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Leicester 2-0 Arsenal – player ratings

It’s now just two wins from our last ten Premier League games, as an inevitable goal from Jamie Vardy and one from James Maddison condemned Arsenal to a 2-0 defeat to Leicester.

The Gunners did show some nice flourishes here and there, but in general were outplayed by the hosts, and the pressure on Unai Emery mounts.

With Raul Sanllehi and Edu watching on, the manager couldn’t get anything from a game which now leaves us nine points behind Leicester who move up to second in the table.

Read the Leicester 2-0 Arsenal report and see the goals here.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.


The ratings are now hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Bernd Leno.

Also, give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Not even gonna bother judging the players under Emery. There is no point. A new coach can change everything, as Rodgers has proven himself at Leicester

None of this matters. Get rid of Emery, now.


100/10 for every gooner who is able to watch entire 90 mins of an arsenal game nowadays


Too depressed to spectrum about the full stops.


I failed


Rodgers won’t want to come to Arsenal. Self entitled toxic fans. Rather stay at Leicester, plenty of upside and less expectations. I’m not sure who would come to Arsenal frankly. Allegri? prob not. Why come to a non CL team with obvious flaws. We don’t have a great Director of Football team. Edu wholly inexperienced, Sanlehi prob better than Mslintat but also out of depth. Had the owners had better gumption they would have showed the appetite of Lille OSC and got Campos on. Unai is culpable for poor choices but part of the problem is we have not addressed… Read more »


Xhaka and mustafi would have made things any better? We have 1001 problems but those two aren’t the solution to any of them


No he’s saying that we still have the same problems even without the players who were error prone and were called out for our bad form


You, sir, are a misery. Nobody died. A change of manager will. Are a huge difference. Getting rid of the last vestiges of the toxic Gazidis-Wenger axis will also help. Money will attract a manager. Ever has it been thus.


If the Wenger era was toxic I would hate to think what it is now.


I admire you watching the games but honestly I could do without a blind man’s opinion.


Speaking of toxic…

Wilshere's Middle Finger

Good lord, things have gotten to the point where I’m agreeing with Santori.
I need a break…


The problems run deep at this stage and it will take another couple of windows at least to plug the yawning gaps in the squad – CB or two & creative midfield a definite miss. Can’t believe anyone could see Mustafi or Xhaka are part of our future ??. Emery is starting to look like a cheap suit. He looks lost on the line, a throwback to the images of him standing stunned and useless on the sideline as he watched Barca turn over a 0-4 deficit v. PSG. He is tactically clueless and his inability to master the language… Read more »


If only we were managed by Santori


The message is correct. The squad lacks the talent to make top 4. Systemic issues not addressed. Biggest problem is the lack of a quality DM. Ndidi, Kante, Fabinho, Vierra style. The back four are constantly exposed. Why not try Chambers or Luiz sitting in front of back 4 with Torreira? Don’t expect much of a bounce if Emery is replaced although wholly agree that this should be first job in the long rebuild.


Emeri tries different systems, players and changed, rotated quickly. That is one reason why we lost direction. Not only Mustafi, who scored that fabulous own goal. The team yesterday was kind of a fan’s favourite mix. Maybe the coach will try some tactics from the comments…

Freddie Please

FFS, Emery Out!

Man Manny

I want Emery out as much as any one of us here, but I think he’ll still be here, thanks to a board as listless as the team’s displays.
We are stuck with Unai till the end of the season, I am afraid.


I don’t think the board is to be blamed anymore. They spent money, backed a manager that is incapable that they thought due to past record was worth a punt. Turns out he is a small fry manager.


He’ll still be here when we finish below Norwich. 🙁


This is not my Arsenal. I want my Arsenal back!


Unfortunately this IS your Arsenal. The fans asked for this. They agitated Arsene away (and frankly were horrid to him in his last season) They took top 4 for granted, wanted europa to win something at least. They claimed anyone was better to Wenger, and would be ‘patient’ enough to give the new gaffer 3 or 4 seasons to get it right (like say Klopp) Here’s where we are. they agitate for a decent captain and trouble make added issues in the squad for the gaffer. Its schadenfreude. Arsenal fans unfortunately fully deserve where they are. Its partly of their… Read more »


And by the way blogs…something skewered about your voting system. not that I vote much but when I down vote, it gives the bugger 16 up votes. bias much?:D

Dial Square Charity XI

I would guess that the up/downvote buttons are not using websockets/polling. This means that they are only refreshed when you click on them. So 16 people have agreed with someone that you disagree with since you last refreshed the page 😛


This. You donut.


Aye, moron is, as moron does.


Your full of baloney.

Dr. kNOw

Stop it. Do not attempt to revise history. Under Arsène, it was bad at the end. The team didn’t look like it was playing for him. There’s the thrashings as well. It was not working. Simple as. Same thing here. Personally, I don’t believe it was all Emery’s fault. I felt the midfield was light on September 1st, despite some of the good work done by Raul and Edu. An upgrade on Torreira was needed. Xhaka’s position has never been too far away from tenuous, and his omission has highlighted the paucity of options. I could go on… Koscielny was… Read more »


Good summation. At this point, I think we could just roll the ball out there and say play, and we would get the same results. Let a caretaker manager have a chance if we can not get a long term prospect in place.( And it would be nice not to have someone else’s reject.) We have a lot of work to do, and a short time to do if we are going to save this season.

Drogheda Gunner

Things most be bad if santori has more up votes than down votes. Lol

Drogheda Gunner

Things must be bad if satori has more up votes than down votes. Lol


Same as Fats.


I don’t agree on Toreira. I think he had bad game. Giving fouls in dangerous areas, loosing possession, out fought and out run,. Basically bad game. Not match for?




Why should he be not match fit?


Because he needs to play more matches….holy feck what are you!


He was not that bad. Guendouzi was much worse which made his job much harder.


Agreed, thank god Cabellos wasn’t playing. He’s like a dog chasing his tail! Guendouzi thinks he can just wander anywhere on the pitch. I know he is still young and he is a good player but the kid has no positional sense whatsoever.


Some people like to play favorites is the problem. Torreira has had bad moments. Had it been Granit, they would point it out. BUT this is the problem, too many people prefer to be selective. Much of the ills that plague Mustafi or Granit prevalent in Luiz or Torreira or even GUendouzi. Poor passes galore, caught in possession. Holding had a poor game. Ozil he rates as our best player but was fundamentally missing and so easily walked pass by Teilemans and company many times. Until there is more semblance of fair assessment on all players, they will continue to… Read more »


Some people like to play favourites. You are obviously describing yourself Santori.


You’re still full of baloney. Terriers was not great, and yes like all players give fouls away indangerous places. At least he did not give away an easy penalty, or consistently pass it to other opponents, or slow the play down so much it killed a quick attack, or turn so slowly I, a big fat idiot could get there, or only make touches and turn to the left. I could even go on. Ozil was actually good today. He was playing a false nine position and really is not supposed to be Mekong people like tielemans. The team is… Read more »

Fireman Sam

Whole team was slow and looked scared, no confidence on the ball, no energy or intent, just inviting pressure all game.

Agree that Torreira was not too good today, and Ozil was actually ok, although his positioning was off, just like the rest of the team. Don’t like to single people out too much but I really thought Guendo was poor, far too many back passes and careless on the ball.


The fans’ assessment has something to do with the results on the field. What are you talking about? The fans have nothing, zero, zip, zilch to do with this team not having any coherent strategy.


In second half Torreira won a free kick on the break, on right side by bellerin , halfway in their half. He waved bellerin and others away to take it. Instead of crossing into box or passing down line forwards to ozil or bellerin, near their box. Who could have made a chance or won a corner, . Torreira passed back over half way to chambers, no urgency, it was a bad pass vardy ran at chambers who had to pass back to Leno. And we wonder why on shot on target or even at goal. Same with throw ins… Read more »


He often has bad games but he’s blogs’ favourite.

Nicolas Pepe

Gendouzi is actually the best centre midfielder in the squad by far in my opinion. I hope we can buy a world class defensive midfielder to part him him and maybe he can do the box to box role. Why is Torreira going in the box and Gendouzi having to stay back so much when gendouzi is much much more athletic and mobile. I really don’t think Torreira is an excellent defensive midfielder to the point of I reckon Xhaka is better.


Not even joking, everytime I get a notification from Arseblog my heart skips a beat and I expect to see News: Emery sacked ?


Women’s football notifications are the worst


0/10 for Emery not wanting to get his hair wet…again. Oh, and basically not having a clue….again.

SLC Gooner

I’d probably take a point off all of those ratings, except for Leno and Chambers. No one looking very good, though at this point, it’s starting look like some of them are going through the motions.

SB Still

I agree about the players going through the motions. I hope senior players like Luis (has experienc of such situations before), Sokratis telling Edu and Raul, it’s not working with this manager and players like Auba, Lacazette refusing to sign any deal unless Emery goes. Hope they care and see the potential in the squad.


I disagree about Leno who I’m afraid is not up to it. Lacks command of his area and bad positional sense. To me he’s just an Ospina with a greater reach. Personally Martinez looks more positive and more commanding.


Leno is as good as anyone in the league


I suppose I a the only one who sees how indecisive he is playing out from the back and it’s obvious the defence doesn’t trust him. Believe me it won’t take long for people to realise that Leno is a poor keeper and so many of the defensive issues are caused by his indecisiveness and terrible positional play.


He was well know in Germany for being good at playing out from the back. Hence its the out field players not him. The indecision could be from both sides chicken or egg.been in German squad for years. Held the ball better than schmichaels yday, no chance with goals.

Olivije Žirod

Ozil was very good. He was involved in our best moments of the game. The only thing he did wrong was that he was playing in the losing team.


I thought he was crap. But the entire team was crap.

Olivije Žirod

I disagree, he was very lively and always making runs but no one saw him. He was our only player who was capable of keeping the possession of the ball and connecting the play. The timing of the pass to Kolasinac was superb but unfortunately Auba was in offside. Watch again if you don’t believe me that he had a good match. Without him we would be even worse.


Ozil was head and shoulders our best player today and frankly has given a good account of himself when he’s been given the chance to play this season


Ozil our best player?! What the fuck…he did fuck all as usual. Seriously people what fucking game are you watching. We had ZERO midfield yet again. Guendouzi did nothing, Torreira no impact. Blogs, how the fuck can you say Ozil was our best player?! Come on man…

A Different George

Question: why wasn’t Ozil playing all season? Does anyone actually believe that (a) he was poor, or had a poor attitude in training, and (b) that his training and/or attitude in training have recently improved a lot.

Remember, you have to believe BOTH to explain why he was left out before but is now playing.


Take a look at Bayern, they changed there manager who won them the league last Saison and now they are playing again top quality football…but I know my arsenal…they will stick to emery to the end of the Saison just because they don’t want to pay 6m…oh lord give me some energy…


They’re playing again top quality football?! They only sacked the dude 6 days ago…lol


and beat Dortmund comprehensibly 4:0.

Bergkamps aeroplane

Is Allardyce still on a sabbatical?

SB Still

My 2 cents – Sorry for the bleak outlook, skip over if you are looking for something positive after the game.

Arsenal don’t have the budget to pay off Emery. It wasn’t part of the plan.

That’s why I think there is no sense of panic on Emery’s part.

When Emery leaves, we can’t afford an elite manager and the budget he’ll demand.

So its going to be Ljungberg at a point when the board thinks, they can afford to pay Emery off.


We don’t really have to pay him off as his contract /all of his assistants expire at year end anyways. That’s getting paid whether he’s here or not. The bigger issue is top tier managers are going to want a much larger transfer budget than were likely to have.

SB Still

An article in The Athletic is quoted as saying 3 yrs contract and not 2.


It’s widely reported to be a 2 year contract with club option for 3rd – we’ll only owe them for rest of year. That said we spent a lot this transfer window which kind of makes it dubious that we’re so concerned over a coaches salary that we’ll let the thing burn down just to get out of 6 months of paying 2 managers. This is reaching a point where the club brand is shifting to a 2nd tier Europa league club. That’s a big deal

Martinellis belly

I find that hard to believe. Emery’s pay off is 6 million. Thats what we paid for Martinelli.


They don’t have the budget to miss out on Champions League football!!!!!


0/10 to Wenger, anyone else think his stubbornness in his last few years has led us to this. A disjointed team with a shit core and the inability to have kept all main stars and rising talents.


There are actually still people out there blaming Wenger, even at this point. Incredible.


You’re an idiot. With our current crop of players Wenger would be much closer to the top.

Drogheda Gunner

And even if he wasn’t closer to the top Wengers teams always entertained


Which main stars and rising talents did Wenger get rid of. To blame Wenger for the present predicament is incredible. We have signed so many new players an d the fault is Emery’s alone.


I’d classify Serge Gnabry as a rising talent at this point in his career.


Wenger staying another year did take a toll on whoever the next manager was going to be, undoubtedly. He should have walked after the 2017 FA Cup Final. A new man missing out on the Top 4 in his first season would have been more tolerable if we had only missed out once rather than twice before he arrived. Not that I’m excusing the way we missed out last year (I’m not) or suggesting that Emery is up to the task (he isn’t).


“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” – Albert Einstein


Emery out, new manager/caretaker in, clean slate for everybody, may the best men play. As long as I see some kind of fight in this team, some willingness to go for it, I’ll be happy.


Fight and willingness to go for it? Sounds like the Freddie I remember.


Too generous for lacazette..


Quite the contrary. Lacazette worked as hard as any players and tracked back but received very little support. I thought he was one of our best players


Working hard doesn’t warrant a high score that’s the bare minimum of a footballer or any person in life for that matter. He’s payed to score and he’s missed sitters. End of.


What sitters did he miss? You must have watched a different match


I’m a big fan of Laca. I got his shirt ordered two weeks ago. But tonight I wanna rethink that for a second. He was absolutely woeful, feeling down on himself. Missed from 5 yards when he had 80% or more of the goal to aim at. Didn’t press as much or get any other decent shots of despite chances being made for him. A 2/10 for him tonight

A Different George

I am also a big fan of Lacazette–he has impressed me as a much better player, with much better skills than I thought I saw at Lyon. But he was terrible yesterday–not just the chances squandered, but the touch and anticipation that have featured in his game in England. I hope he had just had a bad game–that it’s not the atmosphere surrounding the team that has crept into his game.

Lord Bendnter

Oh God, please stop it now


I’ve never seen an arsenal team so boring to watch. Improvements have to be made before this poor form leads us to potentially slipping out the Europa league spots

Naked Cygan

Some of the passing today was just unacceptable. Very slow and negative performance. I know the manager should take most if the blame, but our players are just not performing. Very poor….

Jean Ralphio

This game reminded me of the Liverpool game. Emery has constantly shown a lack of ambition. Our players should be playing on instinct and passing should be quicker and less sideways. Instead, I can hear them think when they receive the ball, take three touches and then move it along. A lack of creativity is a major worry and it is all linked to not playing the Arsenal way.


It will cost less than $5mil to dismiss Emery. Do not understand why fans think Arsenal cannot afford it. We will sell Xhaka in January for a bigger loss than this $5mil.

Kroenke the Klown

Is it a functional issue as to why he hasn’t gone yet? Is Wayne Shaw blocking the door ?


Just don’t have anything else to say really apart from I feel for Bloggs having to write about this shit every day and James on the final whistle ….

waiting for the news Emery is gone


There will be a lot of talk about Emery and rightly so. Wenger’s last 50 games produced some of the worst football I’ve seen as an Arsenal fan yet Emery’s first 50 have been even worse. But we also need to be honest about these players and realistic about how much better they’d be under a new manager. Before the game someone on here said we were better than Leicester player-for-player, someone else said that Torreira was an elite level DM. We have to get real! The reality is that most of the players that are failing under Emery also… Read more »


Poor delusional Arsenal fans. no Mustafi, still leaking in defense. no Granit Xhaka, still no midfield control. no Wenger, still outside top 4. Arsenal fans are the most self entitled bunch of toxic supporters who can’t seem to pull their heads out of their arse. All due respects but some hard truths need to be spelt out. 1) Leno – He’s really poor making decisions playing the ball out from the back. Martinez to me better at making quick judgement playing the ball out. Prob Leno the better stopper by a narrow margin but one moment with ball at feet… Read more »


Oh, it’s the Arsenal fan’s fault. I’m a fan but don’t remember getting a vote on anything


No leadership with Granit gone! Forgive me but when has Granit ever showed an iota of leadership unless you consider making brain dead tackles in the box a form of leadership

Fireman Sam

Agree that we lack a strong leader personality on the pitch (as we have for years).

It’s worrying that Laca looked demotivated, poor body language like several other players.

There’s not much point looking at individual performances really – surely it’s a problem at team level. The team lack belief and look reluctant to be playing football. There’s no enjoyment or team level coordination.



The one thing I can agree with you is about Leno as I thought I was the only one who sees him as a total liability


I’m not big on Leno either.

But how the eff can you say Ozil was decent today?!

And Santori- enough for the wenger bullshit…short fkn memory mate…


What’s this ‘we’ business? The only thing that’s clear from your mind-numbingly repetitive and misspelled rants is that you’re not an AFC supporter. I’m willing to bet you do this kind of thing on several clubs’ fora.

Peter Story Teller

I cannot be arsed to even watch the highlights of the men’s games any more I just look at the league table. I thought it must be in alphabetical order, Arsenal, Bournemouth, Brighton, Burnley, Crystal Palace but then I realised the mighty Sheffield United are above us before you even get to the likes of Citeh, Pool and Chelski. How can the tosser we have running this shite show be content and call for patience when we are 14 points away from the top after only 12 games and the leaders have a game in hand? We are at least… Read more »


Excluding our attackers non of the other players belong to my Arsenal. Leno included.


It’s so difficult to sit through a full game without tearing your hair our these days. Emery doesn’t even know his players, their strengths and weaknesses and it feels like he puts out a team to always and at all costs trying to avoid any attempt at free flowing, attacking football of the good old days. Winning and losing are part of the game but at least after a bad performance and a disappointing loss, Wenger used to make some sense in the post match interviews and more than adequately explain his choices and decisions, with Emery I doubt even… Read more »


I noticed some people are saying Ozil didn’t play well or he was invisible. But how can he influence play if Emery instructed him to be the most advance player when Arsenal has possession in their defense. Neither Guen or Torreira can find the advanced players or fullbacks in decent position. Let Ozil drop deep to help out on possession retention.

Wenger used to have problem of too many ball passing players in the middle. Emery has the opposite problem. The midfield passing is and has been very poor since his appointment.


If they don’t sack Emery now, every further loss is as much or more the fault of the board as it is Emery’s. We all know what Emery can’t do by this point, and it’s not like he isn’t trying. Time for the board to grow some balls.


We all knew we’d lose. Were on par with them for 60 minutes. No backup from the head coach, though. Seeing Rogers relationship with his players, and even the mascots walking off the pitch before the start… He has Leicester firing, completely. Emery has lost the players, Raul and Edu looked mad in the stands. Get rid, then utilise these 2 weeks to sort things properly. Still, LCFC are a much better side right now; we’d all take Soyuncu, Chilwell, Tielemans, maddison, Ndidi, Vardy and Praet at AFC.

Fireman Sam

I feel like I watched a different game mate. I thought we were very poor in the first half: – we tried to play it out of defence in a clumsy and panicky way and as usual the opposition lapped it up, nicking the ball off us time after time (thanks Emery for insisting we offer the opposition these scoring chances on a plate) – we gave their players soooo much room on the ball it was ridiculous, we never even got close to their ball players unless they were practically in our box – we seemed to have half… Read more »


Hmmm 6.5 for Ozil! Wonder which game blogs was watching. He hardly pressed while everybody else was, their midfield were running right next to him without him making an effort to stay with the man. It seems he only plays offense and yet still waiting on the creativity with all that saved energy. Auba may be a goal scorer but provides nothing else. Lacazette really tried though but his shooting boots definitely were not on. Holding was rather poor today but the rest really tried though Leicester was clearly to sharp for them. Been saying for years our midfield is… Read more »

Suffolk Gooner

So Rogers in?? I’d take him

Olivije Žirod

I don’t know which game did you watch because there was not a single player who pressed.


Ozil was clearly our best player and pressed as much as any player. He received no support but was our only semblance of creativity.

Suffolk Gooner

I remember being at Highbury during the Rioch era and it was so bad then. It pales in to insignificance the way I feel about this team under Emery. Call it blind faith but I believe we have a decent team – not top 2 we are miles off city and Liverpool- but we should be 3rd/4th with the players we have. I knew we would lose today and worse I wasn’t bothered when we did. Keep in mind for every Rioch there is a Wenger waiting in the wings – first 8 years ideally. I just don’t want to… Read more »

Kentish Gooner

He’s going nowhere. Get ready for more of the same and a second half of the table finish. I’m not watching any more matches now until he’s gone. Over and out.

American Gooner

While I will gladly now jump on the Emery out train, I wonder how we can fix the center of our midfield. Today be it selection or coaching they were overrun time and time again. Torreira and Guendouzi are clearly two bright young talents and are good at specific roles, I find we are missing a ball carrier to link the back 3 or 4 to the front 3 or 4. I realize Ozil can do this but the further back he drops the less effective he becomes, Ceballos likewise. I wonder if we will see more Willock or hell… Read more »


Any new manager better have a real clue of what is going on here, and possible solutions before he comes. We need to make some moves in January to shore that area up. All of our choices are so young or inexperienced in the league that we really need some help. Xhaka may actually be of some help if a new person comes in, but then again, maybe it is sale time. We have brought in Ceballos to replace Ramsay and Santi? Not nearly enough.

Pépé Le Pew

Ozil best player? Fans opinion on football is simply coming out of their fantasy world. The football was dreadful. No player can walk out of there with his head high today


That was shameful. 10 men constantly in our own half unable to get out because of it. We were essentially playing an 5 5 0 formation. Since when is özil a false nine? We looked like stoke city but without the biting physicality that actually made them good. Played like a real small time team there, not one of the biggest clubs indeed. If anyone watched that and said “yup, that’s the way we should be playing!” Should go and support scunthorpe.


I think we should use the money we got from selling Ramsey and buy Ndidi from Leicester or Maddison. Oh, yeah. About Wenger, his second to last year we missed out on champions league by one point and his final year we were pretty awful, but at least we played well at home, and also scored goals. Now we don’t defend. Don’t score. And have different lineups each match. The players don’t know if they are up or down. I half expect Auba to tell Emery to sit down during a match and become our player coach. Laca playing defense… Read more »


We’re awful at the moment, let’s be honest.

Most worryingly, barring a change in management and tactics, we’re really not very clinical. At all.


You know things are bad when Mr Blogs himself wants shut and I don’t mean that in any derogatory way, you’ve always been a voice of sanity, calm and reason (well mostly, until somebody mentions he who shall not be named)

Cultured determination

I’d like to comment on the game but i didnt watch it. In fact i havent watched our game for the last few months. Always falling asleep within 15 mins of the game. At least over where im from the games are played late at night and not at like 5/6 pm.. otherwise i’d wake up after the match to learning we screwed up again, and to someone telling me GOOD EBENING


The game was bad as it was, they were playing like what I am used to watch Arsenal play. The worst part of today was I decided to watch BBC match of the day and when Gary was introducing the match he said, there was the game with the tem with top 4 aspirations vs Arsenal…..

Ko Aunglinn

WE are finish for this year. Only changing this fucking Mananger will come back good things again. Otherwise nothing special.I hate very much passing with the keeper. Only waste time.???


Emery should be a good boy and leave on his own now

obah john

I think unai is already confuse and need to be replaced. For a coach who sees him self to be a good coach need to take every match serious, He underrated some of the previous matches and those loses ignites confidence in other small clubs to come out strong against us, is high time he leave the club. He has failed already

The New Invisibles

4 points .. 1.Hate to say what others already pointed out but .. we do need Xhaka in the midfield as much I hate his lack of speed, the missed tackles and the bad passes in danger areas. I am not going to comment about the incident – this is a pure football analysis). We need his calmness, his ability to connect the lines, his vision on the thru balls and why not his shot making every now and then. 2.On the back, we need Sokratis, Holding is not even close on being ready for PL action as his EL… Read more »

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