Arsenal’s Eddie Nketiah scored a hat-trick for England U21s tonight, as they beat Austria 5-1 in a Euro U21 qualifier at Stadium MK.

The 20 year old could even have had more, but saw a late penalty saved. Check out the videos below:

Those three goals come after 2 against Turkey earlier in the qualifying campaign, and the four goals he has for Leeds so far this season.

There have been concerns he’s not getting enough playing time at Elland Road, but he’ll certainly have given Marco Bielsa something to think about with a performance like this.

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Mr G

Fox. In. The box!

Dave M
Billy Batts

Give me HAFF, Mr fuck you man!


Why would you not put a full stop after “The” then capitalise the B in box…

The Kolkata Gooner

This guy is lethal in the box. I’ve only ever seen him score tap-ins and headers. His positional awareness is really mature, and his finishing is on another level. Almost an old school English no. 9. They don’t make them like this anymore. Would like to see him more at Leeds. Hopefully he gets more game time.

Dave M

They used to call Tim Cahill “two-foot Timmy” in the Australian squad because he only scored goals from 2-ft out…I reckon Eddie might have a fair claim on that title too. Serious goal scorer…(like Timmy who’s a bloody legend!)

canon fodder

He is scoring regularly, yet Leeds are only using him sparingly (16% of the total playing time). He is only being used as a sub near the end of games. He perhaps needs to go elsewhere come the New Year if he is till being under-used.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Or come back to play in a 4-4-2 with Martinelli in Europa and FA Cup.


Oooooooooooooooooh, mouthwatering partnership for the future! Potentially lethal if their development continues as it would appear.

O A Eyinla

Eddie Eddie Eddie Eddie Eddie Eddie Eddie Eddie Eddie Eddie


Really nothing to argue about there!

Ordnance Dave

Even for Bielsa, continuing to pick a striker who hasn’t scored since August over this goal machine, is beyond stubborn. If nothing changes after next week, he should be recalled immediately. No more Gnabry situations.


I chat to a Leeds fan quite a bit about him. He says Leeds fans put pressure on Bielsa to start him but he prefers other options because of their hold up play


Good point. Bielsa is a very intelligent manager and if he does pick Eddie it is obviously not one for the other. In other terms, picking Eddie to start is a change to more than one position and/or player. Game time then is as a late substitute to make life miserable for tired defenders in the latter stages of the game. I guess.

Naked Cygan

Not good enough to start for Leeds my ARS!!!


VAR would have ruled out 2 of those goals tonight, he was about a metre offside for his hatrick, but at least he’s adding digits to his value.

If he doesn’t start for Leeds soon? Then time to pull him out, and send him somewhere else in January, no value in him wasting a year on the Leeds bench, and training with Bamford, when he could be training with Aubameyang+Lacazette.


Not totally sure but looks behind the ball to me


Maybe biesla is trying to protect him from high expectations especially those placed on a lot of England youth talent and all the media hype that comes along with it. The weight of expectation on young shoulders perhaps may be too much and fans are fickle they can turn on you in an instance. Let’s try look at both sides of the coin yes maybe he is not playing as much as we expect but how many times have we experienced young talent being hyped up then destroyed by the media? His playing position requires confidence and for a young… Read more »


destroyed in an ‘instance’ or ‘instant’?
I always thought the phrase used instant, i.e. in a given moment of time a player can be destroyed. But I see that instance (i.e. a given incident) also works.


Well tell that to Tammy Abraham.

SB Still

In that 3rd goal clip, he starts and finishes the move. Good to that not only does he have the ability to finish but also be at the right place.

Hope his playing time at Leeds improves quickly.


He is a true poacher it looks like. Feels like the all the goals he scored are within 6 yards and come as a result of excellent movement and anticipation. He may not end up in our first team, but he’ll be scoring goals somewhere.


BBC website says he scored a hat-trick but in the official scores on the site the first goal on 28 mins has been given as an OG off the defender. So not sure if he officially got a hat-trick or not

Martinellis belly

He also had a beauty ruled out for offside. Lovely touch and first time finish.
If anyone still thinks he’s just a tap in merchant I advise watching this
An assist and 2 cracking skillful goals. One with his right and one with his left.
Once he bulks up a bit and develops his hold up play he’ll be a force to be reckoned with


Left foot, right foot, header, the complete striker?


Oh yes it’s Eddie’s night, and it feels alright…..