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Emery evades questions about his best XI

In the aftermath of last night’s awful performance and 1-0 defeat to Sheffield United, Unai Emery was asked if he knew what his best team was.

The manager has regularly chopped and changed his starting line up, and over the course of the 90 minutes two starters – Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and 18 year old Bukayo Saka – appeared to play in three different positions.

The absences of Kieran Tierney from the starting line up and Mesut Ozil from the squad itself only added to the sense of confusion.

It led to a question about his best team, and in typical fashion, he gave us lots of words but not much of an answer.

“Really, my point of view tonight is that there are things to analyse and improve,” he said.

“Defensively at the beginning of the match they pushed and we didn’t stop them. We didn’t concede a lot of chances, but they had corners offensively and they can score from these corners.

“We had more than them, but we know they are a strong team in that situation and they use it to win matches.

“In other situations throughout the 90 minutes I think we controlled it in moments to create more chants.

“We didn’t score tonight, but if we played another match like tonight, I think it’s more easy to achieve the points.”

We’d posit that if we played another match like last night, with the same kind of performance, we’d lose again.

For more on the game, check out today’s Arseblog review

Sheffield United 1-0 Arsenal: Whatever this is, it’s not working

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You know who wouldn’t evade that question?

Jose Mourinho!

Honestly right now at this moment I would absolutely love him to come to Arsenal and shake things up a bit.




Listen, as much as I dislike the way we are performing under Emery, Jose Mourinho is 100% not the answer. After 10 games the league starts to take shape for the coming months, and we currently find ourselves outside the top 4, when in reality we should easily be third and well clear of Spurs. To lose the game in the manner we did was absolutely shambolic. It’s not as if we absolutely hosed Sheffield for the entire 90 minutes, with their goalkeeper being the only reason why they managed to hold on for dear life. We literally created nothing.… Read more »


And I forgot to add — if you were to ask me what I think we should do between now and the end of the season, I would honestly give it to Freddie. We cant be any worse, and at least that way it would unite the fan base again. Which is something I think we so desperately need right now. I know that he lacks so much experience, and it is a huge gamble, but come on, how class was it seeing him getting booked by Mike Dean last night? To see him out on the touchline managing the… Read more »


Take a long hard look at yourself AussieGooner. Shake things up? He is the antithesis of everything Arsenal represents; a long ball, check-book, has-been who couldn’t care less about any player under 26. A parasitic cancer that burns relationships and leaves his hotel after two years like the plague. Maybe he’ll win a trophy, maybe he’ll get a few more clean sheets, but I don’t want that prick anywhere near our stadium let alone wearing our colours.

Kran Stoenke

Yes a winner like mourinho is exactly what arsenal needs. Holding grudges are for insecure idiots. He got the terrible united squad a trophy and a 2nd spot finish in 2 seasons, he can do better with this arsenal side. Wenger and mourinho made up, why haven’t the fans?


Because it means more to us. Wenger is Wenger, he is a gentleman and mixes in those circles where it would be easier to forgive and forget. I will never forget the amount of shit Mourinho has said about our club, players or about our manager. So no, Mourinho can fuck off.


no way in hell do i want that solid gold c**t at our club. he only has negative effects on the clubs he “manages” . if you knew anything about Arsenal and football , you wouldn’t want him either, regardless of the situation.


Lol. Just saying, he might be what we need right now.

It seems to me that clubs will go through a period of changing managers in between finding the “right one”. We had Houston and Rioch before Wenger settled, Manure are still trying to find someone, Liverpool the same.

So if our next Manager is going to just last a year then let’s get a C*unt. It might help sort out the lazy element that has crept into the team.

By then Patrick will be ready.


Liverpool did the same, obvs…


Going through multiple managers isn’t a blueprint for success. Normally it means that bad decisions were made multiple times before they at last got it right , after spending a fortune (that we do not have) on sacking managers and coaches , let alone buying the players they want that the next guy wont want. All JM will do is park the bus , alienate players and fans, embarrass himself during interviews and create a toxic atmosphere. We already have most of that as it is. We need to find a manager who fits into Raul & Edu’s ideals ,… Read more »


Chelsea have done it with great success.

Magic City Gooner

Chelski can basically buy large erasers to fix their mistakes. Just wait until the next couple of transfer windows

Tankard Gooner

Chelsea won’t have any problems with the transfer windows. They basically have 375 players out on loan.


Changes of managers And hundreds of millions of pounds.


And racked up a Billion pounds worth of debt while they were doing it


Agreed. Two words: Eddie Howe


What the hell? You cannot be serious. Mourine burns clubs to the ground. Look at united now-mid table, look at chelsea when he was sacked for the 2nd time: mid-table. Conte came in and won the league immediately with the squad that he failed with.
He is just a check-book Emery, same cautious shit football that relies on individual moments upfront making the difference. We don’t need more of the same, we need a change. A young dynamic, hungry coach who doesn’t waste our best squad in a decade.


Even if I could somehow get past his cuntishness (which I can’t) He leaves teams in a shambles. No thanks


I really don’t understand our obsession with Patrick. The guy never seems to give a rat’s ass about Arsenal these days. I’d rather have the Dutchmen – Frank De Boer and Dennis Bergkamp – to link up with Freddie and probably Henry, Pires and Ian Wright. Hell, I’d give Giroud a coaching role before Patrick!


Although he’d organise us defensively he’d be gone in two years leaving behind a toxic atmosphere and a wrecked squad. No thanks


I am glad majority of Arsenal fans do not want Jose. It has been alarming for me to see fans of ours clamouring for Jose. The coach we need right now is in Holland. Watch Ajax play Chelsea tomorrow, and you’d find a coach who has taught his team to play the kind of football we have come to love. I don’t know about others, but I’d do everything to get Ten Haag as the Arsenal boss. Maybe get Freddie to take over now till season’s end and bring ETH in the summer with Freddie as his assistants. We have… Read more »

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Don’t know why he is being voted down so extensively. He is available, he has a proven track record of winning, knows how to arrange a team defensively, and he wins.

I would fully back Mourinho to step in ASAP.

Who else is available really?

Simeone would be my 1st choice, but Mourinho is not a poor second option.

SB Still

Wenger also had an proven track record, including the invincible! That didn’t stop him from the decline.

Even though he won titles, all of Mourinho’s managerial stints have ended acrimoniously. You just have to look at his time at ManU where it was clear that he is past it, just the acrimonious part remained.

Floppy Gloves

Mourinho hasn’t won anything of note in a while. I think it’s similar to pointing out that Wenger won the league 16 years ago. Just because they won in the past doesn’t mean they’re going to be effective today. Also, Mourinho is the devil is a terrible disguise.

DB10s Air Miles

Go wash your mouth out!


Forget Mouriniho, he is just more of the same with a bit more charm. This might be the day everyone realises what we potentially might lose that we worked hard to maintain under Wenger. Our footballing identity. Say what you like but we were known worldwide for it (de jong who plays for Barca wanted to sign for us based on what? if it is not that he grew up watching our brand of football). Now we have this shit that is wiping it it out in less that 2 yrs. My Major gripe with emery started with Carzola, then… Read more »


Gee. Carzola left the club before we even hired emery.


Maybe you are right – i kind of hold emry resposible because we were going to offer Carzola a contract despite him being injured and then we didnt and it coincided with emerys arrival so i kind of hold him to account for that .


You’re literally just making that up. We announced under Wenger he would be leaving. Emery hasn’t done a great job but let’s not blame him for stuff he had nothing to do with


i am getting modded when i put in the links to articles that show that i am not making it up. unai arrived in MAy Carzola departed in may. 2018 There are articles dated from Jan – april 2018 with wenger saying he was willing to extend. check it ur self or wait for my modded reply but i am not making things up to make emery look bad, he is doing a good job by himself. i might be speculating a little bit by saying it was his decision but the club changed their intention as soon as he… Read more »


@gee Your primary complaint Emery for months now is simply you’re a massive Ozil fan & he’s not making Ozil the center of the team. Ozil will not fix the underlying issues at Arsenal – there’s a huge body of evidence to confirm that. The Carzola thing however is just flat out nonsense on your part. I love Santi but the guy hadn’t played for Arsenal in close to 2 years when we announced that his contract wasn’t going to be renewed. There was a lot of hope in early May prior to the last game that he might get… Read more »


Emery isn’t responsible for making decisions on the squad-….. so why did Moreal say emery prevented his departure the season before. And Kozza said emery would not agree to his release. Your primary complaint Emery for months now is simply you’re a massive Ozil fan…… – I like Ozil but my primary complaint has been the standard of football and playing 8 defensive minded players against weak opposition – as well as setting up our midfiled like a newly promted team.# The Carzola thing however is just flat out nonsense on your part- …… i have provided links to what… Read more »


Gee – you’re literally just making stuff up. At no point did we ever offer Carzola a new contract even if Wenger responded he would be willing. That largely was down to the fact that Carzola kept getting injured.

When you say stuff like “Emery is the reason we didn’t offer Carzola a new contract” it just kills any credibility you have as there’s nothing that supports that.


Evening Standard

Thursday 19 April 2018 10:34

Arsene Wenger has revealed that Santi Cazorla could be offered a new contract by Arsenal despite facing a fight to save his career.

Cazorla has not played for Arsenal since October 2016 after suffering Achilles and ankle problems which have required 10 different operations.


can you provide evidence for what you say?


you have no credibility without evidence to back what you are saying. I have provided my links to back what i say.
What about you?


Gee – notice the word COULD. Carzola left before we hired Emery = it’s not his fault that we didn’t resign Carzola. You’re beyond stretching at this point – you made something up, got called out on it & now are trying to somehow justify it. Deal with it.


Mate – i have provided links to articles which clearly state that it was an option to give him a new contract as late as april. Carlola left in May, emery came in may – links provided. you are getting emo as you talking without backing what you are saying with evidence. Disagree by all means but trying to say i am making things up is a bit rich when you are talking just of your emotion wthout evidence. Can you back up what you said earlier with evidence? ” I love Santi but the guy hadn’t played for Arsenal… Read more »


How tf did the poor man’s name go from Cazorla to Carzola to Carlola?? Is Carlola his missus?

Random Witness

Both Atom & Gee need to learn to spell “Cazorla” first. Then maybe get around to having an argument.


Your so-called links to speculative nonsense, gossip articles by writers with no more inside info than Goonersaurus?

We’re all upset. Emery is badly flailing, and will hopefully be gone by Boxing day. Ozil will still be here, he’s got a contract.

Really bro, you need to take a step back and cool off.


one of those links is Arseblog.

I am actually working so not got time to dig through everything.

It is my opinion that i have backed up. more so than the other guy who accused me of no credibility.

It no biggy to me, Ozil gets paid, emery gets paid raul gets paid and sun will still rise but i didnt appriciate the guy saying i was making stuff up.


Telegraph, Espn Arseblog and Mirror – nearly all sport news is gossip until the club make it official.


Gee – no where did it say we offered Carzola a new contract- you posted a bunch of articles simply speculating we COULD. Your claim was that Emery was the one who decided to move Santi on. That’s flat out made up.


I also stated in a reply to yourself saying

Maybe you are right – i kind of hold emry resposible because we were going to offer Carzola a contract……..

so i inferred i was speculating and was not sure – you then attacked my credibility which i thought was no need.


i also provided links backing what i said about we were going to offer a contact based on the news stories at the time.

you made many statements and backed it up with nothing.


Gee – statement is fundamentally speculation at best/ made up
We announced Carzola was leaving prior to Emery joining. Look it up.


I find it funny you state that i was making things up and lacked credibility but have not posted anything to back your claims.


Can you find an article where it states that the club will not offer a new contract before May 2018? I had a look but can not see one.


Gee – whether they offered a contract under Wenger is totally irrelevant. You stated that your primary issue with Emery began when he pulled the contract offer to Santi. Emery wasn’t even at the club when we announced Santi was leaving = you can’t blame the guy for something that happened prior to him joining Secondly there is no evidence at all that the club made a contract offer to Santi or even indicated to him one was coming. In fact Santi himself said the we did not offer him a new contract and there were not discussions of one:… Read more »


My friend. I will stop now. I want to point out the irony that u accused me of using gossip and people with no more insight than Gunnarsaurus and you post up a link from bleacher. Anyways have a good life


by the way that article dated in May 04 2018 and you said that we had already told Carzola by then that he was not getting a contract but yet you show him unsure if he would be offered a contract.

So what you are saying is the club decided he was not going to get a contract before emery arrived and cancelled it without his involvement.

What evidence have you for this?

it as much a speculation as me saying it was emery that cancelled the contract.


@gee – let it go dude. The evidence on this is overwhelming that you’re wrong – we didn’t offer him a contract & then rescind the offer b/c Emery came. Facts are facts- you can’t change them to make your argument work.


show it then

you are speculating.


You’re a moron. Santi said we never offered him one. Who else needs to say it?


Okay i will break it down for you.

Wenger the manager at the time was open to extending his contract. links above

Wenger leaves the club emery comes in and no contract offer for Santi. – links above.

Santi finished in June, In may around the time emery comes in and i am saying he decided not to extend.

you posted a link showing in may Santi was unsure so clearly waiting for a decision.

any ways im done peace to you.


Santi explicitly said in May he had had no discussions at all about extending his contract & the club announced 2 weeks later it would not be extended. Emery wasn’t hired until after both Santi and the club had announced there were no discussions about him staying. Wenger had responded to a question months earlier that there was a scenario where they COULD extend Santi’s contract depending on his injury status but no offer was ever made (per Santi). Emery had literally nothing to do with this


@gee Man you have a lot of haters here. People thumb down whatever you post even if it is evidence. I think Emery has handled players in not a great way to put it simply. Team is imbalanced and he is trying to make a point as well. Emery wanted Nzonzi because he liked a big defensive midfielder what he got was Torreira. Now Torreira is the best tackler and ball winner who can protect Ozil when he is playing. But Emery chooses Xhaka to do the protection work which is basically asking a bus to catch a Ferrari. Ozil… Read more »


Emery does not have total control, but he does have influence. It was Emery who had Ramsey’s contract extension pulled out from under him. The club offered a deal, then, at Emery’s insistence, withdrew it. Ramsey wanted to stay but Emery wanted him gone. The same thing happened with Koscielny. Out of nowhere, Arsenal’s best defender over the last decade decided to leave the club for France. Why? He was not being offered a new deal and did not want to play his contract down to the end. He has interest from other clubs, and with Emery clearly intending to… Read more »

Tony Hall

There is nothing *midtable wreck* about Bernd Leno. He has turned out to be a damn good goalkeeper and kept us in numerous games.


Emery isn’t working so let’s make it worse by bringing in Mourinho.

Magic City Gooner

Stop trying to make Mourinho happen. It ain’t gonna happen.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Some of us are hoping to get listeria! I hope to never see Mourinho step in the Emirates ever again, but I understand the desperation. #EmeryOut

Dave Hyland

Jose destroyed Man Utd and now they are 3-4 years off being a decent team. We don’t need any more setbacks. A decent manager, any decent manager could get a lot out of our current squad.

Tony Hall

The day that whinging, vinegar-face cockwomble ever becomes Arsenal manager will be the day I stop supporting them …

Glen Helders left foot

He doesn’t know his arse from his elbow, why prolong what is clearly not working, time for him to go


I was staying up to watch the game. It’s at 3AM in my place. As soon as the team news was out, I decided not to watch. I knew it was going to be a shit-show!

Dave M

I’m going to call him Gill Emery:
Simpsons comes to life. Emery is just out of his depth…


He seems to ‘know’ that the Sokratis-Luiz-Xhaka triangle of terrible is absolutely undroppable.

How two very different managers have come to roughly the same mental conclusion, I will never understand. There’s something rotten in our DNA.


You’re referring to Wenger as the other “two very different managers”? Sokratis joined last season while Luiz came aboard this season. I’ve absolutely no idea how Wenger could have come to the “same mental conclusion”

This is entirely on Emery. Don’t drag Wenger into this.


It was Koscielny and Mustafi played together.

There was a reason we needed a new manager then. Deja vu, unfortunately.


That is clearly not an Arsenal fan….Wenger would have in no way have bought those two CBs there he was all about young talent. Don’t know why he bought Xhaka, but he was sensible enough to tell him not to tackle.


huh? Sokratis and Luiz weren’t around in Wenger’s time (although I’ll raise you a Mustafi…)

Teryima Adi

It:s like Unai has lost the plot. We shouldn’t be telling this man how to do his job–he is supposed to be the expert. It beggars belief the charade we all saw last night. The captain of the ship, Unai, is steering the ship of Arsenal with no known course. He is making this bunch of good players play like headless chickens which is just so sad: a great orchestra with a very bad conductor, no wonder our play is a lousy cacophony of jarring nonsense. Rant over.


Moving away from Emery for a second, I’d like to think that yesterday was a bit of a reality check in terms of the quality of our players. Yes Aubameyang and Lacazette are world class but after that we’re good to mediocre. Tierney and Bellerin will help in that regard but we’re lacking in so many areas of the pitch. As much as I dislike him, I thought Evra made a good point about our midfield; it doesn’t matter how good Guendouzi is or will be, if he’s our best midfielder right now, we’re in trouble.


How can we judge players at the moment? Yesterday Aubameyang was bad (he didn’t have any service, played 3 positions, etc), Lacazette was bad (got to couple of balls after coming on, losing these duels and never seen again in the game after first 5 minutes). Willock was bad playing in the position where no player has looked good under Emery. Chambers and Kola had to do what? Cross the highball to who? Auba and Laca against 3 big English type centerbacks whose only real quality is defending exactly that type of play. Cutbacks from wide don’t work if the… Read more »


It is also about balance. Gendouzi is a box to box midfielder and xhaka is a deep lying playmaker. Willock I have no idea? We setting up to defend and invite pressure and hit on the counter(against Sheffiled united which is mind boggling) but do we have a number 10 to release the ball or a holding midfielder to win it?


Willock is an 8/10. I’d argue that we didn’t set up to hit them on the counter but to boss possession and get in behind on the flanks. It didn’t work because we’re not very good! Especially at fullback, and Pepe also needs to get the ball much closer to goal.


You don’t know what you’re talking about..willock is in no way a 10 he’s a box to box player, he has energy and drive,but not the creativity. And if you’re saying that the players aren’t good when they are doing what the coach told them to do. You’re telling me the tam selected was the best for the occasion. But then you said Willock is a 10 which says everything already.


As much as they’re pissing me off right now, I go the opposite way. The quality of our players is far above the showers of shit we’re currently witnessing.

Other than playing in the fullbacks to cross and taking short corners, there is no plan out there, none, nothing. That’s on Unai.


They’re better than what they showed but I’m not exactly sure how much better. I’d argue most of the players that started would be restricted to Carabao cup appearances in a top side so why are we surprised that they struggled against, statistically, the best defence in the league so far alongside Liverpool?


Respectfully, this is as good a squad as we have had in years. We have really good players in almost every position, our forwards are world class.Only place we can look a bit off is in the centre half department (Holding is solid, everyone else is a bit hit or miss).

This is the closest we have come to having a complete squad, the kind of team you build with moving forward. This is such a crucial time for us and It is very upsetting that Emery is the man in charge right now.


But I wonder if that is actually true. Are we saying prime Sanchez, Ozil, Walcott and Cazorla wouldn’t get into this team? Talk to people who aren’t Arsenal fans, objective people who follow football, and ask them how good they think our players really are? How much better is this squad than the one that finished second to Leicester? How many of the players that started yesterday are really CL quality right now? Aubameyang, Leno, Luiz, maybe Pepe? We don’t have an undisputedly top class CM or DM, the full backs we played last night are decidedly second choice and… Read more »


This team has a lot of potential but objectively Wenger final teams had a lot more experience/ players at much further points in their career. The average age of his final teams was pushing 30 with a bunch of internationals including a truly world class player in Sanchez & a top defender in Kos.


Potential is the word. We are on another youth project, oddly joined by United and Chelsea in that regard, and performances like this will be par for the course. So the question is do we accept that we have a young team, they need time to develop and games like this will happen? Or do we say we need to win now, we need top 4 now, let’s go out and buy some top players. What I’m not sure we can really do, which is kind of what many people on here are suggesting, is to say to Saka, Willock,… Read more »


So the key is that this looks a lot like the Leceister year where no one (apart from Liverpool/City) really look like they’re a lock to make the top 4 = with the squad we have I think it’s very doable even if in a normal year it would be a bit of a stretch. The main issue I have is I don’t think Emery really is capable of getting us there as he’s causing so many issues the way he’s choosing to approach games. If we can convince a good up and coming coach like Ten Hag (Ajax) to… Read more »


Willock was ones of the best performers for Arsenal against Liverpool and he’s not good when he played well against the UCL champs and the side the finished second last season. Smh….how is it that Chelsea is on a youth project like us but they are playing much better football it the EPL with an inexperienced EPL coach? You seem to think that what you’re saying makes sense, but you need a serious reality check.

I'm 14 Again

God forbid us to have the type of year Ajax had last season because we have younger players. Or what we achieved in 2010 (I think? Where we reached the UCL semis and still made top four) with a young squad under Wenger. Heaven forbid because this squad doesn’t have the quality and the coach is helpless. This is according to you Loose canon… Are you Raul in disguise? Or perhaps Xhaka?


from our squad auba, laca, pepe, ozil, leno, luiz, bellerin, tierney, torreria and ceballos
would all be guarenteed starters in most of the teams in the CL, barring the superclubs where they’d be first team players sharing games with other greats.

and in terms of young talent, willock, holding, martinelli, guendouzi and saka would not be out of place as the ‘youth option’ on a teams bench, let alone some of the outsiders in the CL whom would love any of our players.


As a so-called Arsenal supporter you lose all credibility when you write that that sniveling little twat, and diving cheat Patrice Evra is right about anything.

Are you even old enough to remember watching him play? Probably not.

So no, your comment has no merit. None.
Thank you.


Aubameyang scores goals, maybe 1 in every 3-4 chances, otherwise he’s pretty much poor in holding the ball up, heading, passing, dribbling and his pace is quickly diminishing… Please correct me with some facts, oh wait, there won’t be any. He should have been subbed for Laca, Pepe was having his most influential game yet and was pulled, shocking from the coach. Auba is in already looking like he needs a rest 3 games ago.


People don’t realize how shit we have been until you put the whole season so far into perspective. Just 2 goals scored in the last 3 games (and conceding 2). Just 1 away game won so far. We’ve scored 13 and conceded 12. Without Auba’s goals we will be below Utd on the table. If I start talking about the shots/game and shots faced/game, it’s going to be too sad. We are struggling to even create decent chances to give ourselves a chance of winning games. It’s clear that if Emery stays till the end of the season we are… Read more »


It’s a shame the Sheff Utd fans weren’t singing “you’re gonna get sacked in the….. Last day of June because your club don’t want to pay off your contract sooner and are bottling making a decision that’s clear to everyone else”.

But I can understand why. It’s a bit of a mouthful.


Get rid of this clown already…

He is talking up Sheffield Utd. like its Barcelona

El Piresidente

The guy is a moron. And a very stubborn one at that. Given the players at his disposal his starting lineups are unforgivable


I was excited at the prospects of such a young dynamic arsenal squad in emery’s hands, especially when we shifted out players and brought in some new faces. I have now come to agree with the earlier fans who were adamant he wasn’t up to the job when he was appointed. Someone else needs to take this young team forward and it ain’t Emery.


He’s lost the plot by all means, why even bother with him going forward?

How on earth do you justify this:

“We didn’t score tonight, but if we played another match like tonight, I think it’s more easy to achieve the points.”

What planet is this guy from?


lost the plot?? he never had it


9 PL games into the season… Our performance hasn’t been great.. Atrocious most of the time, avg at best. This has not factor in the last 10 games + EL final last season, so we’ve been quite poor for awhile.

Team selection, constant chopping and changing, tactics and lack of direction have led us to this situation. It’s a mess on the field and thats down to Emery.

Not sure how long more i can watch this. The football we play so far are so bad that I no longer can watch the game. You suck Emery…. Really really suck.


I knew we were in trouble when I saw the side. We need to be showing some ambition not setting up to defend against Sheffiled united. We could have played Bellerin, Tierney, Ceballos/Ozil and gone for a win instead of trying to be compact and hoping for the best.

We need to have a go we have the side to try but If he wants to set out to defend in all away games then he has the wrong squad

KP Lim

Instead of playing Xhaka,you should try Ozil and move Ceballos to Xhaka’s position….


Best line up? Don’t make me laugh. Might as well have asked him the answer to life, the universe and everything.

Even then he’d have said ’34’.


But that’s actually the correct answer


Wrong. His answer to life, the universe and everything is Granit Xhaka.

Crash Fistfight

and 34 is?


Xhakas shirt number, it needed to be stated.

Okechukwu Jude

I hope the board is already looking at the free coaches now. Work starts in earnest. Contact Allegry, Arteta, Gus Hiddink or who ever can guarantee that Auba and Lacazette sign extensions, who ever can get the best out of Ozil and also guarantee that out youngsters continue their progress in a clear pattern. Even if we qualify for the champions League, #emeryout. He’s NOT the man.

Man Manny

If Emery is left in charge till the end of the season, the damage he’d have done to this club is better imagined than experienced!
He has a glaring inability to analyse or improve any aspect of our game.
He claimed Ozil was training well; his reward, sits at home on matchday.
Tierney is ready to start; his reward, sits all day watching the Bosnian tank playing backward passes all night.
I hope Raul and co put this clown out of his misery soon.


I’m trying really hard not to be one of those modern fans who wants instant success and change straight away when things don’t work out, but at this point what is there to see in terms of light at the end of the tunnel? Granted we don’t have the best players in the league, and we can’t expect Sheffield United to roll over (as shown when they played against Liverpool and Chelsea Away) but it’s a wider picture than just last night. As blogs points out, what has actually improved? Emery is digging himself a hole with the Ozil situation.… Read more »


What I didn’t like about Wenger’s Arsenal : – The team was often mentally weak, underachieving in important games – Sloppy mistakes on defense – Lack of realism on the attacking game – Unjustified trust to underperforming players Can we all agree that Emery is the same or worse ? The problem is that he has nothing from what I love about Wenger’s arsenal : – A strong and well defined team culture and philosophy – An outstanding attacking game, with brilliant one touch passing – A classy Arsenal way of doing things, of treating players, on looking for team… Read more »


That is so true.

And an inspiring character for a manager. Wenger’s interviews were so high-level.

Emery sounds like a 10-year-old boy: “We didn’t score tonight, but if we played another match like tonight, I think it’s more easy to achieve the points.”

And don’t tell me it’s the language barrier, the guy has been there for a year and a half now. If he can’t speak better than that with his players, no wonder they’re clueless on the pitch.


I’m going to watch again our second goal against Watford: created by Özil, great Ainsley run and Auba easy finish. It’ll probably take a long time before watching a beauty like this.


Our best-performing 11 is the cup 11 ?


I think Emery needs to respect the presence credibility and impact as well as influence different players have on team. Historically Arsenal is not known to be defensive, defending 1goal throughout the game, losing unexpectedly. Surely we supporters respect all players young and old, so should the coach. You just can’t ignore key players like Ozil, Torreira, Bulletin, Tierney. Holding. Despite the injuries we had before, 98%of the squad is back. Luiz and Sokratis can’t play together, this everybody has seen, we have other players to give the opportunity. Stop experimenting, it’s premier league, very intense. Use the cream available.… Read more »


There has to be some kind of manager available that could get a performance out of this talented squad. Last night convinced me I had been fooling myself about Emery.

If the manager were to go today, my abiding memory would be of games like Bournemouth that kept him in a job so long. A complete dog dinner of a performance that scraped a win.


can any French people give insight on Emery’s press conferences in his native language? I’d love to know if he deliberately gives content-free rambles because he doesn’t want to give anything away to the media, or if he simply can’t communicate effectively in English. If it’s the latter, then it’s little surprise that the team looks so confused


He’s Spanish

Viju Jacob

He is Spanish


lol thanks. that was pretty embarrassing…


In Spain he was well known for going on and on without really making much sense, this was in Spanish.

Viju Jacob

Emery will make our team play
In our way
In our capacity
In our mentality
In our pressing
In our system….

Yeah right.


i dont get why departing players with arsenal “dna” had such good opinion of emery. such as jenko, ramsey..
like were they sarcastic?


In a nutshell, the fact that we have excellent centre forwards has masked over how absolutely abysmal we have played since emery has taken over, except a few games we have looked piss poor and are allowing the pundits who have been biased and jealous of arsenal dna for many moons a field day.

he can talk about blooding the kids, these would have come through under wenger anyhow as many were on the periphery in his last season.
ceballos,pepe have thy done anything yet, not getting slagged off ala mesut


Probably because they were players brought in by Wenger and taught to be classy… like Wenger.


Ok let’s look at yesturday.. both our fullbacks lack the ability to provide a thru ball. Chambers always play it back inside. I saw at least 7 times in that match when Pepe was making a run pointing at the space he wanted the ball and chambers went for the safe option….. I’m not emery’s biggest fan but there is no way in hell he is telling chambers to pass it inside… that’s just more of a chambers limitation and his fear of losing the ball.. Let’s see what happens when we have proper fullbacks that can execute a thru… Read more »


Great point about Chambers’ game yesternight. I was literally screaming at the TV asking him why he was doing that stuff over and over again -playing the ball back inside/backward to the defence- even when there were acres of space to play a pass to Pepe and he was left literally begging for the ball to be played to him.

It was at this point that it became clear to me also that the entire team was playing with fear and without trust in the abilities of their teammates.


This result is what happens when you don’t play your best team in this League, and that lies squarely on Emery’s shoulders. Wrong team selection, wrong tactics, wrong manager.

We could’ve played for another 90 mins last night and we still wouldn’t have scored.


Over two weeks off.. all players rested and at your disposal and so he executes no change in tactics and team selection.. there’s no excuse for not playing your best players from the start in the league.. Tierney and holding should have started even Bellerin and take him off later if required.. instead play the same back four so Sheffield United know exactly how poor our defense has been to date and so can go about their business. I just don’t understand his team selection.. he keeps playing that defense and Xhaka as holding mid.. we know Emery is deep… Read more »


no doubt he will play the lineup we want to see in this week’s Europa cup game!


and we actually see some football played this Thursday!


Raúl / Edu — Do your job.


blogs – why my comments modded out of existence?


I think these interviews no one really cares what Emery thinks anymore give the job to arteta with freddie as. his assistant


He can’t commit himself to standard formation, he can’t decide on tactics or what kind of footbal we’re suposed to play and after a year and half still hasn’t found a single player whom he fully trust. He is as selfconfident and assured as a virgin in a brothel.
As far as I’m concerned the real measure of Raul and Edu will be shown in getting rid of him before next January.


It was Raul who brought him here, against the wishes of Gazidis & Sven if you believe that. It’s up to Edu to show some leadership & tell the Kronke’s, time to het rid.


When I see what Lampard is doing at Chelsea and think of the crop of incredibly talented youngsters we have, this hurts even more.

Come on Raul and Edu, time to give Freddie a chance, the man dis a great job at U23s and you can see the connection he has with them… If not you have to be aware that we will definitely lose some of our best players come summer.

Kentish Gooner

I keep checking the BBC Football pages hoping to see an ‘Emery sacked’ headline…wishful thinking.


He doesn’t know his best team but importantly he doesn’t understand what playing football the Arsenal Way is all about. Freddie or Patrick?


Allegri in


Zero creativity away from home. If we concede the first goal away from home the chances are we lose. Been like that for some time and since before Emery.


His best 11 should be (like Wilder) whichever formation and selection suits against the opponents we are facing. And in the case of the Blades, they were packed five across the midfield like a net, knowing full well we will (predictably) build from the back and we did not have ANY front men who could receive long balls from deep. Could we have gone say 3 at the back and added more presence in midfield to exert more control perhaps. In which case your starting11 will be different. That would have allowed for Chambers and (particularly) Kolasinac to foray forward… Read more »


Emery said “We had more than them.” More what? Not chances. Arsenal had two or three decent chances other than Pepe’s major gaffe in the first half. The Gunners could not get the ball into dangerous areas and in the first half especially, Sheffield looked like the only team with a chance to win. This team has two characteristics that are the direct result of Emery’s poor man management. Players run to run because that’s what he demands. Effort. Emery wants the kind of asses and elbows running around that Guendouzi offers, because he does not know what “good” looks… Read more »


The passing and possession in the attacking half is horrid, and we have no forward playmaker. Maybe Pepe, but he’s not on form yet even if he does look like he’s improving. Best starting 11 is a good question to ask him, but the problem is much deeper than that. It’s structural. He can’t complete the puzzle because he’s decided he just doesn’t want to use some of the pieces. Leaves some of the most useful players that offer qualities we’re obviously missing on the bench, or just plain takes them out of the box and chucks them away. I… Read more »


Arsenal’s current best 11 is the women’s first 11.

Watching from the Woods

Anyone else thinking Bielsa? At least we can start filming our first Amazon Documentary…

Jimbo Jones

Sack him


He’s a lego!

Jimbo Jones

Our most creative player has been frozen out of the squad. Ramsey gone…young Jenko who was living every arsenal fans dream… gone….iwobi gone ….sack him….let’s not waste time. We’re not moving forward.

Tony Hall

I am going to stick my neck out here in saying I would be very happy to take Pochettino as the next Arsenal manager. He is a very good manager no question, he knows the premier league inside out and it would cause the spuds to spontaneously fucking combust.

Tony Hall

Oh and right now the best starting XI is the kids that will be playing on Thursday …


clueless Emery !!!!


Get rid of this guy, put Lunjberg and Bergkamp in place and also Perez into the coaching set up. Let’s put some proper football back on into Arsenal.

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