Monday, June 17, 2024

Report: Arsenal back in for Kieran Tierney

Reports this evening from Sky Sports and the BBC say that Arsenal have come back with a new offer for Kieran Tierney.

The Celtic full back is valued at £25m, and it’s suggested that our bid will satisfy the Scottish champions in that regard.

The 22 year old is still troubled by a pelvic injury, so is in light training/rehab at the moment.

Arsenal have had a poor summer so far in the transfer market, but if we have returned for the left-back at that price point, it’s now simply a matter of if the player will join us or not.

The Gunners are currently in LA, Head of Football Raul Sanllehi and new Technical Director Edu were pictured in deep conversation yesterday, so maybe this is a consequence of that.

Let’s see how it goes.

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Good stuff. Get it done.


“Head of Football Raul Sanllehi and new Technical Director Edu were pictured in deep conversation yesterday, so maybe this is a consequence of that.“ Sanllehi – So they want 25. Edu – Have you tried lower? Sanllehi – Yeah man, we tried like 15. Then 18. Then 22. *Edu scratches chin* Edu – Chuck a few add ons in? Sanllehi – Dude, tried it. Got a really angry call from some foul mouthed Scottish guy calling himself Neil. Edu – Ok. So we’ve tried 15. Tried 18. Tried 22. Tried add ons. Sanllehi – Well? Edu – I’m thinking, I’m… Read more »

Cygans Parting

Excellent!!! But Neill Lennon is from Northern Ireland. Just sayin ????


Better than bloggs

Pat Rice and Beans

Best comment I ever read here. ???




This is pure gold!


Looks like we are going to offset this from sale of Kos.


If we can play a back four with [Tierney – Holding – Sok – Bellerin] for the better part of the season we should be able to reduce our GA quite a bit. Get this over the line asap.


(I don’t think we’re gonna get a CB this window)

Forest gooner

Already we have 7 CBs

Professor Gooner

I count 5 CBs
Kos has an indefinite French sicknote
Mustaphi is.. Well.. Hmmm..

Wilshere's Middle Finger

Considering 3 of those players are currently injured, and given our track record with keeping injury prone players fit, logic tells me that this is very very unlikely to happen.


Seeing as Holding and Bellerin are still coming back from quite serious injuries, I suspect we won’t see a lot of them in the first half of the season, they’ll always be niggles here and there.


Fingers crossed this will get done

Scott Duffy

As a Celtic fan i hope Tierney stays as he has been incredible for us but we could use that money to strengthen our squad so not too bothered. You guys will get a star once he’s fit. Just had surgery and has another niggling problem but a fully fit Tierney is a machine. Good luck.


What is the other little bother?


It still feels so wrong to believe a newspaper that has the word “Sun” in it.


Last couple days have been depressing as an arsenal fan. This does nothing to lift my spirit. Nothing short of Stan fucking Kroenke fucking off back to colarado or wherever can lift my spirit.


Love the midnight posts. Wonder if Andrew is dabbling in the legal recreational L.A/Cali bud? He is rather forgetful and pretty creative especially with his metaphors and similes!! Feel free to relieve me of my wonders.

Maxin In The Shade

If I was in LA, my first stop would be to buy some Cali weed. I imagine the quality of all the bud sold legally would be top notch


Andrew was a man who thought he was on holiday but he knew it wouldn’t last. Andrew left his home in Doublin, RoI for some California grass…


Vancouver has the best weed.


Sorry, Dublin now Doublin.


Get back, get back, get back from where you started from.


Let me guess…we offered €80 million.




Would lift everyones mood. Come on.


Even if we get him, this window has been a total disaster, but I hope we get him anyway, will make the window about 0.1% less of a disaster.

John Mavroudis

Thanks, Eeyore.


Had to stifle a genuine lol! (it’s 5am and my missus is asleep). Eeyore ?


Can’t help but feel we’ve been waiting for Edu to arrive to really kickstart our business


I’m just imagining him as Gordon Ramsay walking into some shit-show restaurant on Kitchen Nightmares.


If the club can get him (and Saliba next year to replace the aging Kos and Sok), i’d say that’s good enough for this window. Use the youngsters for rotation and maybe get a decent backup RB so Maitland-Niles can be the box-to-box mid he always wanted to be.

I like AMN but I honestly don’t think he can be that CM some fans believe.
I have greater belief in Iwobi being that tbh.

But we are managing AMN well and like how we should handle others. Because if he doesn’t make it, we’ll be getting £20-30M for him in the future.


I have a feeling that this guy is an injury prone player like Bellerin.

Do Sanllehi and our new TD think the same?

Kinda risky move, i think.

Don Cazorleone

This word “prone”
I don’t think it means what you think it means


Complaining about the first possible positive turn in the transfer window – and an actual defender, no less. Inconceivable!


Good ebening, Good beginning to the week.
Seems like we’ve hit the Panic button.


So he’s injured still after a season of many injuries… very Arsenal.


Craig McKernon?


Saturday morning, arsenal offers €80 million for NICOLAS PEPE. saturday Evening, Arsenal back in for KIERAN
TIERNEY . Coming days, Next week, Arsenal back with an improve bid for Fekir . Another new week, Arsenal confident of getting Saliba. Fortnight time, Malcom to arsenal very close. Few minutes before the window closes, Arsenal sign Denis suarez on long season loan. And the circle continues
Next transfer window how Raul Sanllehi almost signed Messi Ronald mbape, hazard, for arsenalarsenal.


Of course we have put a bid for him, Lennon mentioned he is still sore so can’t really run at the moment, it’s like an alert beacon for us. ‘He’s injured? Why didn’t you say, he will fit right in, here’s the £25mill!’

Joking aside, would be very happy to have him with us. He will be be a great signing


My feelings exactly. No doubt he’s a talent and an upgrade on what we have but he’s injury prone and currently injured so haggling a bit on price and add ons seems fairly rational.

That said it shouldn’t take this fucking long to work those details out.


It looks more likely than not that he’ll be our first, and probably biggest, signing of the Summer window unless Emery can offload players (the likes of Ozil, Mustafi, Chambers, Elneny, Jenkinson etc.). While there doesn’t appear to be any sales in the pipeline at present, there’s still a while to go yet but if we’re realistic, Arsenal aren’t the draw that they once were so it may be difficult to bring in real quality to replace them.


I do hate how we seem to pussy foot around transfers as of late. 25million for Tierney in today’s market is highly reasonable considering the style of play he brings to the table and his age. I don’t want us to overspend like crazy, but I just want us to show interest make a bid, find a compromise and sign the players.


I don’t think we pussy foot around, I guess that’s simply what we have to do as a result of a) how previous regime (Gazidis) used to go around deals + b) the fact we seem not to have many sellable assets (directly connected to point a) + c) we haven’t qualified for CL. All this together means we simply can’t throw bids around like we don’t care, but have to think through the slightest details of these deals or they come back to bite us in the arse in the future. Let’s judge the window once it’s over. If… Read more »


Agree with what you’re saying pal. And by all means, I don’t want us to spending cash needlessly for players who won’t perform the way we want them to. I do agree that we need a tactical approach to the market but our main targets (for the areas we need strengthening) need to be identified early and our interest shown early on so we aren’t running around last second the get the ‘bottom of the barrel’ deals done. I don’t like long drawn out transfers where we dilly dally around and at the last second have our player taken out… Read more »


I agree that we need to move players on, and with those that you mention. The key drawback though for all those you name is that they are all on such good wages (thanks to deals done in the Wenger era) that it’s extremely difficult to get them off the books – which is why we haven’t moved them on. As to the transfer budget, we’ll see. The proof, one way or another, will be who we buy at what price. There’s an excellent, up-to-date (June 2019), in-depth report on the club’s finances from the Arsenal Supporters Trust and it… Read more »


Most of our rivals have more money than we do to spend, and we’ve been in that situation for a long time — it’s nothing new. The newer aspect of all of this is that we suck more than we used to do. The bare truth of Arsenal FC this coming season is that everyone has to work much harder than they have in the past — we’re not in a good position, but perhaps the collective can do something beyond themselves and get us back to where we belong. Emery has to do better (and hopefully Freddie’s presence will… Read more »

David Hillier's luggage

Does the club need Edu and Raul Sanllehi in LA at the same time? Granted Edu has just started, but surely it makes sense to have one football exec in Europe (working in European time zones) while the other is 7 hours behind? Also given the trip is more of a commercial than sporting venture, surely Vinai Venkatesham is a more suitable exec to be on the trip?

Err it’s preseason, it’s about as sporting a venture as you can get.
And it’s obvious a purpose of this trip is for Raul and Edu to have a meeting with the Kroenkes, which requires all of them.

Also, you are aware they have staff to handle deals right?

Cygans Parting

He is on the trip. He was pictured sat next to Raul and Edu in the stands watching the team train.


Stan is in America. We need both of them there to hopefully impress upon him the importance of not being tightwads this window to stay competitive.

I mean, Lampard is coaching Chelsea and Solskjaer is still at Man U – we have to take this opportunity and make it count while we can. It won’t last long.


We’ve got Holding+Bellerin coming back off big injuries, I have no idea if this guy is any good? But buying a 22yr old who’s missed 270+ days and counting over the last 3 season, seems absolutely mental.

Nothing we do fills me with any confidence, we’re now linked with Everton Soares from Gremio, he might be a big talent? But coming straight from Brazil to the PL, is guaranteed a minimum 12 month adjustment period.

Surely we’d be better off giving Nelson or Saka 12 months to adjust?

My Cousin Vinai (Formerly Faisal Narrage)

“is guaranteed a minimum 12 month adjustment period.”

Wasn’t an issue for Gabriel Jesus. Richarlison came from Fluminese to have an amazing season with Watford.


Followed KT all his career at the hoops, what an assett he would be to The Arsenal.. Sweet feet and a ball of pace..


It’s absolutely ridiculous that 25M in current market is being deemed expensive by Arsenal in negotiations. But they do have the cash to pay the asking price, and they will.

There aren’t that many million dollars between positions of both negotiating. Unlike Zaha, where they ask 80M, and we offer 40M.

Kentish Gooner

I still don’t believe we only have £45m to spend when teams in the bottom half are splashing £100m+ on new players. Granted, they haven’t got an absolute mong on £350k a week, but I reckon we have closer to the £150m mark and we’re keeping quiet hoping to pick up the scraps in the final week before the window slams shut. And still end up not signing anyone.

It’s the Arsenal way.


Try not to fuck this, for variety’s sake.

Merlin’s Panini

I just hope he doesn’t Jamie Vardy us (not that I wanted us to sign Vardy) and sees this as a good opportunity for him to progress despite having to forfeit Champions League football this season. We have to realise we are now a stepping stone club, like we were when we were forced to go with project youth before. If that works half as well this time as it did then, despite us having struggled to then get rid of players like Bendtner, we will have done well and it could set us up for the future. If not…… Read more »


After the horrible horrible 1st month of the transfer window and the club captain going on strike, Arsenal’s reputation was in tatters. And the club’s PR Team comes up with this ridiculous €80 mil bid story through a fluke publication which got laughed off by the player’s agent. It was so unbelievable fr everyone that the player’s agent didn’t even try to use the story to his playe’s advantage. That was a pathetic attempt by the club’s PR Team to make up for the damage done by the Kos and Saliba stories. Actually, it led to more negative press. And… Read more »

Billy Bob

Why are we going for an injury prone player? We are becoming more comical than dads army lol Arsenal are doomed, I tell ye, doomed!!


25m for a player in a position we don’t need to be concern with just yet. Meanwhile that would have major impact on Cback and wide player never mind CM. Struggling to understand how anyone can think adding two players at 25m (and even installments) 27m for Saliba is anywhere near a great idea with a 40m budget (and the ability we have selling players) Mental stuff only Arsenal fans can be prey too. If not if real, we are truly doomed with a transfer team clutching at straws in the wind rather than any coherent plan never mind appreciation… Read more »


LB not a priority? Dear lord, I didn’t think you could get more clueless. The amount you bang on about Kos being past it, did you not watch Monreal’s legs fall off a cliff? LB is a massive need, now.

Startlow £1

Finally some positive news


Waste of effort and limited resource to go chasing a Lback when we have far more critical priorities in at Cback and wide area plus a CM. In any case like Saliba, media playing their usual game saying the signing is imminent then when nothing materialises blames Arsenal for dittering on price and claims we are going to be swooped from under by our rivals Spurts to save their credibility. 80m is ludicrous price for Zaha at any rate let alone when our budget (before player sales) is 40m Add 27m to a relatively untried Saliba with potential resale issues… Read more »


Our other issue related to buying is of course selling. I’m not sure how practical we have been in this regards. Of course we have issues trying to sell on players who are flawed that are on hefty wages (see Ozil, Mustafi). BUT even less useful players (Elneny) are on prohibitive wage (55K) comparative to ability and what you can get elsewhere in market. As mentioned I think we need to be flexible. Ozil I feel we should let go for 8-10m if not Mhkitaryan for similar Mustafi too from 15-20m or Chambers (on account of local content and age)… Read more »


I can’t see why this improved ‘offer’ won’t lend Tierney since we are meeting their valuation.

I hope if we do get him it does not impact our other more urgent priorities.

Seems we jumped the gun on this one.

Regardless we do get a decent Lback with Tierney (if we get him) but more pressing issues have yet to be resolved.


This is great news. How does everyone feel about Dani Alves possibly joining us on a free?

Merlin’s Panini

I feel like it’s not gonna happen so not worth thinking too much about.
If it did though, he might do a job for a season but coming into the premier league after having been in Italy then France is quite a step up in pace and at his age he might not cope so well. Look at Lichsteiner. He might be an exception but only worth a punt if there are no other options I think.
Also I don’t like him. Always seemed like a cunt so would rather we didn’t get him. But maybe we need a cunt.


And lichsteiner ls game was based on stamina


Aaaaaaaaand!! They rejected it. This was the boost we all needed, what the fuck is going on here!

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