Lacazette ruled out until October with ankle injury


Alex Lacazette will not play again for Arsenal this month as he continues to struggle with the ankle injury he picked up in pre-season.

The Frenchman has been in and out of Unai Emery’s squad for the four games so far this season but has now been advised he needs to rest.

A slightly vague update from the Arsenal medical team says: “After assessments to an ongoing ankle issue, we have advised that Alex will need to rest and strengthen his ankle to regain full fitness.

“Alex has been playing through this injury for several weeks. He is likely to be back in action in October.”

Lacazette could miss at least five games in September (Watford, Villa, Frankfurt, Nottingham Forest and Manchester United) and is at risk of missing a couple more (Standard Liege and Bournemouth) before October’s Interlull.

Just when it sounded like the squad was closing in on a clean bill of health. Hmm. ?

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Next man up. Auba’s time to shine in the middle. Get well soon, Alex.


Auba ain’t no “next man up”…he IS the man!


Definitely smart to rest him now so this doesn’t linger all year or get worse. Luckily we have Pepe now and may give some more opportunity to Nelson. Plus Aubameyang can now get a consistent run up top where he seems to be much more effective.


Definately, we have enough depth to cover while he gets to top fitness, then hopefully he can even sneak back in time for the united game fully rested and fit to put them to the sword?

Dat guy

It’s smart to rest him while we have good cover and can afford to do so. If more injuries pile onto other players as the season goes on we cant just hope that Lacas ankle holds up. Give Nelson the start Sunday and let’s see if he can build on his potential


I think Ceballos did a good job for Spain this interlull as one of a front three. Could be interesting to see…

Dat guy

With willock, xhaka, and torrea all having knocks he will probably have to play in the middle this week


I rather him in the middle anyways. I think his quality are what’s missing in the middle since santi left. The man to beat a high press and transition def to attack better. Put him up top and we’ll have issues feeding our front line.

Belfast Gooner

This is why we should have kept Eddie. If Auba gets injured we cud be in trouble. Can Pepe play through the middle?


Yes Pepe can. But should Pepe?

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

For what I know, Pépé is a winger not quite clinical yet. I do not see him in the middle this season.


Gabriel on fast track.


Eddie wanted to go (article on here earlier about how Emery told him to stay and fight for a place) & in the big picture it’s probably better for him to get the consistent minutes. We have Auba & in a real pinch Pepe can play through the middle. This also should give Nelson some minutes and while no PL game is easy, the next 4 weeks look a lot easier on paper than our past few weeks.

Belfast Gooner

Yeah I know Eddie wanted to go but the club could have said no. It’s what happens if Auba gets injured that worries me. Probably will see John-Jules in the Europa league now.


What if Eddie gets injured? You can’t have 5 strikers in your team just sitting on bench.


Absolutely right. Eddie needed minutes and Leeds is a great place for him to get playing time under an excellent coach.


Young Martinelli our eyes on you.


Tupac is that you?


I remember how we used to hear player x will be out for 1 month then they are out for an entire season. I hope Laca gets well soon. He is a team player who looks really inspirational to play with on acvount of how hard he works and how fired up he gets. We need that new front line firing as soon as possible.

Crash Fistfight

*3 weeks


Ankles injuries don’t tend to linger the way knee / back / achilles injuries can.


I’d question why he hasn’t already been rested when we have the options upfront to do so but hopefully we’ll get him back soon

Gudang Bedil

It’s your time to shine Micki.. Oh wait. Nelson!


You know Emery is going to go 4-3-1-2, Leno, Bellerin, Sokratis, Luiz, Tierney, Xhaka, Guendouzi, Torreira, Caballos, Pepe, Aubameyang. Damn we’ll miss Lacazette big time. If he plays this team, with Bellerin and Tierney we might have more natural width, but the midfield 3 are going have to cover the full backs if they caught high up he pitch.


This makes a lot of sense, I don’t get the down votes.

Dat guy

Because both of the full backs he included are injured lol

Dat guy

*not at match fitness

Paul Roberts

Because this has nothing to do with this weekend’s lineup I would imagine?


wut? By the time Tierney and Bellerin are back Laca will be healthy again. This comment makes no sense. Even if you were talking about a lineup four weeks out, why would you list Bellerin and Tierney but not Holding?


Tierney and Bellerin will be match ready middle of the month. Lacazette out until October at the earliest. I think this line up is going to be accurate. Replace the full backs if you want, but I dont see much change.


Bellerin and Tierney are not even in full training yet, there’s no chance they’ll play this month. They’re back with the first team but not in full training.

Cultured determination

Auba up top. Flanked by nelson and pepe. Let’s go.

The Spoon

Don’t think any of the games listed are a big concern, all winnable and he wouldn’t have played against forest or frankfurt anyway most likely. Rest up and go again. Time for Nelson and hopefully ESR to get some games, as well as the Gabriel.


Hopefully we’ll go into November with Alex and our two best fullbacks fit and ready to go. We usually struggle in November.

Petit's Handbag

Can we play him in the United game please? I hate them

Martin L. E.

I think most people do…right?


presumably even other united fans.


Its frankly best to rest him properly.

I guess we can cycle in Nelson left side, Pepe right and have Auba predator central.

Like to see Reiss feature more.

Also we should cycle in Martinelli for short durations.

Plus out wide, we can also put Kolasinac in a double pairing with Tierney supporting just behind.

4-3-1-2 or 3-4-1-2 also options to play.

Martin L. E.

Players I wanna see while Lacas on the mend:
Smith Rowe


Ian Snodin


Smith rowe is out injured again


Could also see Sako and John-Jules a bit I imagine.


Another chance for Nelson on the left? Or does Emery use Ceballos from the left away from home again?

He could throw in a wild card like Saka or Martinelli, Emery is impossible to second guess….. but losing Lacazette is a major blow, and leaves us light on experience from the bench in the forward positions.

We were poor away to 10 man Watford last season,non spit of the 3 points, hopefully Ceballos starts, he offers us something no other player does.

Thierry Bergkamp

My heart sunk when I read the title, then I realised that October is justba few weeks away. It’s a big blow, but big players will always be out, lets see how the next few weeks play out


Let’s go Reiss Nelson!!!


Glad to see that a lot of the comments are in agreement with the decision.


I thought this. 4231 Ceballos on the left like Spain (and like Cazorla did originally) Ozil no.10 Pepe right and Auba. Not sure its what I’d want (Nelson and getting familiar with 433) but it’s a good shout.


Is it the time for Ozil..? Funny nobody mentioned him even though it may mean a change in system..


With those fixtures and our back up we can really let him take his time, get him back in the team fully firing after the October interlull. Could be a blessing in disguise.

Forest gooner

Maybe he can play on the lay day odd the month.

Forest gooner


Forest gooner

Good chance for Martinelli as europa and carabao fixtures are coming where auba should be rested.


So it begins…..


We are done…


At least we have Iwobi.. oh no!


Is that Ingmar Bergman?

Thierry Oro

I think this injury will require a surgery.


Nelson Auba Pepe
Ceballos Guendouzi Willock/Torreira
This should be the midfield and attack till Laca comes back.


Really hope this isn’t a long thing.

Naija Gunner

Get well soon Alex, let’s have one of the graduates