Thursday, May 30, 2024

Report: Arsenal offer €80 million for Pépé

According to TF1, Arsenal have bid €80 million for Lille winger Nicolas Pépé.

The Ivory Coast international was linked with the Gunners back in November as we weighed up a January replacement for the injured Danny Welbeck, but nothing ever came of it. Since then his price has increased significantly.

The 24-year-old ended last season with impressive numbers in Ligue 1, scoring 22 goals (second only to Kylian Mbappe) and making 11 assists in 38 appearances.

His performances helped Lille to finish second in the table and caught the attention of some of Europe’s biggest clubs, including champions Paris Saint Germain.

Pépé has been away at the African Cup of Nations in recent weeks and has had a pretty poor tournament by his standards. He was an unused substitute last night as Ivory Coast went out on penalties to Algeria at the quarter-final stage.

Now that his tournament is over, the rumours about his future have sparked into life.

We know Unai Emery wants to bring in a wide player this summer hence the links with Zaha, Brahimi, Carrasco, Fraser and alike, but it’s very hard to believe that we’re going to chuck the kitchen sink at Lille when our budget is known to be small and we’ve strengthening to do in other positions.

If you want to start dreaming of a big-money signing then knock yourself out, you deserve a break from Arsenal-branded bad news for a few hours. Just don’t come here complaining when it doesn’t happen.

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Viva la prof

Hah, even if it were true,it just means the price is 150 million. Pepe’s one of the hottest property’s in world football, we are Faulty Towers


Flowery Twats

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Haha that was always my favourite FT anagram!

Also, Ornstein has, unsurprisingly, just made it clear Arsenal have NOT made a bid.

Sorry for tagging along on to the top thread, I wouldn’t normally unless I had something related to say. But just feels, in this instance, that all fans deserve to know the facts before getting worked up about this ‘signing’.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Bollox! Sorry, just seen Yen has already mentioned this below. Apologies to all, and more so Yen.

Feel free to thumb down ?

Enjoy your Saturday night folks!


Yes. This is our forward line next season.

Zaha Aubameyang Laca Pepe.

Reality check

I think it’s tit for tat for totts trying to butt in on the Saliba deal, drive the price up, just phuk with their business .. good one

Jack but

Can’t er just sign something


this aged really well

Shit hole gooner

“Arsenal made a bid around 80 mil for pepe….in FIFA”. Irony is even that would be rejected. Lol why am I crying


It’s like we’re the only club going through a recession.

Where did the club’s money go?
(Only 2 seasons out of the champs league and the spuds can spend more than us. Yes they were tight for the last two season but they built a fucking stadium. We were poor for a whole decade while we built a stadium.)

Naked Cygan

Because we have a better chance to sign Peggy Mitchell than Pepe!


Didn’t Phil and Grant bury her?


After all the really bad and disheartening news the past two days, I longed for a big named signing BS story in hopes it would enlighten my mood. Nope, didn’t work. Oh well, thanks for the effort! ?


Ahahahah fuck off


Venkatesham… send Gaspar running down the wing… cuts back and whips it into the box… SANLLEHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!

If you think that I’m gonna get over-excited a potential transfer that’s 99 % not gonna happen, then you’re absolutely correct.


Goal disallowed. Ornstein already rejecting the news on Twitter.


Remember the time when not every Ornstein update was more depressing than the previous?


Also, if I were shit tabloid media, I would be all over Arsenal right now. Make up as much transfer speculation as possible. Fake bids exceeding the budget only for someone sensible like Ornstein to deny it and push Arsenal fans a little more over the edge. Easy clicks.


I’ve found this “Ornstein” on twitter and he’s pro Trump, pro Brexit, pro annexation of Crimea and claims to be a bitcoin trader.

Maul Person

But is he right about Arsenal news though?



Forest gooner

We can get the defender pepe for €8million though.

Gooner Sam

Don’t be silly, he’s a defender and we need one of those..


The way we do business, we couldn’t sign Pepe the Frog.

Dr. kNOw

That’s because we already have Pepé Le Pew stinking out the place.

Micky Tayrian

Probably the most obvious bollocks of the summer

Skip To My Lou



According to 585, this is another scam, Aim at getting fans excited.


Thought we’re broke… ?


Utter bollox. Fed up with reading rediculas crap like this. Click bait at its worst

Wilsheres Middle Finger

Next thing we’ll be in for Neymar. Pure and utter drivel.


I’d love us to get Neymar so Emery can bench him the whole season and we get to watch him, his crap hair and his silly ego sulk.

My Cousin Vinai (Formerly Faisal Narrage)

The Ornacle has already poo-poo’d this story. Move along, nothing to see here.

dr Strange

This has to be a load of diarrhea. Even if it’s true it’s stupid beyond even Arsenal to put so much money on one signing when we need at least four quality players.

That said It wouldn”t surprise me if our management are so fucking stupid.


Season ticket sales slow?…. start a few rubbish rumours…The Arsenal way.

Fart Overjars

I think this rumour has legs

Except for one of the legs is missing and the other is a rumour about the missing leg maybe returning one day.


You know it’s all coming down to a trolley dash and we will end up signing Ryan Fraser for £18 million and some unnamed center back from the championship for £9 million. Its the Arsenal way.


If my maths is correct, £9m gets you a Championship CB approximately 4,5x better than Rob Holding. And he’s already better than Cannavaro.


Please sir, may I have a few more poops?


And YOU get a poop, and YOU get a poop, and YOU get a poop – in my best Oprah voice.


Don’t see it happening. All these spurious rumours on Zaha now Pepe with money we don’t have unless we are selling Lacazette which looks stupid and unlikely. Saliba as well perculating away, now the rumour has shifted to Spuds. Sounds like St Etienne pushing for it more than anythingelse but we would be foolish to buy him for 27m…should he (likely) prove a failure, we won’t be shifting him anytime soon and he will be a substantial loss. Koscielny we should move on. He’s injury prone and 33yrs. Frankly he is doing us a great service because the powers that… Read more »

Don Cazorleone

Any chance you get eh pal


We have, a plan…


A berry gud plan.


We’re setting ourselves up for some more gazoomping.

God is a gooner

“Sp*rs unveil new signing Nicholas Pepe”


Breaking news : Messi joining Arsenal on loan with view of permanent deal

Breaking news just been confirmed : its not actually Lionel Messi , just plain messy that the state of arsenal football club, and its not a loan, its permanent deal under Kroenke


Your mama would require a small bottom pumping when we get Messi. Sure she will love it

Unai Knows

Arsenal is the hq of stress.

Fart Overjars

this rumour has legs

except that one of the legs is missing and the other is a rumour about the missing leg maybe returning someday


Only 7 poos?

Are they special UHD ones or something?


Ornstein saying it’s not true, as we don’t have €80 million to spend this summer…. We’re desperate for some wingers, and a couple of full backs… Looks like we’re going to be relying on last seasons signings like Torreira, Guendouzi, Sokratis and Leno, being better this time around. Then trying to extract more out of young players like Niles, Iwobi, Willock and Nelson. Our squad desperately needs some freshness added to it, not just signings, but also moving on some deadwood. The transfer market is gridlocked, there’s too much disparity between the clubs in terms of turnover, players don’t want… Read more »


I understand that Kroenke wants the wage bill reduced further because he sees it as bloated and not delivering the required “bang for the buck”. He has a point if you look at Sp*rs (which I’m sure he does) who have a wage bill appreciably smaller than ours. The departures at the end of last season will reduce our bill of course but there’s more to do, hence efforts to offload the likes of Ozil and Mustafi who reportedly earn a combined £450,000 between them. There are several other players on lower wages who we want to move on as… Read more »


Horse Sh1t… These types of false transfer stories are getting stale and dated. I’ve supported Arsenal for 30 years and i’ve never known the supporters to be so angry and so pessimistic.


Surely they are angry and pessimistic because they keep believing these obviously BS stories and then feel cheated when they don’t come to fruition.

Paul Kendall

Got more chance of shitting in the Queens handbag than this deal happening.


Absolute nonsense


To expand further- yes, we need a winger but our defence needs far more work. If we genuinely were going to spend €80 million I’d expect it to be on 4/5 players not one

Mogos Yemane

Welcome to the Link fc club.

The Zambian Gunner

In these turbulent times, signing Pepe would be such a reshreshing thing. Oh how I wish this cud be true


80 million…
Oh this is priceless.
What top player in their right mind would want to joing Arsenal with THAT manager ? Players refusing to turn up, no signings, players leaving.
At every other club Emery would be sent packing but at lazy Arsenal where the preference is to do nothing he remains at the club.
The man is a joke with no dignity at all – if he did he would have left after the europa final shambles….


you know Emery is not in charge of transfer right?
and if Koscelny hasnt turn up , i pretty sure its because the club have give him a promise that the club havent kept,its not in his character
before his injuries it was some story that he want to comeback in france


Do you honestly think we would promise he could leave for free knowing we have no money to spend…unless the promise was made on Gazidis watch in which case I could believe that.


The more you say the sillier you sound…just saying.


Classic mix up here, Arsenal actually offered 80 million Chinese Yuan


How low can Arsenal really sink?


As low as you think they can at which point you can buzz off and support Spurs as you obviously don’t support Arsenal.


I don’t understand blowing our budget on any winger. The limited budget we have is really needed for CB and CM. If there is anything left then LB. Why spend all the money on the part of the team we have talented youngsters coming through. Can’t believe Nelson or Smith-Rowe will be very happy about spending all our funds on a winger that will surely play every week….let them fill the wide positions and replace Ramsey and Koscielny properly!

Okechukwu Jude

Stop it please. You guys are getting me livid


Stop feeding us lies

SB Still

Is this us trying to send the Tots on a wild goose chase and get them of Saliba?

Paul Roberts

Infinity poo should have seen the light of day here. 🙂


Improved Tierney deal being reported – £25m bid…

Paul Roberts

Celtic manager Neil Lennon said earlier this week: “He is still injured and he is rehabbing. He had a double hernia and he still has the osteitis pubis problem.”
Another injured player coming in?

Gunner up north

???? enough already


UEFA would be happy. They could jump on us for FFP and leave Barca alone.

Startlow £1

I’m numb can’t even cry! Non stop lies and bullcrud they just carnt leave us alone.
I need a dam decent transfer to get me going again.


Lol this is some oblivious level of bullshit. Can’t afford Zaha for 80mil….so we bid 80mil on another player?

Journos really getting lazy with this shit!


I will. I will come here complaining when it doesn’t happen


If you really think about, between Freddie, Edu and Pires, we don’t really need a winger or a CM, do we? We might be underestimating how cheap our transfer business is.


Story is a load of pópó…

Mentally Drained Gooner

If we can spend big bucks and get Tierney, Ruben Dias, Nicolas Pepe, William Saliba and Ceballos this transfer window we’ll only have to spend big again for a striker in the next 5 seasons. 400 million net expenditure in 5 seasons is how arsenal should be looking at things at this stage.

But surely I am dreaming.


BBC said that Arsenal hadn’t made any offer to Lille.

Yup. It’s just a dream guy.

We have been dreaming to become “competitive” for 10 years.

Cultured determination

Just make sure we get the right winger from lille this time.


The main problem is defense. So far, it has not been possible to buy Kieran Tierny, because Arsenal could not afford the 25 million pounds it takes. Pepe would have been fantastic, but Arsenal does not have the dough. Neither is attack prioritized now.

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