Monday, May 20, 2024

Video: Ian Wright meets Dennis Bergkamp

Earlier this week, Andrew spoke to Ian Wright about an upcoming interview with Dennis Bergkamp, among other things. Listen to the podcast episode here.

Now, here’s the video. Make a cuppa, grab a biscuit, enjoy the video!

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That was a near kiss… 🙂


Dennis Bergkamp, simply my favourite player of all time. What a guy.

Elrond Half-Elven

We should’ve kept him around after his retirement. You want that kind of quality to be in the club.


Ain’t that the hard truth. He was a magician with the ball. Everyone would have benefited from him.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Henry offered part-time deputy U18 role provided he gave up on lucrative pundit job. Lampard appointed Chelsea manager, Solksjaer at Man U and Gerard given Rangers head coach role. We think we are more progressive than others but in fact we are behind. We have factual reasons to be excited about our academy but Tammy Abraham and Mount already selected in senior national team.

Twisted cuntloks

A great interview by IWWW.
DB10 was the greatest player I had ever seen play which is something considering the rest of the team. Keeping him involved in the club and the other world class players at that time instead of cashing in would have (IMO) made a significant difference to the continued progress of the club to maintain standards and the winning mentality.
This is what Fergie did so well.


Lovely video by wrightly. Love the smile from both of them when bergkamp open the door.


Amazing video. Smiles and near kiss at the door great, but personally I loved the ‘ye, but Martin’s crazy’ comment.
Interesting hearing them talk about confrontation on the training ground being important and missing from today’s game.


‘Interesting hearing them talk about confrontation on the training ground being important and missing from today’s game.’

100% …..I’m constantly amazed by posters on here complaining about our players complaining on the pitch. Our teams have been far too nice for too long, everyone being mates is not ‘team spirit’. The Invincibles were some of the biggest moaners I have ever seen – if you’re not driving each other on, you are at nothing.


Well worth a watch, two legends and interesting stuff they say.


I stopped watching porn for this video. Totally worth it because i got off better


It soooo guud!


Fecking love Bergkamp! The main reason I love football/Arsenal is from watching hime play! The term GOAT gets thrown around so easily these days…he is the one and only GOD of football!

Nacho Cheese Kalevra



Alright, that just turned my day into a very good one. So much positive feelings after watching this.

Mach to be You

Love this, love them. ?❤️

David Gooner

How fortunate were we?


This is simply beautiful, almost brought a tear to my eye! I feel very fortunate to have been to Highbury for every home game from 1994 – until we moved to the Emirates – and having the privilege to see both of these guys in their absolute prime. Something I’ll take pride in telling my kids about, that’s for sure. Certainly two of the GOAT strikers (sorry Nikky B).


Classy. Love the attitude he brought to us and obviously still has – the training remarks are a good point, I wonder if we’re lacking something or that’s across the board in the game these days.

I hope Arsenal can find some of that spirit again.
It would be interesting to see if he added something as a coach. I wonder if he and Freddie or Pat or Mikel could work together and bring something extra or it’s all too romantic.


Damn, this content!! Would love to see Bergkamp back in some capacity, maybe alongside Freddie when he takes the top job later this season 😉

Thierry Bergkamp

Great interview/chat with my favourite Arsenal player, and one of our local heroes (R.I.P. Rocky Rocastle).

Lets all thank Robert Pires for a poor pass.

Random Witness

Erm… Pires can never make a poor pass. Blogger would go nuts if he read your comment. That pass was intentional!


I would have thought they’d have met before


Best goal I ever saw was vs Newcastle when Bergy flicked the ball one way then went the other and turned Nikos Dabizas inside out….

I hear they were having collections in the North East for years afterwards to raise money for all the operations to put all his organs back…


That was just pure pleasure. Thanks!


Loved it and hated it at the same time. Loved it because it brought back some amazing times and I got to see two of my Arsenal heroes again. Hated it because you could see the sadness in their faces at what this great club has become since they were there. I think Bergkamp was Arsenals greatest signing and my favourite Arsenal player, he absolutely oozed class, a once in a lifetime player and I’m so glad to have seen him in Arsenal colors. Read the comments in that video, so much respect from fans of other teams towards these… Read more »




Takes me back to watching these two as a kid, falling in love with Arsenal Football Club and Football in general.

On the subject of coaching at Arsenal, perhaps one day we will see a first team set up including Freddie, Robert, Ian and Dennis.

Oh to be!

Cliff Bastin

Ian is the kind of friend you could hang out with any day

Cultured determination

My favourite arsenal player of all time.


Legends. One can never get tired of watching Arsenal legends reminiscing about the good times.


Great interview and insight into the evolution of attitudes and culture in football in UK and Arsenal.

One question I wish they would ask and answer and that’s, “who would they most like to play with in the current team?”

Also that Wayne Bridge goal in the Champions League still makes me feel sad after all this time, added to the fact we also lost in the FA cup to Man Utd around the same time.


Super Joshi

Simply brilliant video. Amazing viewing. A few life lessons thrown in too. At the time I thought that era would last forever. I could have watched 3 hrs of this. 40mins felt too short.

Safe Hands

I was having a shitty day and then I watched this and things were instantly better. Thanks for posting arseblog. These guys were two of my heroes growing up. This took me right back to my first visit to Highbury in 1996. Absolute nostalgia. COYG!


This guy(Dennis ‘the menance’ Begkamp) made me start supporting Arsenal(1996). i also was a strong supporter of Netherlands in any European championship

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