David Luiz says that Arsenal understood how Burnley would play (hint: direct, long-ball, aggressive), and that we deserved three points in the 2-1 win.

The Brazilian was making his debut for the club, but with vast Premier League experience he wasn’t taken by surprise by the approach of Ashley Barnes or Chris Wood.

Speaking afterwards, he said, “It’s never easy against Burnley, they’re a typical Premier League team, it’s always difficult against them.

They fight for the goal, they know how to play direct ball, the second ball, fight for the corners, free-kicks and everything, but I think we understood their game well.

We make the plan very well, when we had the opportunity to play we play and when we had the opportunity to play long balls behind the back line we did also.

“I think in the end we did very good and we deserved the three points.”

And speaking on BT Sport, the 32 year didn’t pull any punches about his own side either.

“I think this team has a lot to do, it can improve a lot, and it can fight for other competitions, so we’re gonna go step by step,” he said.

“It’s a pleasure to be here because everybody’s humble, everyone wants to learn and to improve, we want to make this club shine again.”

Can’t fault that attitude!

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David Luiz seems to get a ridiculous amount of criticism for someone with a CV as impressive as his.


He was fun to watch today. It’s strange how the positives in his performance seem to shine through now that he’s playing for Arsenal


He’s probably got too much ability for a defender, if that makes sense. Always seemed massively amped up for big games too.

Think his mix of aggression and calmness on the ball will help us in the next two fixtures


Luiz is red!


I understand that Burnley are cunts

Martin L. E.

Yeah, proper Stoke football


Nah. Proper Stoke football is played by Stoke. This is shite imitation Stoke football.


What’s most annoying is the fact that after cunting around during games against us, that big fat pimple of a coach comes out to spew garbage like “cheaters should be banned… bla bla bla”

Yeah, Barnes should be banned.

It would be nice to see them hit the drop.


I saw that, how can burnley accuse people of diving when they go in so hard?

if you want us to get on with it and play then dont leave something on players for them to play up.

no bloke tells anyone how much something hurts truthfully…
Man speaking to:
woman he likes – plays it down
another man – plays it down
someone official – plays it up
their mum – plays it up

the closest is at the drs!.

Geoffrey Deibel

The only way they stay up is by fouling the fuck out of every team and playing smash and grab.

Dan Nichols

i wat them to stay up cos unlike 6 stoke hey are a walking 6 points for us..

SB Still

Specifically Dyche and Barnes. Dyche complains about diving and some how mentioned Tony Adams. I’m not sure what his fucking point was or even if Dyche was at the game!


He was actually hallucinating after the match and ended up fantasizing about how he could have won against the high odds. The prick’s busted up brain must be on overdrive and deny him a so much needed sleep tonight. Dream on Duch!


This was classic managerial misdirection. Dyche was seeking to ensure that the post match interviews didn’t go along the path of criticising his rugby league players for being, well, shit, taking a physical approach and really having no plan B whatsoever when they failed to outmuscle us. I so hope they are relegated. They play such an outmoded style it’s an embarrassment.

Ex-Priest Tobin

Ashley Barnes looks like he should be drawing rock paintings on a cave wall somewhere. And Dyche looks like he should be standing behind the counter of a butcher shop in some inbred, backwards Brexit-voting village. They’re both absolute cunts and I hope that they fall hard.

Tankard Gooner

Over the years I’ve made more than my fair share of david lolz jokes. I guess I wasn’t thinking objectively that we have had a mustafi with us all along. Luiz certainly produced a calm and confident display today. But in case he plays next week, I expect a better reading against a more unforgiving frontline.


Have no issue with Burnley playing to their strengths. Football would be very boring if everyone played the same (though this is of course easier to say with 3 points secured). Thought we did well today, lots of good platforms to build from. Ceballos.. what a f**king player he is. Absolute joy to watch.


Honestly can’t remember if I disliked Luiz when he was at Chelski…but I bloody love him in Red & White 😉


Hated his shithousery back in the day. Love that he’ll be doing that for us now. Nice bloke too.



el cuban

I’m loving the feel good vibe round the club at the moment. Let’s hope it continues coz that vibe ain’t been here for a while.

SB Still

The matches against Liverpool and Tottenham will deteriorate how long the optimism lasts – 4 points from those 2 matches will potentially guarantee it last a long time.


We tend to do well against Tottenham at home so why are you already negative… Everyone is realistic abour Liverpool. We just won our first two games since 09/10 and you’re already predicting negativity and discounting how good we are against spuds at home.

A Different George

Spurs looked terrible against Man City, gave up 30 shots to 2 attempted (!), very lucky to get a draw.


True, but isn’t the trick to play poorly and still get something out of the game? Hopefully, we’ll do the same in games this season, like at City for example where we have a terrible recent record:

08 May 2016 Manchester City v Arsenal 2-2
18 Dec 2016 Manchester City v Arsenal 2-1
05 Nov 2017 Manchester City v Arsenal 3-1
03 Feb 2019 Manchester City v Arsenal 3-1



Paul Roberts

There was a period in the second half where our football going forward was exhilarating!
Exciting times ahead…


WTF was Dyche going on about…..? Clearly sounded like he was referring to a particular incident. Did I miss something – did he see something I didn’t?


For all we know he saw Pires running down the left.

Dan Nichols

he was angry and frustrated because they lost to us every time even when we were a soft touch, he sees our soft touch era ending and cant bear that he will banished from the table when pulis and allardyce savour their “greatest victories over arsenal” with a plate of offal at the home for retired long ball twats.

Paul Roberts

Has anyone else noticed when things go well far fewer people comment on here??

Scott P

Hopefully just basking in the glory rather than foaming at the mouth


Yes definitely noticed it too. All the ‘Mislintat leaving is the end of this club’, ‘#RaulOut’, ‘we should sell Auba to fix the defense’ types are awfully quiet at the moment.

They’ll be back though, probably lying in wait for their moment like snakes in the tall grass

Chris O.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Luiz signing as it was a better move under the circumstances than I thought we were capable of. I love his attitude so far.


From open play the Orcs 2.0 created nothing. Surprised how easily we dealt with Barnes and the other fucker.


That’s what an improved defense gives you. It’s been so long we’ve all forgotten what one looks like.


Except from their goal which came from open play when we lost the ball high up and failed to desk with it. Something quite familiar about that.
Don’t get me wrong, yesterday was mostly good but still progress to be made, as the players themselves recognise.

GeoffRey Hurstmaker

We were unlucky on their goal. It came off a deflection and wouldn’t have gotten to Barnes otherwise. There were a few scary moments, for sure, but the goal was rubbish.


We had six players back. Two of them made individual errors (V.Poor tackle attempts) and a deflected strike fell to the orc. Im all for pointing out when our defending is shit, But it was improved overall against what most see as the most successful style against us even though its 11-0 head 2 head.


Yeah, but I said improved. Not infallible.

Cultured Determination

i used to love david luiz during his time with chelsea cos of his sometimes self-destruction. i now love him cos he’s a proper leader and ball-playing defender

Bob Marley

Ashley Barnes is a cunt!

A no name player who’s only claim to fame later in his sad career will be scoring numerous times against Arsenal.

Don’t care how many goals you score, you’re still shite. You and Troy Deeney ?

Have your ‘glory’ mate and tell your grandkids how you scored against the Arsenal because that’s all you’ll amount to – cupping your ears at the Arsenal and all we can think is who are you, cunt?!

As for Dyche, don’t waste your breath on him, we all know what he is!


He’s right, but he should have a quick look at the record books for recent matches to put the win into proper perspective: 06 Mar 2010 Arsenal v Burnley 3-1 Premier League 01 Nov 2014 Arsenal v Burnley 3-0 Premier League 22 Jan 2017 Arsenal v Burnley 2-1 Premier League 06 May 2018 Arsenal v Burnley 5-0 Premier League 22 Dec 2018 Arsenal v Burnley 3-1 Premier League 17 Aug 2019 Arsenal v Burnley 2-1 Premier League Would that all our opponents have a record like that at The Emirates! Now, if we do something similar against the likes of… Read more »


Still a lot of problems in defense to be sorted. Without Granit, we were a bit more shaky at the back. Luiz is a band aid. Hopefully its a strong one but we basically panic bought bc we could not find better solution and wasted time trying to rely on Koscielny earlier in window. I thought he was OK in the match. Some good things but then the goal, he was too slow to react and lost Barnes, was ball watching. If that were Mustafi, there would be a ridiculous amount of criticism. One thing that SSbob will provide is… Read more »

santi's thigh grab

“People basically want to see what they want to see.”

Including yourself.

“Without Granit, we were a bit more shaky at the back.”

What are you smoking? Bonus points for keep your comments to one screen. Luis will kill it for Arsenal despite your negativism, he wasn’t a panic buy, just our third option after Saliba and Uncampeno.