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Jenkinson linked with Nottingham Forest switch

According to Daniel Taylor of the Guardian, talks are underway between Nottingham Forest and Arsenal over the transfer of Carl Jenkinson.

The right-back, who is the last remaining member of Arsene Wenger’s so-called ‘British core’, has been at the club since 2011, but made just eight appearances last season.

He’s had loan spells at West Ham and Birmingham City, and despite winning one full England cap in 2012, his career hasn’t gone as well as he would have liked.

The die-hard Arsenal fan now looks set to depart on a permanent basis before Thursday’s deadline, which will leave the club with just Ainsley Maitland-Niles as a right back until Hector Bellerin returns.

Calum Chambers has played there in the past, but it’s not his best position, and right now he’s needed at the centre of our defence.

There may well be other outgoings before Thursday, but it is possible for the club to sell players abroad after the deadline as it only applies to English clubs.

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Ideally I’d like him to stay until January to provide much needed backup and rotation for cup competitions before Bellerin gets fit, but if we want to generate some money, he has to be sold now, so I can understand this decision.

Will be surprised if we get more than around 5m for him, especially since he’ll be a free agent next summer, though.


He’s on 45k a week at his boyhood club.

No way Forest are paying that. Jenko’s here till his contract expires next summer.

Another win for our famous Gazidis / Wenger negotiation squad.


Depends on what contract is offered. For argument sake If they offer him a 3 year deal on 20K a week plus add on’s that’s worth at least a 3.8 million pound contract, with the comfort that he won’t need to look for a new club next summer.

Fee wise, the best we would get is around three million, the important thing is wages off the bill.


Or he sits it out for another 12 months, maybe has a loan spell, and makes the most of the perks of a Bosman next summer.


Dont know why people are down voting you sounds about right .. although I see Jenkinson wanting more but for our end we dont. Eed a huge fee moving on players we dont use gives the chance to commit to purchases we need thats another 2.3m£ of wages gone for the season plus what we get for him 2-4m£ and he wont need a replacement considering AMN, Musti, Chambers are all around.

Cultured determination

He should be worth 81 million pounds


A decent sell on cause / 1st refusal. You just never know


It’s Jenko. I think we actually DO know. No sell-on clause necessary.


Give him away. Or pay to have him taken.


I don’t remember if his loan spells went well but he seems like the perfect Championship player. Good engine, good delivery. I think he’ll do very well indeed one league down. Best of luck to him, maybe there’s a role for him in our youth set up down the road.

Kroenke the Klown

Turn around bright eyes

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Can’t sell Mikhi to clubs in Germany?


Or Italy


That’s about right. Championship is more his level. He is behind Bellerin, AMN AND Mustafi (prob Chambers too) for good reason. AMN is work in progress but the raw ingredients promise a much better option than anything Jenkinson can muster. AMN’s best attribute is his relaxed nature which happens also to be his worst fault. The same silly voices criticising him are the ones that were on Bellerin’s back. These people do not understand there is such a thing as improvement particularly with players 22/23yrs AMN IS in natural position. He played Lback for us covering for one season now… Read more »

Kwame Ampadu Down

‘Simply mental some people still prattle on about this ‘natural position business’

Says the man who prattles on endlessly about Chambers’ natural position……


Chambers natural position was at Rback. That’s a fact.

BUT his position is now Cback.

AMN’s position was in midfield in academy. BUT his position is now fullback.

You have a problem comprehending that?

There is no ‘Natural position’.

Things change. there is no more reason to argue AMN should go back into midfield anymore than Chambers cannot play at fullback.

Kwame Ampadu Down

You contradict yourself completely & then try to blame it on me not being able to comprehend you. You’re an embarrassment mate.


AMN’s best attribute is his relaxed nature which happens also to be his worst fault.

Sums him up, I’m afraid…


Nobody is behind Mustafi


Nobody is behind Mustafi *except the other team’s striker.

*Fixed it


It’s possible to love a player and also for him to be just not good enough. I wish him a good luck at a smaller club. He should be playing in these precious years of his football career.

Kwame Ampadu Down

100%. Good luck to him. I get why he has hung kn being such a Gooner but his career is passing him by. Time to play.


Being a gooner is not a good reason to have him in the squad.

He tends to be one dimensional, whips in his crosses blind.

Dr Zebra

One dimensional, sounds like you Santori!! Haha


He doesn’t know what to do, he’s always in the dark
He’s living in a powder keg and giving off sparks


i’m still living vicariously through him. what a dream. imagine being a good footballer, being able to play for the club you loved growing up, getting an england call up, and picking up some cash along the way. go on, jenks! i yelled so loud when he knocked in that goal vs reading (even though theo got the goal in the end).

Billy Bob

I like Nottingham Forest and would much prefer to see them in the premier league than certain teams (would love it if we could swap manure or spuds for Forest) and if Jenks goes there and plays a part in that then I’m all for it


He’s simply not good enough, but he doesn’t get a lot wrong either. Actually, I think at RB spot, he’s better defensively than AMN – which is still so far from what we need, but here we are.


No he’s not.

AMN still miles ahead of Jenkinson.

The fact that Unai started Mustafi ahead of Jenkinson last season should tell you something.


The fact that Jenkinson has received an international call up and AMN hasn’t suggests exactly the opposite. Anyone can pick and choose facts to support any argument. Your issue is that you report your point of view as fact, rather than opinion.


True. He should have been offloaded a while ago but I suspect that it was his wages that were the sticking point, as with others we’re trying to sell.

There are still too many players in the squad on wages that are far better than their performance level warrants. We’ve the last management team to thank for that and it will still be a year or two before this works itself out when the contacts expire.

Mick Malthouse

I’ve always thought he’s struggled in the shadow of his father’s singing fame.


Elneny is the other one that has to go. Absolutely zero function. Mustafi still has function for us particularly should we not find a good enough solution. BUT Elneny I don’t see ANY need for. We have Willock, GUendouzi, Cebellos and Torreria plus Granit. Its a packed midfield now. The other player I feel is also next to redundant is Mhkitaryan. we have Ozil (whom we likely cannot move) and Cebellos plus potentially Smith-Rowe. I’d sell Mhki who has come value in other leagues still at 30yrs. Prob can get 10m for him. Still a decent player but we have… Read more »


His. Name. Is. Ceballos.
Get it changed before you copy/paste your thoughts again.


I sincerely hope he goes on loan to the Championship, simply for the inevitable loan watch segment Blogs will title “Corporal aiming for a promotion”


If true it wouldn’t surprise me. Arsenal appear to be making real efforts to sign a “quality” centre back before the deadline and as money is tight and only around £10 million has been raised in sales so far, it’s logical that the club would bring in further funds through sales. Jenkinson never lived up to expectations and has been on the “exit” list for a while now – along with a few others – so it’s about time he moved on for his good and the club’s.

Paul Roberts

This get rid of all of our defenders plan is interesting, to say the least! 🙂

Merlin’s Panini

I know he’s not a world beater but I can’t help but like having Jenkinson at the club living our dreams. Never as bad as some say he is but never likely to be anything more than a squad player. I do think he’s fairly decent and with some luck on the injury front and solid game time he could be very useful to a Championship side. He has decent pace, a good engine and is a committed player.


My only concern with this is giving up a defensive player. I’m not sure we’re really in a position to give up 2 defenders unless Raul has something cooking.


It’s hard to be too negative about Jenkinson: he’s a Gooner and lived the dream playing for us. But he was never good enough. Jenks was perfect example of what happened during the mad last few years of the Wenger reign. His signing was a piece of terrible judgement by Wenger; Jenks was then awarded far too much money for a player of his limited ability. And when Le Prof realised he’d made a mistake he wasn’t big enough to back-track and move the player on. So the “professor of economics” cost the club a huge amount of money paying… Read more »


Poor fats …


Yes, you’re right – despite the negative votes! We over-paid across the board and, in the case of Ozil for example, were panicked into breaking the club’s wage structure with a ridiculous £350,000 a week contract. Although some of those high earners have now left (Ramsey, Welbeck, Cech etc.) the wage bill remains too high – still £millions more than Spu*s for example and it’s Spu*s that Kroenke looks to as an example of “more bang for the buck”. The fatal combination of these high wages linked to poor performance is what is largely preventing us from selling players we… Read more »


But Wenger was a genius! How dare you?!

Flavoured Rice

This is not gonna be a popular opinion, but I think we really should be keeping Jenkinson as back up RB. He is actually no that bad, you know? Certainly Mustafi is worse.

Who is going to replace him? Bellerin is injury prone and Maitland Niles is not a natural RB.

I’m really flummoxed sometimes by these bizzare choices Emery makes. It’s like for every positive move he makes he makes two bad ones.


He’s got a year left on his contract and he’s not getting that renewed. So if you get an offer for him you take it and shift him off the wage bill. Time for AMN to step up and fill in while Hector gets fit. He should be able to do that.

GeoffRey Hurstmaker

And fill in with a youngster at RB. I think we have young players that the club needs to test a bit more. I sometimes wonder if our player development is a bit too risk averse. Chambers and Mustafi can play there if necessary, but that feels like we’re just conceding that we’re not a top 4 club.


Absolutely. Jenkinson was relatively well paid so getting him off the books will help relieve pressure on our (still inflated) wage bill a little. What we need to do is shift the high earning, under-performing, players we still have on the books. We all know who they are by now. The only problem is that they are, er, high earning and under-performing – a fatal combination in the transfer market. Who would want to buy them? Tricky!

The Spoon

Shame to lose a player who actually cares about the club. I think if he hadn’t had those injuries and had a decent run in a team, he would’ve been a decent player. Still, he’s played for his boyhood club and won an England cap, more than any of us will ever do!


You can’t fault his commitment but you can, unfortunately, be critical of his ability. I think it’s best for everyone that he goes and, assuming he does, let’s wish him well.

Tony Hall

Good luck matey and all the best …


Blogs – anybody there ?? Its transfer deadline day and not seeing any updates since Aug 5th ?

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