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Emery: My message is for everyone at Arsenal to stay calm

Following another disappointing result, Unai Emery says that he accepts criticism, but again suggested that fans and the board need to be patient because of the number of young players in the team, and some ‘circumstances’ which have been difficult to deal with.

The Gunners went down 2-0 to second half goals by Jamie Vardy and James Maddison, and now sit 8 points off the top four and with a negative goal difference.

It’s ramped up pressure on the head coach, but he sought to talk about the youthful squad rather than his own work after a fixture which leaves us with just two wins from our last ten Premier League games.

Asked about suggestions Arsenal need a new manager, he said, “My message to everyone at Arsenal would be to stay calm because we can improve.

“I am speaking with the club to stay calm and to stay patient to improve and recover some confidence with some circumstances.

“We have young players who are improving and growing up with us. We are receiving criticism but I know that’s my job.

“I’ve had lots of moments like that but I’ve recovered by working to get confidence, being together with the club and players.”

And whether that criticism is merited, he said, “I accept it all. I accept the applause and I accept it when they criticise us.

“I know when we win, they are going to be happy and when we lose, they are going to be sad. It’s normal.

“We need to stay calm and also to keep improving things. Today we got one step ahead by being together and being strong defensively, but we lost because we were playing a very strong team in a good moment.

“We’ve had some negative circumstances at the beginning of the season. The last month or so, I think the team have had those negative circumstances and it’s not given us that emotional balance.

“The players, the club and me are speaking and we know we need some passion and we need to recover our confidence.

“I spoke with the players and the club in that moment and we need to be patient with some young players, with some circumstances, and we have time and the matches to recover that.

“I am sure we are going to do that.”

Worryingly, these comments, coming after his Sky Sports interview from earlier in which he said he didn’t feel pressure, sound very much like a man who has been given reassurances over his job – why else would he sound so self-assured after presiding over another dismal result?

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OK, then. In calm voice: please leave our club.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Strong defensively? It was fucking Leicester not Barcelona and we shipped two goals. What on earth is he smoking?

Danger Mouse

He’s like the Black Knight in Monty Pythons Holy Grail, arms cut off, legs missing, blood everywhere, claiming “ ‘‘tis merely a flesh wound”!

Reality check

I wish our defense had the same spirit as the Black Knight..

Brent Morgan

Like watching a floating turd in a stopped up toilet when you really need to go. You can’t get rid of it, its stinking up your place, you’re hoping someone will come and fix it soon but in reality, you know no one is coming to clean up this shit.

Johns mum

What a shit comment

CO Arse

How is anyone voting this down? It’s hilarious and completely spot on!


Because it is an insult for the turds of this world.

Fred Garvin

You’ve given me the giggles. Bravo!


Not speaking for anyone else but I’m perfectly calm and I want you to leave.


Edu and Raul better sort this out ASAP but we being total wankers i am not so confident. The fans do not need to be put through another saga. Let them be proactive for once and not wait till the atmosphere goes to shit before being forced to act. Fan apathy at the moment is palpable and only Emery sack can return some hope right now.


“I am speaking with the club to stay calm”
Was there any context to that statement, and who he means by club? I wonder if it includes Vinai, Raul and Edu…

Not Emery

That could bery easily be read that they are speaking, and they are telling him to stay calm.

Uh oh.

He’s here til Christmas at least isn’t he.


Every time we get bad results, he always says we did good but the opponents are in better form.

My question is, when will we be in the better form? Why is it always the opponent and not us? What kind of complex is this?

Ben Edwards

I’m a fan for over 30 yrs and I’m glad I now live in Australia, so I can wake up and just check the score and see the inevitable. Even during Arsene Wengers worst days I still woke up at all times in the morning to watch games. Watching this team just makes me feel deflated. I’m not angry, it hasn’t worked but please board do what’s needed to try and rescue what’s left of our season. Calm enough?


Why is he still speaking on behalf of the team? He knows nothing. Get out of our club and let us go back to our DNA.. Bring back silky one touch football to the Emirates

Coq au Vin

The numbness in reporting and lack of perceived inebriation (by reader) on a late Saturday night post says it all.


Leicester vs arsenal
Possession: 67.2. % 32.8 in favour for Leicester
Shots : 24 for Leicester 12 on target, 1 for us
I could keep going on but we lost in every stat
Possible , someone wake me up when this is


Heady days for the people picking the title images of these articles….
“Shall we go with anguish Unai, despondent Unai or hood over head hiding from the world Unai?”

“We’re running low on all those Dave, can I interest you in kidding himself Unai?”

“You can, yes”. Print


I’d be shocked if he was still in his job by the end of Monday.


Remain calm. Remove Emery.

Sign EPL quality defenders.



I was dishearted when we announced him as our manager; I am disheartened still.

I don’t think there has been any point, even when results were good, that I’ve thought this was a good appointment. He seems to be missing that vital je ne sais quois, that often spoken about DNA, that befits a servant of Arsenal FC.

He has done one thing however; and that’s made David Moyes look a positively successful replacement to a legendary manager.


In the beginning I was so pissed,it then followed by frustration and disappointment. I was so close to getting depression then after today’s result, I’m actually calm… Cuz I’ve got no hope left.


The photo


Now it’s fault of the “young players”.

Aran Watson

I hate that he keeps repeating this invented trope, as if young players got us into this dismal state. Ludicrous.


Except that’s not what he said at all. I want Emery to go but this latching on to every single thing he says & dragging the negative out of it is pathetic. Really fucking pathetic. I wanted Arsene to go in 2014 but the (over) reaction to everything he said from then til he did leave I found utterly depressing. It seems we have reached this point with Emery already.

Aran Watson

actually he has frequently in the last several weeks after that the intentionally brought up young players as a direct reason for some of our challenges when even our teams were mostly made of senior players and the young players in the other cups were playing great so I’m not latching on to anything and everything simply critiquing something he has repeated several times that does not make sense.

Pépé Le Pew

And well drilled young talented players are what make Leicester and Liverpool successful


And Leicester’s players are actually younger. Go figure.

Wilshere's Middle Finger

‘insert random sentences containing process, patience and pragmatist here’ Emerys interviews have as much substance ad his tactics. Game over, ball burst Uni

Aran Watson

Is anyone else just hitting refresh on this site waiting (praying) for the Emery fired article?


I’m seing Arsenal in talks with Luis Enrique by Metro. Don’t know how much truth there is to it but if my memory is good he won CL and Ligas with FCB.


Kiko Marin has started that rumor. Totally dubious bloke.


I guess that might make sense from Raul’s point of view. But winning things with Barcelona not always a great yardstick for a manager, you’d need to be a bit of twat not to do something with the team he had there.


I know little about him but have read a few things today. I like the idea of him a lot. You know he quit the Spain job in the summer to be with his 9 year old daughter who died of cancer in August? Jesus, fucking terrible thing to happen to anyone. If he is ready to come back to football I think we would be mad not to take him on. I read a few things he has said, I liked.this… “I like teams which repeat their style, clubs that are synonymous with one style.” He is still a… Read more »


But his stint before with Roma and other teams suggest otherwise. Arseblog had provided a good detailed report of Emery of his success ratio in games at previous clubs, Enrique ideology has been same as Emery playing from wings. Barcelona were bad for his first 6 months in charge even though he won the treble at the end, but that should be taken in similar context to Unais europa league title. I will be OK with Freddie being caretaker till December but hope the board just doesn’t pick another coach without a proper research.


No offence here but are you honestly equating winning the Spanish league and cup as well as the Champions League with Emery wining a Europa cup? That’s just daft. Yes I know it’s Barcelona but that still means beating Real in everything to do it. I’m not saying the guy is a genius but doesn’t sound right to diminish what is still an amazing achievement in any league. Winning a cup is a great achievement, we know that better than anyone. It takes a certain approach and attitude to be great in cup competitions. Winning a league takes something else,… Read more »


Lol. … Getting the best out of them.

Pépé Le Pew

He took over for a year and a half and had a negative impact on the dressing room. Didn’t bring any flamboyant improvement into a well oiled machine. They were declining during his rule. Enrique is no thank you


I don’t don’t why I am arguing on behalf of someone I knew little or cared little about until today. But.. He was at Barcelona for three full seasons, winning the cup in every season, winning the double in two of them and the treble in one. His first season in charge he was accused of creating disharmony in the dressing room fell out with a couple of stars for a bit and lost a couple of bad games before Christmas. He then went on to equal Pepe’s record of 11 consecutive wins, ended up with a club record of… Read more »


Literally been doing that all week!!!

The Arsenal

’emotional balance’. Don’t even try it fucker. Reaching into Wenger’s bag now.


Calm the moment you’ve left


I’d be a lot more calm if we could have more than one shot on goal per game and at least be close to the number our opponents are getting.

CO Arse

The blaming of young players is incredible! Guendozy? Sure, except you’ve made him an almost automatic pick for two seasons. Holding and Chambers, while younger are hardly young, and while I don’t criticize their selection, he has two more experienced alternatives if age is the issue? As with all his comments on Friday, these are, I so fervently hope, the last words of a desperate man.


Haven’t we been pretty calm? I don’t think Emery wants to see the fan base when it’s not calm. They hounded out the greatest man in the club’s history, they’ll rip him to shreds.


I thought it would be 4-0 but it was 2-0, which is half as bad as I thought it would be, or: double as good as my expectations.

I think the trick with Arsenal in 2019 is not to lower the bar but to throw it away.




Yesterday was a bad night for me personally here in Tokyo watching the game until 04:30 AM and it’s 11:00 AM now still haven’t slept a bit. Well going thru my thoughts I could recollect that Wengers team used to struggle somewhat similar against Barca in Nou Camp with the likes of Dennilson, Almunia, Eboue, Bendtner etc. And for God sake this is Leicester we are talking about and we have a plethora of top quality players on the field but couldn’t conjure up chances to win this game. The way we were setup today was a complete shocker. I… Read more »

Ashish Mann

Good ebaning! Be are habing a good seeshon.


He sounds absolutely clueless and in denial. Arsenal can of course improve, but not under him. He is now freeing him self and throwing players under the bus. Changes have to be made

Cultured determination

We currently have problems, or like Unai will say, we have problems at the MOMENT.


Silkiness back to Emirates.
The arsenal culture is completely dead since this nonsense every took over. Calm I am. Time you had. Patience more !!!… Stupid, we, fans would be.
Good luck pal. This club need salvaging work, after your most awaiting departure.


I’m just glad xhaka didn’t play. Lol

Jenny Redman

Emery has already destroyed him by making him captain

Kranky Kroenke

We need our version of fat Frank. It pains to me to admire the way he’s got them playing. They’re actually fun to watch…and they’re playing their kids. The sad part is that we have the talent but the fish is rotting from the head. If nothing happens soon, the rot will spread to multiple heads. Lookin at ya Raul and co.


Everyone should let arsenal know how they feel about this inaction. [email protected]


Has he gone yet!? Rioch was a Godsend compared to Emery!


Blaming our young players. Ffs. Lampard, a coach with way less experience, is currently leading Chelski by getting the best out of their young players, and it has taken him only a couple of months to do it. We are now in Unai’s second year. We have no injuries, bar Ceballos. We should see something good, anything decent he can bring, by now. We haven’t, and this appointment hasn’t worked. Edu, Raul, Get rid before you lose Europa, our players, and the fans.

Ko Aunglinn

I hate this Fucker cause he never took the blame.He always put the blame to other player like PE PE and young player.What the fucking coach he is? Emery outttttttttt??????????

Zet Yeo

I am curious if fans are willing to accept Arsene as an interim coach in the event that Emery is asked to leave. We certainly don’t want to rush into getting a new coach. Would like to have a poll. “Thumb up” or “Thump down”.

Ko Aunglinn

Every arsenal fans want to kill you now ???


stay calm? STAY FUCKIN CALM?


OK, it must be said. Entice Wenger back to Arsenal.
That would be great for Arsenal if it worked.
He has said that he has realised that he had fallen asleep in the last 7-8 years of his Arsenal tenure which means that he must be fully aware now of modern football and with his knowledge of the game this could be the start of another “romance” with Arsenal, he never stopped loving Arsenal at all.

Matt P

No thanks. The time has passed.


This is not the Arsenal team I know. They are capable of better stuffs but at the moment, it is just crap. For the past few (or maybe more than 10) matches, we are conceding more shots (??!!) and attempting less than our opponents. With due respect but those teams we played are not top teams and we are being outplayed. There is absolutely no creativity and the players do not seem to have any ideas on what to do when they have the balls. Midfield is a joke as there seem to be acres of empty spaces for our… Read more »


I repeat again and again our defenders only look for the ball but not aware of where their opponents are


Ball watching is something you coach out of kids in school, it should not happen in PL.

We’re now in a position where our coach feels it is OK to be just above the 3 Bs – Bournemouth, Brighton and Burnley – but streets behind the top 4.


Good ebening, now fuck off.


Wouldn’t be surprised if he is still around.
Also quite sure that even the next appointment if there is will also be underwhelming. As long as the board doesn’t have a long term vision other than champions league money.


Iv been telling people this when they were crying wenger out.. I said wenger wasn’t the problem.. As long as the board does not have the same interests with us fans..


Sorry but I have to disagree in part at least. Wenger made himself the problem by not being able to adjust to a new idea of football. Unfortunately the concept of letting players do what they’re expected to without coaching has continued. The Board allowed it, due to previous success, and hasn’t the experience itself to know how to react. In that though I don’t believe they’re different to any other Board – others just got lucky with their choices in the end. Remember Scousers have never yet won PL, Citeh bought it, Chelski have stumbled into it by not… Read more »

Damo Dinkum

This reminds me of the air hostess in the movie Flying High/Airplane. “There’s no need to be alarmed, ladies and gentlemen. By the way, is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane?”


The definition of success for mid-table clubs and mid-table managers is very different from top clubs. The reality is we have a manager whose ambition is not on par with that of the fans. The only question is do the people running this club agree with him?


Blaming young players in a team that has senior players on the bench is an embarrassment to the coach himself.
He is literally saying that his squad is not good enough!
If young players are not good enough, let him play them in U23, and and play senior players….its that simple.
This joking academy coach needs to be reminded that this is the Senior team not an academy.


For now I need Jose Mourinho, atleast he will solve our defense problems and big teams won’t beat us easily.

Jenny Redman

We really must be desperate to even say his name, the Arsenal saying “CLASS IS PERMANENT “


So all you worried about is losing easily not winning? Comon man

Jenny Redman

We don’t want to be calm and useless, we want a manager that knows what he is doing and motivate players that get results, either start motivating and winning or walk away before we are completely destroyed


I’ve never been one for chopping & changing managers but I’ve stopped listening to him. How can a manager whose English is still often incoherent get across his tactical and psychological messages effectively to the players? The excuses for this run of results didn’t apply when we threw away a Top 4 spot with 1 point from 12 last April and when we embarrassingly capitulated in the Europa League Final. The fact that Spurs & Man U are doing even worse seems to be keeping him in the job! We need to change NOW before another season is written off!

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