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Bellerin starts, back three again: Leicester v Arsenal team news

Arsenal are in need of three Premier League points, but it won’t be easy against a confident Leicester side at the King Power Stadium.

Here are today’s official line-ups.

Leicester: Schmeichel, Ricardo, Evans, Soyuncu, Chilwell, Ndidi, Tielemans, Maddison, Perez, Barnes, Vardy

Subs: Ward, Justin, Morgan, Choudhury, Praet, Albrighton, Gray.

Arsenal: Leno, Bellerin, Chambers, Holding, Luiz, Kolasinac, Guendouzi, Torreira, Ozil, Aubameyang, Lacazette

Subs: Martinez, Sokratis, Tierney, Willock, Saka, Martinelli, Pepe

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tierney for kolasinac and it’s probably our best XI. feeling cautiously optimistic.


Pepe should be considered among the first XI imo.

David C

Pepe finally starts playing well and now he’s benched….

You guys think this is a 3-4-1-2?


Pepe should not be considered anything.
I would rather have saka or nelson if he were fit…


Tierney and Pepe and it’s our best. Kola and maybe chambers off.


Why Chambers?


Then shift Auba out left? Hell naw


So being defensive is ok with you? Tierney our only decent crosser and Pepe coming into form on bench. Poor selection

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

I look at both teams and I’m absolutely that we can’t win this game with the resources that we have


Well he’s rolling the dice….COYG!


Pretty defensive – would have preferred to see Pepe abs attacking formation as we can’t defend anyways


Leicester are playing with 5 attackers and only one DM. We’re playing with 3 DMs, one of them being Chambers, and only 3 attacking players, with no wingers. Rogers wants to win, Emery wants to not lose. That’s been Emery’s problem since he came to arsenal


He can’t play 3DM’s so he has to compensate by playing an extra CB . It’s crazy . If you consider the wing backs/full backs as defensive minded players Emery only EVER plays a formation with 7 defensive players and 3 attacking. It’s pathetic mid table football and will never get us back in the top 4.


Maybe I’m mistaken but I’m reading that line-up as Bellerin and Kolasanic will play as the wingers, and I don’t think we’re playing with 3 DM’s; Chambers will likely be centre back, and Guendouzi will roam forward, so just Torreira at DM.

Nicolas Pepe

Gendouzi staying back and Torreira going forward but not doing very welll


Would prefer a 4-2-3–1 with Tierney & Pepe but this seems alright!

Let’s smash them as Unai’s parting gift!

(yes, this is wishful thinking)

Lord Bendnter

Nope. It doesn’t seem alright. Looks like he thinks if we lose, he loses his job with it


Well hopefully there’s a reason for him thinking that as there should be


what? kolasinac and chambers in the same team, we doomed
he still aint got a preferred starting XI, making it up each week
what an utter plonker

looked at leicester —–unchanged—- says it all


I fancy Arsenal to win this one, we’re better than Leicester in every position.


I obviously want Arsenal to win, but what have you seen from Arsenal recently that suggests we have even the slightest chance of getting a result?


Except (and most importantly) the manager




I’m trying to be optimistic about us winning this game, just as I’m trying to be optimistic that we’ll have a new manager tomorrow. A win doesn’t save Emery’s job for me and the board must have a plan in place? Right? Am I delusional?


I doubt they’ll sack him if he win today, at least if it’s convincingly. If they have a plan and a replacement lined up, then I don’t understand why it hasn’t already happend.

Make Arsenal Great Again

Could it be that he is playing Chambers in the DM role? 4-3-1-2

Belfast Gooner

That’s actually what the premier league website has us playing as. Want us to win as I always do, but if we lose he has to get the ‘Emily Attack’!!


Decent line up finally. I fear the worst, that we may not lose this one and prolong suffering. On the other hand if we lose, slimy fraud has to sacked in the morning. Let’s lose. Common gunners! #EmeryOut


I hope we have a board who has a plan and won’t sack or keep a head coach because of one result. If there’s a plan UE will be replaced sooner than later anyway. If we lose this one the fight for top4 will be difficult. So I hope we win, but that the board already has a plan to replace him. This might seem as a contradiction from my above comment (to BigArse), but quite frankly I don’t see them sacking him as long as we’re in the competition for top4, however I hope I’m wrong.


No Pepe. No Tierney. You really call this a decent lineup.


Relatively speaking and comparing to Emery’s previous abominations.


Another game, another defensive approach. Hope there will be some real defending. 7/10 outfield players are either defenders or defensive midfielders. Emery could have as well left Ozil, Laca, and Auba on the bench and bring in Tierney, Papa, and some other defender.


It’s no wonder we’re in sixth place, behind Sheffield United (a much more ambitious team than we are on the pitch this year), and equidistant from 2nd and 17th on points — truly middle of the table.


Wait for more misery after the international break as long as Emery is still in charge. We might be called devils for calling Emery out. But the reality is there for everyone to see.


3 at the back is never sexy, but I modestly like the lineup, obviously would have Tierney for Kola and a shame to not have Pepe there. Happy to see Chambers get a nod before Sokratis, and Holding in there. UE had to be cautious, of course, he is that above all. This is bad news as he sees Lei as favourites obviously. Wanted to see the back of him by today but the board and JK obviously want to give him more time, hopefully he is sacked after tonight after one more bad performance – no reason to expect… Read more »


I made Vardy my fantasy triple captain today. Enough said

Prince Gunneralaysia

Finally a break from Sokratis potential theatrics

………………. ….. Leno
Bellerin Chambers Holding Luiz Kolasinac
………… .. Torreira Guendouzi
…………………… .. Ozil
…………. .. Lacazette Auba

I Wish this could be it


We need to properly cover those long balls in behind wing backs or we’ve had it with Vardy running at those spaces.

tanned arse

If he instructs his wing backs to push forward whenever we have the ball and maintain attacking options all the way up the pitch then maybe it’ll be productive. If he tells them to be cautious well be bogged down with no outlets the entire match. Emery’s willingness to be positive is the key to how this game unfolds. Honestly, I think he’ll be cagey and if that’s the case the only way we take anything is through pure luck. I welcome being surprised though


Because playing your best eleven is too obvious. What a clown.


Ah three at the back again, safety first I always say. I head once games are won in the midfield, perhaps that old adage is gone now.


Wait for the return of O’Leary as sweeper behind the defence?


Is it wrong for me to wish we lose this one if it will get Emery sacked? I feel like shit just for feeling this way.


You probably won’t need to wish for anything.
Arsenal are the world’s best for shooting themselves in the foot.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Why the hell Is The Tank playing instead of Tierney?! Unless he’s insured it’s yet another pathetic decision.


Prepare for all hopes of champions league football for next season to be over once again…

Emery, Let It Be

a strong XI but not looking good at half time, played way too conservatively.


Another half to forget! We look shambolic and unpracticed. Surprised it’s still 0-0


Arsenal does not deserve to lose this game. Their play today has exceeded my expectations ?

Make Arsenal Great Again

The score line suggests otherwise

Pat Rice and Beans

Are you watching the same game that I am?
Leicester had/has Arsenal on the rope all game.


I Guess I spoke too soon…thumbs down totally deserved…lol


Was only a matter of time. I pray this means he’s gone by Monday, but fear our moronic board will give him more time.

Gooner Sam

Please sack him


Its every week.
When is this finally going to end?
When we are relegated?


Please save us Mr. Wenger.


If he is not sacked by Monday morning there should be riots or total boycott of home games. Basically only rioters should attend home games until fraud is sacked. #EmeryOut


Xhaka’s at home laughing into his Toblerone right now.


Cautious decision considering our inability to defend but simply an invitation to come at us and predictable in outcome. 1) We did not play our more consistent Cback in Sokratis. 2) Holding whom many here thought was the dog’s bollocks as I mentioned repeatedly has had his limitations. So easily turned, stands too tight to player, passing left much to be desired, often when backwards (Complaining about Xhaka?) 3) Our press should start from up top but our attack does not defend. Contrast Foxes (or any team) who press us immediately offering our backline little quarter with their over complicated… Read more »

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