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Newcastle away to start new campaign – Arsenal Premier League Fixtures 2019-20

Arsenal will begin the new Premier League season with an away trip to face Newcastle United.

Full Fixtures


11/08/2019 – Newcastle United v Arsenal

17/08/2019 – Arsenal v Burnley

24/08/2019 – Liverpool v Arsenal

31/08/2019 – Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur


14/09/2019 – Watford v Arsenal

21/09/2019 – Arsenal v Aston Villa

28/09/2019 – Manchester United v Arsenal


05/10/2019 – Arsenal v A.F.C. Bournemouth

19/10/2019 – Sheffield United v Arsenal

26/10/2019 – Arsenal v Crystal Palace


02/11/2019 – Arsenal v Wolverhampton

09/11/2019 – Leicester City v Arsenal

23/11/2019 – Arsenal v Southampton

30/11/2019 – Norwich City v Arsenal


03/12/2019 – Arsenal v Brighton

07/12/2019 – West Ham United v Arsenal

14/12/2019 – Arsenal v Manchester City

21/12/2019 – Everton v Arsenal

26/12/2019 – A.F.C. Bournemouth v Arsenal

28/12/2019 –Arsenal v Chelsea


01/01/2020 – Arsenal v Manchester United

11/01/2020 – Crystal Palace v Arsenal

18/01/2020 – Arsenal v Sheffield United

22/01/2020 – Chelsea v Arsenal


01/02/2020 – Burnley v Arsenal

08/02/2020 – Arsenal v Newcastle United

22/02/2020 – Arsenal v Everton

29/02/2020 – Manchester City v Arsenal


07/03/2020 – Arsenal v West Ham United

14/03/2020 – Brighton v Arsenal

21/03/2020 – Southampton v Arsenal


04/04/2020 – Arsenal v Norwich City

11/04/2020 – Wolverhampton v Arsenal

18/04/2020 – Arsenal v Leicester City

25/04/2020 – Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal


02/05/2020 – Arsenal v Liverpool

09/05/2020 – Aston Villa v Arsenal

17/05/2020 – Arsenal v Watford

More to follow, including full fixtures

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Oliver Schofield

Better than ManC away!!

Runcorn Gooner

We dodged the first day bullet. Manc U. V Chelskie this year


Already not looking forward to the new season. Sorry guys.


Im a bit pessimistic too. Liverpool looks like a defeat. We can probably get a draw or narrow win at Spurs but that’s being a bit optimistic

Sheffield Gooner

We’re at home to Sp*ds so banker win.


well fuck. If you can’t get even a little excited about a new season then this sport (or sport in general) might not be the best thing for you.

Forest gooner

Then why are you here?


I am just interested in seeing if we are to miss out on the Champions league again by playing crystal palace (h) brighton (h) wolves (a) Leicester (a) at the end of the season.

The rest I’ll care about in August.

Runcorn Gooner

I’ll make the point that at end of the day each team plays every other team 19 times home and away. At the end of the season the most CONSISTENT team will win the EPL.

CONSISTENT has not been a word that has been applied to AFC for some years. 2019/29 maybe ?

Runcorn Gooner

Or 2019/20 even.

Tanzanian Gooner

So in our first five games, we got Newcastle, Liverpool and Watford away in between Sp*rs and Burnley at home. Interesting start to a season! I will happily take 10 points from those five fixtures considering our woeful away form last season.


I hope you guys realise that Emery bottled CL because he feels at home in Europa. He knows Europa is his upper limit.


Ah just shut up ya absolute idiot.


And yet he was managing a Champions League team before us, and did the domestic treble in his final season with them

Man Manny

I am not in on the argument about Emery; I am willing to give him time to prove his mettle…with his own team.
But a domestic treble with this PSG team in France (considering the opposition), is not an achievement that sends the pulse racing by my reckoning.
Any decent coach would do that.


And left them because they weren’t playing Europa. Emery needs slaves who run for him. Europa merchant. Remind me of any time other than PSG. Even bottled the group stage with Sevilla to get to Europa again


I’m not sure I am as negative on Emery, but the only discernible style he has brought is more running and a little more width. I know fans will appreciate the harder work ethic over fine football skills and slick passing, and I know most fans want every trace of Wengerball erased from the club, but I don’t see this leading to anything successful.


Nice comment. Doesn’t have to be like what you said, but adds to the banter list. I like Emery though.


We will be celebrating the PL title after a 3-0 win at home against Watford next year.


Looking at the December fixtures, there’s a very strong probability of lots of depressed gooners during Xmas and up to the middle of January.

Please Stan, have mercy on our tortured minds and spend some f**** money!

Man Manny

Apart from City, I don’t think any other team there should give us sleepless nights.
It would have Chelsea but the exit of Hazard, Sarri and the ban will leave them considerably weaker. I don’t even see them making the top 4.
Make no mistake; Hazard was the only difference between us and them in the EL final.

Tanned arse

Oh, i made the mistake of thinking it was giroud


Very tricky Christmas period.


Why does it feel like there are way more away fixtures than home fixtures there 🙁


Talk about it. We only played away games at the end of last season.

A Different George

When I take a bicycle ride, it is uphill both ways.


Maybe its the doom and gloom from last season, Bit of a hangover from that, but i’m worried we’ll enter the third month of the season with six points. beating only Burnley and Villa, I hope i’m wrong,


fuck me the xmas/ new year matches will be “interesting” !
At least they’re at home !


Next season is going to become an even bigger struggle. Liverpool+City will get even further away, whilst I fully expect us to get drawn into a fight with Everton, Leicester, Wolves and Watford. If there’s a silver lining? It could be that United, Chelsea and maybe Spurs get dragged into that fight with us, there’s a group of clubs below us improving, and I just don’t see us making the types of signings to keep us ahead. The players we’re linked with seem underwhelming, and I’m not sure who’s even doing our scouting? And on top of that we need… Read more »


An actual good manager will get CL with the squad and youth. Don’t know why we keep limiting ourselves to the Europa merchant by saying “But Who’s better1!1”


Guardiola inherited the most expensively assembled squad in history, that was in much better shape than what Emery inherited. He then spent close to £200 million, and finished 4th in his first season. He then spent another £150 million + Then another €65million in the January, in order to win his first titles. Managers need time to work, just 18 months ago everyone was questioning Klopp’s ability to structure a defensive unit. Pochettino also needed time. Emery publicly asked for wingers in January, but was told “Only loan signings” Looking at our budget, and also the amount of work that… Read more »


Pochettino hasn’t won anything, and his team are competitive to a point — let’s not give them too much credit until it is due. Pep and Jurgen both needed money to get their teams where they are — investment hand over fist in the best players available in their positions (Van Dijk and Allison resolved Klopp’s defensive issues all too neatly). Pep can buy 65 million pound bench warmers whenever he wants. These examples don’t mean much, as every case it different, but Conte won the PL title in his first season, and Wenger won it in his second, and… Read more »

A Different George

Really, when Wenger won it, it was first full season. And it was the double.


Your examples have won actual trophies and league titles. Emery has nothing of note. If you are going to count the Ligue 1 title (which he lost to a bunch of kids with a heavily invested squad), then that’s even worse.


We play Chelsea on December 28 and January 22. I’m calling it now – we’ll draw them in the FA Cup 3rd round and get through to a two-legged Carabao Cup semi final against them in January too!


City, Chelsea and United are for our holiday treat. What else can you ask for? Maybe another league? 😉


How are these fixtures randomly generated? Man utd then Bournemouth…….. same as last season Everton then city, then later on, city then Everton? Plus a few other repeat fixtures. These are absolutely fixed. Premier League has lost my interest. I am a fan of Arsenal FC not the PL.


At risk of making a stupid comment [ahem]
Do we have fewer consecutive Away games this season than last season?
I took a squint at last season’s and it seemed we had 4 consecutive Away games and 4 consecutive Home games.
This next season looks like 3 of each.

I am soooooo grasping at straws.


Obviously its where the Europa league games bump up against Premiere League matches as Blogs shows (in another blog post).

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