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Emery: We need Mesut Ozil

After a good pre-season, Mesut Ozil found himself out of the team due to off field incidents, and has yet to feature this season.

It’s a frustration because he’d performed well during the US tour, and looked like he had left some of the baggage of last year’s campaign behind him.

He wasn’t included for the trip to Liverpool – something few were surprised at – but Unai Emery says the German is an important player.

“We need him,” he said. “First to be consistent in training, to be available in each match.

“For example last week he wasn’t ready to play 100% in Liverpool. This week he is getting better with each training and I think physically he is now better.

“He is closer to helping us. We need him because he is a different player in our team.

“He can help us with his quality.”

And Emery seemed to put it up to the 30 year old to produce this season, and pay back the support he’s been given by the club.

“It’s not in my control,” he said of his absence through illness.

“We are speaking a lot with every player, especially with him on whether he is not ready to play, he is sick or he has a circumstance like he had with Sead.

“We are here only to help him and support him, and after to demand that he is ready for training, because we need him in our way this year.”

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He should be an impact sub in the league and a Europa league starter.


An impact sub in the same way as the impact that causes Kane to go down in the box…

santi's thigh grab

He’s never had a history of making an impact off the bench, probably not going to start at this point in his career. He’s best when he starts, play hard for 60, then have a rest. An Ozil that is firing on all cylinders would be magical to have this season.


The issue is at some point we need to think about what’s best for the team & how we should play vs trying to change the system to fit in a player who hasn’t consistently performed in almost 3 years


I really think Ceballos’s play can really bring out the best in ozil. Excited to see those two link up. Let’s take care of business Sunday COYG


Them 2 join up?? Couldnt think of anything worse tbh


If you play a front three of PAL, which I would strongly suggest, i don’t see a way to fit Özil and Ceballos in the team, too.

Man Manny

Ceballos and Torreira can play behind Ozil in a 4-2-3-1 at the Emirates.
Their energy and ball winning abilities will offset Ozil’s weakness, while he concentrates on pulling apart the defence lines with vision and creativity.
That would be a nightmare for the opposing defenders all evening.
My thinking though.


Of course it would be a nightmare for the opposition from the offensive point of view, not denying that at all. But it would be a similar nightmare for us defensively, playing with a back 4, the Arsenal back 4, and only have Torreira to cover them while 5 players are bombing forward. Liverpool is playing basically with 3 defensive minded midfileders behind their front 3. For a reason.


Same, I can only imagine the formation would be a 4231 but it’s too lightweight in midfield, and Auba is too far away from goal on the left. Realistically, to play Ceballos and Ozil together, I think you have to drop one of the three and I don’t think that’s worth doing.


Berlingoon, why not? People really seem set on this idea that Cabellos and Ozil are challenging for a similar position in the team, but I have to say that watching Cabellos so far, I see much more of 2015 Santi in him than a number 10. In fact I actually think his skillset is rather wasted if he’s pushed too high up the pitch. With the exception of games where we need to sit back a bit more (and I can’t stress enough, that should absolutely not be EVERY away game like last season), I really hope Cabellos in one… Read more »


Santi was a joy to watch but we haven’t been challenging with him in that position during that time too. If we want to play with a back four with full backs constatly pushing forward and 3 strikers, we won’t win a shit if 2 of our 3 midfielders are Ceballos and Özil. This is not playstation, guys. It doesn’t work like that.


Without wanting to be too critical, I think you and many others on here have utterly failed to learn the lessons of the past, and would be doomed to repeat those mistakes if in charge. To be frank, the team you’re proposing is both reckless and unnecessary. A creative 8/AM playing in a defensive double pivot (Ceballos) and a traditional CF playing as a wide attacking mid (Aubameyang). Just to squeeze in the most mercurial (in a bad way) of non-scoring 10s. It is nonsense.


There’s no doubt about it, on his day he’s different class and can unlock any defence, so I would definitely have him on the bench against spurs as a Plan B option.


On his day against weaker teams never turned up against a big team ever lol

Mesut O’Neill

Unfortunately he only has 1 day out of 365!!


If we’re honest and you’d ask people what his best game last season was, you will get Leicester as answer in 99% probably. What was another great game from him? Yeah, exactly :/


Rotate him with cab case by case depending on opposition and formation


If my manager had to use a public forum to make these sorts of comments about me to get me to do my job I’d be fired. I’d probably already have quit out of embarrassment though really.

Laca New Signing

My ideal team vs sp*rs:

Auba Özil Pepe
Ceballos Torreira
Nacho Luiz Sokratis AM-N
Martinez, Chambers, Kola, Xhaka, Miki, Willock, Nelson

Sadly I can only dream ?

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

Exactly man.. With this clueless coach…you can only dream

Prince Gunners

So when are u going to mention Eric ten Hag?

A good formation to get thrashed. No balance and no defensive awareness. Fortunately the coach is not clueless.


Exactly, if you have 3 forwards like that you need more balance in midfield to cover the half spaces like City and Liverpool have. There’s a reason neither team play with an out and out 10. Also I don’t think Auba would be suited playing on the left of a 4231 where he’s further from goal.


The fact that Guendouzi, who hasn’t really put a foot wrong, isn’t even on your bench, shows how difficult it is to pick our best midfield at the moment. A nice challenge for Emery to have.

Lord Bendnter

If this was FIFA, I would have put Guendouzi in place of Martinez on the bench ?

GeoffRey Hurstmaker

I might go Willock instead of Ceballos because Willock can really ride a challenge and carry the ball, whereas the skills of Ozil and Ceballos overlap a bit, especially in the final third. TBH, though, I’m going to like any lineup with PAL to attack at pace and (let’s hope) with some efficiency and the Uruguayan Terrier to tidy up now and again.


Clive from the Arsenal Vision podcast had the best quote about Ozil’s situation. I’m paraphrasing because I can’t remember exactly but he said Ozil needed to take some Beechams for his sniffles and bring a good bottle of wine to the party because there are players knocking on Emery’s door for that spot and I agree. Our midfield is flush with young talent and they are hungry and want to play. The train is at the station and it will leave with or without him. He will get his chances. Its up to him to deliver.


That was very well said. I never thought I’d say this but I feel Its come to the point where I don’t think we even need Ozil anymore. Joe willock, Dani and even Laca can play in that CAM position so. Ozil is no longer a luxury we can tolerate, either he puts his head down and works hard in training, stop all that frequent ‘sick’ nonsense or else the train will leave without him. He can sit at the station until next season where he will inevitably catch another train somewhere else. That’s how it is.


Emery’s right, we do need Ozil. But we need him as the version from a few years ago pre new contract. Otherwise, to echo above, we are capable of moving on without his presence, hopefully with players devoted to fighting for their careers while playing for the Arsenal.


Brilliant on his day against weaker opposition when he can be bothered to turn up. Play him against the weaker prem teams and group stages the europa league. I bet arsenal tried there best to offload him during the transfer window.


A fully firing Ozil would be a massive boost for us but honestly, he hasn’t been fully firing for a 3-4 seasons now. And hungry, energetic players like Guendouzi, Willock and Cellabos have really seized the initiative in midfield. Especially hard to see Ozil fitting in if we do make that switch to 433 as well.


I mean we can all have that instinct to bunk off work regardless of wether you’re on 45k a year or 450k a week. What if he’s just a right dosser and loves staying at home playing fortnight… what a useless prick ?

Scandinavian tourist

Özil the gentle soul needs love and to be told he is needed and from there he will deliver. Keep Özil the fragile genious happy and get the best out of him. Wenger actually understood this and so far got the best results from him. Remember only Debruyne beat him in the assist record recently. Give the man a hug and ask him to play. Needed indeed.


So you’re saying he’ll do well at Liverpool. Since Klopp loves to give hugs


Looks all fakey-fake though. But Klopp’s got the job done.


Ozil has been on the slide long before Emery signed, he had a good run of form leading up to signing his new contract, and before that his last good run of form was the first half of the 2015/16 season. Wenger seemed to be the huggiest of huggy managers, and Ozil still had 1 decent game in 10°, thank god we don’t have a huggy manager now, Emery simply won’t tolerate anyone who’s heart isn’t in it. Emery will sort out our dressing room, unfortunately we’re paying too many lightweights too much money, and it’s going to take a… Read more »

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

you need Ozil…but does Ozil need you????
Think about that Emery the tinkerman
Man without courage


Obviously. He does. No other nutters out there to pick up his tab.

Sorry but do you hear yourself? If he didn’t need us he would of left already


would have*. “Would of” makes absolutely no sense. C’mon, guys.

Prince Gunners

I really hope that this time Emery has really sorted it out with Ozil and Ozil needs to play his part. Enough with the hanky panky and we will see a different Ozil that we used to know.


If he’s fine making the odd cameo, and maybe, maybe…working his way back into the first 11, then why not give him the chance. At least until any realistic offer for him is on the table he can still fight for minutes and may surprise us.

The Pedge

All this talk of illness sounds like a cover for mental health issues. It’s a matter of perspective but seems under a decent amount of pressure and strikes me as a sensitive guy – I just hope he gets himself in good space and then the football form along with it!

Dan dan

Same as Rosicky…. he was a drug addict and people covered it up for real


If rosicky was truly a drug addict, Arsenal would have hurled him on his ass years ago


Delete your account

Prince Gunners

You’re on drug bro?

Forget about it

That is a hefty accusation. Do you have any proof? Should this become some fucked up meme we know where it came from …


Never thought I’d hear Unai say that! I’m only expecting to see Mesut on the bench.. as it’s usually Xhaka who walks straight back into the team after being absent ?


I’d be surprised if Ozil made the bench.

I can see why Xhaka starts, he’s our most experienced and important midfielder, with over 400 career appearances at club and international level.

He may eventually be fazed out for a more dynamic player, but right now Torreira 23, Guendouzi 20, Ceballos 23 and settling into intensity of the league, and Willock 19, lack experience.

I’d be surprised if Xhaka didn’t start against Spurs, And also Willock starting ahead of Ceballos, Ceballo struggled with the intensity last week, so maybe throwing him into a NLD isn’t the best idea.


BC Granit is better than many prefer to think. Two of our best chances against Liverpool came out of him moving the ball out of defense for us and he provided the intercept high up late in the game that led to Torreira’s consolation. Torreira remember over last Dec/Jan gave away the ball 5 or 6 times against Soton away, BHA, Liverpool, Spurs 4 of which led directly to goals. Then same people wonder why he did not start ahead of Granit. The other issue is without Mustafi, we are weaker in the air. This was evident pre-season when we… Read more »


At the moment we have several ways to line up in midfield. Granit is not indispensable iether. Without Granit, we play a rotating 3 (like we did against Burnley) with high energy Cebellos/Willock/GUendouzi or Torreira rotating through sitting deep or going forward. Its like a fidget spinner. Or with a more structured Granit to rotate withthe two Cbacks in particularly a back 4, we have two high octane players in again Guendouzi/Willock, Cebellos or Torreira providing forward forays and the other covering closer to the Swiss who picks out passes from deeper. In a more conservative role we can play… Read more »


Ozil plays bad when Xhaxa is in the team.


Why ?

Granit provided two of the best midfield passes to launch our best chances against Liverpool plus the intercept that led to our goal late on.

Also put in 3 blocks as many as Sokratis and Luiz without conceding silly penalty or being turned like a school boy.

Watch the match much?


George Graham would have got rid of Ozil years ago. He’s a toxic influence on the club and a waste of time. The Ozil argument is over and done with now: he has no future at the club.


There are others which the club has prioritised for culling. Due to the numbers this has to be done in phases and already started this summer. Next phase Elneny and Mustafi. Then Kolasinac, Mikhutaryan and Ozil and finally Xhaka. Nothing to be gained by publicly ostracising some of those further down the list as has been done with Must and Elneny.


I don’t see why Ozil is a toxic influence. On what basis do you come up with that piece of fantasy? He is a great player to have as an asset. Expensive but if we can afford him for the moment, what is the problem? He does not in any way poison the dressing room and he can provide sublime passes to unlock defenses. Remember we play mostly against teams that sit deep against us waiting to pounce on the break Whether we have done enough behind Ozil to shore up midfield and defense against counters (Luiz) is questionable. BUT… Read more »

Petit's Handbag

Ozils done. Has been for a while. His style doesn’t suit the game anymore unfortunately.


I don’t think so.

He’s provided many good assists for us.

It depends on who we face and how we want to pick the lock.

He’s a superb player to have in the Arsenal. Better to have than not.

I don’t see why people want to get rid of him so quickly when we can afford to have him. It is simply daft.


…to leave?


(Couldn’t resist even though I am an Ozil fan and hope that he turns things around)


Rather Ozil than say Mhkitaryan.

I felt we could have minted some money with the Armenian sold (He would have been easier to move given wage)

That said, prob keeping him as an option wide just in case.

Cultured determination

We need his assists this season. Either on field or in finding another club. It’s his performance and motivation


I think he is motivated.

And he puts in a lot of hard work. In many games, he is 2nd or 3rd most in terms of distance covered.

Its just his nature. When things don’t go our way, he tends to drop his shoulder.

We have to minimise this as much as we can and use his better attributes. A more solid base behind him will also help


This site sadly is becoming more and more a Özil-hater site or at least a place to show hatred towards Özil. It is really getting unbearable. The best part of it all….the man hasnt even kick a ball this season. Tragic blog.


Absolutely. Its ridiculous. He has his weak points but as with many other players including certain favorites like Torreira. There is a reason Granit started ahead of Torreira most last season. BUT that does not diminish the utility of the Uruguayan. Similarly Ozil has some poor habits (its his nature), but his merits are absolutely fantastic to have particularly if we can afford it on the wage bill (which we now can) Particularly against teams seated deep who are adept at closing lines quickly, you want someone like Ozil who can pick locks for you or supply the front 2… Read more »


We need ozil


I think there is reason to start him should we need a 4-2-3-1 or 4-2-1-3

Particularly if we need creativity against lesser teams who like to encamp under siege, take us on the break, we may need someone like Ozil who can pick locks.

Too many people are absolute, thinking certain players are plan A others plan B.

There is no Plan A or B. We will have many plans depending on circumstance.

Cultured determination

He’s a massive defensive liability. If we can figure out how to pivot the CM positions to give him the platform to play AM with PAL he shoud get at least 20 assists this season, or he’s failed. In the modern game we may need to play him on one of the flanks if one of PAL doesnt play so that we can retain our solidity with a midfield 3. Anywsy he’s a professional athelete, so why cant he close down opposition again? I dont mid subbing him off on 60-70 min every game once his tank is empty if… Read more »

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