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Emery: Xhaka was wrong to react

Unai Emery has said he’ll be speaking with Granit Xhaka after the Arsenal captain stoked hostility from his own fans when his substitution was greeted with ironic cheers. 

In ugly scenes just past the hour mark in the 2-2 draw with Crystal Palace, large swathes of the Emirates crowd, frustrated at their side giving up a healthy lead, turned on the Swiss when it was announced he was to be replaced by Bukayo Saka. 

Rather than jog off, the midfielder chucked his armband at Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, slowly made his way to the touchline, mouthed ‘f*ck off’ at the crowd and cupped his ear to the ensuing boos. He then took his shirt off and went straight down the tunnel. 

It was an unpleasant incident all round and came against the backdrop of another disjointed Gunners performance. 

“He’s wrong, but we are going to speak inside about that situation,” said Emery.

“I want to listen to him and be calm. But really he was wrong in this action.

“Now we need to stay calm and speak with him, to speak inside about that reaction.

“His reaction was wrong in that moment. We are working, me and the club, inside with every player to manage playing under pressure.

“We need to be clever in our minds and create habits under pressure for our minds to be clearer.

“We can play with our hearts and can be hot in difficult moments, but our minds must be clever. We are going to speak about that, of course, because the reaction was wrong.

“We will speak with the players and the club about this reaction.”

As for whether the Swiss international would remain as captain, Emery wouldn’t be drawn.

“It’s not the moment to speak about that. First, I want to speak with him and the club, and we want to stay calm before we speak about that. He was not right to do that.”

For more on the Xhaka situation – make sure to read tomorrow’s post on


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Bob's Mexican Cousin

It’s all Emery’s fault. Half assed defense of his captain sums him up.


Gooner Sam

I can understand why Xhaka reacted like that, it’s not all his fault we let a winning position slip again and that he is made captain. However it is Emerys fault. He’s not good enough and it shows with every game. The club have to make a decision if we want to have a chance of top 4.


I was at the game yesterday, and I can safely say, I have never seen anything quite like that in my life. The whole situation was truly shocking. To be honest I do actually feel bad for Xhaka. To be set upon by 60,000 of your own fans in a game like that, when Atkinson was putting in one of the worst refereeing performances I can remember seeing in Premier League history, you can understand his reaction to a degree. However, to see his disrespect towards the Arsenal captaincy (and the fans) was shameful. Throwing away the armband like that… Read more »

John C

“He should have been taken out of the firing line a long long time ago, much like Mustafi.”

Who exactly were we going to replace Mustafi with? He was literally was taken out of the team as soon as possible. The same goes for Xhaka, he’s our only senior midfielder the rest are all 23 or younger, this is not a simple fix and that isn’t all down to the manager.

We’ve just had a summer where fan’s on here were all excited about our super duper youngsters but none of them are at the required level yet


He might be a senior player John but he’s not good enough. How does he help youngsters if his game isn’t as good as some of theirs?

John C

Our youngsters haven’t looked too hot either to be honest


By taking him out of the firing line. It can also mean just change his role in the midfield. He is CLEARLY not a DM. We have a very good DM who for whatever reason can’t seem to displace Xhaka as DM.

I would just like to see Emery try out Xhaka-Torreira and have guendouzi further forward/in a free role and see how that works out.


If a section of Arsenal fans are looking at what B. Rodgers is doing jealousy in Leicester and are genuinely looking at Ozil as the messiah as well as considering Mourinho as an Arsenal manager. Then Emery has done more harm to the fans’ mentality than he has for the team’s. #emeryout

Reality check

It’s like my time working at the till at McDonalds, customers just felt entitled to give me shit if the order was late or wrong. They knew full well that I am just the guy who is taking money, not preparing or packing. Xhaka is pretty much in my position, he’s the face of the club, the representative. He should work on his emotional intelligence because leadership brings a lot of crticism and questioning, this is not International football where no one cares and you get an easy ride. And as for the fans; Alcohol and frustration don’t mix very… Read more »


Some people believes we still live in B.C Rome and football stadiums are gladiator arenas.
Classy fans eh?
I am with Xhaka on a human level, but he should have shown more restraint as a club captain. This was in the making for over a year, yesterday it reached a breaking point.


I am more of the viewpoint that the ironic clapping wasn’t just aimed at Xhaka, it’s also telling Emery that his constant use of Xhaka and Guendouzi never works. Why does he start both Xhaka and Guendouzi only for it to not work and then subs xhaka off. We’ve seen this done 3 times already. It’s like when we really need to get a goal then Xhaka is subbed off. Why can’t we have that same strategy at the start of the game? At the very least, try to experiment with it once. If we end up playing worse then… Read more »


“slowly made his way to the touchline, mouthed ‘f*ck off’ at the crowd and cupped his ear to the ensuing boos.”

But misleading, the boo’s definitely came first. He’s still definitely in the wrong, but making it sound worse doesn’t help anyone

James Leslie

The booing started because he was going off the pitch so slowly. Admittedly there was cheering when his number came up, but no booing (at least where I was on the North Bank)


From where I sat at the Emirates it was more ‘cheering’ for him coming off or for the sub coming on (depends how you want to take it), the boo’s began the moment he threw the armband at Auba… Either way, shouldn’t of happened. That’s not know fans should treat their players nor how club capitan should act…

Dave M

Seriously, some Cheers started when his number were called (not the best lol, but it’s also understandable because he was poor and the fans want goals), but it got worse the more xhaka carried on, I mean throwing his armband (hand it over and jog off)!? Walking off (just jog off)!? waving and cupping his ear, then screaming fuck off, removing your team’s shirt and walking into the tunnel – pathetic. Just like his reaction the evra’s comments these actions prove evra right again. Not much left to credit emery about, but at least he told us 20x xhaka was… Read more »


Why will a player give a fuck for such shitty fans? Xhaka doesn’t get paid to listen to shit. He is doing the best he can. It’s the people who expect more who should get booed. I don’t think he was the best captain choice, I know he can be a liability but I’m with Xhaka 100% for giving it back. Fuck Emery and fuck the boo-boys, too. Foul crowds deserve foul performances.


Why don’t you fuck off? Up the Seven Sisters road, with all the other loser cretins.


Boos at first but only from small section (from what I heard from clock end) – they got louder the more he acted up /took getting back


Welcome to Aeseblog 2019.

Boos or ironic cheers, whatever. It was the crowd that disrespected him first. His reaction was not on but the fans were classless.

He has had stick on the pitch, online and on the streets.

Not the Arsenal way.


It’s actually spelt AceBlog. It’s about my reign as the bridge world champion.

Gooner Sam

I get your point but the shit on toast served to us by Emery with the lame Xhaka is captain is also not the Arsenal way.


Fuck you! I was just about to go make myself a slice. Guess it’s cereal or bust now… 😉

Ukwa obuba

The fans is nobody’s name; they can afford to be classless. They are paying huge, and out of their tight schedules to come support Arsenal and you call them classless? Xhaka is someone’s name; the Arsenal’s captain. He has a face to be booed when he is playing utterly poorly. The fans have no face. So, you say ‘fuck off” to thousands of people; that’s utter stupidity. The fans don’t lose their job; they don’t lose their captainship, but Xhaka can. And who says it’s classless to boo classless, both on pitch and off pitch classlessness.

The Arsenal

The truth is somewhere in the middle. But I don’t know how Xhaxa actions are being defended. Understandable but not defendable. Threw the armband on the floor and generally proved Evra the prick right. The fans frustration has been building towards Xhaxa since before Wenger left let alone under Emery.


He should wipe his ass with the arm band since all the fans don’t want him to be a captain anyway. Seriously. It’s a damn piece of elastic. Xhaka along with Kola is the first to defend an Arsenal player against a thug from the opposition team. Ever noticed? He has taken a lot of shit for wanting to represent the team, this is reminiscent of the Wenger Out shenanigans. Wenger should have spat at those assholes. If you can’t behave with class, don’t expect class in return.


Both should leave the club if you ask me…
Offtopic, i probably missed something but, is there some reason as to why I can’t see the comments on arseblog news app and is there any way to turn them on? Thank you


How many points and goals given away has Xhaka personally been at fault for? Too many, way too many.
The fans wish HE would f’’k off.


And Arsenal were wrong to appoint you.


I was quite shocked at the reaction watching on TV, volume not too loud. At first I figured he was simply trying to get the crowd energized (you see this kind of thing more often in American sports). Seeing it all play out was quite something, and no matter how wrong such a vociferous reaction was from the fans, no matter if it was truly more about Emery than Xhaka, it was really something, and I don’t know if he can realistically come back from this, even with apologies and the sort. Maybe drop him for a few games, hopefully… Read more »


Fans who “cheered” when Xhaka’s number was up for sub was wrong;

Xhaka’s reaction was wrong;

but a wiser manager would have anticipated such risk…taking off a player who’s low on popularity at a time when we’ve given up a two-goal lead will almost likely to encourage negative reaction…

pretty sure Xhaka would have preferred not to have been picked to start the game than to be hauled off in such manner

i wish there’s such a thing that a manager can be subbed during a match so that Emery can have a taste of his own medicine

Mesut O’Neill

So a manager shouldn’t sub a player who isn’t playing well & just leave him on to allow more goals to be conceded

??‍♂️ ❄️ ?


If you have been watching the games… the whole team hasn’t been playing well. So please catch up and also see some training videos of Emery coaching.

Also, Xhaka was angry at being booed by the crowd. Remember RVP? Henry? Vieira? Pires? They have all been uphappy with the substitution once or twice.

He is a human being. He is doing his best under really fuck all circumstances. We Arsenal fans are the most entitled and obnoxious, accept it.


Arsenal fans only know how to be loud in the stadium when they have to boo one of their players, other than that there’s no passion. No wonder the team performes so shit. Who would want to win games for such a silent and embarassing crowd.


Sorry Joe but thats a crock of shit. You think we’re playing badly because of the crowd?
We’re playing shit because we’ve got players that aren’t good enough and a manager that hasn’t got a clue


Why should fans not cheer when a good substitution is made? Xhaka was poor as usual, his mistake led directly to a goal. His substitution deserved a cheer and rightly got a BIG one! Unai Emery OUT, and take your Xhaka with!!!


Why on earth would you want him back in the side? Lets forget the shameful happenings of yesterday and look at him purely as a footballer. What does he bring to the team? He’s slow, he’s terrible defensively, he’s forever caught out of position and it’s unforgivable that he constantly makes the same mistakes again and again. He shouldn’t be an Arsenal player much less captain. We’re THE ARSENAL and we have a captain who wouldn’t get near any other team in the top six or Leicester. Arsene was wrong to buy him (paid more for him than Chelsea did… Read more »


Xhaka is not an amazing player by any means, and the situation is further complicated by being played out of position and then further, by being made Captain knowing deep down he’s not suitable for that role either. Meanwhile the VAR………are you kidding…….minutely looking for a foul in that melee before the ball is released….absolute joke. Have a look again at Millijotevic ( or whatever you call him) , just prior to the incident, he clearly barges Chambers with two outstretched arms ( Chambers does well to stay on his feet to go and challenge for the ball straight at… Read more »


The video ref is Emery/Out … or Mike Dean.


apparently it was someone whose never refereed at EPL level and done fuck all else … silly spotty cunt.


He was wrong to react the way he did, but it is on Emery. Emery made him the captain. Not like it was his own choice. Not defending Xhaka’s reaction at all but fans were a bit harsh. Emery knew about the sentiments of fans regarding Xhaka but still made him captain. It was bound to get ugly at some point and tonight it did.


Yes, Xhaka’s reaction was wrong but he is human. Being booed by your own fans definitely has got to hurt. However, Unai Emery has not helped the situation at all. He constantly plays him in a position in which he struggles, and asks him to do things which he clearly is not comfortable doing. Playing Guen and Xhaka together gives Xhaka way too much work to do. Guendouzi has zero positional discipline and defnsive awareness, leaving Xhaka – a slow and technically limited player – to single-handedly screen our back four and also build up our attack. There is no… Read more »


Exactly my thought as well. Emery’s man management is basically throwing other people under the bus.

It’s unfortunate Xhaka got the end of the stick, because fans are frustrated and saw him as the personification of the coach’s constant bad judgement & strategy.


Totally agreed on Emery’s style of man management. It is never his fault, always someone else’s. Ramsey gets injured playing too many games in last season’s run-in: “He wanted to play every game and didn’t manage his own body” Xhaka gets picked as captain: “The players voted for him” Team isn’t playing well: “This is on Wenger, we weren’t competitive under him before” Emery getting flak after fans clamor for Ozil to return to the match day squad: “This is the club’s strategy” Xhaka’s captaincy situation blows up after fan frustration boils over: “Xhaka shouldn’t have reacted like that” This… Read more »


I agree with you 100%… This whole mess boils down to Emery..


Completely agree. Everything is always somebody else’s fault


A player that is “..a slow and technically limited player” (your words), shouldn’t be played in any position at THE ARSENAL

Arsene's Coat

Feel a bit like this could be Emery’s ‘get out of jail free card’ for the whole Xhaka captaincy mess he’s gotten into. It’s pretty clear that appointing him captain was the wrong thing to do, not least because he’s a squad player at best and shouldn’t be a nailed on starter for each game. This is Emery’s chance to drop him and give someone else a chance as captain

3223 WM

I beg to differ. If anything this speeds up the process of removing Emery and replacing him. Pictures of Torreira crying and being consoled by Hector during the match may likely prove that today’s display during the match has most likely shaken the entire teams confidence and whatever remaining trust they had in Emery and in the fans backing them with all the fires going around. What a mess.


3223WM – I totally agree. The sooner these clowns like Emery, Xhaka and Mustafi are kicked out, the better.

Runcorn Gooner

Bit harsh on Mustafi I was think


Absolutely. Though I’m impressed with the way Mustafi has conducted himself

Make Arsenal Great Again

It’s never the moment to speak about anything for this guy


He’s a coward – he runs from confrontation and spouts any old crap rather than addressing the issues, just like Wenger did when the going got tough. Time to get rid and get a proper manager in, preferably one that can coach too.


I think we should stop comparing Emery and Wenger. I know it nosedived under Wenger but he did give us the greatest period we’ve ever had as a club.
Emery has and never will give us anything other than heartache.


Ok for the longest time I wanted to believe Emery when he talked all that process, attacking team, identity and mentality crap.. but since the end of last season I think it’s stopped working for him, performance wise we’ve been shit most of the season, league position was flattering because of Auba.. I think Xhaka is still a solid player to have in the team but Emery has to go and Ljungberg has to step up.. atleast we’ll have our DNA back


What has Xhaka done to convince you that he’s a solid player to have in the team?


This man is poor a captain as Smith was on the Titanic but it’s Emery who is guiding us into the icebergs. The fans with their victory of wengerout see to change again and I agree #wengerin.


Xhaka was wrong to react like that, and I did feel sorry for him, but Emery was wrong to play him when he’s bang out of form and we have better options in that position. Let alone make him captain, this is a player who I thought in the summer should only be a bench option at most. I was a little surprised we weren’t looking to move him on considering he hasn’t improved in the three seasons he’s been here. If you don’t fancy Torreira, let’s go and find a WC DM. Instead he’s gone all in on Xhaka… Read more »


He’s not out of form, this is how he plays

The Arsenal

Both these two need to leave. We have other players liked tweets and posts saying we should get rid. Like with Wenger both Emery and Xhaxa place in the squad is becoming untenable.


Can we replace the fans with the players and the coach? I’m certainly feeling a part of a minority with all this hate and Trumpian ultimatums all the time.


Sachin – Tell you what mate, YOU leave and take Emery, Xhaka and Mustafi with you. Happy days all around.

The Arsenal

Xhaxa has had 4 years. His terms up.


I don’t believe he should be a Captain but, tbh, there isn’t any real leadership anywhere in the club currently. I likewise would choose someone else in the middle of the XI. The truth is Xhaka has played his game all along with no regrets, which is fair and honest. You may not respect his style but he doesn’t fill in the lineup card. He cares as much as anyone, it’s just that he’s always a clattering away from a spot kick and ten men. Our problems are bigger than Xhaka.


Now will you finally get rid of this imbecile, who is neither fit to wear the armband or the shirt. And while you’re about it, you can empty your own desk and sod off.


While you are looking at the mirror get that milk moustache off your face too


Only when you promise to stop sucking the manager’s cock and cry wanking over your Swiss pin up.


Hilarious. Just like your Swiss pin up’s attempts to pass and tackle.


You know that Qwaliteee

Avinash Gosavi

he may have meant mind needs to be clear not clever in pressure situation.


The crown jeering him being subbed off lacked any class whatsoever.

I’m ashamed to be an Arsenal supporter right now.

Fuck the whole lot jeering one of our players getting subbed, no matter the reason.

They can all fuck right off.

Fucking ashamed.


Crowd applauded the substitution – happened before at Arsenal, and at other clubs. Xhaka decides to slowly walk off the pitch to show his displeasure at being subbed, even though we’re at 2-2. Crowd urge him to get a move on with it and also show disdain at the arm band being chucked cos our dear leader is having a strop. The crowd only jeering hardcore when Xhaka gave them the ‘go on, applaud me getting subbed’ arm wave. Then when they jeered, he cupped his ears, they jeered more. He then tells everyone to ‘fuck off’ and takes off… Read more »


Read and listen to all the reports of the crowd ironically cheering Xhaka getting subbed off. James’ after the whistle being one of them. It wasn’t cheering for Saka to come on. It was cheering at Xhaka’s expense- veiled jeering. There is no way around that. They were being shit to an Arsenal player getting subbed off. That lacks class. I don’t care what player it is, or what kind of match they were having. It’s classless and petty. Xhaka is struggling. Fine. He may not be up to the task. Fine. But he’s also a proxy for all the… Read more »


Yeah, well I hate having to watch Xhaka lose the ball in dangerous areas, getting caught too far up the pitch when teams break on us, giving ridiculous fouls away. And I hate that he’s been doing it since the day he first arrived and won’t learn.


Felt sorry for Xhaka. Its a natural reaction to feeling humiliated week in and week out. He shouldnt have done it, but moreso, he should have never been put in that sotuation. Its on the manager.

Worried Gunner

Guys, trying to give a positive spin to this incident! Maybe after this, Xhaka will be ‘punished’ and wont be in the starting lineup for few games.. Maybe reluctantly Emery will field Torriera (DM), Gndzi + Ceballos/Ozil for few games… Maybe we will win all those games and Emery will realise the obvious via this strange detour… Maybe the midfield partnership will flourish and create chances for the heavy artillery up front.. n Maybe we will end up in top 4…. I’m not a fan of Xhaka, and gradually moving into the EmeryOut bandwagon as I dont think he is… Read more »


Emery will not stop starting Xhaka in DM till the point he got sacked.


Personally, I think it’s about time we started shouting and booing. We need to let the board, manager and players know that we won’t accept the shit that they’re serving up. We’re to pacif.
When we’re shit lets let them know and when they’re good lets let them know. But to say showing our displeasure isn’t right is like saying to the board and Emery ‘never mind, maybe next year”. NOOOOOOOOO


xhaka out, zaha in

emery out, alllegri in


A DM (Torreira) and bring back the old Carzola + Ozil partnership with Cebalios + Ozil. Then the ball will move forward to the front three and defence will be relieved from pressure. As cebalios is the best box-to-box player, Torreira is best DM in the squad and Ozil can create and bring back the Arsenal way of playing. But I worry the character of Emery is too small for our Big club. #EmeryOut




am I the only one who thinks the boos were justified? I don’t understand this ‘uncalled for nonsense’ – everyone, including this Blog, writes and posts about how terrible he is, on a consistent basis. The fans react in the stadium and all of a sudden it’s ‘uncalled for’? Bit rich.

Pretty sure we never say its uncalled for when we’re losing and we boo, or we lose a lead and we boo, or the substitute sucks and we jeer. Why is this different?


Jeering a team is justified But not an individual player unless he has purposely done something on the field that warrants it imo. It’s not like he’s playing poorly because he isn’t trying. Emery who keeps playing him in this weird way to make him look bad or not play to his strengths. His reaction was immature but he is human and not some robot. Just because you are a professional athlete doesn’t mean you should be abused through media outlets on and off the field or not allowed to be human and react. Emery’s fault for not understanding his… Read more »


Doesn’t really explain my point though. I think it’s a bit rich for people to bitch and moan about Xhaka online but then call out people who do it to his face. A bit like calling your friend a dick behind his back then when somebody does it to his face you stick up for him.


I wish they’d both fuck off if I’m honest.


Well said. They can both do one.


Arsenal fans are the worst. They don’t deserve respect. Respect cuts both ways. You want your captain to respect the fans, well respect the captain. The player is human and he is not stupid to the unappreciative/sarcastic vibe hurled at him. Its not as if Granit was anywhere near the worse player on the pitch by far nor was he not trying hard for the team. If these self entitled fans feel he has shortcomings well so do others they prefer to see in different light like say I dunno Torreira. Was the Torreira midfield secure against Vitoria mid week?… Read more »


Your lifelong season ticket at White Hart Lane has been approved. Now fuck off.


To your point: “If these self entitled fans feel he has shortcomings well so do others they prefer to see in different light like say I dunno Torreira. Was the Torreira midfield secure against Vitoria mid week?”

Emery doesn’t know his best 11.. if he did Torreira would be a regular in his ideal position and would be performing week in week out.. instead he’s just another player not sure on where he stands..

Ukwa obuba

I said I didn’t like Ozil, but not to the point of him being ‘frozen out’. Tactically he is useful in some matches. Open to playing him sometimes, I suggested he be given the armband. Ozil could throw tantrums, kick the grass when substituted, not shake the coach, but I can’t remember him ever engaging the fans. Ozil is also someone who immediately puts up statements apologizing for whatever it is he has done. Sometimes he apologizes for dismal performances. Xhaka, on the other end, shrugs off mistakes as if they were nothing. He doesn’t own up culpability or an… Read more »

Grammar Nasty

Disrespects the armband, disrespects the shirt… Can’t be having that I’m afraid. The captain of Arsenal Football Club has to be miles better than that whatever’s going on, on the pitch or behind the scenes. Not his fault he’s been over promoted but nonetheless he’s club captain so has to set the tone. This ain’t it.


Grammar Nasty – Well said mate, I couldn’t agree more. You wouldn’t have got McLintock or Adams abusing the crowd like that- so why should this Swiss dickhead be allowed to get away with it. These idiots on here who are sticking up for him haven’t got a clue what they’re talking about. One of them even called the Arsenal Captain’s armband a ‘piece of elastic’ and maintained that Xhaka should have ‘wiped his arse with it.’ No one is bigger than the club. If you don’t like it, Xhaka lovers, then fuck off up the road to Tottenham where… Read more »

Zed Leppelin

You don’t boo your own players (or cheer ironically when they get subbed off.)


I truly believe emery need some I go ASAP really. I think the midfield problem, tactically, isGuendozi. We tend to like him because he runs a lot and is all over he placed but hate creates a lot of problems in midfield that daca or others cannot cope with the system. Emery likes that kind of play and that is why ozil is out: he does not run enough! Absurd really, a manager who cannot make the system such that ozil can play to its most creative talent is very limited! My favourite midfield would be Xhaca and Torreira, when… Read more »


There must be a reason why this has happened, first it was Koscielny during the summer protesting because of Emery’s decisions, now Xhaka lashes out (not directly at him). This just shows that Emery, whilst he might be tactical and knows more about football more than any of us, he is NOT a manager of people and I belive he lacks emotional intelligence at times like these. I think he might be too analytical and not as intuitive. Ultimately, he is the main man that players want to please, and if they don’t respect him on a personal level, situations… Read more »


Good point, had the same problems at PSG with the bigger players

Neil Bamford

I’m seeing mixed opinions on Xhaka incident but all blaming Emery. Emery is trying new things as things previously weren’t working, that I get, but it’s the failure to release that these things aren’t working is what’s costing us. I don’t think you can blame the fans at all though. We buy the tickets to watch them, we buy the shirts to pay their wages. If we want to boo because of frustration and to put our opinion across we will do. Xhaka’s performances of late have been shit, lets be honest so the reaction by the fans for him… Read more »


Exactly. And when we as fans are upset where else do we show it other than at the ground

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