Friday, May 20, 2022

Video: Man Utd 1-1 Arsenal ‘On the whistle’

Arsenal drew 1-1 with Man Utd at Old Trafford last night. Here are James’ thoughts in the immediate aftermath of the final whistle.

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There was a time when the club lacked any ambition to win games and it was mainly because of the board not the coach. Today we have everything in place with right set of talents in the team and the youth setup but what we have is a manager who is just not at the right club. He is atmost good enough to handle a mid table team, it feels all work that is being done behind the scenes is almost ruined by matchday tactics and coaching. i don’t know if the club is looking at alternatives but have seen… Read more »

Peter Story Teller

Yup! Arsenal women play like an Arsenal team should. Resolute defending, world class attacking and a defensive mid-field that always look to turn defence into attack. They are a delight to watch and have a good chance of doing very well in all of the competitions they are involved in this season including the Champions League so the last thing we want is to screw that up by stealing their head coach to replace the hapless, hopeless, helpless one that the men’s team currently has.


it’s obvious to everyone that:
1. Guendouzi and Torreira are the only two fighters in the team.
2. Xhaka isn’t a defensive midfielder
3. Torreira isn’t an attacking midfielder
4. We lack creativity when those three make up the midfield.

How about Torreira as defensive mid, Willock/Ceballos as the creative player and Guendouzi as the box to box engine.

Those three would bring us fighting spirit and work rate. And my god how we miss Lacazette and his fight, and with Tierny and Laca back things are looking good.

Dave M

YES, YES, YES, but no…Emery is manager and Xhaka is captain…?

Sagebrush Farm

Yes, it’s as if Xhaka holds a gun to emerys head

Dave M

Granit Rasputin and Unai Alexandra

Fart OverJars

Emery is right about Torreira. He is minuscule and currently has no impact in our midfield. He was physically second best yesterday as he often is against premier league midfield, and he is nearly always behind the pace of the game. He currently is not solution to our midfield problems.

And Kante is no comparison.

Dave M



Disagree. He puts his body on the line and regularly wins it despite his size. Yesterday there were a few times when he came out with the ball against pogba. He is not behind the pace of the game, he is the pace of the game. Have you already forgotten how his tempo completely revolutionized our midfield last Autumn? He is being played out of position, end of.

Fart Overjars

The jury is out. There’s a reason why he was nearly sold last summer, and a reason why emery wants a bigger player in his position. Physically he is a complete mismatch against most midfielders in the premier league and that often shows. He averages about one successful tackle per game. His position is probably due to the fact that emery cannot trust a player of his diminutive size to cover the back 4. His size is striking when you watch the arsenal game, he is half a foot shorter than the rest of the league. This is a real… Read more »

Andre Santos' car keys

Torreira was “nearly sold” because he admitted to struggling with English weather and the English language. Why Emery doesn’t seem to trust him is a mystery from my POV because I can only really remember composed performances with or without the ball. He helps the team settle.


We don’t have a midfield problem, we have a manager problem. We have all kinds of talent but we have a coach who doesn’t play to their strengths.


Best squad since ’08
It’s so sad to see it wasted like this

Fart OverJars

Who outside of Auba and Laca really makes this a great side? Anyone who thinks we are one max allegri away from winning a title needs a reality check. The squad needs upgrades everywhere outside the front three (pepe still needs time, but who can really say he has convinced since joining?) Anyone who evokes the young players is asking far far too much. As impressive as willock has been in flashes hes not ready to take on the goal scoring burden in that midfield. He hasn’t scored yet in the premier league. The manager is doing his best with… Read more »


A coach’s job is to make the team greater than the sum of it’s parts. He leaves all 3 of his technical midfielders out and turns the match into a long-ball off against their 6ft plus midfield and defence. Leaving little Lucas Torreira to receive crosses from Aubameyang and Granit Xhaka to sweep up acres of space he can’t cover. This is so basic its embarassing, he is what about the last 6 months of performance gives you the impression he is doing his best with the players he has?

Fart OverJars

The fact that he is yet to better the position of the last regime with a markedly similar squad.

calling these midfielders technical belies their flaws. Namely naivety and inexperience. Willock and ceballos are not equipped to run our midfield.

If you consider the best midfielders in the league none of them are stocked with green academy youths or hot tempered and untested proto galacticos. none. We do not have the squad to compete.

All pressure lies on guendozi. too much pressure for a player so young


Are you telling me ex Real Madrid Cebellos and Ozil aren’t better than mctominay and pereira?

Fart Overjars

not enough to start the game last night


He’s a perfect comparison actually as is the horrific use of Kante by his coach last season.


Has Arsehlog been kidnapped by the ? end who writes on Le Grove? I don’t ever remember Arsene taking this much stick, but I do remember many times Arseblog and many others screaming for more pragmatism away from home, and now they’ve got it…. they’re whining about it. People were screaming for change, but they don’t want to go through the process for positive change to materialise. Like the majority of society they want now now now,….. and if they don’t get what they want immediately? They’re going to stamp their feet around, and have temper tantrums the most bratty… Read more »


You maybe tired of the Ozil debate but I think ludicrous that if he fit to not have him in the Squad as an option, a potential game changer. It’s a total fob-off not to talk about it. I wouldn’t of started him either but in the second half when we were struggling with invention and quality he could of been the difference. It would of been difficult for United to try and kick him off the park when half the team was already on a yellow. He may not have the work rate but he keeps possession and can… Read more »

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