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Arteta: We’ll meet soon to discuss transfers

Mikel Arteta has confirmed he has a meeting in the diary to discuss the January transfer window with the Arsenal hierarchy.

The Spaniard has only been the Gunners head coach for a couple of days but with the 10 days until business can be done, it’s clear that he needs to get up to speed with potential incomings and outgoings.

Several reports in the German media claim that Hertha Berlin are on the verge of a deal for Granit Xhaka, which if it happens, would mean we need reinforcements in midfield. There remain question marks over the future of Mesut Ozil – Fenerbahce are said to be interested – and we’re short at left-back with both Kieran Tierney and Sead Kolasinac out injured.

Asked about the club’s plans for January in his pre-Bournemouth press conference, Arteta said: “We had many other conversations, there is so much going on in the last 48 hours.

“We have a meeting in place very soon, we have some ideas, but we have to pull them together.”

In the short-term, Arteta’s aims are to get his ideas and philosophy across to players and staff alike. With games coming so quickly over the festive period, that’s easier said than done, but he’s happy so far with the way his messages are being received.

Reflecting on the attitude of those who played against Everton, he said: “We are much more committed, we have a different kind of aggression every time we lose the ball.

“I think the body language was much, much better than in the past few games. I think they played with more passion in this game.

“Obviously there were things to improve but those things have to be non-negotiable. Those things have to be on the table in every game, every training session and the way we’re going to live together.”

He added: “It’s an incredible opportunity [to be back at Arsenal.

“There is so much work to do, and I just try to embrace everybody here at the training ground and explain what my idea is, what I want to try to do and I need them all on board.

“Everything we have been doing in the last few days, all the talks and meetings, is to get people to jump on board with the right energy, the right idea and we need them.

“We need them to help the players and transmit what we want to do. So far I’m very happy with what I’ve seen on that.

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In the spirit of Christmas and goodwill to our new head coach, I know we are going to be on a tight transfer budget so I am happy to offer myself as a new free signing. I’m late forties, bad back, beer belly, glasses like coke bottle bottoms, devastatingly slow and can moan for hours. I can play any position as I’m terrible in all of them. Please give me a call boss, I’m ready for a new challenge.


sounds like you could do a job at centre half.


Plus, you’re out of contract!




Welcome to the club Sokratis….


You too?

Yankee Gooner

This guy is ticking a lot of boxes…

Naija Gunner


Safe Hands

Though this might be the type of thing you would expect a new manager to say, it is immediately clear that he means it and that he won’t tolerate passengers or moaners. Something this team has desperately needed for a long time. Though we can’t be sure that there is any money to spend (there almost certainly isn’t), the board need to make sure that any money/wages generated from outgoings (e.g Xhaka, Ozil) goes straight back into buying better and hungry players. Not an easy task but Arteta already seems to that single minded vision that you want a leader.… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

With the financial results that were not so good, Arteta will have to count on the youngsters or loans from other clubs. Problem is that other than Laca and Auba, any player we sell, we have to add a good amount of money to get the quality we need, assuming we shouldn’t sell our young players.


I think we all need to brace ourselves for zero signings in the January window. I can only see us doing some sort of business if players leave. There are a few noises and stories doing the rounds that Xhaka is off to the Bundesliga, Kolasinac is off to Serie A, and Aubameyang is going to Madrid. I cant see us selling Aubameyang now, he will most likely go at the end of the season bar an absolute miracle. As for Xhaka and Kolasinac I think there is definitely a case for Xhaka to go given how fractured his relationship… Read more »


Can quit searching for the ephemeral ‘Cazorla Replacement’.
Bring back Cazorla for the remainder of the season. Comes cheap.
He’s having a good season at Villareal. (5G/4A 14 apps)
Pair him with David Luiz (as Le Coq).

Midfield sorted. Hardly any cash spent.

Ace Boogie

Dream January: Partey Akanji/Upamecano I realize likelihood is about nil but a man can dream huh. Really think upamencano is promising but I’d bring Akanji in first/as well as he’s further along in his development and at 24-25 has a lot of upside. Also can’t imagine saliba (18) and upamencano (19) are experienced enough off the bat to start next season. Maybe Akanji with upamencano with saliba and holdin as other options as well. Partey/Ndidi would be solid buys in any window, unlikely January. Soumare/Sangare as a younger option to come in with one of the two could be interesting.… Read more »

Matt P

Partey is just what we need.
Good name too


While it would be a very good transfer in my opinion, I don’t know how one would entice Upemecano to join us right now. He is currently employed at the Bundesliga leader, and still in the CL knockout stages. I also don’t think that we would offer him massively higher wages compared to Leipzig. If you were Huss Fahmy, or whoever does these negotiations, what would you tell Upamecano? I If was his agent, I would for sure tell him to stay and continue to perform, cause the really big clubs will probably come knocking next summer. It’s really sad,… Read more »


We need two technically gifted midfielders to complement Ozil, Torreira, Guendouzi and Ceballos. Willock needs time to develop. We need to sell Xhaka and re-invest that money on Ceballos.

Numbers wise we are good in defence but we could sell a few and replace them if they are uncoachable
RB- Bellerin and Niles
LB- Kolasinac and Tierney
CB- Holding, Chambers, Luiz, Sokratis, Mustafi, Mavropanos and Saliba joining us in summer.

3 new top class signings between this window and summer window, new contracts for Auba and Laca and we are set for a few years.


I’ll be amazed if Aubameyang sings a new contract tbh. Martinelli, Saka, Nketiah, and Pepe, with maybe one other more experienced guy will do nicely up front next season.


If we are looking to revitalize the team in other areas without outside resources, selling Auba, though unpopular, is the correct course. He is probably our most valuable asset to other potential buyers, so we could/should be able to get top dollar for him. Our players at his position are young, discounting Laca, but have shown some really potential to be his replacement over time. (Specifically talking about Martinelli.)

Greg in Seattle

Agree, Oregoon. Sell him a bit early rather than late. With Martinelli, Pepe, Nketiah, Sako, and Lacazette as long as you want to keep him, I’m less concerned about putting the ball in the net than I am having a creator to set them up, and a base to keep the ball out of our net.

However, you need to know how you are going to reinvest that cash, and be decisive about it.


What’s the point in signing Auba and Laca if we are not willing to build a squad around them. This is the perfect time to show some ambition and get them to sign a new contract. We need outside resources. Self sustaining model is not going to work in this project. We can’t always have a transfer surplus. We can get back to it once we establish a winning culture at this club. All we need is a couple of midfielders who can keep the ball, get out of tight spaces and find solutions. We are one or two Cazorla/Wilshere/Rosicky/Hleb/Nasri/(not… Read more »


you dont build a squad around a player in their 30s by the time the squad is perfected the main player is past it and you have to replace him like for like or look to completely rebuild again.

the players we should look to build around are pepe and martinelli
the former due to his age and price tag and the latter because of sheer talent, what the other clubs saw when he went on trial i dont understand.

Heavenly Chapecoense

I agree, age wise Auba needs the last big salary. The only way for him to get that is Ramsey’s way.


Do you really think he would earn more by moving on?


I too would be amazed to see Aubameyang start to sing a new contract ?


Terrible analysis

Man Manny

Arteta has time and circumstances on his side. The spate of injuries means he can’t put out his “best” team until ending of January at the earliest.
Any positive between now and then is a huge bonus to his credit.
Hopeful times are here again.

Right across Sunderland!

Sell Auba and Xhaka (approx 80m -100m in total). Try and persuade Lacazette to stay. Offload Ozil if possible (and Mustafi, Luiz and Elneny). Bring in: DM-Any out of Doucourre (40m-ish), Soumare (50m-ish), Declan Rice (60m-ish) or Neves (50m-ish). CB-Lewis Dunk (30m-ish). He’s 28, a beast of a defender and could be the experienced partner for Saliba. Could make a good captain. Also, we do have an option to bring Saliba to Arsenal early (for a fee – but I’m not sure how much that would be). If we can do it in January (financially) why not? The season is… Read more »


think you are around 20m under each players valuation. not realistically but a) its january and b) prices are crazy now.

Right across Sunderland!

Not sure on that one. I recall Fabinho being worth 70m and going to Liverpool for under 40m. Agents and clubs try to inflate prices for obvious reasons.


Why are you so keen to sell our leading scorer?

Right across Sunderland!

His age and refusal to extend his contract for the most part. We’re not in a position to just keep letting players go for free. We’re rebuilding now. He also doesn’t do enough without the ball. Look at Aguero. He was like Auba (scoring 20+ a season but didn’t press defenders or make the odd tactical foul). Pep dropped him until he started doing these things. If Auba, at almost 31, can do the same and extend his contract, I’d be happy to see him stay. But the odds of all these variables falling into place are very slim. I’m… Read more »


It’s not going to be easy to attract players but we could bring in a few chaps with points to prove. CDM a proven leader with epl experience and a chip on his shoulder. Stephen Nzonzi got pissed of with the Turkish league. He’s gone back to Roma. They owe us favour with Mkihi and Woj before so loan big Steve. He will sit CDM pass well aerially superb straight forward fighter with point to prove. CB we have to go native and local in that I mean EPL experience and up to EPL speed. Fabian Schar is hell of… Read more »


Good. We will need to reinforce. Probably in midfield. As mentioned Emre Can is surplus to use at Juve. If we can grab him on loan or purchase before Bayern do a swap deal with them, will be very useful for us. Regardless if Granit or Torreira leave, we need one more player who can anchor. Ceballos return will also be a positive but as mentioned start of season, I see him more as a Ramsey replacement (and in lieu of any Ozil disatisfaction leading to a move away leaving us dependent on the still relatively raw but energetic Smith-Rowe)… Read more »


Guendouzi has been awful last 6 weeks. Freddie was right to bench him.


He Will Need time, knowing the path is not the same as walking it, there where plenty voices calling Klopp a flop after 6 months at pool, that didn’t recognize the fact he as manager had patience and conviction, and stayed with his philosophy Even if not all players where shaped for it. We want arteta to be a no nonsense gaffer, put straight what in the squad is hanging far to loose. Let’s remember to not expect short term success at the same time


Yeah! Keep Auba, Martinelli, Pepe, Thierny, Leno and Bellerin. Sell the team to soneone who wants to invest big time and get a couple of world class players. Than MAYBE next season we can get into top 4.

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