Luiz happy with debut, but insists Arsenal can improve


Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and David Luiz spoke to BT Sport after the 2-1 win over Burnley at the Emirates today. Here’s what they had to say.

BT: Pierre, two goals in two games, but more importantly two wins for Arsenal.

Yeah, I think we started well today, and it’s good to start like this with two wins before we go to Liverpool. We feel confident, we feel good and it was important because we played at home. We are happy today.

BT: David, how does it feel in a red shirt for a change?

Very good! I’m so happy to be here to try and do my job, and also to enjoy these quality players. I think this team has a lot to do, it can improve a lot, and it can fight for other competitions, so we’re gonna go step by step. It’s a pleasure to be here because everybody’s humble, everyone wants to learn and to improve, we want to make this club shine again.

BT: You looked confident out there, a pass across goal in the 4th minute. And the fans got behind you as well, no sense that you’re an ex-Chelsea player.

Luiz: I think it’s great to feel this support. I just try my best and my style is try and play football, and also to understand the game. We had to change a bit because the game showed we had to play in a different way. When you have confidence and you train with the team, you have to do the plan – and the plan is to play out from the back. I was trying to do that, and in the end I think we did it well.

BT: With the new signings, are you equipped to challenge through the season at the top?

Auba: We feel stronger, with players like David, Dani Ceballos, Pepe. They came here and now we feel stronger. I feel sure that we can fight for the top four.

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I love that mentality in a player and hopefully he can spread that through the squad. We have the makings of a really quality side this season. They have just got to believe it now and go and beat Liverpool now.

Sonny Nkansa

Calm down. We only beat Newcastle and Burnley

Man Manny

That was a stern test by Burnley…This team looks up for the fight.


David: ….we want to make this club shine again. Wow .

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Condescending David but I agree with everything he said.


I’m pretty sure Arsenal hasn’t been shining brightly for years..


Well take your negativity elsewhere then


Reality can be condescending sometimes.


We’ve got a big hairy Brazilian


Very impressed by David Luiz! He definitely adds more guile and steel to this back line. The while team is starting to look and feel more like a post-wenger team.



Definitely not steel.. haha.. but yes to the rest

Bodie CI5

Didn’t give us the clean sheet tho

Charlie Mclaren

If my missus got a hairy Brazilian she’d demand her money back ?

Just a joke, I thought that he played well.


Someone has to do a Luiz Guendouzi ModSquad poster…


In both matches players had to fight really hard to win. If we beat Liverpool and Spurs in the next two weeks I start to believe but for now I keep hype level low.

President Eckener

It’s been enjoyable, though. Even if it turns out that the Liverpool game is too soon, this team has a lot of potential. It’s so obviously there, just a question of whether it comes together soon enough!


It will still be only 4 games into the season, with new key players only having played a few games. 2 points will make me happy, 4 points and I will sing & dance. In any case , I will with great anticipation follow and cheer on this exciting looking team for the more important remaining 34 games.


Ceballos, what a player we have on our hands. The only negative is that at times he retains the ball when a simple pass could setup a half chance or free up space. Disappointed with the goal conceded but overall impressed by all our new signings.

Upamecano but downalego

Players capable of captaining the team (and I know some are new but you can’t ignore their potential to lead); Leno, Monreal, Sokratis, Luiz, Lacazette, and Xhaka. With Tierney, Holding likely to add to that within the next season or two, plus the likes of Aubameyang and Bellerin whilst not really captain material they certainly have the charisma to guide those around them. Even the likes of Chambers, Guendouzi and Willock appear so much tougher this year!
First time in well over a decade I’ve had such confidence in the number of leaders we have. Really excited about this season!

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Why isn’t Auba captain material? Because he scores a lot of goals? Emery can tell him: You are our best goal scorer, I have confidence in you to lead the team towards great achievements.

Upamecano but downalego

How often do you see Aubameyang organising those around him when attacking corners, giving orders when defending set pieces, rationalising his teammates’ frustrations to the officials, passing on Emery’s instructions?
I 100% stand by my previous comment that he has wonderful charisma but not necessarily a potential captain, I suggest you take a moment to look at what attributes a PL captain really needs.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Auba hasn’t been doing all the things you listed because he wasn’t appointed captain.
Some fans say Henry was a bad captain. I totally disagree. Henry used to show how you conduct yourself as a football professional on off the field. He wanted teammates to concentrate all the time. When he left, some players said: “He was too demanding. We will be free and perform better”. What actually happened was ten years of underperformance.

Upamecano but downalego

Leadership comes before you’re given the title, not after, that’s how you prove you can lead. The others have demonstrated the leadership qualities needed naturally. You don’t just make someone a captain and hope they perform, they have to assure you first that they are capable. Henry was an incredible team-player, charismatic and worked hard but unfortunately at the time one of the few older players in the team that could lead. He was far from being a great Arsenal captain. An Arsenal legend? Absolutely, one of the greatest, but few would say he was the perfect captain. You see… Read more »


its why keepers are often captains,
they (sometimes) spend most of the game being played out in front of them with time to make calls or analyse the teams. they are usually in charge of setting up their defence for set pieces even if not the captain and usually have 21 players infront of them.

i think laca could be an exception in the strikers as captains department. he does communicate, organise and fire up teammates.

Upamecano but downalego

Completely agree ink, captains perform better the further back their role is, with the odd exception, and Laca appears to be exactly that. He likes to drop deep so he’s actually a very central player, as such he has a great grasp of what’s around him ??

Dave Cee

Guendouzi seems much improved in these 1st two games and Willock has been very good too

Upamecano but downalego

Totally, and has Willock beefed up a bit? He actually looks a lot more intimidating on the pitch this season. We’ve got some real gems coming through!


Things will surely get better for us. We only need to give the new player time to Adapt and get behind the Team.coyg


What?! Another ‘Dex’?!!

Mesut O’Neill

Dex 2.0?


I liked Papa and Luiz and the covering that Ghendouzi offered them. Monreal is a great asset but getting slower so Tierney will sure be an interesting option up and down the left wing. It´s early days for this team and when we can play with our strongest options defensively for a while – that´s when I will make some serious demands.

Dave Cee

I think Luiz will prove to be a very good signing.
Tough on Calum to be benched but looks like Luiz and Papa are 1st choice pairing for now and they need game time together and Luiz actually looked like he just needed a game. Better to to do that at home to Burnley than try it out 1st time against Pool


I think Chambers will surely gets his minutes. There is a lot of football to play. Considering the regularity with which Papa is getting booked, I fear Chambers may be needed sooner than we all would like to.

Jason daniels

I want the title not 4


I’m all for optimism and aiming high but Liverpool and city still exist. Let’s reassess after a few more weeks.


So what do we have to do to make Ceballos want to stay after the end of the season??


Whatever it fucking takes.


Lots to be pleased about today, esp Dani Ceballos looking like someone who not only has stunning talent but also WORKS really hard. Biggest positive (for me) was watching Luiz with all his nous, confidence, experience, strength, willingness to contest in the air and find killer through balls, and the CONFIDENCE to do it all. Sure, he’ll make the odd howler but he’s already shown what a reassuring presence he is at the back. Watch out, Scousers next week and Youknowwho after that ?


…if it was Mustafi for that goal… As I mentioned, band aid. Not a bad performance and I hope he gets better but I would have preferred we stayed with Chambers-Sokratis to further develop understanding and relationship. Have to say, maybe Arsenal strategy to play both Guendouzi and SSBob. Was confusing for a while. BUT again its typical gunners fans wanting to see what they want to see. He was ‘attracted to the ball” and lost Barnes. But since it was not Mustafi, crickets. Also today, felt we really looked vulnerable from high balls an set pieces. Needs a lot… Read more »

Cultured Determination

mancs and liv should be top 2. man u is a doubt cos they didnt replace lukaku, and there’s no reason why we cant celebrate st tottenringham day this season. get 3rd, win the FA cup, win the Uefa cup. kids will sweep up the league cup. treble!

Mesut O’Neill

Two down, thirty six more to go!!!! ?

Alex Muhairwe

This team is up to something better and line David, Arsenal has a chance to shine again


Its 6 points against teams we have to beat. Given how badort we ended last year, this is a step in the right Direction, and 2 very valuable games to for a handful of new/young players to find their rhythm in the team. While a win at pool would be amazing, I see it more as test of our mentality, if there is a solid focused team performance with leaders capable of pushing the team on I will feel confidence regardless of result, – with the right mentality this squad and grow week by week from today’s promising signs into… Read more »