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Emery: We need to be patient

A 2-0 defeat to Leicester at the King Power leaves Arsenal eight point adrift of the top four.

Having labelled the game a ‘must win’, a cloud now hangs over Unai Emery as his squad heads off for the international break.

Facing the Sky Sports cameras he pleaded for patience.

On the performance…

We worked. We played our game plan being consistent. In the first half, it was a very equal match and we had chances to score. We concede some for them but it’s normal as a side playing at home with their supporters. Really, I think we did the first half very good. The second half we started [well] also being protagonist and having chances, good chances. They also did one post. The team who scored the first goal was [incomprehensible gobbledygook] the three points and they did that.

On the change in formation…

I think we were comfortable defensively with three centre-backs. We had opportunities to go forward with the full-backs, Sead Kolasinac and above all Hector Bellerin. He was very important. He felt very well playing. In the middle with Lucas, Mesut and Matteo sometimes we keep the possession like we wanted. Really, I was thinking in the first half that we were well and that we had the opportunity to win the match. They had that opportunity to score and they did that and we didn’t do it.

On the way his team responded to going down…

This evening, the players worked with a very good attitude, they tried and also, we were in the match. If we score the first goal, we can control the result. But we didn’t do it. And they did. That is the difference. The attitude was good. This is the spirit we need to grow for the next matches.

On his chances of finishing in the top four…

It’s our success. For now our priority is to win at home against Southampton and to be consistent in the 38 matches. We have now some difference behind Leicester and Chelsea. But we keep moving to take confidence and to take our performance. We’re going to do it. Our challenge is in the next matches to recover the points for us and in the long-term, over the 38 matches, get better little-by-little. We are going to think only about the next match and the next three points.

On things getting worse under him…

We need time. We need patience. We changed a lot of players. We have young players. We know we are in our way and very demanding and very ambitious in our targets. But also, we know that we need time and patience. We are going to achieve with young players, experienced players and we had a lot of circumstances that did not help us to achieve the best performance, the best result. With patience and being consistent we are going to do it.

On getting time from the board and the supporters…

The most important thing inside is to be calm and be ambitious and demanding of ourselves to work. We stand up in our mentality and in our work.

On if the club is calm and behind him…


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Too Drunk To Be Offside

If Unai is left to it, all Arsenal fans will be patients of depression.


We don’t need patience,we need our arsenal back

Bob's Mexican Cousin

No Emery, you need to fuck off.

David Morris

Headless lead by the clueless. We have the Spanish AVB.

Wilshere's Middle Finger

Oxford dictionary;

Inferiority complex: Unai Emery

We have a fucking Ballon Dor striker up front and we approach games like we are Stoke.

Protagonist???!! Jut fuck off.


Upfront? Looked like he was at rwb to me


-1 goal difference after 12 games, outshot yet again, 3rd formation in a week and over £100 million investment on the bench. You are fucking clueless, get out. Just get out of our club.

Jack but

Unai talks shit, how do all sleep knowing we are arsenal fans, how can arsenal fc play a leceister city fc with our tails tucked between our groin, I have never felt more ashamed to be associated with arsenal. This is damn ridiculous, we have lost our arsenal. Now who else thinks Emery deserve to be booted. If the fans could kick xaka so hard, why do we play with our fundamental value. Who else think Wenger deserves a phone call. Give Wenger this current talented squad sand he will win the epl. I am so heart broken?

Joseph Odinga

Emery knows he’s done.


Does he now? He’s been repeating the same stuff for a month now and he’s still here. Scary.

SB Still

I actually think, he doesn’t think he is going to be fired soon. He is actually calm, thinks there is plenty of time to turn things. Problem is, he has no clue how. He is somehow expecting another 22 game unbeaten run.


Does he though?
I fully expect him to still be here in December.


I worry that the higher ups are banking on him getting going one step further in the Europa League in order to secure Champions League football. Then they can decide not to activate the third year on his deal whether he wins or not.


Nope. We have been patient. I still don’t have a clue what type of style you want us to play…

Gooner for life

I dont think he has a clue either


It’s crazy how he was sold to us as some tactical genius when clearly he’s inept


Exactly. And the board bought into that hook, line and sinker and sold the same to us fans through the club’s PR/social media outlets. Very inept indeed.


what the hell is this guy on. Seriously how can someone as disillusional as him can be a manager of a club.God i pity our arsenal players.


Last ever press conference as Arsenal manager. Completely untenable now. No coming back, not one positive from that game to take


Whilst I agree that you could see a strategy and some vague signs of encouragement in the first half, I’m afraid the second half stats belie Emery’s overall assessment. No shots at all after the 53rd minute tells its own story and it’s only in light of our woeful form and utter decline under this manager that I was relatively pleased at HT that we weren’t getting pasted – but that’s mid-table rationale borne of a mid-table manager, not at all befitting of this great club. Taxi tonight, please.


Now if the club really is behind him, things are beyond repair.
Again with the performance, the our way talk, the different/young players excuse, the patience, the tone implying we are not doing so bad after all.
This can’t go on.


To be consistent in 38 matches? We haven’t been consistent in 1 mate.

My Arse-nal

Consistently shit.

Sagebrush Farm

There ain’t 38 anymore. Has he not noticed matches gone past?

Sami waay

i think this stupid coach still believes he has left with 38 games to play. Ohhh what a shameful coach I have seen ever. Does his even mind work proprely? His post match interviews are fallacies with the perfomance. He doesnt know what hem is talking about

Bodie CI5

We have Jack, we’ve been consistent in conceding goals lol


How dare you? Asking for patience?
This is beyond disgusting.
A man with some basic level of integrity would’ve already stepped down, apparently he doesn’t have any….


For some reason I read this in Greta Thunberg’s voice.


If Josh Kroenke was serious about his vision for the club, then Unai won’t be here after international break. If Unai still is the coach after the break, tells you everything about our board who were reactive to # wecaredoyou campaign but never visionary.




How does he continue to think there are positives in these games!?!? I’m over Emery!!!!


‘We played our gameplan’? ‘Players worked with a very good attitude’? What the actual is going on here? Enough of this shit. We were outplayed. Time to go mate.


His press conferences are like three different Fast Show sketches rolled into one


He does always sound verry verrry drunk.


#LittleByLittle. Little by little we are getting worse. Little by little Arsenal is killing me inside. Little by little Emery is sucking the life out of Arsenal. We have been patient you muppet. But it’s time to go.

Ya Gooner

He doesn’t look like Dracula for no reason.


I can understand the team losing but playing well. I can understand a team losing because they don’t have good players. What I can’t understand is having a very good team (on paper) losing and still playing woefully. I think there’s no confidence what so ever again in the Arsenal team and it starts from the coach. He’s not even confident we he can win a match (even before the kick off), his team sits back and kill themselves by trying to play out from the back… I think Unai has lost it. I hope the board can see this… Read more »

Kaembe Will

Remember the man was at PSG with one of the most expensive squad in the world but still could not convince himself nor the fans and the board. How do you expect him to deliver here??? Why in the first place did Arsenal go for him????

Trash Blaster

Absolute insane ramblings.

He has completely lost the plot and we need an intervention at this point. I thought Hector had an awful game, and we lost the ball in dangerous areas multiple times in the first half, a few times through his bad passing.

Really worried this clown will remain for long enough to see a mid table finish.


Sorry Unai, our patience has worn thin. We were hoping for an improvement on the late Wenger years and you’ve managed to make us worse.


This man is insane. I don’t think he thinks we’re playing badly! Also does he know that he’s in charge of Arsenal? One of the worlds biggest clubs and not bloody Charlton. Give me strength


One of the world’s biggest clubs?
Give me a fucking break.
Arsenal are exactly where they deserve to be.
No money, a team of donkeys, journeymen and kids.
Arsenal are exactly where they ought to be…


Rival fan on Arseblog, Leon? Take it you don’t have much going on in your life? Twit.

Drogheda Gunner


Pete Strong

I’m not denying Emery is incompetent, but Arsenal are NOT one of the world’s biggest clubs. We’re a European non-entity and nobody feared us under Wenger, quite the opposite, they wanted to draw us.

Naked Cygan

After 27 years of supporting Arsenal, this is the first game I wanted us to end up losing in hopes that Emery would be sacked. I would be shocked and disgusted if they don’t sack him in the next 24 hours, and the next player who comes out kissing his ass can fuck off with Xhaka.


The game didn’t begin with me hoping we’d loose. That changed the moment we went 2 down. At that point I’m thinking I wonder if they’ve got time to make it 4 and good riddance to Emery.


I think he’s a good coach and needs time.


You also like Phil Collins


Oh lord! You got me

Bodie CI5

What’s wrong with Phil Collins


I think he’s a shit coach and his had enough time to prove us otherwise.


No he hasn’t. He needs more time


Survey says: no.


Are you his agent??


Wikid get back onto your own team’s website.

Drogheda Gunner

It’s sad coming on to another teams fan site. Embarrassing

Scott P

Rather than insult you because of your opinion, I’m genuinely curious why you think that. Based on the evidence I’ve seen, it’s my opinion that Emery has been unable to find either results or any philosophy. Finding only one of the two of these would still be sub-standard for a major club like Arsenal, but you could at least hang your hat on something. If he only brought results – the league position/silverware. If he only brought style – at least we could see what he’s trying to do. He has talked about difficult circumstances, while having a squad most… Read more »


He only lost 3 games and top 4 is not insurmountable. If the next manager that comes in and loses 3 games will he be vilified like emery has? I doubt it. A footballing philosophy doesnt emerge overnight. It takes time and a foundation needs to be built but if you’re impatient enough and can’t stand the heat when shit gets tough for month it’s best to stay out of the kitchen till the meal is ready.

Scott P

He lost 3 games, but has dropped many points beyond those losses against opposition we should be beating.

4th isn’t insurmountable, but he hasn’t shown an ability to get any response out of the team to turn the ship around.

A philosophy may not emerge overnight, but (1) he’s been here for 18 months, not 3, and (2) you should certainly be able to imprint a recognizable style in that amount of time.

Shit hasn’t been tough for a month, shit has been tough since last winter when our form first started to fall apart.

Bai Blagoi

Don’t feed the troll


Last season we had it within our grasp but players let him/us down if anything. Auba missing the last min peni against spurs and mustafis shenanigans against palace ultimately cost us. Not him. Scapegoating him is easy for us fans, Eboue, Bendtner, xhaka and now the manager, like its a God given right for us to play well every single game with succulent scintillating football. Other teams have progressed too i.e wolves so this notion that we should just routinely beat them is just plain ludacris. Like I said, it’s easy to scapegoat the coach when shit slightly hits the… Read more »


If we wait til the end of the season and don’t deliver Champions League football to our star players they are 100% gone. They will not stay and that will set us even further back having to place our faith in kids in just about every key position on the pitch. Besides that, you lose the faith of the players that remain and the kids no longer have veteran leadership to guide them and they go off the rails. That’s a huge risk and it’s not one I’m willing to take.


Ajax almost reached the cl final with kids from their academy. Our “star” players can fuck off if they want to, at least the kids from hale end show heart for the club and get it and would risk a limb for this club. so this notion that star players would leave if we don’t get cl is fuckin pathetic.

Drogheda Gunner

I hope your a fan of another team other wise you just don’t have a breeze about football. Scary



Pépé Le Pew

The jury is out, and critics are unanimous, The chef himself doesn’t know how to cook, that is the worry

Bamzee Blaze

How come Leicester city have a philosophy that has seemly emerged overnight with Rodgers? When was he employed by them? Before or after Arsenal employed Emery? That should give you a clue. Stop defending the indefensible else I recommend a serious hiding for unwise behind. Anuofia!


Brendan has all the ingredients set for him to be successful at Leicester. He has premier league winners in his squad and the foundation was in place before he took over. All he did was motivate and instill confidence into his team. We on the other hand started rebuilding the moment emery took the mantle. His players are an unproven quantity compared to Brendan’s team and he has an owner who actually gives a tit about his club unlike ours.

Arsenal has been a shambles on both board level and player level and blaming it on emery is super easy.

tanned arse

Rodgers gas a philosophy but more than that, he geared his team around his greatest talents, Vardy and maddison in order to get the most out of them. The opposite can be said about emery with auba and ozil

Bamzee Blaze

But the ingredients were not set for Claude Puel who managed that same Leicester team? There was no premier league winners upon a set foundation for Puel’s Leicester team before Rodgers right? Also, players like Ramsey, Aubameyang, Ozil, Lacazette are unproven right?
Continue…just continue. Ewu!


He said “Anuofia” ?


The gap is 8….and growing. Not shrinking. We are downturning very rapidly. If we don’t start scooping buckets soon our Arsenal ship will sink.


So what there’s 26 matches to be played and we’re top of our group in europa. Some of you fans are act like such entitled little brats, first you fucked off wenger now you want to do it to emery. Take a look at yourselves in the mirror..


You are his agent aren’t you! C’mon!


He’s had time. He’s had investment. He blew it.


If Brendan Rodgers can make the likes of Vardy and Maddison look like world beaters, just goes to show what a shit manager Emery is. He has world class players in Auba Laca etc and makes them look average.


Laca isn’t world class he can’t even get on the French national squad. Auba is borderline world class at best


Don’t respond to Wikid. He’s just a troll.


Before you accuse me of trolling at least show me an argument where you believe lacazette is world class cause he’s not.


Wikid has to be on a wind up… surely


The truth hurts.. He’s a good tenacious player but labeling him and auba as world class with nothing to back it up is a huuuge stretch.


Only 6 players in Europe have scored 20 plus goals in each of the last five seasons. That is very high world class levels. They are messi, Ronaldo, levenfowski, aguereo,, Suarez, and (playing for the least high spending of all these clubs )is , aubameng


Lacca was shit tonight and lately, be honest folks!


Are Vardy and Maddison world class? This about a coach’s ability to get the best out of his players, and Emery doesn’t even seem to be able to get them to play to their usual levels let alone best. If there was no coach, the team might do better.

Fred Garvin

Too be fair, Vardy and Maddison are excellent players. I’d love to have either of them in our side.

Bamzee Blaze

Give Emery that Leicester team and he would ruin them. He would find a way to make them sit in their own half while adapting his tactics to whatever the opponent has. He has no positive ideology of his own. A fucking useless coach.


“Wake me up before you go go”

My Arse-nal

“If we score the first goal, we can control the result”. Did he really say that?! Has he forgotten all our recent games? We can’t and don’t control anything!


He said Can not Will 😉

The Arsenal

Lol. You have to laugh or the bitterness and tears emerge. This guy is done. We have to be patient. Fucking embarrassing. Chelsea and Leicester have worse squads. The spuds are not going to be in crisis forever and man u are slowly turning the corner. We are finished as a top side under this man. He’s made us competitive with West ham and fucking Sheffield utd.


Available managers who won’t cost us any compensation: Wenger Mourinho Allegri Salari Mark Hughes Fat Sam Kovac Blanc Henry Dunga Gattuso Enrique And we could probably get Arteta for a reasonable amount. There’s nothing there that inspires me, I wanted to give Emery time, but players look flat and the writings now on the wall. I just don’t see a change of manager really changing much, Kroenke isn’t going to put in any money, and sacking Emery + staff will apparently cost us £15-£20mill, so if we move? we have to get the next appointment right, I’m just not convinced… Read more »


I’d take Arteta, Allegri, Ljingberg Henry Enrique Blanc and even a few more.over Unai at the moment


I would take a cucumber sandwich over Emery,,

Wilshere's Middle Finger

I’d take Barney the dinasour over Emery right now.
The man is taking this club down faster than a game of jengo.

Bai Blagoi



Why would you even have Mourinho on that list? And Fat Sam and Hughes. Ridiculous!


Because usually just as you start thinking things can’t get any worse…… they usual can, and do….

If you think all our problems are going to be solved just by replacing Emery? Then you’re delusional.

New doesn’t always mean better, don’t rule out relegation this season……


Am not a fan of Emery, but come to think of it apart from Pepe, who again do we have on the bench that can change a game? You let Ramsey go and brought in Ceballous, sold Iwobi for Saka(no disrespect), released Welbeck, send Mky on loan….. Our problem is from the management downward, Ivan deliberately gave us Emery and left the club


In fairness only Ramsey was a match winner type of player. Also Willock has a knack for scoring goals but he too young. And now in theory Pepe is supposed to be that player.

Pat Rice and Beans

“If we score the first goal, we can control the result”

Yes. We see that against Liverpool, Aston Villa, Vitoria Guimaraes, Crystal palace…

Sagebrush Farm

” If we score the first goal, we can control the result”. We scored first against Watford, Palace, Wolves, Victoria…. Is it only now that we were going to control the result?

That’s it.

tanned arse

So, that’s his last game right?……please tell me that’s right!

Peter G

I honestly couldn’t tell even after I read the whole thing if this was the actual press conference or a parody


Take away Auba’s goals and we’re in the relegation battle. That’s the reality of our season so far and we all see it, no matter what Unai says.

Mesut O’Neill


I genuinely can’t even remember the last game we won without looking it up, that sucks.


We used to be a classy club. Now a lot of our fans what our own manager sacked? Give him a chance to build something. The Wenger Out brigade are now the Unai Out brigade. Who wants to come to this club when our own fans hound the club captain and manager.

Remember what we stand for. Show some class.

Bamzee Blaze

How much time did it take Brendan Rodgers to get Leicester firing? Emery has no fucking excuse. Stop defending failures. Ewu!


This “classy club” mantra was a mythology totally exaggerated by Wenger, especially during the transition from an ownership by disinterested “custodians” (never invested) to the parasite Kroenke (never invests, either). I see this phrase used most often as a pretext to excuse poor managerial performance in the past ten to fifteen years, particularly in excusing Wenger’s shocking last ten years and it was the chief excuse during transfer austerity while moving to the new stadium. This while supporters forked out £100 million a year just in home gate receipts, a figure that’s now edging towards two billion quid in net… Read more »


The team may be getting fitter and stronger… But not the formation or mental side of the game. Key players were not involved in their strong positions… And able to link with the rest of the team. Its too happy go lucky while trying a new tactic/formation every damn game almost. The team has no vision, as the vision has been split into so many fragments by Unai. It seems like I watched Arsenal University team, not a professional team of top athletes that understand what the focus is, or how to adjust the game on field. Blerrrgh… Just so… Read more »


Not having a pop at you – we all have our opinions. No problem with that at all.
The players aside from Aubameyang and Martinelli are piss poor to average and nothing more.
No one is going to come in and change that. No one…..


Thought first half alotnofbplayerscwerevin therecbest position the ring backs , Luik , chambers holding in z back 3 , ozil at ten, the strikers together , torreriaDM, second half was worse than first. Commentary said we had best chance first half. Looking for silver linings


In what universe where if we score the first goal “we can control the result”?! Willfully ignoring everything that’s happened, completely talking out of his ass.


AFC does not have time to wait for Unai to figure out whatever it is that he is attempting to figure out.

He offers no path to premier league success. He offers no path champions league football.

Pack your things, Unai. It’s time for you to go.


No Unai, you need to get lost.


“If we score the first goal, we can control the result.”

Based on what evidence? We, in fact, have a huge propensity for conceding and dropping point when we have actually managed to score.

Also, how will we ever score if we hardly ever make shots on target. One all of last match, and today I think we only managed one too. Absolutely embarrassing.


Sick of being told to be patient, that the defence is getting better, that we played the way he wanted…

Losing patience now! a, if its the managers fault get rid, or b, if its the players fault, as in downing tools, then a total lack of class.

Need the board and the new “regime/structure” to stsrt showing its worth, or its all as useless as the tripe we have are seeing on field.

Fred Garvin

Man, his post-match interviews are looking more and more like absurd Dada performances.


Last season we lost 3-0, now 2-0. We are challenging ourselves with improvement and continue working on the moment to compete and little by little the next game against Leicester we will lose 1-0 with good attitude.


The whole interview makes it seem like patience is the problem and the plan is coming together. I don’t mind if the team plays defensively. Frankly speaking we have had 2 decades of good football, we are due some boring football. What worries me is that we aren’t playing attack or defence but have a coach who seems to believe that the defence needs to be improved first. The players don’t have a clue about where they need to be when attacking. They only know their positions when sitting deep. It can’t be that complicated for 11 international players to… Read more »


This was breaking point. We are now in danger of dropping like a stone. 1)Team looks bereft of urgency or motivation. Pepe on last 10 minutes, hardly any effort. Auba captain can’t keep the ball or pass to save his life. Torreira no Santi, Holding turned dizzy, we got Ozil and its easy to walk by him. No Mustafi, still leaking goals. No granit still no control in midfield. 2) Manager has also lost his way. 3 at the back but too much caution and no Sokratis our better Cback. Front men no urgency in closing down their defense. No… Read more »


Well said sir.

Frank Bascombe

Forget it Wkid… It’s Arseblog.


Blamed Flamini ha ha ha that bit killed me ha ha

Petes Sake

Wenger back!


I popped on here hoping to see some good news, emery isn’t gonna leave as so many people are hoping, raul just needs to pull the trigger


Tell my man shut up

Petit's Handbag

I’ve been patient enough. But yeah, now is the time. Swing the axe


Where the hell does blogs go with this literal Spanish waiter? It writes itself, the mother of all fucking cringes.

I’m detecting a common theme in Kroenke enterprises: animal cruelty. Somebody, ANYBODY, put the poor bastard out of his misery!

Alex Davis

You right! In the hospital

Red Arrow

It’s very hard to understand this manager of ours. “If we have the lead we control the game”. Well that’s certainly not true given the number of games we’ve gone ahead in and either lost or drawn. I seriously hope that the Board are looking at options to replace him.

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