Report: Sheffield United 1-0 Arsenal (inc. goal)


Result: Sheffield United 1-0 Arsenal
Competition: Premier League
Date: 21 October 2019
Venue: Bramall Lane

Starting XI: Leno, Chambers, Sokratis, Luiz, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Guendouzi, Willock, Saka, Pepe, Aubameyang

Subs: Martinez, Holding, Tierney, Torreira, Martinelli, Ceballos, Lacazette

Lys Mousset’s close-range strike was enough for Sheffield United to condemn Unai Emery’s Arsenal to a second league defeat of the season as the Gunners delivered another limp performance on the road. 

Despite ending the match with four attackers on the pitch, the visitors struggled to create clear cut chances and paid the price for their defensive shortcomings as the Blades settled things from a first half corner.

First half

Unai Emery made only one change from the side that started the 1-0 win over Bournemouth, bringing in Joe Willock for Dani Ceballos in the centre of midfield. Kieran Tierney, yet to feature in the Premier League, had to settle for a place on the bench as did the returning Alex Lacazette who was deemed fit after a month out with an ankle problem.

If Arsenal fans were hoping for the side to loosen up after the tense and turgid 1-0 win over Bournemouth last time out, they were to be sorely disappointed in a drab first half that saw the Blades, for the most part, comfortably keep us at arm’s length before taking advantage of poor defending at a set piece. 

Both sides shared a flurry of corners as the game started at high pace but things settled down soon enough. As usual, we looked to build from the back, passively working the ball across our defensive line before trying to probe via Kolasinac, Chambers, Saka and Pepe in wide positions. 

The Ivorian was by far our most influential player before the break. He started with an early teasing ball across the box that Aubameyang failed to read and later, on 21 minutes, should have given us the lead only to scuff a Kolasinac cross wide. To be fair to the Ivorian he’d done brilliantly well to start the move in our right-back position as we sprung an eye-catching counter. 

Any thoughts that the Gunners were building to a crescendo were misplaced. The home side looked very comfortable and worked numerous crossing opportunities of their own. They are a better side than Stoke, but they’re cut from the same cloth. The Blades are packed with players who look like they’ve been assembled by a butcher and they obviously relish a physical battle. 

On 30 minutes they overloaded our back post for a corner, duly won a knockdown and Lys Mousset was left free to poke home from a couple of yards out. It was terrible defending. Bramall Lane erupted. (1-0)

We dominated possession for the rest of the half but the closest we came to hitting the net was a speculative rising effort from Xhaka that Dean Henderson tipped wide for a corner. From the resulting corner, the Swiss then looped a header over. 

Prior to that, Saka had gone in the book for what Mike Dean adjudged to be a dive in the box. There was definitely contact on the youngster’s ankle, perhaps not enough for a penalty, but it was very harsh flashing a yellow. Freddie Ljungberg was so incensed by the decision he too was cautioned for his complaints in the dugout.

Second half

Emery switched Ceballos in for Willock at the start of the second half but it was more of the same dawdling tripe from the Gunners. 

Saka’s dinked cross to Ceballos should have been despatched by the Spaniard but his limp effort was half blocked and comfortably scooped up by Henderson. At the other end, John Fleck rippled the outside of Leno’s net with a rasping drive from the corner of the box. The Scot then fumbled a shot from the same player as he again tried his luck from range. Luckily, he was up quickly to claim the loose ball. 

Into the final 20 minutes and Lacazette came on for Xhaka as we desperately looked for a cutting edge in attack. The Frenchman went through the middle, Aubameyang moved left and Saka sat deeper. 

Strength and determination from Lacazette did earn us a free-kick 25 yards from goal. Pepe hit a whipped left foot effort but Henderson was smart to the danger. Inside a minute, he tried his luck again but couldn’t find the necessary bend on the ball. Soon after he was hauled off as Gabriel Martinelli came on. 

For all our possession, the only efforts of note heading into the closing stages were a header over the bar by Kolasinac who’d darted off the left flank and a cross shot from Chambers that deflected for a corner. That aside, it was horrible to watch from a Gunners perspective. 

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Atleast with wenger, We used to win comfortably at emirates. Please share the crowd-funding link for the plane with “emery-out” banner.


Usually I wouldn’t be so hysterical. But this is such a crucial time for our club. We have possibly the best crop of young players for three decades, we have a season or so left of peak Auba and we have unusually weak rivals.

And come on, it’s not like he just got here. He’s had over 60 games to prove himself. Bar a couple of games, we’ve been very poor. Good ebeing and good night Unai.

This isn’t Arsenal.


Emery had 15 days to analyse his shite league performances and decided nothing needed changing? What a clown.


You want 15 more days of shit? He is 15 weeks expired

David C

We have no style and create no chances. Pretty pathetic. How does Pepe miss that sitter? All he had to do was fall and let the ball hit him.


Brendan Rodgers beat Sheffield United away from home with his Leicester side.

If that’s not a clear enough indication that Unai isn’t the right man to manage Arsenal….

Do you think Rodgers would freeze Mesut Ozil out of that team? Leave our two best fullbacks at home. And continually play probably our weakest midfielder every single game.

It’s fucking bananas


the game was screaming for a natural Number 10… If only we had one ?

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Is it even possible for Ozil to make us play worse? #EmeryOut


More to the point, is it possible for Freddie to manage us worse?

Paul Roberts

The yellow for Freddie got him the caretaker manager job no? 🙂

Reality check

Emery’s style and gameplan makes Ozil or any no10 toothless.. He doesn’t control games so centre is not where his players thrive, attacks almost always come from wings. But Ozil’s quality on the ball will atleast help us get some control and quality in their half.. loong long season ahead with this clueless, petty and somewhat poisonous excuse of a manager..


Pretty much it, we’re set up to go wide and not control the game in midfield. Instead all our central players do is win the ball and force mistakes and spread play to the wings, instead of create. We’re completely set up to capitalise on opponent mistakes, not play to our attacking strengths.

If that is the case, why bother signing anyone good, just play 10 bog standard sunday league journenymen who run around a bit.


Fun fact: Emery means “clueless” in Spanish


Sack Unai tonight. Just sack him. This has been 10 months in the making.
Sack him tonight, and make Freddie caretaker boss.
Unai will not turn this around, as proven.
But the Arsenal board don’t have the balls.
We are an absolute shambles right now.


We had more back passes than forward passes in the first half I think.
How hard is it to start your best players?
Arsenal needs to save it’s season now and send Emery packing.
Auba loosing interest, Ozil hate now at detriment of the team. Emery Out.

Don Cazorleone

Unai Emery doesn’t understand the premier league


I get the hate on Emery but the f**king shith*le of a referee is piss poor. We make our own luck I get that (Pepe should score in all honesty) but watch Mike Dean time and again, he just helps the opposing team over the line. Case in point today Martinelli given a foul for contesting a 50/50 header with McBurnie or what’s his face when the latter is at least 2in higher. That was near the 90min mark. Another one I recall when Gael Clichy was called for a foul throw when again we were chasing a game, late… Read more »


Waste of energy focussing on the ref after that mate. Much as I dislike Dean he did nothing wrong this evening.

Kran Stoenke

Yes Saka being booked for diving when he was clearly clipped in the box was not wrong yeah?
That is irrelevant as the performance was garbage nonetheless. But booking a young boy for diving when he was clearly fouled was absolute bollocks


I’m not convinced he was fouled, he was already on his way down when his ankle was touched. The fact that hes a young boy is totally irrelevant here, so not sure why you’ve said it. If that were a spurs or chelsea player you’d be nailing them for diving.


Your last statement spoiled it for me.


Which game were watching?

Bob's Mexican Cousin

We were so bad that even Mike fucking Dean wasn’t the worst part of it.


Try out scoring the opposition and see whether Dean will matter


Poor officiating is now part of the game. That is no excuse for the horrible way we played. We don’t look like a top six side.

SB Still

A total waste of 2 hours of my life, I guess all our lives.

What will it take for Emery to leave? When he does, can he take his beloved Xhaka with him!

The only thing sucking more than Brexit is Arsenal.


Painful to say, but the only way we will get rid of him is if we don’t make top 4. We’ve not even won ugly. More insipid, dull and turgid. It says something when you look more forward to the Europa and Carabao games than the prem games.


Pathetic to watch lack of creavity. The worst Arsenal match I have seen since Wenger’s exit. I was just watching back passing football by false Arsenal.


Yep I’m done too. We’re more or less unwatchable. It’s not going to improve is it. Give Freddie a go until the end of season, hopefully he can free this team.


Exactly as predicted. Utterly horrifying. Any fan who sits at the Emirates in the next home game as Xhaka lumbers before you and doesn’t strain every sinew to hound this idiot Emery out of the club…you are culpable for our failure. Understand this, we are not getting top 4 with this man. We are not winning anything with this man. Let the board know your disgust at his appointment. Boo every decision he makes and sing for him to get sacked. Then and only then, do we have the chance to rescue anything from this season. Be passive, and this… Read more »

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I think we all agree that we hate Mourinho, but I think we all also agree that he would be an upgrade on Unai.

I think we all also agree that he is sitting in some TV studio twiddling his thumbs.

I think we all would agree that someone who is incharge of these things should be making a few calls to Mourinho.


Amusingly nobody agrees

Dat guy

Emery plays bad football but Mourinho plays ugly. I think neither is the best option there


You may be too drunk to be offside, but that comment isn’t even within the pitch mate


Unfortunately, too many people would prefer to go against someone they hate to having some success. I agree with you. Mourinho has won the biggest prize in every league he has managed in and yet we would rather hang on to europa bob. I can’t stand Mourinho but I’d rather win.

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego

As much as I would love my Arsenal to win things, I will not stand for that classless git representing us. There are plenty of other managers who can instil a winning mentality and can make the right decisions to get the best out of the talented team we have, without needing us to turn to a wanker like mourinho.


Mate – we’re desperate but never, ever, EVER that desperate!

high gooner

at least with wenger, win lose or draw the games were exciting to watch almost every time. but then again that was wengers philosophy – to give the paying fans a football show


Wengers last two seasons were utterly dire to watch. We stopped playing good football, which I think is what broke the camels back with him and the fans.

Mayor McCheese

I watched this game. Got booked for timewasting.


This result was surprisingly unsurprising


If indeed these are the players who train the hardest, I wonder what Ozil’s been doing at the training ground. Sleeping I guess. This clueless coach is not just sinking the club but as well destroying our beautiful style of play which made some of us fell in love with this great club. Fucking sack him already!!

ricky rick

I watched this game, cheered for a wonderful passing move. Got booked for simulation.


Fantastic comment! We need to get that time waster out of our club now! #EmeryOut


we lost because Özil does not train hard enough!!


My cousin goes to the gym 6 days in a week will he make it to Emery’s squad?


Xhaka plays them onside and blames everyone else but him for the goal. We have to blame Ozil for this loss.


Come on… Xhaka? Yes he plays him onside on second ball from a corner… what about Guendouzi? If Xhaka is to blame then what about him?


Geundouzi is a tactical train wreck.
English fans love the all action, blood n guts nonsense. But Geundouzi is a big part of the problem. Arsenal has no shape. There is no midfield. And Emery plays xhaka, again and again.

Until emery is gone, we’ll struggle to make EL places.


Guendouzi is a 20 year old kid who is learning on the job, which is why he gets cut some slack. If he has no tactical skill, its cos he’s not been taught it properly, if at all.

Xhaka on the other hand has no excuse for what he is doing. Except maybe he is doing what he is told, which redeems him a little but puts the blame fully on the manager.


Mate – Xhaka is standing in no-man’s land, marking no-one and leaving just enough space (dead center on goal btw) for a sneak run. Positionally inept to start with. He then turns to track the flight of the corner – looks straight at Mousset who is maybe a metre away… and remains rooted to spot, NOT MAKING A MOVE to stop him, whilst Mousset receives the ball and sidefoots in! And – as ‘leader’ – he then flaps his arms to blame the others! At least Guen tried to block the cross – haplessly yes, but he wasn’t standing in… Read more »


These are just some of the things I love about our manager, Unai Emery. 🙂 The constant U-shaped passing across the whole defence! The total and utter lack of defensive and attacking midfield presence! The small team mentality! Torreira as a RW! Aubameyang, a Ballon D’Or nominee, smashing in crosses as a LW! No Ozil ever, even off the bench! Chambers as our main creative force! The scarcity of any style or aesthetic! Bad player choices in every game! Being shit, both on and off the ball! Being shit, in possession and on the counter! The persistence with Kolasinac, an… Read more »


You forgot about how crap we are at taking set pieces

Arsene's Coat

Everytime we take a corner it’s either a) play a short corner that doesn’t work or b) cross it and not beat the first defender. So much fun to watch!

Kran Stoenke

Only if we had a proper set piece taker.


At their level what is a proper set piece taker? Surely anyone above a child’s level can get a ball into the box on the corner. Defending corners is hard. Causing chaos attacking a corner should be the easy part.


Xhakas continued inclusion in the team is debatable. But if you pick him in the team, why not give him one of those things he is good at (ie taking set pieces?)
We have been shit at set pieces ever since Ozil or Xhaka stopped taking them.

Where was Willock playing today? I hardly saw him getting involved (not a criticism of the young guy)z


To think we used to whinge about the U-shaped passing around the edge of the opponent’s penalty box.

I wouldn’t mind for us to here and there be a bit more of the flat track bully we used to be. Drawing and losing matches like these just feels dire.

Reality check

You pretty much summed it up. I might also add that he inspires no fight or passion, completely flat. Doesn’t seem to have that relationship with players that would make them go through the walls for him. Also, Wenger’s poetic eloquence to Emery’s ramblings – makes me sick..

ricky rick

Can’t blame stupid mistakes, no players to scapegoat, Mike Dean did his thing, this one rests squarely on the head coach.


Actually that Pepe miss was a shocker. He only had to use his right foot, which was obvious, so he used his left and missed.

Thierry Bergkamp

Pepe shouldn’t even have been on the pitch, he’s been awful this season

Kran Stoenke

How many games would you have to watch to realize emery is the problem, lad? Pepe is almost always given the ball and he’s expected to dribble past 5 players and curl it in the top bins

Thierry Bergkamp

Yeah, Emery is the reason why Pepe can’t play simple passes, hit the target and put in a decent cross

Spanish Gooner

Pepe was our only player who looked dangerous this game.


Pepe was our best player today


I can’t find one single reason to keep Emery on after tonight. Can you? I bet the club will find one sadly…


Amazingly there are still some fans out there that think “he just needs time”. Like the manager they are clueless fucking idiots.


Just shut up and get behind the team. Yes we lost but how many points behind top 4? two..

If in april, may we are to far behind top 4 and out the europa league yes then il say Emery out.
But for now;
Can we al just stop moaning.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Forgot to use your sarcasm font.

Kran Stoenke

Getting behind the team and wanting emery out isn’t mutually exclusive. I’m tired of this ‘get behind the team and don’t criticise after such a disastrous performance’ bollocks



What?!?! We’re not in the top 4 anymore!!!?? Just 2 weeks ago we were in 3rd. How did it change soo fast. At least it’s only 2 losses in the first 9.


Its still early in the season so the effects of results are magnified. That also means if we’d won last night we would still be in 3rd.

Equally, three weeks ago, Chelsea were in the bottom half of the table, 3 wins put them in 3rd


Moviegooner, we only need to be one point behind the top four to be out of the top four. We’re three points ahead of Sheffield United, and 10 points off the leaders, and our football is dismal dismal dismal. Every single stat you can find points to Emery not doing the job we hired him for. Something has to change, as Arsenal FC are at risk of ruining their status and allure of being a (relatively speaking) top club.


Amazing how you can still type with your under all that sand….


‘head’ . (how to cock up a snappy retort!)


I read this and thought “am I one of those clueless fucking idiots who thinks he needs time?”

And honestly, I don’t know anymore.

I mean, I thought I was a clueless fucking idiot, but now I’m not so sure.

I think after tonight’s new low, I’m ready to concede that he might not be the right man for the job.


I thought I was clueless until I saw Emery in action. I think I know more than him

Thierry Bergkamp

Apparently, Allegri is looking for a new job


Thinking…no, I can’t find one either. No changes after barely scraping by Bournemouth at home…won’t play his best defenders when they’re fit…plays favorites with players like it’s an amateur youth league…can’t find a spot for our highest paid player even on the bench…insists on starting Pepe when the pressure is crushing him…what a pathetic job Emery did. Had two weeks to think about it too. Freddie would definitely do better with this group.


Watched the game with the sound off like I usually do and one thing was evident. We really look lost. At one point, I thought, guys do you remember how to play football? Emery seems to continue to tell us over and over again that we are not a good team by playing the same insipid, uninspired same way over and over again That’s bullshit! We are fucking Arsenal, so let’s get someone in there way who has the passion and energy to get these guys playing to their top potential.


Sadly it’s up to the owner & his son, to show some ‘Cojones’ as our old mate Deeney said, and sack Emery. Other clubs both small & large have done. Pool with Hodgson & Rogers, Man U with Moyes & Mou, Chelski with everyone. From Milan to Madrid, don’t wait till the season end & let this malaise fester, act now Kronke’s.


fuck was that bad


Do we have a midfield? It seems like they can only pass the ball back to Leno. Willock was a ghost. Xhaka was Xhaka. Douzi was subdued.


I would rather eat mouldy Troll placenta than watch us play another minute of PL football


Roll on Thursday, when the kids come it to play the EU


That was utterly disgraceful.
At no point tonight did we look like we wanted to win that game. Even when we were one down we still stroked it around casually at the back – no urgency, no cohesion, no link up between midfield and attack. Let’s face it; we are boring to watch at the moment. So. Fucking. Boring.

Laca New Signing

Apparently it’s Mesut Özil to blame. He doesn’t “apply himself”, doesn’t do enough hard work in training, doesn’t track back. He’s a waste of space.


I get that he has a legion of die-hard fans but… Mesut didn’t even play in this game tonight.. so why bring him into the discussion?

The team and manager were utter rubbish. Mesut was not. End of!


You’re a bit like the Arse were last night mate…. missing the point! (or 3)
As you say – ‘Mesut didn’t even play’

That’s the bloody point!!!!!


I agree, I was losing it shouting at the tv telling our players to move it forward. Passing it around the back like we were 4 or 5 nil up. Pepe needs to ignore the managers instructions and just go for it, you can see the potential.


Time to move on.
No improvement.



The manager has to go…. I’m bored of watching us start each game by passing backwards and sideways looking confused. Making poor teams look good… enough is enough


I don’t feel anything, it’s weird. Not angry, not sad, nothing


My feeling exactly. I’ve reached a point where a lose doesn’t hurt anymore. It feels normal. Maybe this is the level the club has been reduced to.


This! I was actually smiling for the sheffield United players at the end. Wow


Absolute dog shit!

Time Emery went now? Can’t be far off. Shouldn’t be anyway.

Did I say it was dog shit? Because it was.


Each game more disheartening than the last.


Is that Emery’s catchphrase?


I got a headache! Do you think Emery will vanish if I take asprin?


Emery is worse than Ole, and that is quite an achievement. We will be lucky to finish in top half of the table this season.


Hahaha bull.
Emery’s won 3 Europa league’s What about Ole…


Emery is an Europa manager. That’s his peak. For The Arsenal, that’s no achievement. That’s bare minimum. Time to move past Bruce Rioja.


Dude just leave and take your stupid coat with you


The day I hear arsenal have sacked Emery, I will be a very happy man.


He surely needs to go now…right? Right?!


First af all that what the last drop for Emery. It was really wrong. Tierney on the bench. Willock subbed on halftime. Torreira bemchwarmer.
Second if all the ref was a c*nt. Saka was tripped in the box Duzi didnt touch for a second etc.
Third Kola is so bad decision maker that drives me mad.
Fourth Pepe you could score that.

Elrond Half-Elven

Might as well give Freddie a go. I don’t see any risk in sacking Emery at this point.
It’s time to move on…


At least Freddie had balls today. Out of the entire squad, player and management, he is literally the only one who knows what winning at the top level means. Freddie in boys 😉 KappaNotSoKappa


At this rate I’d even give Gunnersaurus a go, at least he will entertain us!


Another quality performance from Emery’s side….
How long do we have to tolerate this man, who is so far out of his depth, managing our team?

Canuck Gunner

Is anyone actually surprised with the result? Which of course just makes it even more depressing.

Rostock Gooner

just another night I have to dig deep to find an answer for an all too familiar question: Again, why do I support this football club?


Because we will always love The Arsenal, that’s why
He won’t be here forever, we will

Rostock Gooner

Of course. And don’t get me wrong, I love this football club. But the way this club’s identity is dissolving…It’s just hard to cope with


Only one place to start. Emery OUT!

The Farmer

Fuck me this is sucking the life out of me…


Emery needs sacking


Send in the clowns.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

That was the gameplan lol


Sitting in front of TV on a weekday till 2:30 am to see this … really disappointed gooner from india


Look at all this progress we have made under Emery =)


Our worst game this season. There is absolutely nothing positive to take away from this result. And I have tried to remain positive and take the good moments from poor results and have some hope.

But this?

I am afraid I am turning to the Darkside, my blinkers are coming off.

I am starting to think we need to jettison Emery before our season is over.

I’m won’t be happy about it mind.


Is that really you, or a spoof comment?


Lol. No it’s me. That game was the one that ruined me. It was awful. We were awful.

I am gutted to be honest and now at the end of a miserable day of shite work I still can’t think of anything positive to say.

dr Strange

I’m so fucking tired of the boring fucking ‘football’ we are playing. Emery is a fraud he’s taking us backwards and you can forget CL next season. Honest question. I thought the rumours of Freddie taking charge of the cup games was a load of bull but is it? We look so much better in those so I’m not so sure it’s Emery.


I was thinking the exact same thing after this match. Really hard to believe that Emery would set his team so much differently for league matches.

Okechukwu Jude

Are we still having this conversation? Since Emery took over, I can’t count more than 6games where arsenal played with a clear plan and entertaining football. For most parts it’s been a struggle. I have seen enough #emeryout


Copy – paste same comments from last few PL games; boring, slow to get forward and no movement. Why did we buy Pepe if we aren’t going to use his best asset of counter attacking?
Best bit of the game was subbing Xhaka off.


I’m almost speechless. The signs have always been there. Auba’s goals were the only thing that kept us afloat. But only Unai was fooled. Get this man out of my club.

Laca New Signing

Good ebening. Not the result we were looking forward to, but we played with a big performance and all players are applying themselves and Özil also…

Emery out. Clueless, arrogant coach


So Unai Emery can confidently say Willock and Xhaka offered more than Ozil could have ever offered in this game? This Coach is fake and it’s shocking someone sold us a river! Time to wake up and get him out. Edu must work his magic to get us guy at RiverPlate immediately if we must salvage anything this season.


Mikel, we’re sorry. Can you forgive us?


Such talents in the squad managed by a useless clueless manager. Playing wing games with a makeshift right back. I have made up my mind that Emery is just a very average coach. I am not going to give him the luxury of giving him time to see how he plays with bellerin and tierney in the side. Every squad has players out but they dont suck so bad.


I’ve seen enough. This pathetic, safety first coward of a manager, who can’t even pick his own captain, will simply not fucking learn. We need no more evidence now. Horrendous team selection every single game, refuses to drop a limp deadweight in midfield, utterly stubborn over Ozil when we are crying out for creativity, and now results can’t paper over the cracks. I’m fucking sick of it. He’s always been frightened to play football, he’s terrified of his own shadow. Fuck off and let someone with some bollocks run this team


Things are so bleak, that I am ready to accept even Jose as our coach. Anyone but Emery…

Thierry Bergkamp

Yeah Jose will at least bring some passion, fight and cuntiness to the team.

On second thoughts…. no fuck that!


Over our dead bodies. Fuck Mourinho


Utter Complete Bollocks… FFS ARSENAL!!!


Another stellar away performance. What an awesome record we have away from home.

This is a really good squad we just need a good and more positive manager to get the best of them.


winning away used to be a regular thing in our season. How quickly things change


Think I should just stick to Thursday night football. Can’t keep eating this load of crap Emery’s dishing

The Kolkata Gooner

F*ck, that was bullshit. Fucking bullshit.

Daniel Thompson

Emery must leave, so far the worst coach in the premier league. Not fit for even the championship.


Going backwards playing boring clueless football. Emery hasn’t got a clue

Tim Langedijk

Sick of this! If he doesn’t sub Xhaka upcoming PL match then it’s time as fans to bo Xhaka off. To let Emery know that’s not the player we want in the team!!! Normally I don’t justify that but how else can we let this ignorant coach know??


Uhm Xhaka went of for Martinelli…

Hank Scoprio

I don’t know how anyone in their right mind can defend Emery. This is as good as it gets under a man who would likely fail miserably when asked to organise an orgy at a swingers party. He’s completely bereft of any clue on how to set up this team to offer even a modest threat to some of the shittest teams in this league. Fuck off and take your putrid football with you.



It wasn’t just the fact that we lost, it was the way we lost. A terrible goal defensively then no penetration or creativity to turn it around. I’ve defended Pepe but his miss tonight was a joke: my 90-year-old grannie would have put that away. Going behind meant that it was going to be really tough to win: they just sat back and absorbed everything we threw at them.

Emery out: he’s done nothing to improve us. No tactics, bad team selection and no motivation. We look like a mid-table side.

Hank Scoprio

They didn’t absorb anything. We didn’t actually throw anything at them….

Monkey knees

Fats always speaks sense. Emery is killing our club.


our formation looks like a 3-1-6 when in possession. It feels like we can’t even form basic passing triangles, and passing it along the wings into dead ends is doing nothing. It’s like no one knows where they should be and where their teammates will be.

We play like we have no positional passing/moving training. I wonder what Emery’s training sessions are like. Just all fitness and technique? How are we supposed to play from the back when the second line of players aren’t moving and just pass it back because obviously they’re under pressure after being static.