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Chambers: We need to work hard and stay positive

Calum Chambers says Arsenal must stay positive even though we now find ourselves eight points off the top four after another dispiriting away defeat.

Second half goals from Jamie Vardy and James Maddison secured a 2-0 win for Leicester that leaves Unai Emery’s side in sixth place and without a league win since 6 October.

After the match, Chambers spoke to Sky Sports. Here’s what he had to say…

On a tough night…

It was a tough night. It was a new system for us today. I think there are positives to take from it. We worked hard as a team, we kept them out for a while, we had our chances and on another day we put those chances in. It’s important for us to keep positive, keep believing, keep working hard. We’ve got a bit of time now to get together and carry on sticking together and working on things on the training ground.

On the pros and cons of the three-man defence…

I think we had a bit more control. Defensively we felt a bit more solid. Leicester are a good team, they are going to create chances. I thought we all put in 100 per cent effort today. Obviously, they took their chances and scored a good first goal. As I said, we’ve got to keep believing and stay positive.

On confidence dropping after going behind…

You have to keep believing to the very end. We’ve seen a lot recently where games have changed very quickly. It’s important during a game, whether you go one or two goals behind, you have to keep believing, keep playing, keep doing the things we’ve been told to do. And believing in the philosophy that we’re doing. That’s the important thing when you’re behind, to keep pushing and keep playing.

On the atmosphere in the camp…

We’re all together. Everyone in the dressing room and everyone in the club is together. There’s a good spirit in the dressing room. The lads are all together. We have to keep going, keep fighting in every game and giving it our all. Things will change.

On seeing light at the end of the tunnel…

I do yeah [see it]. With the squad, we’ve got and the players we have, we have got a lot of quality here. We’ve got an international break now, we’ve got a couple of weeks where we can work on things on the training ground. It’s important we do that.

On being able to make up the gap to the top four…

We’ll see. We’ll stay positive and hopefully, we can bring that gap down.

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Bob's Mexican Cousin

Wake me up when it’s over


Same old rhetoric, earlier back in Wengers time it was Djourou, Sylvestre etc with the same drivel.


Should we all do a sweepstake on how many Arseblog articles will be posted before we get the one we want?


What do you want? Granit fired? Unai?

You want to hear what you want to.

I love all the articles. I think they prompt salient discussions.Well done Blogs as always.

Arseblog is one of the most open places for discussion with Andrew offering (tolerating) a wide range of opinions.

Now if you aren’t here for a popularity contest, you will realise that some narratives espoused in other segments of the Arsenal fan base need to be addressed.

They are too convenient at best and blind to other faults.



My comment wasn’t a dig at AB, Santori. I would’ve thought that was pretty obvious.

As to your other question regarding the manager being fired: yes, that’s exactly what I want. Good enough?


I keep thinking of the prophecy blogs gave around the time of our capitulation at the end of last season in the arsecast. He said by this time next year (March 2020) an ex arsenal player will be managing our club.

I hope he’s right. As long as it’s not Alex Song. Or Almunia.


Time for TGSTEL to become TGMTEL?


Hopefully this was the last.

Kentish Gooner

Emery is going nowhere. Get ready for more of the same and a bottom half of the table finish. I’m not watching any more matches now until he’s gone. Over and out.


Awww diddums ain’t going to watch because we are a bit shit. What about the poor cunts that went?

Kentish Gooner

A bit? It’s the worst Arsenal team to watch in recent history. The poor cunts can vote with their feet.


I don’t need to hear this from Chambers right now. All these post match interviews do not feel honest recently. I want them to say ‘our coach is tactically inept and that’s why we can’t win’


He says that and he’ll never get to play again.


I want Emery out but if he stay’s i’ll get behind him.
There is still the Europa league we can win.


That’s honourable but it’s like following an inept capting over the wall and into nomansland where most of the company is sure to be taken out by a machine gun from the other side. It’s all for nothing.


Captain, not capting.

Frank Bascombe

Yeah but you go. Don’t you?


Results have been in our favour. Sheffield and Spurs drew so we are still within reach but 4th now 9 points off. OTOH we are 12 matches in with 26 to go so pressing the self destruct button now (as AFTV would) seems daft. Granted confidence in Emery is (understandably) low, we need to grit the teeth and see if he can turn it around, there is still plenty of room to catch a fourth spot finish and we are still in good position in europa. Fans need to be a bit more lucid and hold a bit better perspective.… Read more »


Agree with many of your points. I think Emery has handled the situation with the captains badly but apart from that he is doing his best with a squad that has changed a lot during the last years. We don’t really have good center back, Sokratis is decent. We lack a good CM, and have done that since Ramsey left. Our drop in form came after his injury last season as he was basically holding our team together. Guendouzi is proimising but his positioning and decision making is up and down and can be really poor at times. Torreira is… Read more »


No, Calum, we need a new manager.

We are a complete mess now and we need somebody to come in immediately and shake things up. Sadly, I expect Stan to do exactly what he did at the end of the Wenger tenure and dither with the sacking. The Yank will probably wait until a top- four finish is impossible before he acts.

I just hope we don’t see Maureen in our dugout: that would make me sick.


If the club hires that cunt I will stop supporting Arsenal until he goes.


Yankee will wanta top 4. It’s generates more profits for his company.


Chambers is right of course but we also need a manager who can get more out of the squad that we have. Bring someone in who can do that and my belief is this team will do well.


“We’ve had some negative circumstances at the beginning of the season. The last month or so, I think the team have had those negative circumstances and it’s not given us that emotional balance. The players, the club and me are speaking and we know we need some passion and we need to recover our confidence. I spoke with the players and the club in that moment and we need to be patient with some young players, with some circumstances, and we have time and the matches to recover that. I am sure we are going to do that.” Here’s something… Read more »


I’m just glad xhaka isn’t playing.. Lol


Jokers ?????

Don Cazorleone

Does this make Chambers a belieber?

Davy boy

I don’t understand anyone criticising Chambers for these comments. He’s hardly going to come out and say “sack fucking Emery” in a post match interview. At the end of the day it’s down to the board to make the right decision. Players need to get on with it until they do. Hopefully during the international break.


Chambers should be sold in the summer, he’s not really that good.


“It was a new system for us today.”

Says it all really.


God! Did I just walk into Norwich press conference? Since when did “we managed to keep them out for a while” become an achievement in Arsenal? Is that not what the smaller teams told while facing us not long ago? Emery has gotten even the players to believe they’re mid-table quality. Mindset in sports is 60% of performance and we can clearly see how Emery has decimated it. Emery is a poor man’s Mourinho – he’s lost the dressing room, thrown his players under the bus, destroyed the confidence of youngsters, said fans don’t affect him and next is blame… Read more »


This season should just be over already. Not sure i could take anymore of this.

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