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Report: Leicester 2-0 Arsenal (inc. goals)

Result: Leicester 2-0 Arsenal
Competition: Premier League
Date: 9 November 2019
Venue: King Power

Arsenal XI: Leno, Bellerin, Chambers, Holding, Luiz, Kolasinac, Guendouzi, Torreira, Ozil, Aubameyang, Lacazette

Subs: Martinez, Sokratis, Tierney, Willock, Saka, Martinelli, Pepe

Second half goals by Jamie Vardy and James Maddison condemned Arsenal to a third Premier League defeat of the season as Unai Emery’s men went down 2-0 to Leicester at the King Power. 

The Gunners gave as good as they got before the deadlock was broken by Vardy on 68 minutes but with the wind in their sails, the home side never looked back. 

Maddison’s fine strike seven minutes later made sure of the win for the Foxes who climb to second in the table. Arsenal now sit sixth, level on points with Sheffield United and eight behind City who play Liverpool tomorrow. 

First half

After the rotten football served up on Wednesday night, Arsenal were much improved in the first half at the King Power. We looked more balanced in possession; Ozil providing a much-missed link to the strikers from his central berth. That said, we still conceded chances as the home side, flush with attacking talent of their own, probed down the flanks. 

Twice in the early stages, Tielemans looked to feed Vardy. The first time the Belgian’s pass was overhit, the second time the former England striker’s first touch deserted him. 

In between, we were incredibly lucky not to concede a penalty. When Soyuncu went down at the far post trying to reach a Maddison free-kick it looked innocuous enough. The replay showed a clear tug by Guendouzi. Arsenal fans held their breath awaiting VAR to instruct a penalty. It didn’t. Play resumed. 

Back we came. A sweeping move saw us move the ball from the left flank to the right and should have ended with a goal for Lacazette but the Frenchman curled wide. 

Two further mishit efforts suggested the striker had forgotten how to kick a football. His body language wasn’t great. 

As the half wore on, Leicester began to dominate as Barnes, Perez, Maddison and Tielemans came to the fore. They upped the pace, penned us in and repeatedly forced us into hurried, aimless clearances. 

Crosses from the right were a constant threat; Perez on a number of occasions whipping the ball with pace, teasing Leno. Were it not for Chambers, Vardy might have tapped home on 32 minutes. 

Bellerin making his first start in the Premier League since Janaury had a tough time in defence but he was a useful outlet in attack. A better pass from Lacazette might have presented the Spaniard with an easy chance but he couldn’t reach the ball. Not long after a cross of his own was deflected just over the bar. 

In the dying stages, Maddison went close with a free-kick after being upended by Torreira outside the box and Barnes headed wide after misjudging the flight of a Chilwell cross. 

Second half

The opening 10 minutes were ridiculously open as both sides pushed forward leaving their respective defences open to the counter-attack. 

Pereira’s cutback was deflected into the path of Ndidi who opened his body and sidefooted against the bar. A big missed chance. 

At the other end, Luiz stole the ball and charged forward before curling wide with his left foot. Bellerin did similar, his right foot effort flying just over the bar. 

Another flowing move ended with Aubameyang side-footing past Schmeichel. He thought he’d broken the deadlock but the flag went up. A quick VAR check. Correct decision. 

Luiz picked out Aubameyang with a fine clipped pass. Pereira just cleared before our captain could get his shot off. Back came Leicester, substitute Gray tested Leno’s handling with a low rasping shot from outside the box. The German gathered cleanly. 

Our keeper didn’t have a chance two minutes later though as the home side finally worked space for Vardy to break the deadlock. The striker popped up at the back post to tuck home after intricate play had unpicked the Arsenal defence. He always scores against us and it’s very annoying. (1-0)

Vardy nearly doubled the lead five minutes later but his powerful shot was beaten away by Leno. It didn’t matter, with 15 minutes later, the home side did get their second. Vardy laid off to Maddison whose first time shot flew through the legs of Bellerin inside Leno’s near post. Game over. (2-0)

Pepe and Willock replaced Holding and Torreira as Emery threw caution to the wind but we could barely get out of our half. The home side were toying with us. Heads in yellow shirts dropped. “Sacked in the morning,” sang the King Power, followed by a chorus of “You’re just a shit Arsene Wenger”. 

Arsenal’s squad will now disperse for the Interlull. Whether Emery is still in charge when they return remains to be seen. 

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When getting a result at Leicester feels as unattainable as the Nou Camp used to under Wenger, it’s depressingly clear we are moving backwards. There’s no fear in our opponents anymore, just opportunity.

If Emery manages one more game at this club we know we also have a deeply negligent board.

Pathetic. Embarrassing. A desecration of the badge.

It stops now.

Nicolas Pepe

Emery out!

Thierry Bergkamp

Emery out!


This was the first time ever for me, but I actually turned the game off after the second goal. I couldn’t take it anymore. It’s a sad state of affairs we find ourselves in. This game actually made Emery’s shortcomings extremely evident. You have a new manager at Leicester in Brendan Rodgers and you saw the gap in class. It’s becoming shameful. I hate to petition for any man to lose his job, but Arsenal and Emery are just not a good fit. We made a mistake hiring him. Mistakes happen. Let’s wash our hands of it now and start… Read more »


Wasn’t my *first* time this season, but I did that too. I had recorded it, 2nd goal went in and I grabbed my phone to check the final score (I didn’t know at that stage). Managed to spend that 15 minutes doing the dishes. What a treat that was after the shitshow I’d witnessed.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

It’s too much pain to take, never felt ashamed and miserable as an Arsenal fan. Please put us out of our misery.


Everyone has started playing the Arsenal Way except Arsenal. We stop pressing when we are 2-0 up in first ten minutes, leicester on the other hand pressed more after going 2-0 up in last few 15 mins.
New manager please !!!

Which ones pink.

Good ebening, I am a cunt


I don’t think that’s appropriate. John Terry is a See You Next Tuesday, our manager is just useless

Public Elneny



The thing is I don’t see anyone realistic coming in. Fuck all this talk about Mourinho, he plays the exact same brand Unai does, and are we all suddenly forgetting what happened in his last season at United? Allegri I don’t see coming, will be vying with Wenger on the Bayern gig.

Looks like we’ll be stuck with him till the summer. I’d really hope Raul and Edu have something up their sleeves.

Otherwise the future looks bleak.


I’d promote Ljungberg. I really don’t see how it’d be any worse than the current shower of shit we’ve gotta watch, plus he’d at least have the fans on side. Never thought I’d be jealous of Chelsea!


Ljungberg as caretaker until the end of the season.


Sacked in the morning


I remember when it took bent refs to assure we couldn’t get a result at the Nou Camp.


Since Edu and Raul don’t seem to have the cajones required to fix this, hopefully Emery has the self-respect to step down. It’s just embarrassing for everyone, and the damage increases exponentially with every poor performance, with every dropped point, with every dominated loss. Leicester are oozing confidence and pride in their play; we have neither. We have to change the narrative …


Just read that we’ve taken 87 points from Emery’s 50 PL games, one fewer than Wenger’s last 50 (haven’t confirmed the stats myself) for which we lopped off his head. And this stat can’t be true, simply can’t: that we’ve taken 24 points from our last 19 PL matches?


Wenger’s last games should be far worse than Emery’s first that’s the point of getting a new manager.


I was honestly so sad watching Arsenal play today. Not even anger but just sadness seeing my team play like that. Fucking underdogs against Leicester? Bring whoever in but this chump must go. They don’t even pass forwards. Fuck the playing out from the back. Only sideways and backwards passes.
I hope Edu watching in the stands feel the pain too having had first hand experience of the real AFC. I’m never going to stop supporting my team but #EmeryOut


If that performance does not make it any more obvious to our management that this incompetent head coach will not be the man to take us forward, then I don’t know what will ? Being bossed around by a team like Leicester and having no offensive threat whatsoever. Oh how far our once mighty club has fallen. Us Arsenal fans deserve much better than this. If not for anything, then at least for the immense patience most of us have shown through the dark Emirates era. It’s about time this great club gets back to competing for the big honours.… Read more »

Gooner Sam

Get him out

Runcorn Gooner

2-0 down and passing the ball slowly at the back. If that’s his tactics then go now.

Don’t get me on Kolasinac. Is he capable of a forward pass?


Well this was a bad ebening. ‚We must win with leicester’, we did not so I hope he has a bit of class and resigns immediately. Let’s just not fuck up the next appointment. Emery felt underwhelmimg from day one, next manager has to transmit hope that this season is not yet over, however slim the chances are. If Emery does not resign there is no running away for Raul if we do not act like a big club (we should have done it already in May). Pay him off and wave goodbye. Announce it today and let’s use the… Read more »

SB Still

Another shit show. Although the team was close to the best starting XI, the performance was very much of a mid-table team. I remember being pleased that we didn’t appointment Rodgers to succeed Wenger. Now I wish we, although I still don’t think he is an elite manager, that’s how how far down we have fallen.

SB Still

Missed an imp word

Now I wish we *had*, although I still don’t think he is an elite manager, that’s how how far down we have fallen.

I’m not suggesting we appointment Rodgers now.

Fireman Sam

I’d take Rodgers any day. At least he can coach.

SB Still

I think despite our current position, we have a better squad than any Rodgers has managed. An elite manager either established or an up and coming, with the current squad would have had us ahead of Leicester at this stage. Even Rodgers would have had us ahead of Leicester if he had taken over instead of Emery, about 18 months ago.


His scouser team had gerrard and suarez. I dont think we have two players of that level.

Drogheda Gunner

Maybe not but I think our squad as a hole is better than that squad. We could have van dyke playing at the back for us and he would look like mustafi, I don’t know what he’s doing but I just know it’s not working. Put him out of his misery please


I know every arsenal fan felt ashamed in the 77th minute when leicester fans were cheering the toying passes.

I hope edu feels that too, because unai emery needs the sack.We are not even mid-table.We are relegation fodder now.


Emery out.

Now, we know the board does not have the steel to appoint Freddie or Arteta. So, who would people like to see replace Emery other than those 2?


Commentator said that Emery’s position is not in jeopardy. Well, if that’s the case. We’ll be seeing goodbye to Laca and Auba at the end of the season and I wouldn’t blame them one bit


With his recent attitude, Laca can’t be of great help to us.


Surprising this comment got traction. Laca was a player of the season and today he worked like a workhorse.

I also see the body language recently but that’s probably the same frustration we feel having to watch EmeryBall. He’s living it.


Whenever Laca decides to stop struggling in vain, he brilliantly assists Auba, but most of the time, he’s not that way. You got it right: a “workhorse” who’s unable to keep his cool in order to play efficiently. Just compare him with young Martinelli. He’s fiercely a poised player!

my name is bob

Don’t let the scoreline fool you, this was a smashing.
No heart, no passion, and we play the worst football in the league after Manchester United.


My favourite part was when Emery waited until we were losing 2-0 to bring on Pepe, one of our most threatening attack players, and we then proceeded to pass it casually between our centre backs. Awful game.

Thierry Bergkamp

I don’t see what everybody has been seeing in our saviour Pepe. He’s been poor this season


lol has anyone been any good this season under this utter poor excuse of a manager? let’s be fair.


Pepe slow play down three touch when a first time pass to another forward is. Red , it French division style of play , he will learn . But does my help todsy when we was set ion to play on break . And t b f ha s best chances snd skilful attacked first have . Goundouzi does not seem to want to pass to ozil. And he lost players for both goals . I like him but someone have a word. Tony Adams just said it advice well on t.v. ( not the ozil bit thatcher my opinion… Read more »


Er, sorry?

Viva La Prof

Total piss flap management, I’m starting to feel sorry for him now. Time to go now surely Shirley


Agreed. And don’t call me Shir… Oh, wait…

A bottle of Martinelli

#EmeryOut Nuff said…


As expected, better managed team won. Unfortunately.

Gooner for life

This hurts… please Raul, this hurts…


-1 goal difference now. When was the last time we had negative GD after 12 games? Fuck me.



Eric Blair

Seems that the good start Emery had was based on Wenger’s attacking foundations the team still had drilled into them, plus new manager bounce. The more Emery has put his DNA into the team the more pathetic and toothless we’ve become.

The rot has to stop before it’s too late, or it’ll be more than just CL qualification that will have gone for a long time. The club’s very identity is dissolving before our eyes.


That’s the GD for a relegation team and that’s what we are right now. Its as simple as that.

Mentally Drained Gooner

I can only laugh at our misery now

Thierry Bergkamp

Banter club is back


I think it’s time for a new process

dr Strange

That has to be it for Emery. I can’t see any way for him to not get sacked. We are shambles and it’s getting worse.

I don’t feel I can watch this if he remains. It’s the same mistakes and madness over and over again. It’s not worth watching if there’s no joy at all.

Good thing the ladies are doing well.


This is rock bottom, personally I can’t even see the light at the end of the tunnel now. Emery, you’re nothing but a liar, coward, joke of a coach without any integrity left, should’ve already resigned. We are officially out of the top 4 race now and will most probably start our 4th consecutive Europe League season next fall without the likes of Auba, Laca etc. And I can’t hold any grudge against them if that happens because they’re wasting their prime years at a club that has become a symbol of mediocrity and a laughingstock. I used to be… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Out of the 4th place race??? We’re going to miss out on Europe entirely. We aren’t top six material with Emery in charge.


Even on days that we managed to score, we all knew it was never over until the final whistle, never mind today. Absolutely hapless.

What’s Chambers doing playing for Arsenal? Clumsy, all over the place, and has to be one of the least sure-footed we currently have. Always looking to part with the ball as quickly as possible


Chambers was the best player in Arsenal today. He saved us several times when other players didn’t do what they should!

Chambers was rubbish today? Kindly go back and actually watch the match.


I think Chambers did better than our remainder CBs, kept it simple and tried his best. Holding still looks on the mend


Holding is right footed but playing left side, looked to get it onto the wrong side each time.

Emery is in danger of ruining the guy who looked so impressive in (Wenger’s) Cup Final win against. Chelski.


Chambers was inarguably our best player in the first half. He is one of the few players who actually ups the tempo by looking to get rid of the ball quickly and move the opposition around. He reads the game and recovers well.

It’s a little odd to single out our best performer when others in defense, ie Holding and Bellerin, looked way off the pace.

Alex Davis

Chambers was one of the few good player out there today.

Fireman Sam

Yeah agreed. Of all the people to pick on why Chambers? He was decent. I thought Guendouzi was awful. Never understand what people see in him. So many backward passes. Losing possession carelessly. Poor decision making.

Viva La Prof

That’s bad coaching mate, he one of the most gifted young players in the world I promise you.




You’d rather he takes 15 touches before he passes the ball?


I would honestly take Gunnersaurus over Emery right now. I appreciate Gunnersaurus can’t speak but I think the players would find that no more challenging than the language-mangling they’ve experienced under Emery. And whilst Gunnersaurus has no management experience, from what I have observed he seems a very positive character who might be able to command some respect in our players.


Gunnersaurus is the master of the no-look pass because his eyes are painted on… perhaps he can teach that to our players at least.

Trex d' Gunner

Infinite thumbs up


Raul, Edu, over to you. Enough is enough.

One of the supposed other candidates for manager just schooled your first choice with a squad that’s weaker on paper.

We are so, so much less than the sum of our parts. Get someone who knows how to bring a squad together as a coherent whole, else the board will invite pressure onto them more than the manager.

Glenn Gomes

Did you’ll spot Edu and Raul I’m the strands? Something’s definitely not right and I think the sack is round the corner

Glenn Gomes

*in the stands


they go to all games tbf


Edu in stands . They should be every game.
Torreia good first half man marked Maddison out of it. But in second . It the centre mid soft today ( no Xhaka to blame )
Matteo not good on either goal


The sad part is that no one is surprised, and Emery will say the team carried out the tactics perfectly.


The tactics worked for 60 minutes playing on break, we created several chances . Left Johnny Evans to have the ball. The midfield soft for both goals . ( no Xhaka to blame matteo is the consistent now. I do like him , but he is ill disciplined at times. Torreira faded during game. Why dubbed joe.w. Was decent when can on

Viva La Prof

Don’t worry boys Emery is bound to find more tactics and buzzwords in his Christmas crackers.


Is that two shots on target in two games now, 180mins and two shots on target!!? Let alone conceding 3 goals, Emery has to go!

Buddy budster

I lost my video stream moments before the first goal. Even though it wasn’t beautiful, up until that point it was the first time in a long while it looked like there was a game plan: playing compact, counter-attacking. Not my plan of choice, but for aimless Emery, it felt like an upgrade. Until it wasn’t.


Three more points abandoned. Time for Emery to go.


On the bright side, we”ll have a new manager by Monday.

Thierry Bergkamp

On the bright side, I’ve got 6 Leicester players in my fantasy football team this week, that’s how confident I was of a Leicester win. 2 goalscorers, 2 assisted and Gk Cb clean sheets ?


I had an accumulator on, Tammy Abraham, Son and Vardy all to score first… love my team dearly, but its hard not to see how leaky our defence is right now 🙁


Good call that – what odds?


Nothing a good DVD session can’t fix.
Joking aside, if he stays it means that our problems run way, way deeper than the coach. Which is scary indeed.


Well we’re here, at this point if Raul and Edu and the rest don’t pull their collective trigger they deserve to bear the shit storm because it can’t possibly be made any clearer that this is not working out.


The more this goes on, the more Raul looks like a corporate suit and Edu like a placeholder invincible hired to warm the fans to a board that emanates no passion about Arsenal whatsoever. Which is probably true either way.


To be fair to Emery, for once we had a clear game plan and it worked reasonably well in the first half. In the second though, Leicester changed things up with the substitution and we didn’t react.

Interesting that he’s dropped Xhaka and reinstated Ozil – has Emery abandoned his principles in the hope of keeping his job?


I think it is a pretty established fact that Emery can stumble upon plans that work for one half of the game. It is also clear where this will lead us if he stays. Nothing new here.


Who else saw this coming??


Who didn’t?




The joke is on us now


Someone said it’s not Xhaka who picks himself every game, but Emery. Now in the current context if UE is the manager even after the Interlul then it’s not his mistake but Edu’s and Raul’s. So I urge everyone to not get personal with UE during this period in here as well as in other social media.

An Arseblog News Comment

Just going to leave this here

Wenger was fired for marginally better form…


Wenger started this mess. This is his culture, nonchalant, complacent, luxurious training facilities, Emirates airlines every day


I expected loads of comments on here but it seems everyone has had enough of talking about our shambles of a team. Sad times.


A decent first half but an awful second period.

We weren’t that bad defensively actually, but going forward we were awful. Did Laca play? If so I didn’t see him touch the ball. Auba and Ozil utter garbage too. After Leicester scored you just knew the game was over. Our response to going behind was pathetic: no urgency or aggression. We looked totally lost. We’re a mid-table side right now.

Emery out now. We have two weeks before the next game: enough time to find a new manager.


I thought Ozil was decent?


Ozil looked like the only one who could hold the ball and make things happen.

Defence was porous in both halves but we got away with it in first.

No pressure exerted on City players anywhere around the box. We just do not threaten to tackle as if we mean it.

Fireman Sam

Agreed. We look half-arsed on the pitch. Leicester looked sharp and purposeful. We looked slow and clueless.


During Leicester’s League-winning season we were the only team to beat them home and away… Bayern are talking to Wenger and we’re being stalked by Mourinho…We are in a bad place.

Ian O'Leary

Sack him this EBENING…..


We used to be a classy club. Now a lot of our fans what our own manager sacked? Give him a chance to build something. The Wenger Out brigade are now the Unai Out brigade. Who wants to come to this club when our own fans hound the club captain and manager.

Remember what we stand for. So some class.

Which ones pink.

Are you on medication


“Who wants to come to this club when our own fans hound the club captain and manager”.
Which “top” club would keep a manager who has gained 6 points from the last 6 league matches. There…..fixed it for you.

Jean Ralphio

Fuck you, Ivan


Watching our talented squad wasted is becoming more miserable by the week. Unai is lucky enough to have Man U and Spuds playing like garbage and we are still well off the top 4 and falling fast. 6 wins in our last 18 premier league matches. Negative goal difference on the season. Stop the bleeding Raul et al. Now. Please!

The Arsenal

Ole’d off the pitch by Leicester city. Absolute shambles. Checked in after an hour and was surprised to see it 0 0. But was I confident we could win or even draw. No. We have fallen so far we are a routine win for the likes of Leicester. 250mil+ in attacking talent and for the second game in a row we have 1 shot on target for the entire half.

Åsmund Heggheim

That has to be the final nail in the ⚰️ for mr. Emery. R.I.P. Unai.


Emery need to go now. But that has to come from the top – Raul, Edu and the board. Arsenal has a new setup, and their task is to make these kind of decisions. Emery is just a coach, and when the coach fails it’s on the management to replace him. And if they hire a new coach that fails they are responsible and must replace that coach too.


Sad. Depressed. Arsenal’s soul is being bled dry.
Where has my Arsenal gone?


The mind boggles at how we’ve held on to 5th spot… although we should really be in 2nd.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We haven’t held on to 5th spot this weekend.

6 points from the last 6 league matches. Relegation form. Which other “top” club would find this acceptable?


How about 9 points from the last 18 matches?


Oops. Make that 18 points from last 18 PL matches. The grief confused me. That is still piss poor.


The answers is simple, THE ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB


Considering the attitude that led to the booting out of Arsenal’s greatest ever manager, the man who made us the invincibles and record FA cup holders, I’m just scratching my head here how Unai “PowerPoint Slides” Emery is nicking a living at the Emirates, but in a world where we have Bojo in the UK and tRump across the pond, I suppose it makes sense, sort of…..

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

When you look at Emery on the sideline he looks like a rat being stalked by a cat.

The problem is he makes the team play like that.

He just said in the post game interview “We did our game plan”, and “Before they scored I thought we were still in the match”.

I was wrong. He’s more mouse than rat.

I want to smash my TV screen with a hammer because the stupid *Y&*^%^! just keeps on talking loser shite.

Emery Out. Please. Now.


Well if being outshot 25 to 8 and 7 :1 on target is the plan, it´s not working.


The most damning thing I can say is – I’ve watched four PL matches this weekend, and Arsenal was the only team out of the eight where I had no idea what the plan was. Bad execution is one thing. But how can you be this late into the season and still not have a coherent strategy?


Did anyone else notice that Kolo Toure is one of Leicester’s coaches?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yes, it mad me even sadder than I was already. He looked so happy.

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