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Ornstein: Arsenal agree €80 million deal for Pepe

According to the BBC’s David Ornstein, Arsenal have reached an agreement with Lille for Ivory Coast international Nicolas Pepe.

The deal is said to be worth €80 million and will be paid in instalments over the next five years.

Negotiations with his representatives, who have also been courted by Napoli, appear to be ongoing, but things are progressing quickly and the player could sign in the coming days.

We’ll hold our hands up and admit we were suspicious of this story when it first raised its head two weeks ago. 

The 24-year-old ended last season with impressive numbers in Ligue 1, scoring 22 goals (second only to Kylian Mbappe) and making 11 assists in 38 appearances.

His performances helped Lille to finish second in the table and caught the attention of some of Europe’s biggest clubs, including champions Paris Saint Germain.

Arsenal have spent the summer courting numerous wingers, including Pepe’s compatriot Wilfried Zaha. A bid of £40 million was rejected out of hand by Crystal Palace who wanted double that amount with a big chunk upfront.

It’s interesting that we’ve found a way to structure a club-record fee for Pepe that’s also to Lille’s liking. There doesn’t look to be any suggestion that we’ll be chucking a player in as a makeweight.

Let’s see what happens in the next 48 hours.

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I’m not seeing it with Nicolas Pepe. Think he’s too clumsy and doesn’t seem to have a footballing brain beyond finishing. Hope I’m proven wrong.


Sorry but I think people are more excited that we’re spending 80m than that we’re signing Pepe.

I hope I’m wrong, and I’ll support him wholeheartedly, I just don’t see it with him.


Yes you must be very wrong Giroulski because Pepe is an accomplished player one of the hottest in world football right now. Hes passes accurately and can bit anyone on one on one and he scores. What else do you want and above all he is a team player. I hope you are not being malicious on Pepe.


He’s phenomenal. Hope the likes of Saka & Nelson can grow to be a better player training alongside him. And best of all its a structured payment over 5years. Love it!

Mayor McCheese

No ambition! We care, you don’t! Bargain bin shoppers! No investment in team!

£72m bid for Pepe?

He’s useless! Terrible from the club! Bad move!

(You crack me up, Giroulski. Seriously!)


You are putting a lot of words into my mouth there.

Mayor McCheese

But I capture the sentiment!

Please don’t eat my head.


No, you took every negative thing said across a whole fanbase and distilled it down into one person so you could give them the appearance of hypocrisy.


Well you are still being negative. So pipe down. Dont know what more do you expect in life.

ricky rick

Giroulski – they hated him for he told them the truth! Mate you’re entitled to your opinion, look at the comments here - or here

People don’t watch other leagues, so they don’t watch all these players who are hyped. But when the transfer machine driven by agents and friendly journos goes into overdrive, add a few Youtube clips and you have this excitement that overlooks the faults of players. It’s what we all do.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Haha great find Ricky Rick!
I especially enjoyed the extended bullet points of why Perez, Xhaka and Mustafi were excellent signings that santori posted in the first article ?


That’s not what he said at all. It’s people like you that are the reason I never come to the comments section anymore. Getting as bad as Le Grove around here.

Mayor McCheese

“the reason I never come to the comments section anymore”

Oh, hello!


Not sure why everyone’s taken this so personally, nothing wrong with having an opinion. I honestly know nothing about him, but I think we’ve needed a left footed winger for so so long I think it’ll totally change our style of play- even if he doesnt turn out a world beater. For such a long time we’ve had all the play going one direction, and that’s drifting out towards the right. Right footed left wingers, right footed strikers, right footed right wingers (who were never really wingers). I can’t wait.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

It looks like the club is trying to be all offensive. Opponents may score freely but we expect to score one more than them. If we can do that, it is OK by me.


Probably why you aren’t a scout or manager.

VAR will solve the problem

Sad state of our fandome! First comment about our record transfer has to be this? Fucking hell! Man, learn to be happy as a fan and not be like a pundit on Mirror or the sun for once. Time for criticism will be there. This kinda shit just leaves a sour taste in your mouth after reading such a delicious piece of news right aftet waking up.


Are you trolling or have you never watched him? Because your analysis of him is absurd. ‘Doesn’t have a footballing brain’. Absolute nonsense.

On a day where the fanbase is United for the first time in years. There’s always a kill joy on the horizon.

Amit Boparai

Only other players that have performed similar to him are Messi and Mbappe. Yeah, clearly he has no idea what he’s doing.

Indian gooner

Who do you see better.


What! This news is insane bro, I feel like pooping but I cannot muster any poo


Didn’t take long for someone to use the ‘intelligence’ trope.


Watch him play. Half the time he is dribbling passed players who could be bypassed with a short pass. His close control isn’t very good and he often passes players due to a fortuitous bounce on a defender’s knee.

He occupies the centre of the pitch a lot, and will crash into Özil, Laca and Auba.

I hope I’m wrong. I think he will be badly found out in a better league.


Damn. I guess our network of scouts, analysts, stats people and those of other clubs just didn’t watch the lad.


Hush. GIROULSKI of the comments section has spoken.


Ah sorry, if I realised you’d use a lazy appeal to authority in response I wouldn’t have bothered replying to you at all.

Here’s the thing: I’m posting my opinion on the player on the comment section of an Arsenal fan site. I’m not sending it to Raul’s desk and I’m not trying to claim a career.

Of course, our networks of scouts, analysts and stats people always do a perfect job, which is why we have Mustafi.


I don’t agree with your analysis, but i need to say I’ve only seen Pepe on TV and I haven’t seen much of him. Irrespective of this, I don’t understand the hostility and why you can’t express your view as it wasn’t aggressive.




Wait.. who said “you can’t express your view” on here? People have a right to respond when you say something they think is dumb.

Otherwise you’re saying “I want to be able to say whatever I want and no-one’s allowed to criticise me”.

That’s not how free speech works.


You do leap to conclusions all over the place. Asking for civility is not asking to be above criticism.


That was a response to Mike1 saying “I don’t understand the hostility and why you can’t express your view as it wasn’t aggressive”.

Your demand for civility is a dodge of the central issue and the basis for much of the response you got, namely:

Have you even acknowledged that yes, saying so and so black footballer has “no footballing brain” is kind of an ugly trope that set a whole bunch of people here off?

Until you’ve done that, your demand for civility sounds a bit hypocritical.


That’s specifically your issue, raised by you and you alone. It is an ugly trope when used by the likes of the Mail to attack the likes of Sterling, with a ridiculous focus on his lavish lifestyle (he bought his mum a house) and personal choices (he got a tattoo that wasn’t vanilla ice cream) . I’m not the Mail and I’m not attacking the likes of Sterling. I’m judging a player based upon the way I’ve seen him play. Leaping to a claim that I’m using a racist trope is a pain in the arse when your only evidence… Read more »

This Charming Man

Well, if that’s why people are being hostile, then it’s totally on them. That’s them – or you paradoxically – being racist, not him. What should he have written instead if it really is his opinion that Pepe lacks footballing brain?


There’s plenty of comments on here critical of Pepe (I criticised him too, for his performance at AFCON where he was pretty bad).

Personally wanted Everton Soares because he might develop into another Alexis (early Alexis), but Pepe has mad potential too – it’s hard to be too cynical about him.


Mustafa…lol..can’t argue with that.
But I feel we should give our current the chance to prove their worth.
I did not see much of him but 72 million, wow, did not expect that.
(still remember Hazard’s almost signing, looks great if true)

A Different George

I don’t think citing expertise is the same as an appeal to authority. If I say Zidane thinks Ozil and Willock played brilliantly, it carries weight because Zidane had proven he knows a lot about midfield play, and football in general–not because he holds the position of coach of Real Madrid.


It isn’t the same thing, you’re right. But there wasn’t a citation of expertise as much as an appeal to authority in this case. The response was purely “these people must know better than you because of their position so shut up”. I’m not claiming to know better than them, only to have an independent opinion of the player, which I offered. A citation of expertise should come with justification behind it.


You might be right Giroulski, and I respect the balls it takes to go against the grain in a moment like this, but today we are basking in the sunshine of cash splashed on a kid who looks pretty damn good, something we’re not used to. I’m still counting on us getting a quality CB, and until then, we’re always going to be suspect at the back against any PL club.


I wonder what your expectations are for a player in this role. His style looks a bit untidy and he will cough up some possession. But he’s lighting quick, makes great runs off the ball (see PSG last year), finishes, can find players in the box and looks horrible to deal with one-on-one. We don’t need any more than that. In this position we’re signing a maverick, not a playmaker. We’ve been dying for some unpredictability since Alexis started to fade.


Amen to that! We miss the trickery that Alexis provided. Defenders panicked when he had the ball. Their outside backs will have to stay home more often when we have that trickery. Would be an excellent signing.


This. A front three of Auba- Laca- Pepe. I hope we can get this deal done without any hiccups. LAP, PLA, ALP.. XD


I think, compared to Alexis, Pepe’s faults are more glaring. Okay, Alexis wasn’t the best at conserving possession, but his low centre of gravity, strength and inventive dribbling meant he didn’t, at his best, lose possession as much as we like to remember him doing so. He was very good against tight defences, and had a proven record in teams afforded less space than Lille were last season.

We definitely do need a winger who can dribble passed a man. That’s clear to everyone. I’m just not convinced he is it.

Amit Boparai

You seem to be referring to statistical data when comparing to Alexis which is why I’m baffled you don’t taste Pepe – his stats are insanely good.

Indian gooner

I love Alexis but why you are mistaken about his misplaced passes – he had probably the most mispasses in the Pl

Joseph Furey

Okay, who is your choice? Come on, big man, give it up

Rectum Spectrum

yeah you’re wrong.


Yes, this. That Lionel Messy dude also dribbles past people when he can make a short pass instead. Bonkers!!


Man, Messi is known for intelligently using his passing range as well as his dribbling ability. He knows when to draw players in, slow down play or speed it up. He is the example of a winger (half his career anyway) with a brilliant footballing brain who didn’t dribble for the sake of it.


Yes, I agree. And Pepe’s assist and passing statistics show that he probably has vision and footballing smarts as well.

My point was that just because Pepe decides to dribble past somebody doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t have an eye for the pass as well.


Statistics are rarely reliable. I’m thinking of several occasions where he scuppered attacks by going for a dribble instead of a pass. Even with a successful take on, the moment was lost. It’s never simply completed passes or completed dribbles. You have to actually look at what they’re doing in the context of the phase of play and other players’ position. He has me grimacing a lot,

He’s a very good finisher, which helps.


I’ll respectfully agree to disagree. There was word towards the end of the season that we were connected with Pépé and Ismaïla Sarr of Rennes. I’m very glad we went with Pépé. Much of how you describe Pépé is how I actually view Sarr. Flashes of brilliance, but too inconsistent and often makes poor decisions. I personally believe Pépé is the real deal. His goal+assist tally was second to Mbappe who was surrounded by the best of Ligue 1 at PSG. Pépé did what he did at Lille and essentially carried the team. Sure, they had players like Loïc Rémy… Read more »


Did you really just say statistics are rarely reliable? That is so unbelievably dumb that I hope it was simply a mistake on your part. If you do in fact think that I would advise you to go back and learn something about stats so that you avoid saying such sweepingly wrong generalities in the future.

Cultured determination

Yup i watched the lille guy plsy for us for a few years and i have to agree with you, but he didnt play with ozil and co. Wait. Why are you talking about girvinho?


Lol i always thought gervinho was so unpredictable even he had no idea what he was going to do

My Cousin Vinai (Formerly Faisal Narrage)

Gervinho’s finishing was so bad, I’m sure the finesse button on FIFA for him wasn’t programmed in.




Him and Sanogo had the same energy. Without Yaya, we would not have won the first of those three FA cups.

Gervinho was nearly so great, and equally a million miles away from being competent. I loved watching him.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

He googled keywords Lille, Ivorian, winger, dribbles, weaknesses and read the first one.


Does that description not bring to mind memories of a number 7 spotting, stout , dog lover who was amazing for us before pissing all over the place when he wanted a move…


Trust me, don’t worry, you’re wrong.


Idiot haha


the same player who destroy PSG in the league last season , who napoli and liverpool want…yea he must be shit ,
Zaha with better finishing and 3 years younger

Iron Ljung

“Destroyed PSG” – let’s not get ahead of ourselves: an average one-on-one, a dribble, two decent balls into the box (the defending was atrocious)

Iron Ljung
A Different George

I have barely seen him, so I am only replying to what you say. If he really “OFTEN passes players due to a fortuitous bounce on a defender’s knee,” then it isn’t fortuitous. It’s quicker reactions, or quicker anticipation, or quicker thinking and micro-second planning. Watch how often Messi takes the ball into a pack of defenders and comes out the other side after a bunch of “lucky” deflections. (No, I’m not saying Pepe is like Messi–I’ve already said I have barely seen him play.)


That’s a fair argument. What I will say is that those bounces, and pieces of luck are easier to take advantage of when there’s acres of space in behind the player. How often does that happen when teams play Arsenal?

Ras Tweed

So you are saying that he cannot be coached etc ?

David Hilliers Arm Cast

You must be trolling.

“Going to crash into other players”

Marc Overmars never crashed into anyone when he cut in from the left onto his right boot, and DB10 played the same role as Mesut. Silly man.


Bielsa was a muppet then.

Indian gooner

Then you are mistaken. His close control not good ? In fact that’s one of his best attributes. You probably saw some highlights wherever he scores from a lucky bounce but his other goals?


Ozil has got enough footballing brain for the whole team!

If he has all those options up front………boom!


Well, after all the time he’s played for us most observers (and I’ve seen all his home games “live”) there’s precious little evidence of Ozil using his football brain other than a fraction of that time. He (too) often just disappears from games – switches off, if you like. That’s unacceptable for a £42 million fee and £350,000 a week. It’s too late for excuses now.


At this worst, at his absolute worst, Ozil’s footballing brain is still better than 99% of players in the league. Maybe even Europe.

It’s his physical side that’s the problem


Ozil was at his best when we had a a good technical possession midfielder and a dangerous tricky winger.

Oh, look what we just brought in this week.

A Different George

In terms of playing with Ozil, Dani and Pepe can fill the roles (not saying with the same quality) as Santi and Alexis.


I agree.. Ozil has not been anywhere close to good enough out there the past two years. However, he has looked good in preseason, we can’t move him on and we really have no choice but to put him out there and hope there is a resurgence in his form. We could really use it.


Ozil has not been performing SINCE MR CARZOLA LEFT.

A Different George

Don’t think so. Ozil was at his best when he could interact with an in-form Alexis.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

I’m pretty sure you will be, or at least I hope so! Admittedly his goal numbers are a little better sounding due to about nine coming from penalties, and a few of his assists were very simple lay-offs but make no mistake, if we get Pepe we’ll have one of the most exciting wingers in the current world of football. There’s a reason he’s so highly coveted. His pace is incredible and allows him to find great positions in the blink of an eye, either to play a pass or finish a move. With that, his ability to drift past… Read more »


Just seen on the Metro Arsenal chief Vinai Venkatesham reveals the truth over Unai Emery’s transfer budget Arsenal manager Unai Emery sits in a press conference Unai Emery’s budget is not restricted to £40m (Picture: Getty Images) Share this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via whatsapp Author image Metro Sport Reporter Saturday 27 Jul 2019 7:41 am Unai Emery’s summer transfer budget is not restricted to just £40million, according the Arsenal’s managing director Vinai Venkatesham. It’s been a relatively slow summer for the Gunners, with Real Madrid loanee Dani Ceballos, 18-year-old Brazilian Gabriel Martinelli and William… Read more »


‘I don’t recognise this £40m figure, I have read it a lot,’ is a politician’s answer. It doesn’t mean, of course, that the budget isn’t around £40 million. And the one ‘We have the budget to make a difference’ is a real Lulu of ambiguity – what does “a difference” mean? Winning a domestic cup, a top four finish, “x” more points than last season? There’s little or nothing about targets for the club for next season. Even with the potential signing of Pepe, all the transfers so far are on extended instalments, and with add-ons (read: postponed payments) included… Read more »


They did address targets. Direct quote from Vinai at the Q&A:

“We know we are not where we want to be as a club. If we had finished 3rd and won the Europa League last season, we would be saying the same thing. We have to find a way to compete for the biggest trophies and we aren’t doing that at the moment.”


Sorry, no. That’s a vague quote to say the least and it doesn’t put the ambition into a time-frame does it! “We aren’t doing that at the moment.” True, as we all know, but when are we likely to, I wonder? He hasn’t given any indication (as I posted earlier).


Yeah, the least we should expect of our execs is they get off their butts, do some time-traveling, and come back and tell us the precise date when we’re next gonna win the league


the ambiguity of “the budget isn’t £40m” is particularly infuriating


This 40mil number I think came about probably one of two ways, leaked by the club so that are targets just didn’t gain an extra 10+ mil in value, and secondly people looking at the accounts and making a ball park guess at what funds we had available due to FFP restrictions of spending over a 3yr period. Either way back to topic at hand. Very excited if we pull this deal off, feels bad for zaha being a child hood gooner, but its Crystal Phallus’ fault, they bumped out price and wouldn’t budge, hopefully they get relegated this year… Read more »


Although not mentioned specifically as a figure, The Arsenal Supporter’s Trust report into the club’s financial position indicates that there’s little money available and that’s apparently confirmed by the structure of the deals so far – including Pepe’s, if it goes through!

Looks like Everton are in the frame at present for Zaha with a cash and player deal.


40m + is the base rate. We will generate additional money to bring it up to 60-65m This was always the case with player sales of 20m hopefully making the difference. But 60-65m doesn’t pay for much these days. This Pepe deal, Cebellos signing and Saliba deal means we have spent only maybe 20m thus far which is why they were keen on Tierney. Depending on the Cback (hopefully), we may yet have some change to go back in for the Lback. BUT likely the remaining 40m now will be reserve for the Cback. The other issue of course is… Read more »

Bendtner’s ego

Except Zaha probably isn’t that interested in Everton.

He enjoys Palace, but grew up supporting Arsenal. That is why he wanted to come, along with experiencing European football (hope CL next year).


I want you to be right. Ultimately, I’m not a professional scout. But I’m not going to let myself get carried away when I don’t rate the player.

Will support him wholeheartedly if and when he comes, of course.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

That’s fair enough, we’re all entitled to our own opinions and nobody can say for absolute certain whether it will work out… But you gotta let the rest of us ride this hype train, there’s been a lot of frustrations lately and I think nearly every Gooner deserves a big surprise and something to feel good about ?

Paul Roberts

^ ^ ^ This! 🙂


Honestly, put your hype on Ceballos. He is potentially something truly special. Amazing to get a player of his calibre in a position we needed to fill but didn’t have the budget for. If he hits the ground running, we wont miss Ramsey, and he isn’t as easy to replace as some think.


Only problem with Ceballos isnt his football ability but his lack of time with us. It’s far easier to get hyped about a player who you know is going to be with the team for (hopefully) a long time.


Something has to give. An option to buy would have been ideal but we don’t have the elasticity in budget which is why the loan deal makes sense. We will revisit this next summer but back loading will come into play which means as I mentioned there may be impact to our ability to load on next summer (should we not deliver) OTOH, looking forward, we may also run risk of losing one of our marquee strikers in Auba or Laca which should generate some income. BUT bring along with it need for replacement as well. So theres questions left… Read more »

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

I am doing, Saliba and Tierney too, all have WC potential ?

Indian gooner

Good of you

Dennis Elbow

We are in the Underverse!




Zaha or Pepe…who would be better for us??

I personally would have Zaha..was unplayable a beast when he played against us

How about you all


i take Pepe , better finisher amd younger so plenty of time to get even better


Was he an playable beast at MANURE.. why not?


Take Pepe every single day of the month

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Hey Viv! Both have pro’s and con’s. Zaha would improve our overall play more but I feel Pepe would be more lethal on the break, and I think both are good options to help us open up stubborn defenses. I know you’re an Ozil fan but I think Ozil and Zaha would actually get in each others’ way (so too possibly Lacazette’s), whereas Pepe would play to Ozil’s strengths better (as a couple people have already mentioned, he is rather Alexis like in terms of impact). As far as I’m concerned either would be very welcome, but due to the… Read more »

Indian gooner

Zaha is also a good choice but Pepe has a higher potential, younger and piss#s over Zaha in goals scored and assists.


If it happens then i agree, a large number of people myself included will have to eat a humble pie.
But bidding for someone and signing them is a huge difference.
I could go to an auction and bid for a picasso at the low end and get out bid by millions. To the outside world it looks impressive and looks like ambition. Until the player signs and plays its just smoke and mirrors.
Hope to eat the humble pie but have a feeling my taste buds are safe for another season sadly.


Voldemort bro, the rest of are eating good today, but we’ll save some for you for when the dot com announces it

Indian gooner

Ornstein has reported it, Sky Sports have reported it and various other sources also.

Dial square

@Voldermort, mate I remember the days when breaking news like this would lift us up and put an extra spring in our step, it’s unfortunate that now after all the years of Wenger feeding us the “we will buy if we can find top top quality” bulls*it, that now we daren’t even let ourselves get exited until we see it announced on the official club website..


Love this.. damn I’m excited


Zaha is better


I actually agree. He’s better in terms of Premier League readiness. But Zaha was still working out his game at 24.

Pepe at 24 has a more rounded skillset, and should eventually reach or pass Zaha’s level.


He is better now. Zaha was on the bench at AFCON


Yes Zaha started on the bench but Pepe ended up there and Zaha ended in the starting XI because he was more effective

Indian gooner

He has already passed it


11 assists says your completely wrong. If you are directly involved in 33 goals, I think he has a footballing brain


I hope I am. But should I pretend to rate a player just because we’re signing him?


No you don’t have to. Because nobody cares.


You’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise given the response to my comment in a comment section on a fan website. Whilst disagreeing with me and thinking me completely wrong is all fine and good, I think we could do without the outright hostility to my initial comment. I’m not trying to troll anyone, and I’m not generally a negative fan, either.


Simple message from fans is you are wrong.

Paul Roberts

You really did piss on our tasty chips though mate? A shame your comment was the first? 🙂


Girolski, would you have us signed Zaha instead for £80M?

The Mad Parson

I agree with Leno that this is something we can get excited about after quite some time of frustration. And adding Ceballos also adds to the buzz.

So, while I think Giroulski is wrong, there’s no need to be a dick toward him. He’s stated his case and has been polite in doing so. Surely we can support fellow Gooners even when we disagree–on a HYS thread?


There is no player who is perfect in all areas, every player has got some weakness. So what is important the man is doing his job right, getting involved in 33 goals is a very good so let’s hope he is able to deliver the same statistics in the primier league.

Indian gooner

Even if he has half of the statistics it’s great – how many wide players not named Messi and Ronaldo have this type of statistics


Dude, am I picking up a bit of a glass half empty vibe ?


Stop ruining my buzz.


Your entitled to your opinion mate. But clearly people who get paid to watch this player in real life, and people who are willing to sanction a 72million deal clearly say your statement about not having a footballing brain is abit wide of the mark. Would prefer to think his statistics and their advice holds a bit more weight.


Just found a great vid on youtube that does stats analysis of pepe vs zaha. His heat map and shot position seem perfect for bellerin/ amn overlaps and leaving room for Auba and Lacazette in central positions.

Sir Henry Norris' Brown Envelope

I think I’ll take an “idiot” who can be involved in 22 goals and 11 assists in 38 appearances


I think you shouldn’t put “idiot” in quote marks if I haven’t said it.


You inferred as much with the “no footballing brain” crack – which is a line that get’s overused when people critique black players.

And with a young guy like Pepe who can dribble and finish at high speed, win and *score* pens, makes deadly off the ball runs and assists others, the evidence actually says the opposite. He looks like an intelligent footballer.


Oh for crying out loud. I was banging on constantly about Lemar’s footballing brain a year ago when I was desperate for us to get him. I was comparing him to Pires ffs. If I have a bias it’s towards a style of player.

Again though, don’t quote things I haven’t said. Not having a footballing brain is not synonymous with being an idiot. Walcott was always a clever guy off the pitch and Özil strikes me as more than dippy.


Nah, it was fine to quote “idiot” as a summation of your comments about Pepe. That’s the whole problem with the ‘footballing brain’ trope.

Besides, the comment didn’t reference you directly.


Nah, it wasn’t. You’re mischaracterising what I said. I reject your interpretation of what I meant.


It’s okay to disagree.

But if you don’t want me (or the other 450+ people who downvoted you) to think you’re attacking a player’s intelligence, don’t insult his “footballing brain”.


I mean it really is on you if, in 2019, you see intelligence as an all-encompassing linear scale.

People downvoted me for a variety of reasons with varying degrees of enthusiasm. I wouldn’t appropriate all of their intentions and squeeze it through your reductoscope, either.


You’re right – part of the response was because people thought your football analysis was off the mark, and people are also sick of unduly negative comments, especially when those comments are first, or left under whoever comments first (or both in your special case).


Kaius is very intelligent and really knows his football, but he can be a bit of a wind-up merchant on here when the mood strikes him. Let it pass.


ffs Futsboller, fine I’ll shut up now lol




Kaius is like talking to a twelve year old version if myself where I would go online a structure arguments using as many subtle logical fallacies as humanly possible in an attempt to goad the person I was talking to into an emotional response. If he is also a preteen, who will likely grow out of it, I’d be inclined to agree with you.

Sir Henry Norris' Brown Envelope

My grammar error. I meant “idiot” as in “what the F**k do I know?”
He is a League Un player after all, I know nothing of him

Goooooooner for life

Hey, remember when lacazette was a “meh” signing?


Actually quite liked the signing of Lacazette at the time. He was only meh for those who wanted the next striker signed to be Thierry Henry or better. Worth remembering that we tried to get Mbappe first that summer.


This is been an epic comments thread, thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Fair play to Giroulski, he has been persistent and tried to back up his arguments with some logical reasoning (although I disagree with his conclusions).
My question is who is better than Pepe in that price bracket (particularly with the way we want to structure the deal)? He is definitely an upgrade on Zaha who would have costed in the same region.

Thierry Bergkamp

I foresee a few defences being bamboozled from this season onwards. I hope I’m not proven wrong.

Don Cazorleone

Sometimes I wonder just what the fuck WOULD make people happy on here.


Read somewhere that it takes more energy to be optimistic than it does to be negative.

But our fanbase is seriously low on energy after the last 3-4 seasons, for good reasons

Paul Roberts

Remember that most are very happy on here today Don. Don’t let the others ruin your excitement – everyone has an opinion and so they should, it’s just the negative stuff sounds louder. COYG!


You seem fun.


Who care about his brain? The lad is rapid, scores goals and makes assists.

How’d we line up with him in the team? Front 3 of lacca, Pepe and Uaba is a top 4 strike force.


Cry for a good player gets a good player cry that the player isn’t good???

Melvin Bryant

Never seen so many thumbs down…lol

Thierry Bergkamp

Let’s all spare a thought for Ryan Shawcross, who just suffered what seems to be a very serious injury.


What kind of thought, if I may ask?


I think you are right – but you must have watched the other Pepe. He fits your description. Try and keep up with the times.

Terry henry

Fuck off out of here giroulski


Fuck me. – 468 and counting. Is that a downvote record?


I’m sorry but this is one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever heard on here.


Honestly not the fainest idea what you are on about. Clumsy? Seriously? He’s tremendously quick-footed and agile, and he can dribble with both feet, an incredibly rare talent that makes it almost impossible to defend against him 1 v 1. Nothing is assured in football but if we do manage this…this guy has the potential to be Henry-level good.

Dave Cee

Yeah from the little seen he looks a really skillful player. I.m starting to get excited. Hope this goes through

Indian gooner

Clumsy? Have you actually seen him play?

Indian gooner

Without a football brain? And his assists during the last few seasons? No brain?


Sometimes, when you don’t have anything nice to say, it’s better not to say anything at all.


Haven’t been this excited since we signed Özil…


Hey Josh, we are starting to get excited! The guys got better stats then Zaha. If anyone gives the yeah but it’s a farmers league comparison, pretty sure that hazard blokes best season in ligue 1 was 20 goals 14 assists.

Dennis Elbow



Does anyone else get Henry vibes watching the highlight compilations? The bursts of pace, ability to slow down and pick a pass or open up his body to place it in the final corner, the little tricks while sprinting, etc. He looks the most similar player we’ve had to Thierry since he left.