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Bordeaux eager to sign ‘leader’ Koscielny

Eduardo Macia, head of recruitment at Ligue 1 side Bordeaux, says he would happily sign Laurent Koscielny if the defender is made available by Arsenal.

It’s no secret that the Frenchman wants to quit the Emirates this summer despite being under contract for another year and it’s been reported that talks have been held with Rennes.

Last night, Unai Emery said he hadn’t given up hope of persuading his captain to stay for another 12 months but it does look as though the situation is out of the Spaniard’s hands.

“Laurent Koscielny? Of course, if the opportunity was there, we would be happy to bring him,” Macia is quoted as saying by RMC Sport. 

He added: “He’s a leader, a smart defender and one of the best defenders I’ve seen in my career, it would be amazing to have a player of his quality in Bordeaux. We can’t say more for now, he’s still under contract at Arsenal.”

Last week, Bordeaux coach Paulo Sousa was similarly enthusiastic about Koscielny’s qualities although he was equally keen to stress respect for Arsenal in the situation.

It could well be that Arsenal are making a priority of all incoming business, which needs to be done by 5pm next Thursday. The transfer market does not close for French, German and Spanish clubs until 2nd September.

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Rumours suggest a few french clubs are genuinely interested but we’re asking too high a fee, surely one of these clubs has a decent young defender we could work out a swap deal for


Like Salina!



Mentally Drained Gooner

I want him sold but at a good transfer fee.


Koscielny? Who he?

Naked Cygan

Just fk off so we can move on with our season. We already had issues in our defence and this has just made things more complicated. THE SOONER he fks off the better.

Maul Person

Is that really necessary?

Naked Cygan

Yes 109%


Don’t get the hate he’s getting atm. Surely to refuse to go on tour was a bad decision but I’m sure he wouldn’t have done it, if the club hadn’t promised something to him. It leaves a bitter taste to see him leave like this but nevertheless he remains one of my favourite players of the last decade. To compare him to RvP who had 1 good season and then thought he’s too good for is, is just ridiculous in my eyes. As long as he was here, Kosc gave his all to this club and he feels his body… Read more »


Looks like both him and Arsenal have legit arguments that can be made about their respective case. What I find abit distasteful is how a compromise wasn’t made before the tour. Assuming the facts are that the old management team promised verbally or contractually to let him leave on a free or cut price deal and the new management won’t honor the agreement. Couldn’t they have agreed that it’s up to other clubs to offer the market rate for him and he would be then free to leave? Unless kosc has been eyeing a good signing on fee from a… Read more »

Forest gooner

I have a question. If he were injured presently and out of action for say 4 months, would he atill have requested the club to terminate the contract?


i find it hard to believe in this ‘club lied to him’ business. didn’t he extend for 1 year early this summer? doesn’t it mean he was well aware of his situation? they you either say fuck it and go on strike right after extension (if, for instance, it was triggered in spite of his wishes) or do your job – not change your mind mid preseason.
loved the feller, right know i don’t hate him, just couldn’t care less what happens to him. as long as he doesn’t play first team anymore, that is.

Reality check

Although both classless but RVP had offers because he was a baller, Kos was an above average defender. There is a reason no big club ever came for Kos even at his peak, at a time when arsenal had all their players gift wrapped to be shipped out. He would’ve left much faster than RVP. Kos also refused to play, RVP only refused to sign unless his demands were met, club had to sell him to make some money out of it.


Reality check my arse, more like revisionism. I don’t like what he decided to do but he’s been an Arsenal player for 9 years, and after a rocky start was absolutely fantastic next to Mertesacker especially. We are a hard club to play defence for but he did well and had his fair share of suitors, but opted to stay with us. So even if he ballsed up his legacy now, let’s keep it in perspective.

Reality check

BFG is an absolute legend, Kos could learn a thing or two from him about class and character. Kos could never produce a performance like the FA cup final against Chelsea, kos has never been that blood and balls guy. BFG also covered a lot of his short comings.. made him look better than he actually was, not surprised that he never looked decent before or after BFG.

BTW which fair share of suiters are you own about?


I dislike the idea Kosc was just a decent Prem defender. In my mind he had 4 or 5 seasons where he was massively underrated. One of the top 5 in the league. Sure, steady, tough.


Could never defend a decent cross though!

Reality check

He’s anything but a leader..


He threw his body in every possible duel whenever he played. He’s a quite guy but he always played like a leader.

Reality check

He played like a professional should, nothing more.. its not Like he was hired and payed to not duck out of the challenges, even then, Costa had him wishing an early bath. I am pretty sure he’s wishing us relegation.


Yes. Exactly. Man has spilled blood on the field more times than I have ever seen. Can’t do any wrong to me now, sorry


So does Mustafi…


Ahh – OK. 2nd September for the french clubs, now I understand. Make the baguette eating redwine soaking drunkards wait for Kos the Boss

Joseph Furey

Yeah, the same French who made this club

Reality check

“Made this club” is a bit strong for Chapman and the champs of 70s or miracle workers of 89..


Do you read the Express and the Mail by any chance?


“Make the baguette eating redwine soaking drunkards”

Wait … so I’m actually French! Who knew.


Let the September 2nd bidding war begin!
…on September 2nd….


Realistically Kos should be valued at 6-8 mil? Considering he’s got 2 more years at best in a top league and a suspect Achilles.

If it were the other way around and Arsenal was trying to sign someone with similar circumstances I would pay as low as possible as he would be an experience backup with no resale value.


I agree. Talking of that kind of money is fantasy football territory. You make an excellent point ( one I’ve made elsewhere on the site about other “news”) namely, just reverse the position and what would we do? Of course we wouldn’t buy him at his age/fitness level for the money talked about so why expect other clubs to?

Obama Young

Other clubs would not give Arsenal a discounted price for their captain if they were in the same situation. They would tell Arsenal to pay the price they want or they would sell him somewhere else.

There are several French clubs interested in him, so we should hold the line on our price and only sell to the highest bidder.


But it’s not a question of a “discounted price” – a discount on what: a 33 year old player with a dubious recent injury record and no sell-on potential (as db10s has correctly pointed out)? A sensible club wouldn’t try and get the money we apparently are trying to get in the first place! I’m not saying he has no transfer value – particularly if several clubs are interested (if they really are, that is) – but anything around the money being mentioned is pure LaLa Land. What’s the alternative – having a former captain, an obviously disgruntled player, hanging… Read more »


I know we wished for a more ruthless Arsenal but maybe we just have to cut our losses here. Take something in the region of 5-6 mil and wash our hands. Even though Kosc should be able to provide good cover this season, I am afraid to depend on his fragile body at his current age especially. So just let him leave on a decent fee. Too bad he’s only looking for a french club or not we could flog him off to a retirement league like MLS, Japan or the middleeast.

Nicholarse Pepee

How much did we pay for Petr on his last legs?


For goodness sake just get him off the books! I can’t help smiling when the crazy fee is mentioned as a sticking point. We wouldn’t pay it (I hope!!) Also, given the money we’ve wasted on transfers or lost on releasing younger players too soon for little or nothing etc., in recent years, the management are being very picky in this particular case – almost like they are trying to punish him.


Here’s how I see it. Speculative fiction, sure, but I’m trying to put the PR and player management perspective into my head: You’re all set up to make some serious moves (which we’re now seeing some of) to improve the fortunes of the club, and you want your supporters to see and be excited about. significant signings are on the verge and just about to happen. Then this guy goes and drops a bomb wanting to jump ship, while potential incoming transfers and big announcements are in the balance. This not only has the potential to knock a deal off… Read more »




A contract is a legal document. He agreed to it and signed it.
I understand the club has fined him; as they should.
Now move him on for whatever we can get. Show everyone how this should be dealt with. Professionals should act professionally.


Leader?? Yeah the leader that admitted to wanting his national team to lose when he was injured and the same one who refused to go on pre-season tour (full of youngsters that look up to him). It doesn’t make any sense that he’d want to leave arsenal so bad only to go to bordeux and rennes, without any disrespect to those bang average teams in a bang average league. Why has he caused all the fuss? Because he’s looking after HIS own best interests (polite way of saying he’s a greedy prick looking for a pay day). At this point… Read more »


So you’d have a former captain, an obviously disgruntled player, hanging around the place for the reminder of his contract? That’s going to do wonders for squad morale (not!) isn’t it, and cost us a lot in wages for no return. Come on, let’s move into the real world, not stay in LaLa Land. If we did as you suggest, it certainly would send a message – and the message would be that Arsenal are crazy!


The second he refused to go on tour he threw his status down the drain. Either someone coughs up £10m+ or he sits his ass in reserve and runs his contract down.

I’d much rather that then enter your real world and let our club captain leave for free having forced us into it.

Play power is a massive problem at our club and I’m glad to see the club be ruthless about it.


No player is bigger than Arsenal irrespective oc their history at our club. He’s not in a position to demand a free transfer. What would he do and say if Arsenal let him go with one year of his contract left?

John C

Exactly, he hasn’t put in a transfer request has he? If he did he’d be waving goodbye to various loyalty bonuses and signing on fees.

Oh no, he wants that money and a 2 or 3 year contract at a new club at our expense.

I’m with you, unless we get an acceptable fee have him training alone for the next 11 months and see how many offers he gets this time next year another year older. His wages aren’t particularly high and certainly won’t be the difference between signing a replacement or not in a year.

Dave Cee

See yA laurent. Apreciate the good times


“The transfer market does not close for French, German and Spanish clubs until 2nd September.”

That’s a really good point actually.


Great deal. I wish him well. And so should some scummy Arsenal fans. He deserves respect. He has been a stalwart for us and given his best. Asking him to push another season is frankly foolish for the defense AND unfair to an injury laden player. AND as I mentioned before you have to be more sophisticated and read between the lines, see what Koscielny is also trying to do. There is no guarantee of course we will do the right thing but until his refusal, the club look like they were again on course for short cut, sign Saliba… Read more »


There’s a persistant rumour that we are in for Rugani. Maybe a two season loan. If so we are truly into the panic loan era. Personally I prefer a long term solution. I’m not sure what the mickey mouse move for Saliba was for. It back loads commitment (along with the more justifiable Pepe deal) that has effect for subsequent summer transfers which if we are still out of top four will have grave implications particularly if Saliba does not prove the real deal. Not sure about Rugani either. On paper looks like good potential. he is still young and… Read more »


Mate, you’re a proper bellend.


Funny hearing how the same fans who think Palace wanted too much for Zaha think we’re asking too much for Kosc! I’d be happy to let him leave but only for the right price and not a penny less! If other teams want him they can pay up, end of discussion. The fact that he had the cheek to ask to go for free makes me a little sick, like he thinks we’re such pushovers that we’d actually sanction that. Glad to see we’re finally being a bit ruthless tbh.

Andy Mack

Lots of people saying they want him but by all accounts we haven’t had any firm offers yet, so I guess these clubs aren’t that interested in him…

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