Thursday, June 13, 2024

Ozil starts, Pepe on the bench: Arsenal v Wolves team news

Arsenal need three Premier League points today when we take on Wolves at the Emirates. Having dropped two last week against Crystal Palace, nothing less than the maximum return will do.

Here are today’s official line-ups.

Arsenal: Leno, Chambers, Sokratis, Luiz, Tierney, Guendouzi, Torreira, Ozil, Ceballos, Aubameyang, Lacazette

Subs: Martinez, Bellerin, Kolasinac, Willock, Martinelli, Saka, Pepe

Wolves: Patricio, Saiss, Coady, Dendoncker, Otto, Neves, Moutinho, Doherty, Adama, Jota, Raul

Subs: Ruddy, Neto, Cutrone, Gibbs-White, Perry, Vinagre, Kilman

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Ozil captain?


Aubameyang is captain.


Personally I would’ve dropped Laca so Auba could play CF. But apart from that, pretty much what I expected.

Naija gooner

Let me help break it down.. Xhaka is captain, auba is asst captain, bellerin is third captain while ozil and lacazette are the two captains that rounds up emerys five


And Robin Williams is ‘O captain, my captain’.


If only it was pepe for ceballos. Fully expect pepe coming on for ozil.

Dave M

Yeah, weird. Seems like a match made in heaven Ozil and Pepe!

Anyway refreshing to see a line-up that looks to have goals in it and (hopefully) remaining solid at the back.

I don’t care what people think, it’s also bloody refreshing to see a midfield in the league not centred around Xhaka.


Always trust Emery to find some way to make things harder.
This will be a diamond, very little space in the middle and no width (even more so since our right back is actually a center back).
Would have loved to see Ozil supplying two proper wingers, or at least one. What we get is zero wingers.


Bang on. Seems like a narrow, safe lineup, not too risky yet again. Have Ozil and Pepe even played together yet? Cummon, dear god.


Actually excited by this line up. Now I just hope it works and Ozil can keep his place. Will be interesting to see how Oz and Ceballos link up


Its probably as good as we have. No excuses. We know a lot of our troubles are down to the manager. Lets see what happens but a positive line up.


The fans were screaming forbthis team. Lets see how they do. COYG!


Pepe for Cebellos then I will consider a complete lineup


Ozil starts? 5-0 to the Arsenal.




4-4-2? Is it 1985?

Senor Ding dong

I’d be up for a 442. It’s hardly like we’ve been a success with our variations on 433, 532.

We’ve got flying full backs again. Let’s use them


Maybe trying 4-2-3-1 would be an idea with Ozil as 10, Auba as 9 and Pepe as 7


What formation will this be? 4-4-2 with Özil on the left? 4-2-2-2 with no wingers?

Dave M





4 3 1 2?


Looks like 433 with Ozil out wide… which is crap.
If it’s Brazilian 4222 then I’m not sure about Chambers supplying the width.
If it’s 442 then who the hell is playing the wings?!

Why can’t we just use 4231?!?!


Guendouzi and Torreira as wingers and Özil and Ceballos as DMs? 😉

Dave M

You actually weren’t far off…?! Emery is a joker…


Oh I hope this doesn’t mean he’s chucking Mesut on the wing


Looks like 4-4-2 with Mesut and Ceballos on the wings? Emery must be too afraid to play 4 attacking players with the addition of Pepe. Seville mentality.

Jack but

I hope they win and the club is stabilized


Hopefully a fantastic performance along with it.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

*we win


Ffs. I like the look of the team, but it’s give here and take there. What’s the massive problem with Ozil supplying bullets to our 3 best attackers!!?


No Holding in the squad? I’d hoped by now him and Chambers would be getting games at CB.

Looks a good enough side to win and play good football on paper…Will be interesting to see how we fuck it up today! Let’s go add a couple hundred mill to the value of that wolves squad coyg!


No point having three defenders on the bench. Full backs are covered, and Chambers can slot centre if needs be.


Time to put in question the automatic selection in this group of Dani Ceballos… A pity UE is kind of coward again without putting Özil and the PAL!


Ozil are Torreira are starting? Finally! ?



Prince Gunneralaysia

Should have done this much earlier, not that hard right Emery. Pepe needs time to get his form in new environment, language, to develop team chemistry.


If this isn’t diamond 442 (which it isn’t), I don’t think this is going to work. Pepe and ozil could be great together. Shame.

Dave M

If this isn’t a double negative, which it isn’t, I’ll be fucked if I don’t know what you don’t mean.


I don’t think it’s not NOT a diamond.

Thierry Bergkamp

For the first time in a while, I’m confident of an Arsenal win


Damn you, you jinxed it!


Spain with the best players in the world failed dismally at the world cup because they didn’t have a proper coach. It doesn’t matter who plays, if the coach does not lay the plartform for the talents in the squad to excel, the team will not play to its potential. There are big club coaches and there are small club coaches. The big club coaches are just that more able to bring out the full potential of top level talents, whilst the small club coaches will not be able to help players reach their ceilings. Emery is a small club… Read more »

Nicolas Pepe

Why is Pepe not starting with Ozil get that Spanish kid off. We at home to wolves.

Dani Ceballos

Really glad Ceballos is starting with Ozil instead of that French guy. We at home to wolves.


I can tell your a Pepe fan! But that Spanish kid is pretty useful too. I expect Pepe will come on as first sub.
Let’s at least give UE a chance to put things right with Ozil before we form a lynch mob?

Prince Gunneralaysia

That Spanish kid will be substituted with the French guy when the time is up by the Spanish coach. Hope that the German guy will play full 90 mins. I think that the Brazillian kid will have minutes too.


Wolves will target Chambers today, he’s our best choice until Bellerin is back up to speed, but he’s terrible on the back foot, we desperately need a natural right back as cover for Bellerin,

Surprised there’s no Pepe, there’s a few creases to iron out, but he hasn’t been as bad as some have made out, and he offers something different.

Neves looks a good player, he’d only be behind Ndidi on my list of potential midfield signings for next summer.


been one of our best so far, could have a couple of assists too.


FFS – Playing our best creative midfielder but dropping our best winger… Pepe, Laca, Auba, Ozil… match made in heaven…

Aw well, we can dream that one day we’ll see OPAL flourishing


Laca and Auba as strikers with Laca dropping deep to play some through balls while Ozil starting as CM but running wide with ball to add his touch. Pepe given a free role either to be on right or left wing thus making it difficult for the opposition to double-up on him. While having a dual CM protection to ensure Emery is happy 🙂


Now Unai, that wasn’t so difficult, was it?

Jean Ralphio

Does Emery not believe in starting our strongest team? Ceballos has underwhelmed for the last few games. It’s clear the he sees Ozil as a liability when defending and this is why Ceballos is playing. Safety first approach encapsulates Emery’s style of management.


You have to wonder what the loan deal is for Ceballos. Have we guaranteed a certain amount of game time to prise him out of Madrid?

I’ve nothing against the lad but he obviously needs time to adapt to the English game.

Great feet but very ineffective so far.


He needs to play to adapt. The game is likely to be open and that type of game suits him


Could it be;
Chambers, Sok, Luiz, Tierney
Douzi, Torreira, Ceballos
Laca, Auba

tanned arse

He just can’t do it can he! Can’t bring himself to put them all in and see if they succeed. Pepe has been tge best performer over the last few games from the attacking players. All he sees is sacrificing too many hard running players. Let them attack and dominate. Give the opposition too much to worry about. It’s half hearted again. We may well win and play well but how about we at least see what tgat attacking 4 produce when they’re all on the pitch


I suspect he plans to do what he did earlier in the season, to bring on Pepe after an hour or so when the defense is tired.


Exactly what I thought. Makes me crazy, can’t wait to see his back.

Cultured determination

Best team he could come up with


Could be a diamond with Ozil at 10, could be a flat 4-4-2, could be a 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1. Hopefully Wolves will be as confused as the rest of us!


Happy to see Ozil in there. But I’m irritated as it’s probably an effing diamond or Ozil is on the right with Ceba in the middle. Diamond more likely.

Emery can’t go full on, he needs to be safe and conservative and this was and will be his ending. Handbrake manager.

This should make it harder than it should and again a torture to watch.

Emery out asap…..


And the irony is that this system actually leaves more gaps in midfield.

Make Arsenal Great Again

The other thing that’s evident is that Emery doesn’t trust Torreira in the DM role. He is playing Guendouzi in that role and playing Ceballos as the pivot. I’m not against Guendouzi playing that role short term but it doesn’t cater to his strengths

Make Arsenal Great Again

We actually look like a competent team


Give it time…

Make Arsenal Great Again

You are correct, sir! I definitely spoke too soon


How the fuck is emery still not sacked with this shit match after match? It is genuinely getting repulsive. Emery would’ve probably fucked up the team selection and tactics with Peps Barcelona. With the passive board, I think he will only be sacked when the fans are really heartbroken and he has run the club and players down to the ground. It all makes sense when you look at the board executives and the Emery, it’s all a reflection of their incompetence.


Watching Emery teams is like pulling teeth.

Make Arsenal Great Again

The movement is so slow. They desperately need to move the ball quickly


The powers that be just need to sack the bloke. He’s shit. How much evidence do they need?!!!


He is here for two more years.
Get used to it…


Why bring on Saka???? Torriera was just fine.. Emery Emery Emery. I am tired.


Chasing a winner and you bring Kolasinac on.
Is there anyone who supports this funtional retard?
Emery please.
Just fuck off….

Flavoured Rice

Well that was depressing. Emery stating this season as he finished the last one. Once again he decides now is a good time to experiment and play football manager… Bizzare subs also


Can the club get rid of this hapless coach now?


Will still be in a job tomorrow no doubt…




We are getting better. Now giving away just 1-0 leads

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