nice.


Looks promising! This could be our best set of kits in years.

The optimist with little hope

It’s a sign I tell ya! The last time we had a kit like that home one George Graham banked on youth & things began to change for the good!… Now please give me some more straws to clutch at!…

The optimist with little hope

Thumbs up if you prefer the red.
Thumbs down if you prefer the yellow.

They are both great, but I’m intrigued to see what is the more popular of the two?


Not great. Third kit poor. At least the main kit they didn’t try to be too clever like Puma. BUT beyond shirts, our branding has really taken a hit last 3 seasons. If we don’t buy well to restore some element of belief in this team and if we flounder another season, I can see the club dropping further down and into trouble. It will be even harder to hold on to Auba or Laca after another season of failure (and if we are out of europa) If we gamble on poorer quality recruits and Unai continues to struggle, he… Read more »


This a news blurb about the bloody shirts, dude.
Super chill.

(Your comment is full of rank speculation and sport pundit nonsense. I’d go easy on that shit, it’ll ruin you.)


My God you are a misery. Is there ever anything you can ever be positive about? These are three beautiful shirts and all you can do is moan.

Don Cazorleone

He doesn’t mean a word he says.
Comes here for the attention.


2 beautiful shirts. The 3rd one is a bit Chelsea but i guess they have to make 3


Fuck you’re annoying.


It’s really funny….like, everybody saw u commenting on this page for 100+ posts and people still think u are a real human being and not a trollbot.

mesut oneill

But Mustafi would look great in all of them!!

Drogheda Gunner

What is your deal man. Your the most depressing man alive. Catch a grip.


Why can’t we go back to the old logo? The 90s (and beyond) iteration, or the art deco logo would be a dream. The current one looks like it was designed by a competition winner. From primary school.


Yes yes yes. x100


Been saying this for years. Thought this would have been a perfect opportunity to do a crest refresh as ours looks like a cartoon right now.

Even something as easy as the old crest with a simplified cannon would be much nicer.


Red badge on the away shirt. Very noice!


Dont buy the shirts the owners dont deserve our money until they spend on the transfer window and improve our club.


Owners don’t get the money from shirts being bought. The club gets a set amount each year.
Not buying good looking kits only makes adidas think we want ugly kits.


I love arsenal…..I LOVE them shirts so much….but feel the same sentiment about buying them. Part of me wants to steal the shirts from the Armoury and donate the money I’d have spent to charity.


Lovely clobber. What about the goalkeeper jerseys? Will they be Lukic Green or Seaman Purple or Manninger Yellow?


At least they got something right!

Michael Bolton Wanderers

I f-ing love the new kits. I’m almost tempted to become a full kit wanker

Mesut Oneill

aka a John Terry


Wow, was Freddie appointed kit designer too?


The home kit looks la bit brighter in the new pics. Will be interesting to see it in the flesh once it comes out. I am somewhat partial to the deeper red in the pic with Laca.

Thierry Bergkamp

Why can’t there just be a home and away kit, like there used to be.


And for that matter, only change them every 4 years too.


That home shirt reminds me of Perry Groves squaring it to Charlie Nicholas at Wembley.


2nd and 3rd shorts are switched round, surely the black ones go with yellow shirt and navy with the navy shirt?


This ain’t Watford! Our 2nd strip is yellow and blue.
Third strip I don’t like – looks like we lost a bet on the Europa final and we now have to wear Chelski kit.


What a beautiful thing to see, I’ve never ordered a home shirt but I’m getting that home shirt. Anyone recommend where I can get them for decent amount? I’d hate to pay £50 towards kroenkes ranch.


Bloody hell, I can’t remember a time that I’ve like all 3 of our kits in one season.


REd and whites and Blue and yellow is how arsenal should have been all the while. Good work Adidas


Definitely gonna buy the home and away kits. Bloody beautiful. Or it might just be Auba and Laca.
I’d bet 10£ , the third has been used by Real some 4-5 years ago.


That’s a ten.


What is the club’s (really, any club’s) supplied reason for needing a third kit?

Or do they just admit they want to sell more shit at this point?


Absolutely embarrassing how you used clickbait to advertise a story everyone had already seen. I thought you were the foremost Arsenal blog, not TalkSport calibre garbage.

Laca New Signing

Remove your mask now Mr Robbie Lyle. We know your handwriting!


I wish I could have an option to buy the kit without the atrocious ‘Visit Rwanda’ sleeve sponsor 🙁

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